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33 points from walkups assists, Baldwin’s lockdown and close out offense



Stefanos Makris uses InStat Scout to analyze Olympiakos’ victory over Maccabi. The 33 points from Walkup’s assists, Black’s role, Baldwin’s blocking and reading of the “red-whites” in Maccabi’s complex defense, with her close-out attack making all the difference.

THE Olympic forced against Maccabi, but in the end he avoided mischief and defeated the Israelisto take an important win so that it stays at the top of the organization.

The “red and white” did it right the departure of Kostas SloukasThey handled Maccabi’s outbursts with maturity and deserved the positive result.

the Sportish Analysis using InStat Scout The Victory of Olympiacos.

“Read and Respond” in Maccabi’s Defense and Melee Attack

Oded Katas is known to like complex defenses. That shaped his career and that’s what he did against Olympiakos. The Israel coach tried – once again – various things to confuse the ‘Red-Whites’ in order to disrupt Olympiacos’ style of play.

On several occasions – notably when Fal was on the court – Maccabi opted to body-pack the racquet when the Frenchman was involved in pick and roll. As part of this logic, the defense often turned into a zone when Olympiacos started playing pick and roll, giving the shot to the weak side. This gave Tomas Walkup the opportunity to see the right passes and take free shots.

But that was just one of Kata’s tricks. The young coach implemented – often after baskets – a 2-3 zone, with the central defender (who was the center) playing as the “extractor” and rising in the pick and roll, turning the zone into a 3-2, somewhat last season, Dimitris Priftis also tried his hand at the Olympiakos – Panathinaikos derby with Papagiannis. Other times she chose a plain belt. At other times, he turned to man-to-man, with the big playing flat (remaining behind). He also tried hedge outs (the big one came out strong), pick and roll changes and – for a short time – a 1 guard 4 forward formation, with Braimo Sluka tagging.

Faced with so many different situations to deal with, Olympiacos followed a standard tactic of ‘read and react’. In other words, he read the game and reacted accordingly, taking what the defense gave him as that’s generally his philosophy. Somehow he’s capitalized on a key weapon of his game that has been underestimated: that he has players who can attack to close down defenses (where the opponent comes out to mark the weak side and the attacker makes an instant decision and must attack). .

Olympiacos have players who can attack such defenses properly (Vezenkov, McKissick, Papanikolaou). Result; Showing a total of 13 attacks in this way (record this season in EuroLeague), getting 15 points. According to InStat Scout, this was his second-best performance of the year in such a situation (catch and drive), after the 19 points he scored a few weeks ago against Virtus Bologna, also known for his complex defences. He had also scored 15 against Baskonia, who also implemented various things in their defence. In general, this is by no means accidental.

Walkup’s 33 points on assists, Vezenkov’s 23 points on 2 dribbles and black

In an offense that relies on constant movement – and lost its best creator early in the game – it was Walkup who initially set the tone. The American forward set a career-high 12 assists, with Olympiakos collecting a total of 33 (!) points from them. 11 of those points came after a pick and roll set up by Walkup, while the rest came from his teammates’ constant movement, with the Red-Whites’ point guard reading the play correctly.

At the same time, Vezhenkov confirmed his promotion. Playing against a team that, like Maccabi, has opted to play mostly defense, the Bulgarian forward did what he does best: moving into the gaps he found and scoring 23 points with just two dribbles ( both in the same phase in a tight defence). )!

Finally, Black delivered what Fal couldn’t: speed on both ends of the floor. With Olympiakos defending with screen changes from the 2nd period, the American center was always in the right place to either provide assists or face a guard. According to InStat Scout, Black was the main defender in 12 of Maccabi’s attacks. In these situations, the katas players only had 3/10 shots (7 points) and two misses, meaning Black conceded only 0.66 points per possession, a large number.

More importantly, he failed to get a point in the 4 possessions he switched to pick and roll and faced a small player, a sign of how important he was to Olympiakos at critical points. And all without mentioning his contribution to the attack, where Olympiakos’ best big man in pick and roll (because he makes the best “dive” near the basket and pulls the opposing defense from the weak side) conditions for better conditions created recordings of his teammates.

Baldwin’s relay and why Sorkin became a factor

With Lorenzo Brown out, Olympiacos knew they had to turn their full attention to Wade Baldwin. A player who is great at one-on-ones but lags behind when reading the game. To wear him down, Giorgos Bartzokas changed a total of 4 players in his cover. It started with a walkup, but then Kanan, McKissick and Luntzis passed the American. They all had the same command: send him to his left hand. At the same time, his marker changed in the pick and roll, with the big man who marked him a step behind him to give him the shot.

The American had 14 points and 8 assists (which added another 19 points), but he was shooting 4/16. According to InStat Scout, Baldwin attempted a total of 10 attacks in isolation (one-on-one), from which he received only 8 points, a good number for Olympiakos. At the same time, he again showed his inability to read the game, with the clearest evidence coming from the following: Olympiacos often hid his shorter cover (Sluka or Kanan) over Bonzie Colson, a player who’s good at posting (although he can’t t like contact). But the American was only fed once at the post (in the second period) when he fouled under pressure from Sluka.

Finally, the explanation of why Sorkin had a career night with 23 points and 6 offensive rebounds: The Israeli is one of the top offensive rebounders in the EuroLeague. As Olympiakos opted to tag Maccabi with pick-and-roll changes, Sorkin routinely found himself near the basket with a smaller opponent. So he didn’t really want to take advantage of that and got points in a row. But that’s the price of a defensive change, coaches know that – and it’s one of the reasons Giorgos Bartzokas avoids it unless absolutely necessary. This is also why Larentzakis set a career record with 9 rebounds, as he often fell on a larger opponent.

A professional win

The game against Maccabi was something special for Olympiakos. The Israelis have a special team, with good athletes, lots of adolescent bodies and – oddly – marginalized peripherals that could potentially offer solutions (Hilliard, Hollins). They are a team that runs and can easily bait an opponent if they fall into their trap and get confused by Oded Kata’s tricks.

Olympiacos knew all this. With the exception of one period when he got carried away – in the third period – he generally showed the maturity he needed. He stayed true to his game, took things from many players and filled Sluka’s gap. He saw Black step forward – again. With walkups, Larentzakis, he pulled out the right defense when needed. He took crucial points from Peters. He scored a total of 33 points in catch-and-shoot situations, a great number. Overall it did what it was supposed to.

Olympiacos, who share the top spot with Real, have reason to smile. From the positive results to bringing more players into the rotation. He just has to keep building on it. The sequel will be very interesting.

Source: sport 24

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Euro League

Olympiacos now beat Panathinaikos out of habit




On the eve of April Fool’s Day, Olympiacos scored their 13th consecutive win over Panathinaikos and Vassilis Skoundis comments on the power of habit and the prevailing customary law in the derbies of the centuries.

This morning, after a traditional (journalistic) April Fool’s joke, Sportish published the news that Sarounas Jasikevicsous has been convinced by Anna Vissi and, as he says, will buy a nightclub.

My eye fell on the subject and to say my sin I believed it, after all Sarah’s love for bouzoukis, late nights and good times is well known and well sung (literally)!

Now – to be honest – it would sound more like an April Fool’s joke that happened just before the clocks left Friday and switched to Saturday.

The Real Nasty Emma!

I’m writing this because the fact that Olympiacos have suffered 13 consecutive defeats against Panathinaikos looks like a lie!

And indeed, with a blatant lie, I would have written the same if the thirteen offenders had the greens, because damn such long streaks are so unimaginable as to become unbelievable.

So as long as the Piraeus didn’t even stumble upon that reluctant number (the 13 de) and shoulder it, then their shoulder!

The Reds 13-0 and the green 27

This undoubtedly impressive and above all unprecedented and timed streak began after Panathinaikos’ last win by Nemanja Nedovic on November 22, 2021 in Neo Faliro and now extends to 13 victories achieved by Olympiacos in 16.5 months across the board from events:

Three in the regular season of the BasketLeague, three in the final series of playoffs, four in the Euroleague, one in the semifinals and one in the finals of the cup and one in the finals of the SuperCup.

Incidentally, the Greens are flying their own unique streak of 27 consecutive seasons in which they have won at least one title, but this year they are in serious danger of coming to an end…

So far, Panathinaikos has been derailed from three titles (SuperCup, Cup, EuroLeague) and is doomed to play all against all in the BasketLeague playoffs before Christos Serelis announced his team will be much more competitive.

The cash seller and public engagement

And while the Lavriotis coach continued to hold back and publicly make a significant promise, his counterpart is actually the cash seller in this story…

Bartzokas would never fall into an arrogant attitude, nor would Olympiacos think of saying the next time he faces Panathinaikos: “Welcome boys, welcome 13-0»!

At the end of the day, the Olympiakos coach is at this point putting aside the series against Panathinaikos and the distant Greek Championship playoffs and rightly maintaining a… pro-European stance.

After all, this is the biggest effort and challenge for the red organization, with the aim of qualifying for the Final 4 and what may come of it…

common law, custom and the acquired speed

I also wrote last Sunday after the league game that Olympiacos imposed their own customary right in this modern game with Panathinaikos and this was also amply proved yesterday…

The term “customary law” refers to the unwritten laws, all those rules that apply and are applied without being written down anywhere and imposed by the organized state.

This is exactly what happens in this case with the (13) winning streak, which, in addition to his racing background, is also extended by the power of habit in combination with the speed he has acquired.

Now Olympiacos throws Panathinaikos onto the canvas in a familiar and addictive way, but for this the necessary competitive conditions have been secured and met.

The know-how of Olympiacos

Even when the milk is squeezed and the Greens rise to the point of playing the whole game in a row, the Reds are so familiar with Derby terms that they leave no room to challenge their entrenched dominance.

Beyond quality, class and all sorts of concomitants (competitive and spiritual), Olympiacos is on its side and systematically invests in the know-how acquired over time.

Both at an individual and group level, the people of Piraeus have this know-how, which was not acquired through the training of the Holy Spirit, nor … bought at the nearest kiosk, but the result and at the same time the reward of is a systematic one Process.

The “Trust The Proceedings‘ that the Sixers have been stunning us with love for a decade!

With Olympiacos having a solid core and playing philosophy, it can effortlessly move to the “BoneThere, CompletedThe» the player and his coach: That means all or most of the participants were there and did it!

Sometimes with the spear, sometimes with the shield

In the current phase and until the opponent proves itself Olympiacos is invulnerable in the fights with Panathinaikos and prevails either with his offensive spear or with his defensive shield.

At the same time, the Greens are wriggling in the swamp of their deeds and omissions (and) this season, they are still looking for the compass on their course and, although they have given a more relaxed and certainly improved picture since the Sereli days, they can end the winning streak from Olympiakos still do not slow down.

What is their difference grossomodo?

In the fact that while Olympiacos built a very good team from the start, Panathinaikos – even when April has arrived – is still in the team building phase!

We haven’t gotten any smarter!

With these and with those that have been known and highlighted for a long time, Olympiakos reached the 13th place yesterdayThe his consecutive win in the Derby of Times that – to put it bluntly – made us no wiser!

What I mean;

But of course the fact that even when Bartzokas sees that some things are not going according to plan, he needed and wanted (like the recession of Panathinaikos-influenced tactics, Sloukas and the lack of three-pointers for four games, see 19 /87), he knows he’s got his kavatzes!

Someone or a few people will turn their noses up from either the first table on the dance floor or from the gallery and they’ll do the job for them nice and impasto, well, thanks.

Walkups Penance and Apostle Black

Yesterday, along with the usual suspects Sasha Vezenkov, it was Thomas Walkup and Tarik Black who have already left quite a few notes in their red book…

In particular, the US Navy is careful to permanently express remorse and ask his team for forgiveness (sic) for the damage he caused them on January 22, 2021 in Kaunas, where he stole the ball from Sluka and hit the winning basket, Zalgiris .

The Apostle

Black, on the other hand, is of another anecdote as he has the gift of bagasse for showing up where least expected, he displays the gift of an instant goalscorer, cleans up the dirty laundry in dt time and becomes the right man at the right time in the right place.

I can no longer describe Vezenkov!

In his case, science raises its hand…

Source: sport 24

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Euro League

Walkup was named EuroLeague Matchday 32 MVP thanks to his performance against Panathinaikos




Tomas Walkup’s superb performance against Panathinaikos earned him the EuroLeague Matchday 32 MVP award.

Tomas Walkup was Olympiakos’ top scorer in defeating Panathinaikos (81-73). In fact, as it turned out, he was the best player of the 32nd game in the EuroLeague and also won the MVP award.

The American Guard had 11 points, 7 rebounds, 13 assists, 4 steals, 4 turnovers, 6 fouls and 32 points on the rating system, the most of any player on the team that won the 32nd game.

Vanja Marinkovics (Baskonia) and Matias Lessor (Partizan) each collected 29 points and shared second place.

Watch the VIDEO with the best moments of Walkup vs Panathinaikos:

Source: sport 24

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Euro League

The hot atmosphere at SEF, the apotheosis of Tomic and the celebrations at the final




Olympiacos published the other side of his victory over Panathinaikos with moments uncaptured by the TV lens, highlighting the events of the crowd and the apotheosis of Milan Tomic on the field.

Olympiakos secured an important victory over Panathinaikos for EuroLeague Round 32 and a day later ‘red and white’ KAE published the missing parts of the game, with moments before, during and after the game not caught by the TV lens became .

The classic pre-match ritual, the atmosphere at SEF, the apotheosis of Milan Tomic and the celebrations at the final stand out.

watch the video:

Source: sport 24

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