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Usyk said how many more fights he plans to do



WBA, WBO and IBF heavyweight title holder Alexander Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) said he plans to play three more games after which he will retire.

The Ukrainian does not care about making money in the fight against the second middleweight champion Saul Alvarez (58-2-2, 39 KOs), as well as fighting for the absolute title against Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs).

“After the second fight with Joshua, I can get to the top for three more fights at most. Three preparations. I think of the fights with Fury, Canelo and Olympic – goodbye. Canelo wanted to box, but it was going to be a freak fight. Purely to make money. Why? I say totally added,” Usyk said.

Note that Alvarez hasn’t entered yet, 18cm below Usyk and not above light weight (up to 79,378 kg).

Source: Sport UA

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Makhachev’s fight in the UFC fell through due to doping allegations. But Islam proved it right




Doctors advised the Russian fighter to take meldonium. And justice still prevailed.

The career of the Russian fighter Islam Makhachev has been going uphill in recent years. For the last ten fights, the Dagestan athlete has not known defeat in the UFC octagon, which is why he got a well-deserved chance to fight for the vacant lightweight champion belt with Brazilian Charles Oliveira.

But this fantastic series might not have happened if the athlete had not managed to defend his good name before the American anti-doping agency, which sought his removal from fights in the strongest MMA promotion on the planet.

But an important fight is still canceled!

Questionable Suspension at a Critical Moment

Islam Makhachev on October 22 has a real chance to become the next UFC champion from Russia. To do this, our fighter needs to sort out the “cage” with the dangerous Brazilian Charles Oliveira, who, due to his stupidity, left the lightweight title vacant a few months ago.

Makhachev’s path to the championship fight was long and thorny. Only the tenth fight won in a row convinced the promotion management to give the Russian a chance to fight for the belt. But it could have ended earlier. Islam could well lose its place in the organization’s roster due to the hasty actions of the US Anti-Doping Agency.

In 2015, Islam suffered his first and only defeat in his career. The duel against the Brazilian Adriano Martins slowed down the progress of the Dagestan fighter to the top of the lightweight rating for a long time. Makhachev did not fight after this loss for six months.

His return was planned for April 2016, the American Drew Drober was to become Islam’s rival. The fight was important for Makhachev, because after the loss he could end his performances in the UFC altogether. But shortly before the fight, a press release appeared on the official website of the promotion, stating that the Russian would not be able to take part in the tournament due to the discovery of traces of meldonium in his body. At that time, this drug had been on the banned list for four months.

The UFC was notified today that Islam Makhachev has been informed by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) of a potential anti-doping policy violation involving meldonium, a prohibited substance, as a result of recent out-of-competition sample collection. In accordance with UFC anti-doping policy, Makhachev has been suspended from his scheduled fight against Drew Dober on Saturday’s card in Tampa, Florida, the UFC said in a statement.

“It’s just ascorbic for the heart”

Serious accusations of doping, as well as a long break in his career (and even after losing by knockout) significantly worsened Makhachev’s position. The Russian had to urgently defend his good name.

– I had health problems. In 2014, he had to go to the World Combat Sambo Championship in Japan. A week before departure, I was confronted with the fact that there was a problem with the heart. I started to learn about her, and I came across a good doctor. I consulted with him, and he suggested that I perform a small heart operation to eliminate the arrhythmia. When problems with meldonium started, I had to ask my relatives to scan the entire medical history, a whole bunch of documents, and send them to the USA, ”Makhachev described the situation with the disqualification.

At the same time, the athlete did not deny the periodic use of meldonium at a time when it was still allowed. He did this to maintain the normal functioning of the heart muscle, on the advice of a doctor. But the problem was that this drug takes a long time to be eliminated from the body, which was shown by further WADA studies.

It was prescribed to me by the doctor who performed the operation. At that time, everyone at the training camp in the Russian national team was given this drug. And then it turned out that he kept in the body for six to seven months. In fact, “Mildronat” is just an ascorbic acid for the heart,” Islam said in an interview with the “Hands Above” Youtube channel.

After several months of trials and research, justice nevertheless prevailed. In July, Islam was cleared of all charges and allowed to fight in the UFC. USADA took into account the arguments of the athlete and considered heart surgery a good reason for taking the drug. At the same time, the American agency found that Islam had not used meldonium since January 2016.

“After careful review of the case, USADA concluded that the extremely low concentration of meldonium in the athlete’s urine sample, combined with his explanation of use, was consistent with ingestion prior to the substance’s official ban effective January 1, 2016. According to the latest guidance proposed by WADA on June 30, 2016, for cases involving meldonium, Makhachev will not face disqualification for a positive test result, the anti-doping agency said in a statement.

Already in September, the justified fighter began his remarkable series of victories, which continues to this day. I would like to hope that it will continue after the fight with Oliveira.

    Source: Sportbox

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    Mayweather gave ex-girlfriend a $180,000 car for her birthday




    American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr gave an expensive birthday present to his ex-girlfriend Gallienne Nabila, reports The Sun.

    According to the publication, 45-year-old Mayweather attended a party in honor of Nabila’s birthday in Malibu (California, USA). The athlete gave his ex-lover Maybach worth 160 thousand pounds (more than 190 thousand dollars), which was decorated with a red bow.

    Mayweather and Gallienne dated in 2019 before splitting up. Then the boxer started a relationship with the British Anna Monroe, but was soon seen with his ex in New York. Monroe said he offered her $5 million to try to get her back after pictures of her time together with Gallienne went public. The couple soon broke up.

    Mayweather won all 50 fights in the professional ring (27 by knockout). In 2017, he defeated Irish mixed martial artist Conor McGregor in a 10 round TKO boxing match.

      Source: Sportbox

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      “Shut down your stupid organization!” The West is furious over the decision to return the flag and anthem to Russia




      A stormy but expected reaction to the return of Russian boxers to the world stage.

      Russian athletes are starting to return to the international arena after the general hysteria. And these are not talks for the future, but a concrete decision. For more than six months, athletes from our country have been in global isolation from international competitions.

      Boxers can be the first to compete outside of Russia, and in the coming days. At the same time, they were returned not only the right to participate in tournaments, but were also allowed to use national symbols. It is expected that this decision caused a storm of negative emotions in the West.

      But the level of anger of commentators has crossed all reasonable limits.

      “All athletes should be given equal conditions”

      On October 5, the International Boxing Association (IBA) announced good news for all Russian sports on its official website. The Board of Directors of IBA made a strong-willed decision at the next meeting. The main body of the association canceled the suspension of Russian boxers, which was taken in connection with the complication of the political situation in the world.

      There are no grounds for banning the participation of our boxers in international competitions of any level. At the same time, the IBA decided not to make an interim decision, giving Russian athletes a neutral status. They will be able to use the flag, and in case of victory, the national anthem of Russia.

      – The IBA Board of Directors voted to cancel the previous decision and allow boxers from Russia and Belarus to compete in the IBA from today. The IBA strongly believes that politics should not have any impact on the sport. Therefore, all athletes should be given equal conditions. Both Russian and Belarusian teams will be able to perform under their own flags, and in case of winning a gold medal, national anthems will be played, the official website of the association quotes the decision of the board of directors.

      The right to work without restrictions in the IBA and at international competitions was again given to the technical representatives of our country, who were also previously suspended along with the athletes.

      If the decision of the organization remains in force, then on October 14, Russian representatives of the fair sex will be able to enter the rings in Montenegro, where the European Women’s Championship will be held.

      Umar Kremlev / Photo: © RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich

      “Block Russia in all types of boxing!”

      The decision of the IBA, aimed at providing all athletes with equal rights, regardless of their citizenship and political views, met with little support in the West. In the very first minutes after the announcement of the decision, social networks were flooded with malicious comments about the association.

      “It’s a disgrace to boxing. This is not normal and will not help boxing in other situations,” wrote a fan from Sweden with the nickname @siamsweden.

      – This association is completely dependent on Russia. The decision to allow boxers to compete with the national flag will make the IBA pariahs among international federations. Countries will now boycott competitions, and boxing under the auspices of this association has no Olympic future, said James Toney, managing editor of Sportsbeat.

      – Block Russia in all types of boxing! – called for the suspension of our boxers both in amateurs and in professionals by the user @Poppen3.

      – This is a purely Russian, not an international association. A shame! A rainy day for boxing as a sport – disappointed in the actions of the IBA @iFirebrand.

      — What have you done? Absolutely disgusting decision. Is it the influence of Russia on your committee or its material interest? – @EyesFront1 is indignant.

      – You must be ashamed! No one should watch your fights, pay for tickets or perform at your competitions, @kitzkhan called for a boycott.

      – I hope that all democratic countries will leave the international boxing federation and create a new one! IBA is a corrupt mafia organization, – @leifvisby is indignant.

      “Close your stupid organization,” he called on IBA officials to liquidate the @MadBaltic association.

      After such comments, there is no doubt that the West is ready to go to extreme measures, if only Russian boxers could not take part in international competitions under the auspices of the IBA. It remains to believe in the stability and integrity of the international organization.

        Source: Sportbox

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