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Sensational success of Russia! Our athletes officially returned the flag and anthem



So far, only boxers, but recently one could only dream of it. The ice has broken!

Many Russian athletes in 2022 suddenly found themselves on the rights of poor relatives. Some lucky ones were allowed to look at international competitions in a neutral status, while others marinated at domestic starts, looking longingly at the competitions of foreigners. No light was seen. It seemed that this madness would last forever. However, things got off the ground – the flag and anthem were returned to Russia.

Sports are above politics!

“Equal conditions”

The International Boxing Association (IBA) has made an unprecedented decision regarding Russian athletes. While the IOC, through the mouth of President Thomas Bach, proposed to consider the option of returning the “correct” Russian and Belarusian athletes to international starts, ignoring the “wrong ones”, the leadership of international amateur boxing stood up for justice. The Russians and Belarusians were allowed to return to the international arena without any political statements or apologies.

The Board of Directors of the IBA voted to cancel its own spring decision, which prohibited representatives of Russia and Belarus from participating in tournaments under its auspices. Thus, the International Boxing Association was the first to move from words to deeds, demonstrating what “sport outside politics” really is.

“The IBA firmly believes that politics should not have any impact on the sport. Therefore, all athletes should be given equal conditions. While respecting its autonomy as an international sports federation, the IBA must remain politically neutral and independent. The IBA calls for peace and remains a peacemaker in any conflict, according to the website of the International Boxing Association.

Under the provision of equal conditions, the organization meant the participation in tournaments of all athletes, regardless of their nationality. Also, any restrictions were removed from judges and other official representatives of Russia and Belarus.

Crucial moment

A few months ago, the IBA was in no hurry to show neutrality and special independence. In March, the organization joined the general punishment of Russian athletes by banning them from participating in international tournaments. The recommendations of the IOC were adopted as a guide to action. In some cases, the participation of athletes under a neutral flag was allowed, but it was about exceptions, when organizational or legal reasons did not allow Russians and Belarusians to be thrown out the door for a short period.

The agreement of the IBA with the position of the IOC, probably, should not have been surprising. Almost all sports federations meekly began to fulfill the will of Thomas Bach, which he hypocritically called “recommendation”. True, in the case of amateur boxing, Russian fans could probably hope for some relief, because our compatriot Umar Kremlev was at the head of the international sports federation. But the Kremlin had elections on its nose, and therefore it was not worth waiting for any sudden movements from the IBA president.

In May, the Russian sports functionary was re-elected, and on a non-alternative basis – the Dutchman Boris van der Vorst was removed for violations in the election race. But it turned out to be useless again to count on some kind of quick relief. The Court of Arbitration for Sport considered that der Vorst was not allowed to participate in the elections illegally. At the same time, the IOC began to rage, which did not allow the IBA to participate in the organization of the qualifying tournament for the Olympics in Paris, and getting boxing into the 2028 Olympics program was completely in question.

The turning point, apparently, occurred on September 25 in Yerevan. At the IBA congress, the national federations abandoned the idea of ​​​​re-election of the head – the Kremlin strengthened its own positions and was able to act more boldly. Having withstood the onslaught of the IOC, the boxing organization made a fair decision to return Russia to the international arena.

“Bring good to the world”

The very fact of the appearance of Russian athletes at international competitions, even in modern times, is not something supernatural. Tennis players, chess players, sambists and representatives of some other disciplines compete with foreign colleagues, but in a neutral status. The IBA went further.

“Today, boxing demonstrates that sport is higher than politics. And when sports begin, political games end. And we – the International Boxing Association, the boxing family – demonstrate today that we are independent. We protect athletes, we must give all athletes equal conditions, because it is important for athletes when their anthem is played and their flag is raised, and not the medals that are hung on them – this is secondary, ”Match TV quotes Umar Kremlev.

Umar Kremlev / Photo: © RIA Novosti / Vladimir Trefilov

The President also called on other international associations not to stand aside and, having finished with political games, to return all Russian athletes to world sports, and with a flag and an anthem.

– Our task as sports functionaries is to protect our beloved athletes and be peacekeepers in everything, to call everyone to peace. Sport was created for this – to bring good to the world, – added Kremlev.

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    Olimpbet will return 30% of the bet on Rugby in the fight with Artyom Tarasov




    On December 16, the Top Dog 18 tournament will thunder in Moscow. The main event of the evening is the long-awaited fight between the founder of the Rugby player promotion and the pop-MMA fighter Artyom Tarasov. The fight will be held according to the rules of fisticuffs in MMA gloves.

    Betting company Olimpbet launched a promotion for one of the most anticipated fights in Top Dog history. Olimpbet will refund 30% of the stake on Rugby to win if he loses.

    In line Olimpbet you can bet on this and other Top Dog 18 fights. Despite the fact that Rugby player has not fought since 2019, he is still considered the favorite. The coefficient for his victory is 1.54. Tarasov, on the contrary, often enters the ring. In 2022 alone, he fought ten fights in different organizations, won six victories and lost four times – twice to Svyatoslav Kovalenko, once to Mohammad Haybati and Mukhamed Kalmykov. You can bet on Tarasov’s victory over Rugby with an impressive odds of 2.63.

    Bet on Top Dog 18 and enjoy fisticuffs with Olimpbet.

    Source: Sportbox

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    Teofimo vs. Martin. Sandor beat Garcia and now aims to upset again




    On the night of December 10-11, American Teofimo Lopez (17-1, 13 KOs) will battle Spain’s Sandor Martin (40-2, 13 KOs) for the WBO international welterweight title in New York.

    The confrontation with the opponent and in general is interesting and even intriguing. After all, Martin is definitely not one to give up.

    Sandor Martin is the author of one of the biggest upsets of the past year. But by chance he got into a fight with Teofimo.

    In 2021, Sandor Martin reunited with Mikey Garcia. There was no danger to the Mexican American. Good, but not a special competitor, not too bulky. A Mikey like that would usually take a class.

    At the same time, Garcia was positive. After losing to Errol Spence, he bounced back, completely dismantling Jesse Garcia. So Mikey was the undisputed favorite of the fight. And then he took it and lost it.

    The Spanish EBU European champion felt unexpectedly confident while visiting Garcia. He worked with concentration and precision. There were many difficult moments, but there was nothing truly scary for Sandor. In the end, long arms, intelligence, left-handed stance and a focus on executing a fairly simple plan played a role – Martin won by majority decision.

    Mikey didn’t believe it. At first he declared that he had won in the ring. Then after the fight he said the same thing. And he promised to come back and prove himself stronger than Sandor. He then announced his retirement. There are reservations about a possible comeback, but so far no serious clues about it. In fact, one of the biggest upsets ever of last year was the end of a pretty wrinkled career for Mikey Garcia.

    Teofimo suffered his first career defeat last year. Lopez was returning to the ring after beating Lomachenko and in a hiatus of more than a year. He went to face George Kambosos, was knocked out for the second time in his career and lost by refereeing.

    And then he refused to take revenge and announced the transition to a new weight category – the first heavyweight. This is because Teofimo, who has gotten complications from asthma, coronavirus and weight loss, is barely recovering. Lung problems were a bonus to a difficult recovery, and doctors were surprised that in such a situation, the American not only boxed but survived due to the overload.

    The transition went well. His debut match with Pedro Campa was no problem for Teofimo. He looked great, boxing fast, smart and fun.

    Campa, of course, is such a token. But Teofimo went through this process exactly as it should have been—quickly enough, but not too fast—so you can see what he’s changed there.

    Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine. Teofimo Lopez vs. Pedro Campa (left)

    There is nothing special about boxing. But that wasn’t necessary either – Teofimo is a good boxer. The camp resisted a little, but not for long. In the seventh round, the Mexican began to fly very often. So many came that the referee recorded a technical knockout by an American.

    Then negotiations began. Loud and not too loud. Regis Prograis and Josh Taylor’s names were called. The second was usually the first number on the list, but that didn’t make much sense during the victory over Kampa. Firstly, because it was supposed to be the meeting of two absolutes, and Teofimo at that time was no longer like that – he updated the category for himself with his bare hands. Second, because Josh also has more problems – a meeting with Ketterall, a showdown with supporters, and abandoning the belts. Now Scots is not absolute either.

    As a result, the fight between Teofimo Lopez and Jose Pedraza became clear. It’s tough, but Lomachenko’s sacrifice against the second man who defeated Vasily. It was announced loudly, but everything fell through. He had to look for an American rival, but at the WBC they helped Lopez and Martin by ordering them to agree on the need.

    Teofimo wrote to the president of the World Boxing Council that Sandor refused, but was eventually signed off. I’m afraid to be

    Who is your favourite?

    Teofimo with a margin. On average, you can bet 1.14-1.15 on an American. For Spaniard – for 5.50. The same difference existed between Mikey Garcia and Sandor Martin, but the Spaniard didn’t care.

    But the similes end there, because they make no sense. In some ways Teofimo and Mikey are similar, in some ways they are not. Garcia is not a former boxer to write defeat on this one. He just got tired of fighting or lost his motivation. Lopez’s head is enough.

    Sandor is slightly larger. At least that’s how it looked in battle at first glance. He is also very cautious and left-handed. Smart lefty. It’s not very fun to watch but what can you do.

    It cannot be said that Lopez is comfortable boxing with such boxers. It also came from less intelligent warriors who stood against it. But Teofimo isn’t Mikey either. In the duel against Pedro Campa, the American managed to mentally balance the number of power attacks and technique. It was a pleasure to watch.

    Nothing special. Because Martin is not a gift. Young, motivated, technical, long sleeved, smart and very attentive. You should do more with this than ever before.

    But overall Teofimo should win. Because he is a good fighter. He can shoot and box. Abscesses are fine, but not so much for one person. The fight is sure to be tangible, but even with Garcia, everything weakened there. This does not work with Teofimo.

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    Organizer Fury: Joshua would have shared Chisora’s fate




    Frank WarrenThe promoter of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (33-0-1, 24 KOs) as Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs) will suffer the same fate as Derek Chisora ​​(33-12, 23 KOs). sure. If he entered the ring against the Gypsy King on December 3.

    “While Tyson won convincingly, I firmly believe the result would have been similar if Joshua had made it to the ring. Derek did better than Dillian Whyte in April. He definitely holds a better punch than Deontay Wilder.

    The point is that Fury has handled Chisora ​​without overkill, and now the heavyweight division awaits a big 2023. Now we have to take the fight with Usyk to the end and then if all goes well Joe Joyce will step in.

    “I firmly believe that next year boxing will shine and return to the forefront with the biggest and best fights,” Warren said.

    The fight between Fury and Chisora ​​took place on 3 December in London. The referee stopped the fight at the end of the 10th half, Tyson defeated Chisora ​​for the third time in his career.

    Source: Sport UA

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