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Teofimo vs. Martin. Sandor beat Garcia and now aims to upset again



On the night of December 10-11, American Teofimo Lopez (17-1, 13 KOs) will battle Spain’s Sandor Martin (40-2, 13 KOs) for the WBO international welterweight title in New York.

The confrontation with the opponent and in general is interesting and even intriguing. After all, Martin is definitely not one to give up.

Sandor Martin is the author of one of the biggest upsets of the past year. But by chance he got into a fight with Teofimo.

In 2021, Sandor Martin reunited with Mikey Garcia. There was no danger to the Mexican American. Good, but not a special competitor, not too bulky. A Mikey like that would usually take a class.

At the same time, Garcia was positive. After losing to Errol Spence, he bounced back, completely dismantling Jesse Garcia. So Mikey was the undisputed favorite of the fight. And then he took it and lost it.

The Spanish EBU European champion felt unexpectedly confident while visiting Garcia. He worked with concentration and precision. There were many difficult moments, but there was nothing truly scary for Sandor. In the end, long arms, intelligence, left-handed stance and a focus on executing a fairly simple plan played a role – Martin won by majority decision.

Mikey didn’t believe it. At first he declared that he had won in the ring. Then after the fight he said the same thing. And he promised to come back and prove himself stronger than Sandor. He then announced his retirement. There are reservations about a possible comeback, but so far no serious clues about it. In fact, one of the biggest upsets ever of last year was the end of a pretty wrinkled career for Mikey Garcia.

Teofimo suffered his first career defeat last year. Lopez was returning to the ring after beating Lomachenko and in a hiatus of more than a year. He went to face George Kambosos, was knocked out for the second time in his career and lost by refereeing.

And then he refused to take revenge and announced the transition to a new weight category – the first heavyweight. This is because Teofimo, who has gotten complications from asthma, coronavirus and weight loss, is barely recovering. Lung problems were a bonus to a difficult recovery, and doctors were surprised that in such a situation, the American not only boxed but survived due to the overload.

The transition went well. His debut match with Pedro Campa was no problem for Teofimo. He looked great, boxing fast, smart and fun.

Campa, of course, is such a token. But Teofimo went through this process exactly as it should have been—quickly enough, but not too fast—so you can see what he’s changed there.

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine. Teofimo Lopez vs. Pedro Campa (left)

There is nothing special about boxing. But that wasn’t necessary either – Teofimo is a good boxer. The camp resisted a little, but not for long. In the seventh round, the Mexican began to fly very often. So many came that the referee recorded a technical knockout by an American.

Then negotiations began. Loud and not too loud. Regis Prograis and Josh Taylor’s names were called. The second was usually the first number on the list, but that didn’t make much sense during the victory over Kampa. Firstly, because it was supposed to be the meeting of two absolutes, and Teofimo at that time was no longer like that – he updated the category for himself with his bare hands. Second, because Josh also has more problems – a meeting with Ketterall, a showdown with supporters, and abandoning the belts. Now Scots is not absolute either.

As a result, the fight between Teofimo Lopez and Jose Pedraza became clear. It’s tough, but Lomachenko’s sacrifice against the second man who defeated Vasily. It was announced loudly, but everything fell through. He had to look for an American rival, but at the WBC they helped Lopez and Martin by ordering them to agree on the need.

Teofimo wrote to the president of the World Boxing Council that Sandor refused, but was eventually signed off. I’m afraid to be

Who is your favourite?

Teofimo with a margin. On average, you can bet 1.14-1.15 on an American. For Spaniard – for 5.50. The same difference existed between Mikey Garcia and Sandor Martin, but the Spaniard didn’t care.

But the similes end there, because they make no sense. In some ways Teofimo and Mikey are similar, in some ways they are not. Garcia is not a former boxer to write defeat on this one. He just got tired of fighting or lost his motivation. Lopez’s head is enough.

Sandor is slightly larger. At least that’s how it looked in battle at first glance. He is also very cautious and left-handed. Smart lefty. It’s not very fun to watch but what can you do.

It cannot be said that Lopez is comfortable boxing with such boxers. It also came from less intelligent warriors who stood against it. But Teofimo isn’t Mikey either. In the duel against Pedro Campa, the American managed to mentally balance the number of power attacks and technique. It was a pleasure to watch.

Nothing special. Because Martin is not a gift. Young, motivated, technical, long sleeved, smart and very attentive. You should do more with this than ever before.

But overall Teofimo should win. Because he is a good fighter. He can shoot and box. Abscesses are fine, but not so much for one person. The fight is sure to be tangible, but even with Garcia, everything weakened there. This does not work with Teofimo.

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Kravtsov called Beterbiev a unique boxer




The head coach of the Russian boxing team, Eduard Kravtsov, noted the uniqueness of Artur Beterbiev, he believes that the Russian had an excellent fight against Briton Anthony Yard.

Beterbiev, who turned 38 on January 21, defeated Britain’s Anthony Yard by TKO in the eighth round on Saturday in London to defend his WBC, WBO and IBF light heavyweight titles.

– Arthur, in one word, you can say handsome. He accepted the challenge, went to England – home to his rival. Some expected some kind of intrigue from this fight. Basically, she was, but Arthur did his job. And once again, one can confirm and in a good way be surprised at the physical condition of Artur Beterbiev, moreover, at his age, he is a unique boxer.

As for the fight itself, everything was under control, I was waiting and looking for a chance, I got to meet and there I already finalized the opponent, – quotes the words of Kravtsov “Championship”.

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“When purchasing a fighter like Odilov, one cannot help but think about his participation in the Grand Prix” – Badaev




Aslanbek Badaev, vice-president of the ASA league, assessed the prospects of Faridun Odilov in the promotion.

— We signed Faridun Odilov before we announced the Grand Prix. This happened after the breakdown of his fight in Kazakhstan. I asked Shamil Zavurov: “Is Faridun Odilov a free agent?” Shamil said that we can negotiate. They didn’t last long, by the way. No one bargained, we offered decent money, which Faridun arranged. When purchasing such a fighter, one cannot help but think about his participation in the Grand Prix. Light heavyweight? I am skeptical about this, because Faridun was heavy, heavy.

Its skeleton and dimensions correspond to the average weight. But how often will he cope with the weight cut? There can be three months between fights. The important thing is how well Faridun will be able to drive weight. The decision has not yet been made. We don’t want to push and push him. But Faridun said, “Let the league decide what weight I should fight.” Yes, the league will decide, but we hope that Faridun will not have problems with cutting 84 kilograms, – quotes Badaev.

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Source: Sportbox

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Dalakian did not easily beat Jimenez. It will be even harder against champions




Ukrainian WBA lightweight champion Artem Dalakyan (22-0.15 KOs) beat Costa Rica’s David Jimenez (12-1.9 KOs). The duel proved difficult both for the champion, who easily coped with the attackers.

What is the age? Lack of combat training? All together? We will tell.

Jimenez looked like Dalakian’s client. But it proved to be better than expected.

Costa Rican WBA title contender David Jimenez did not appear to be a direct threat to the champion. This was because he had almost no really strong rivals. Among all the recordings, two notables can be found: Edwin Cano Hernandez and Ricardo Rafael Sandoval. They are not so top, but quite strong boxers and stand out from the background of the rest.

At the same time, the fight against Sandoval was difficult for Costa Rica. In general, he even lost a little, but the knockout smoothed out the situation and managed to win minimally. And so Ricardo Rafael was going to box against Artem.

Did David seem difficult formally to Artyom? This type of boxer is not easy for everyone, but the Dalakian usually has no problem with these guys. In one way or another, everyone who loved to run forward faced and suffered the blows of the Ukrainians. One thing was clear – the Ukrainian after a long break will not be easy. It’s hard to come back at 35 after a one-year hiatus.

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine

And so it happened. Dalakyan went through the first rounds a bit like a tough boxer. He moved a lot, trying to find a distance, but he was in no hurry to attack. And yet he caught the opponent from the side at least five times.

Artem took logical blows as he approached the third or fourth round. Jimenez ran but still went forward. If David managed to get close range, he already looked better there. Jimenez clinched, the opponent did not hit. On the contrary, the opponent also beat, but after receiving two or three or even four blows.

On the one hand, these blows should not be counted. On the other hand, it visually aligns the picture. The combat seems pretty even. Although Jimenez didn’t shoot well at first, he tried more.

As we neared the middle of the fight, David was still shooting. Most likely, he felt the champion’s hits on himself, realized he was holding them, and got to work. Even clean hits didn’t bother Jimenez as much as we’d like. Except for one or two episodes. Either it’s a loss of hitting power due to age, or it’s just that David is so strong that we’ll only find out in Artem’s next fight. For now, let’s go with the second option.

Round-to-round, Jimenez began by pressing his opponent and forcing him to move. It seemed as if literally chasing an opponent wasn’t strength enough. But David had had enough. He sprinted forward and hit, missed, or clinched an opponent.

The first option is ideal, but not so often. Jimenez adapted, but wasn’t able to catch a long-armed opponent from afar. Although this is it. The latter is more frequent, but the Costa Rican wasted no time for anything other than returning to the fight and moving further. The third is the most common. He rushed to the riveting and hit there as many times as you need, trying to catch the opponent and drag him into the exchanges.

boxing scene Artem Dalakyan

In general, even in swaps, Artem did not always lose. Sometimes he wouldn’t let her hit, but sometimes he would respond. It looked better from afar. But overall, due to the pressure and mobility of the opponent, the fight almost looked like a draw. Although equal.

Jury final score: 115-113, 115-113 and 116-112 to Artem Dalakyan. A very logical score in favor of the champion. By the way, this is the sixth defense of the title. Serious trick.

What’s next?

If we talk about Jimenez, then everything is fine. One of the most technical boxers in the category, he lost to the champion. Lost to favourite. So what? But he showed himself great.

There is no great invention in David. It just goes to beat and break. And fans will love it. These boxers love to walk on it, making a great addition to big shows as bottom card fighters. Even after losing, Jimenez took something from this fight.

Dalakian has aged a bit. It’s worse to move on its feet, not so much and hit accurately. Hit it right but not enough. But everything is not so critical. Only the opponent is very strong and active. This happens at 35, especially in the volleyball division.

Instagram. Artem Dalakyan

Organizer Yuriy Ruban, head of the Ukrainian Boxing Promotions Association and promoter of the Dalakian, said that after the fight they finally agreed with Frank Warren. The plan is the same as Berinchyk’s – Artem is now a client of a British promoter. On the contrary, Frank is a co-promoter.

This finally opens normal prospects for the Ukrainian. She sat at home for a very long time and did not fight with anyone except the applicants in the small halls. Now he has a chance to fight in the big arena. And the struggle for unification.

There are two champions in the flyweight division – Sunny Edwards (having IBF) and Julio Cesar Martinez (owning WBC). WBO is currently empty. So the fight will either be against a contender for the WBO title, which is highly unlikely. Or Sunny Edwards. Because he’s British, Warren is British, Artem is boxing in England, and it makes sense to have the next fight in the same place most people are comfortable with.

This will be the fight in which it will become completely clear whether Dalakyan is aging or not adequately prepared because of the war.

Source: Sport UA

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