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Ramirez is back. Meet the author of the main apse of 2022



Mexican Gilberto Ramirez (44-1, 30 KOs) is quickly making a comeback after his embarrassing defeat to Russia’s Dmitry Bivol. Mexican gatekeeper Gabriel Rosado (26-16-1, 15 KOs) will be the new challenger for the Mexican who went to Floyd Mayweather’s record but failed to reach him.

Why does he need this fight and does the Mexican have any hope?

Ramirez talked about his need to tackle the highs, including Canelo. But I lost to the first

Visually, Gilberto Ramirez looks like a terrible test for any opponent. Dimensional, long sleeved and strong. Height 189 centimeters, arm span 191 centimeters, no fear of getting into the wheelhouse and an undefeated record. This is how he somehow appeared in public before confronting Dmitry Bivol.

In contrast, Bivol is not that general, but he is a more versatile, more intelligent and non-standard boxer in attacks. However, this does not always guarantee victory. Just like normal brute force of course.

If the duel seemed intriguing and interesting, those thoughts were almost immediately over. After several rounds, it turned out that Ramirez was not successful. Neither technically nor at match speed. Not at all.

And this is wonderful. Because it’s one thing not to pull the opponent in speed or footwork – it’s understandable because everyone has their own strengths. The other is to calmly surrender the challenge to him without trying to lure him into his game.

Throughout the fight, Ramirez foolishly followed his opponent without thinking. I went ahead, I didn’t know what to do, I tried to hit hard but I was met with quick and hard blows. That’s it – although it was obvious the plan ended there – Ramirez’s strength is in mid-range, weight-bearing riveting. Where you can show more power than the mind.

For this, Gilberto was crushed by most fans and experts in the United States. They just said and wrote that he went to play by the opponent’s rules and did not try to change the situation. However, everything is not so clear. Sometimes it happens that a colleague can do nothing with you. Apparently this was the same situation.

The Mexican didn’t have so much time that he couldn’t change anything. After all, “just keep going” is the advice of people who have no idea what it’s supposed to look like. Ramirez only made it go forward but didn’t have the time. He always got answers, did not understand and could not resist such an opponent technically and physically. The question here is not desire, but opportunity. Ramirez is worse than Bivol, that’s all.

And it is interesting in that this man is on the list of the best boxers in Mexico. And everyone wanted to see Canelo Alvarez against him or the same strong offensive boxer Benavidez.

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine. Dmitry Bivol and Gilberto Ramirez

It is also interesting that the encounter with Alvarez is more interesting and competitive. There are several reasons for this. First, Saul’s style is not intended to act in response to a multi-hit. So, this raised a lot of questions for Ramirez. Secondly, most likely, the fighters would have to fight in a heavier weight category. And there Alvarez is generally passive. And here already fans would have a real Mexican wheelhouse that anyone could drop into – because we’ve seen Bivol shake his opponent more than once. This is what happens when Styles create a duel.

However, now Ramirez steps back and faces off against 37-year-old American Gabriel Rosado. The American has been boxing since 2006 and has been a pretty beaten fighter for a long time. Gennady Golovkin, Peter Quillin, Jermell Charlo, David Lemieux, Joshua Clottey, Willie Monroe, Martin Murray, Daniel Jacobs, Bektemir Melikuziev, Jaime Munguia, Shane Moseley Jr., Ali Akhmedov. That’s the record of pretty good Rosado competitors lately. Among them, two won – Clotti and Melikuziev.

The second victory overall is one of the main woes of 2021. Then Gabriel entered the ring as a giant underdog, only after losing to Jacobs against an undefeated punch. And it knocked him out. Gabriel was knocked down in the first round and faced his opponent so hard in the third round that he did not stand up until the countdown was over.

But after that, the American had already lost three times, although he never played too hard, and Shane Moseley Jr. in the match, one of the judges saw a draw overall. Why such a rival to Ramirez? Did they have much better competitors before Bivol? It is generally accepted that Gilberto defeated someone. At least that’s what his fans say. Before Bivol, however, there was a good Sullivan Barrera in the fall – he didn’t get into the ring after that. Jesse Hart, Maxim Bursak, Arthur Abraham. Which is better than Rosado, given their level as in the case of Hart and Bursak or their situation as in the case of Abraham? Nobody.

The Mexican returns to his opponent from his usual level. It’s not very dangerous, but it has a name. It actually goes back to the middle of a career.

And who is your favourite?

Gabriel Rosado’s victory is immediately the biggest sadness of the year. It’s hard to imagine such a gap in any fight planned for 2023. You can bet on Ramirez 1.07, on the opponent – 17.

The reason is completely understandable. Rosado is six years older. In general, less – seven centimeters lower, and arm span less than nine centimeters. He has been beaten-killed for a long time, although he sometimes strikes with unexpected results. Gabriel needs to fully trust this.

After all, in the style of fighting against Melikuziev. To meet somewhere, charge towards yourself so as not to stand up. Moreover, Ramirez likes to rush forward and let himself be defeated – this was demonstrated by Bivol. Holds well, but not perfect. There may be a chance.

But if you don’t throw it away, you don’t stand a chance. Gilberto will pay for it with efficiency, precision, and quantity. But what will happen next is unclear. Without correcting the mistakes, the Mexican will again be defeated by a more trained opponent. guaranteed.

Source: Sport UA

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Joshua met with Franklin. It wasn’t easy but it’s back




Anthony Joshua (25-3, 22 KOs) finally boxed against Oleksandr Usyk. For the first time in years and in the last two fights, the Briton has boxed against a new opponent. American Jermain Franklin (21-2, 14 KOs) turned out to be an unusual opponent for the former world champion, as was thought before the match.

Joshua was not part of the war himself. It seems that all factors come into play here.

The losses to Oleksandr Usyk have hit Anthony Joshua hard. If earlier he was a sharp and active man who went forward fearlessly and dealt so many blows that his opponents were knocked down, it’s a different story now.

Andy Ruiz, not even Usyk, dealt the first blow. A fat man who needed an easy exit in America got in trouble. Joshua took blows, losing for the first time in his career and even ahead of schedule. But it was the Ukrainian who hammered all the nails.

Usyk outperformed Joshua first. He accepted this as normal. The smaller but more technical won, but it was clear that it needed to be replaced. And Anthony has changed. Team, camp, sparring partners, coach. It came out in better condition. Probably the best of my career. And I lost again. It’s not so obvious, he boxed better, he hit more, he was even close to serious problems for the opponent, but he still lost.

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine

And hit hard. Joshua was nervous after the fight, cried at the press conference and then only talked about money. In general, conversations before the fight against Franklin were based only on money. Anthony was honest – he wants to earn as much as possible and then whatever.

At the same time, the British continued to change everything around. He changed coaches again – Errol Spence and hired American specialist Derrick James, who was coaching one of the Charlo brothers. Trained with Errol. And she also gained weight. On the scale, the Briton showed 115.85 kg. Before that, his greatest weight was 115.2 kg before the fight against Carlos Takama. Before Usyk, the British, if any, weighed five kilograms less.

It made sense to think that Anthony would go up against Franklin for power. And Jermain – for speed. After all, his weight decreased by ten kilograms compared to the confrontation with Dillian Whyte. And so it happened.

From the very first seconds, Anthony Joshua crushed his opponent. Heavy punch, heavy right straight, heavy side. The British seemed to want to destroy his opponent with every blow. Hit it to make it fall and it’s all over.

Two moments were shocking: Franklin endured and Franklin missed those heavy blows. Joshua did not seem like a domineering or confident man. He looked like a boxer returning after a difficult period of his life. He is very careful in one place, but in another he does not finish where he should.

Anthony won. Generally. But in response, the opponent punched a lot and at the same time hit enough. Jermain Franklin’s signature combination study proved to be a problem. Small but enough to see results regularly. Just one fact – the American broke his opponent’s nose in the first round.

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine

Nothing changes in the second and third. Joshua still slowly walked forward, throwing a punch, hitting him in the face, and then a counterattack. The counterattack came from all sides. Somewhere Anthony blocked the blows, somewhere he left thanks to the body protection, somewhere he blocked the riveting, but at the same time he flew enough.

Surprisingly, the short-sleeved Jermain Franklin even caught his opponent with a punch. And it’s not just once or twice, actually every round. It cannot be said that the first rounds seemed clear for the Briton, as the judges and Tony Bellew in the ring gave it.

But as the struggle dragged on, it got harder for Franklin. Jermain spent too much energy on his own. In addition, Joshua aimed and shot more and more often. The Englishman hung on the opponent so much and for so long that he was tired of carrying more than one hundred and fifteen kilograms.

Joshua took the fight more and more, from round to round, until he won by decision of the judges. Anthony wasn’t close to an early victory, despite hitting hard and sometimes appearing to be close. No, Franklin was doing great. The referees awarded it as follows: 117-112 and 118-111 twice. The final bill is too much for the Brits but in general everything is fine.

What’s next?

Nothing has changed for Franklin. Losing the favourite, it happens. He looked worse than against White – quite expected. You can continue to win by registering such people and engaging with Joshua’s team after the fight.

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine. Anthony Joshua

But Anthony Joshua wants high-profile fights. More precisely, money. As the former champion himself and his promoter Eddie Hearn said, the main target is summer Tyson Fury. They are confident that this duel can be accomplished. Previously, they even demanded a 60-40 wage split in favor of Fury, and now they are confident they can fight.

Will Tyson accept such a distribution now, given that he has a title and Joshua no longer exists? Very, very unlikely. However, Hearn objects to Anthony selling more tickets than Usyk. The organizer forgets that Tyson Fury has his own logic.

At the same time, Tyson is not the only coin option. It’s not a fact that he’s the biggest moneymaker because Deontay Wilder is also on the list. An American will certainly let you earn huge bucks even in the USA. The heavy knockout fight that has been dreamed of for seven years to be exact. From where?

And then there’s Dillian Whyte. A longstanding feud with him was a Dillian knockout with him. History with it and a complete arena exactly in the UK. They will come to Joshua and even his mega fight. With such hands you can dictate certain terms to Tyson Fury.

Source: Sport UA

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Robeicy Ramirez defeated Isaac Dogbo on points to win the vacant WBO title.




On the night of April 1-2, Tulsa (Oklahoma, USA) hosted a boxing show from promotion company Top Rank.

The main event was a fight between Cubans for the vacant WBO featherweight title (up to 57.2 kg). Robeicy Ramirez (11–1.7 knockouts) and Isaac Dogbo (24–2, 15 KOs) from Ghana.

  • All key points available live Telegram Sport.ua

Ramirez is a two-time Olympic champion and Dogbo previously held the WBO 55.3kg title. The day before the fight, the boxers were weighed: Ramirez – 57 kg, Dogbo – 56.5 kg.

Mexican WBO world champion weighing up to 57.2 kg Emmanuel Navarrete. However, he moved to a higher weight class and left the title vacant.

Ramirez’s advantage was undoubted. After the results of 12 rounds, all the judges gave the victory to Cuba. Robeisi won the vacant WBO world title.

Robeysi Ramirez (Cuba) – Isaac Dogbo (Ghana) – UD 12 (118–109, 119–108, 117–110)

show results

Source: Sport UA

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Roy Jones stepped into the ring against a 54-year-old UFC star. Lost but precious




On the night of April 2, an interesting duel took place at the Fiserv Forum arena in Milwaukee (USA).

54-year-old famous veteran Roy Jones He entered the ring against a 36-year-old American from the USA (66–9.47 KOs). Anthony Pettisformer UFC champion and first-time boxer.

The fight was 8 rounds and officially entered the boxers’ record. The main organizer of the show Jorge MasvidalUFC star.

  • All key points available live Telegram Sport.ua

Roy JonesFormer world champion in all four weight categories, the previous fight was held in February 2018 when he defeated Scott Sigmon by unanimous decision after 10 rounds.

Roy Jones, 54, looked slow but fought with dignity. Anthony Pettis He finished his first boxing match with a majority decision win (78-74, 76-76, 77-75) against the senior player.

On the bottom card, the former UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldu and UFC veteran Jeremy Stephens tied the fight (57–57, 58–56, 57–57)

Another famous UFC fighter Victor Belfort fought with Ronaldo Souza and won the 6-round match by points.

Show results in Milwaukee

Source: Sport UA

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