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Joshua met with Franklin. It wasn’t easy but it’s back



Anthony Joshua (25-3, 22 KOs) finally boxed against Oleksandr Usyk. For the first time in years and in the last two fights, the Briton has boxed against a new opponent. American Jermain Franklin (21-2, 14 KOs) turned out to be an unusual opponent for the former world champion, as was thought before the match.

Joshua was not part of the war himself. It seems that all factors come into play here.

The losses to Oleksandr Usyk have hit Anthony Joshua hard. If earlier he was a sharp and active man who went forward fearlessly and dealt so many blows that his opponents were knocked down, it’s a different story now.

Andy Ruiz, not even Usyk, dealt the first blow. A fat man who needed an easy exit in America got in trouble. Joshua took blows, losing for the first time in his career and even ahead of schedule. But it was the Ukrainian who hammered all the nails.

Usyk outperformed Joshua first. He accepted this as normal. The smaller but more technical won, but it was clear that it needed to be replaced. And Anthony has changed. Team, camp, sparring partners, coach. It came out in better condition. Probably the best of my career. And I lost again. It’s not so obvious, he boxed better, he hit more, he was even close to serious problems for the opponent, but he still lost.

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine

And hit hard. Joshua was nervous after the fight, cried at the press conference and then only talked about money. In general, conversations before the fight against Franklin were based only on money. Anthony was honest – he wants to earn as much as possible and then whatever.

At the same time, the British continued to change everything around. He changed coaches again – Errol Spence and hired American specialist Derrick James, who was coaching one of the Charlo brothers. Trained with Errol. And she also gained weight. On the scale, the Briton showed 115.85 kg. Before that, his greatest weight was 115.2 kg before the fight against Carlos Takama. Before Usyk, the British, if any, weighed five kilograms less.

It made sense to think that Anthony would go up against Franklin for power. And Jermain – for speed. After all, his weight decreased by ten kilograms compared to the confrontation with Dillian Whyte. And so it happened.

From the very first seconds, Anthony Joshua crushed his opponent. Heavy punch, heavy right straight, heavy side. The British seemed to want to destroy his opponent with every blow. Hit it to make it fall and it’s all over.

Two moments were shocking: Franklin endured and Franklin missed those heavy blows. Joshua did not seem like a domineering or confident man. He looked like a boxer returning after a difficult period of his life. He is very careful in one place, but in another he does not finish where he should.

Anthony won. Generally. But in response, the opponent punched a lot and at the same time hit enough. Jermain Franklin’s signature combination study proved to be a problem. Small but enough to see results regularly. Just one fact – the American broke his opponent’s nose in the first round.

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine

Nothing changes in the second and third. Joshua still slowly walked forward, throwing a punch, hitting him in the face, and then a counterattack. The counterattack came from all sides. Somewhere Anthony blocked the blows, somewhere he left thanks to the body protection, somewhere he blocked the riveting, but at the same time he flew enough.

Surprisingly, the short-sleeved Jermain Franklin even caught his opponent with a punch. And it’s not just once or twice, actually every round. It cannot be said that the first rounds seemed clear for the Briton, as the judges and Tony Bellew in the ring gave it.

But as the struggle dragged on, it got harder for Franklin. Jermain spent too much energy on his own. In addition, Joshua aimed and shot more and more often. The Englishman hung on the opponent so much and for so long that he was tired of carrying more than one hundred and fifteen kilograms.

Joshua took the fight more and more, from round to round, until he won by decision of the judges. Anthony wasn’t close to an early victory, despite hitting hard and sometimes appearing to be close. No, Franklin was doing great. The referees awarded it as follows: 117-112 and 118-111 twice. The final bill is too much for the Brits but in general everything is fine.

What’s next?

Nothing has changed for Franklin. Losing the favourite, it happens. He looked worse than against White – quite expected. You can continue to win by registering such people and engaging with Joshua’s team after the fight.

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine. Anthony Joshua

But Anthony Joshua wants high-profile fights. More precisely, money. As the former champion himself and his promoter Eddie Hearn said, the main target is summer Tyson Fury. They are confident that this duel can be accomplished. Previously, they even demanded a 60-40 wage split in favor of Fury, and now they are confident they can fight.

Will Tyson accept such a distribution now, given that he has a title and Joshua no longer exists? Very, very unlikely. However, Hearn objects to Anthony selling more tickets than Usyk. The organizer forgets that Tyson Fury has his own logic.

At the same time, Tyson is not the only coin option. It’s not a fact that he’s the biggest moneymaker because Deontay Wilder is also on the list. An American will certainly let you earn huge bucks even in the USA. The heavy knockout fight that has been dreamed of for seven years to be exact. From where?

And then there’s Dillian Whyte. A longstanding feud with him was a Dillian knockout with him. History with it and a complete arena exactly in the UK. They will come to Joshua and even his mega fight. With such hands you can dictate certain terms to Tyson Fury.

Source: Sport UA

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Michael Hunter Explains Why Fury Avoided Usyk Fight




American heavyweight michael hunter (21-1-1, 14 KOs), WBC heavyweight title holder Tyson Fury (33-0-1, 24 KOs) and WBA, WBO and IBF champion Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs).

“Tyson, as it were, avoided a fight with Usyk and did not carry out the fight. If he was the best in the world then it would be very easy to fight him, he was the A side of everything. He had every opportunity, but still did not accept the challenge. Slightly smaller, well-moving fighters like Usyk pose problems for fighters like Fury.

Fury got in trouble every time he stepped into the ring with a guy who was a little smaller and had good legs. I’m just that kind of fighter,” Hunter said.

The Fury-Usyk fight was supposed to be played on April 29, but the boxing teams could not come to an agreement.

Source: Sport UA

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The Russian boxer fell into a coma right in the ring. How was he allowed to fight?!




The tragedy could have been avoided…

The evening of boxing attracted great attention of sports fans from all over the country. The fans in the stands and at the TV screens enjoyed the fights, in one of which the fate of the championship belt was decided. From the first rounds, the challenger took possession of the advantage, but the opponent did not want to give up. This led to tragedy.

Roman died without regaining consciousness.

“Roman has strange eyes”

Russian Sergey Kovalev by the beginning of the winter of 2011 scored a good move in professional boxing. For two and a half years, the Crusher managed to hold 17 fights, 16 of which ended in victories and only one ended in a draw. The vast majority of fights took place in the USA and only in one case did the future champion appear in the ring in front of the Russian public.

On December 5, 2011, a native of the Chelyabinsk region Kovalev was scheduled for the second professional fight in Russia. In Yekaterinburg, Sergei had to meet in the ring with compatriot Roman Simakov, who also boasted a good record: 19 wins, one draw and one defeat. A boxer from Kemerovo at that time held the belt of the Asian WBC light heavyweight champion. It was this title that was at stake on that ill-fated evening.

The confrontation between two promising Russian professionals aroused great interest among the public. The fight was broadcast live on a federal channel, and the famous Russian champion Kostya Tszyu appeared at the weigh-in ceremony and called on all Ural boxing fans to attend the fight. Nobody noticed anything suspicious at that moment, only later Kovalev remembered some oddities in the opponent’s appearance.

Roman Simakov / Photo: © RIA Novosti / Alexander Zaitsev

– At the weigh-in procedure, when, standing face to face, we posed for photographers, I noticed that Roman had some strange, slightly shining eyes. Then I thought that the doctors could not allow a sick boxer into the ring. Perhaps, in preparation for the fight, he “dried himself”, drove weight, and this affected his well-being? The body can feel differently when you start preparing for a fight, ”Kovalev was quoted by the Akboxing portal.

“I hope you’re smart enough to stop the fight”

The duel began with reconnaissance: the rivals had never met even as amateurs, and therefore they were in no hurry to give all their best. It was impossible to say for sure who would take advantage. In one of the episodes, Roman hit Sergei in the head – as he admitted later, it even darkened in his eyes. But the Crusher also worked well on the opponent.

From the second round, Kovalev seized the initiative and did not miss it again. Several times Sergey hit the opponent’s body, tested his liver, did a great job at the ropes. The blows of the Crusher became harder and harder, successfully passed the series. Simakov answered, but not so convincingly, and somewhere by the end of the fourth round it became clear that only a miracle would help him rectify the situation. Coach Kovaleva even asked his athlete to be softer with his opponent.

“Those were hooks in the fourth round. I think three. After them, it became obvious that Roman stopped responding adequately. Needless to say, he was completely shocked at that moment. But I noticed that he had impaired coordination of movements and reflexes. Before the fifth round, he said to Kovalev: “Do not box with him at full strength, hit the body, hit the hands.” And after the fifth: “I hope that the people in Simakov’s corner will be smart enough to stop the fight. Their fighter is no longer able to resist, ”Kovalev’s coach Abel Sanchez said in an interview with

Sergey Kovalev and Roman Simakov / Photo: © RIA Novosti / Alexander Zaitsev

Twice Simakov was in standing knockdowns, in the sixth round the referee started the countdown. Roman decided to continue the fight, but his corner did not react to this decision. However, in the seventh round, after a series of not the strongest blows, the champion sat down on the floor, and the judge was forced to stop the fight. The defeated boxer tried to stand up, holding on to the ropes, but his legs would not hold him. The loser had to leave the ring on a stretcher.

“Hold on, Roman!”

Later it became known that even in the ring Simakov fell into a coma. At the hospital, he underwent a craniotomy and a hematoma was removed. All seven hours, while the operation lasted, the hemorrhage in the brain did not stop. Kovalev, having learned what was happening with his opponent, turned to him through social networks, wishing to get out of the most difficult situation as soon as possible.

– I am very worried about this, I feel sorry for him very much. I pray he gets out. On Tuesday evening I returned to Chelyabinsk, and on Wednesday my wife Natalya and I went to church, lit candles and ordered a prayer to the priest for his health. I offer my sincere apologies to Roma’s relatives – I did not want this for him. Hold on Roman! — wrote Kovalev.

Less than 30 minutes after this publication, Simakov died. Kovalev took the death of his opponent very painfully and was not even sure that he would continue his career. However, he still decided not to leave boxing and eventually got to the world titles in several prestigious versions at once. Crusher promised to transfer the fee from the subsequent fight to the family of the deceased, and even after that he repeatedly dedicated sports successes to Roman.

Source: Sportbox

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Vice-world champion in jiu-jitsu died at the age of 32 due to cardiac arrest




World Jiu-Jitsu silver medalist Sandra Badi has died at the age of 31. This is reported by the official website of the club, for which the French athlete played.

According to Insidethegames, the cause of death was cardiac arrest.

“She was an iconic figure at the club and will leave a huge void in her wake. Our hearts go out to her family in this terrible ordeal. Many have reached out to us, so we are creating a fund for her family to give them a little support during this difficult time.

Badi won the silver medal at the 2022 World Championships in Abu Dhabi in the 48 kg weight category. Also, the athlete is the winner in team competitions and the owner of bronze in the individual championship at the 2022 World Games.

Source: Sportbox

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