Feyonord defender David Hantsko commented on his team’s victory in the match-up to the 1/8 final of the European League against Donetsk Shakhtar (7:1).

“We are even happier. This is a dismal result. Everything went perfectly for us. So many goals were scored from the free kick in the Maidan.

Tse trohi predicted men in Lizі Europe, if we played at home with Sturm, there were a lot of goals. Last week a little more volodinnya ball, this year lower, alemie prepared for high pressure, and if we won the ball, the stench was bigger, so we could be punished.

The quarterfinals have two big gris. Conquer Shakhtar with our method and we are already happy. Maybe it’s not the same, but Shakhtar is really a great super nik,” the UEFA press service told Gantsko.

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