Casemiro, Adan, Lazar and Kekchu were nominated for the title of best clay of the day in Lisa Europe - Sportish
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Europa League

Casemiro, Adan, Lazar and Kekchu were nominated for the title of best clay of the day in Lisa Europe



Yesterday, June 16, the 1/8 final matches of the Europa League were held, and all the quarter-finals of the tournament were awarded for the sub-bags of which.

UEFA presents on its official website the names of several contenders for the title of the best gravity of the day:

– Manchester United pvzakhisnik Casemiro – assist in the match against Betis (1:0);

– Sporting goalkeeper Antonio Adan – sim save in the match against Arsenal (1:1) (5:3 – penalties);

– Feyonord’s midfielder Orkun Kekcu – two goals and one assist for the team against Shakhtar (7:1);

– Union pvzakhisnik Jean Thierry Lazar – goal and assist for the team with Union (3:0).

You can vote for one of the candidates on UEFA’s official website.

Also, UEFA announced the names of candidates for the title of the author of the best goal for Liza Europe. They were preceded by Sporting athlete Pedro Gonçalves, Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford, Feinord’s striker Oussam Idriss and Union footballer Loic Lapoussen.

You can vote for one of the candidates HERE.

Let’s guess, this year, 17 birches, around 2 p.m. on the Kiev hour, we will see the foals of the 1/4 and 1/2 finals of the European League. On an online text broadcast will be available.

Source: Football UA

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Europa League

Feyenoord fans not allowed to enter Rome to play Roma




Roma will host Feyenoord in Rome on 20 April in the Europa League quarter-final return leg match. The authorities of the capital of Italy banned the sale of the tickets of the match to the guest fans. They will not be able to buy tickets for seats in either the away section or other sectors of the Stadio Olimpico.

The reason for this decision was the visit of Feyenoord fans to Rome in 2015, when Rome also played in the Europa League. Then, fans of the guests repeatedly violated public order and damaged the historical landmark – the Barcaccia fountain from the 17th century.

Large sums of money were then spent on repairing the damage, and the Dutch government had to apologize for the behavior of its citizens.

Source: Sport UA

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Europa League

Feyonord-Shakhtar. Our reviews




The European Cup portion of the season for Donetsk Shakhtar and Ukrainian football ended with the main rank. At the match on the field of the Rotterdam Feyonord in the “girnikiv”, almost nothing was planned, and a shrill rahunka hit.

At the same time, the super players did not have to strain themselves with a large number of goals, as in the first season, because the team of Igor Jovichevich and themselves got into trouble. at the defence. evaluates the football team of Donetsk Shakhtar in the match at De Cape stadium (for a scale of 10 points).

Shaktar Donetsk

Anatoly Trubin – 2.5. Immediately, the Donetsk team scored against the stars with many equal blows, which meant that they took other matches of the current European Cup campaign for their participation. However, the performance of the superniks in the case of a boulder was driven in and the stink with their shots just did not deprive the goalkeeper of the opportunity to steal. Those who could pull to power, Pulling Trubіn, however, the number of such moments was insignificant.

Yukhim Hemp – 2.0. Bringing a penalty in the first half zіpsuvav vrazhennya in the face of the right defender, who tried to fight for the unfriendly rahunka on the scoreboard. One-on-one, to the point, Yukhim supermen have no chance to fight Mayzhe. And on the right side, who never bothered to take the right position.

Valery Bondar – Mykola Matvienko – 2.0. The grace for the center of Shakhtar’s defense at the hour of the first missed ball was just screaming. Although they continued the victories in the distant future, Bondar and Matvienko still started to play a good duel, and the rest played ball.

Bohdan Mikhailichenko – 2.0. Levi’s defender of Shakhtar in this match did not dare to impose a fight against Jahanbakhsh, who had not yet taken the zone of power. In the offensive plan, Mikhailichenko also could not hurt his partners in an instant, although in the first half he wanted to pass one by one from the yogo flank, if there was a free kick.

Taras Stepanenko – 2.0. Vazkuvato looked at Shakhtar’s supporting pivzakhist, like the reshta command. Even though it wasn’t easy for the supermen to take Taras on their way to a penalty, positional grace was small for Yogo Vikonanna.

Oleksandr Zubkov – 2.0. Kіlka awfully fast and try to dribble, ale problems with passing in attack development. Such a match for the right pvzakhisnik, for which, pevna rich, shy away from the main accent in the attack, looking at the offensive statistics of Shakhtar.

Artem Bondarenko – 2.0. Uchergov’s supermen managed to block the paths of the spikes of the balls to Shakhtar’s foot and into the yogo’s handbag on the football field. Bondarenka was also not allowed to open up to someone else’s penalty area.

Georgy Sudakov – 2.5. The second central pіvzakhisnik of the Donetsk people was remembered, reconsidered, with his long shot on the crossbar, which, for two balls passing in front of him, already looked as if he had seen it. Sudakov had a sprinkling of nasty rukhіv on the bright raspberry, but they didn’t cause a bad smell in his bag.

Dmytro Kriskiv – 1.0. The first ga against Rennes, as for a pvzakhistnik, was completely daring, so it’s enough to be left alone with the butt of the international campaign for Shakhtar’s participation in the mass rotation. At the starry sister strіch Dmitro was in no way his own, and after two effective pardons in the first half he was taken out of the grid.

Lassina Traore – 1.5. In the first half, the balls quickly ran over the Burkina striker into someone else’s free kick, and when the speed was in the air, they immediately became a reminder of a major injury. Zreshtoy, appearing on the field Kelsi in a sack, left a lot of food for a hundred years Lassini on the field from the first hairs on the stellar mountain.

Cousins ​​Djurasek, Danilo Sikan, Egor Nazarina, Ivan Petryak — Replacing Jovichevich before the course of the green didn’t strengthen his team, but for some reason brought them to extra effective grace, as it was in the context of Jurasek and Nazarini.

Kevin Kelsey-5.0. The attacker appeared on the field and suddenly the yogo team was greeted, and then you saw the best moment of that zoom score. Splashes from the stands of De Cuyp are not leather, the footballer of the away team can look like it.

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Source: Football UA

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Europa League

Jovichevich: 20 years to go to the game with Kryvbas, 24 years to Rotterdam, but that’s not the reason for the blow




Donetsk head coach Shakhtar Igor Jovichevich commented on the devastating defeat of the “girniks” in the match-up to the 1/8 final of the European League against Feyonord (1:7) and the team’s victory of the European Cups .

“It turned out that one team was better for us, and tse buv Feyonord. May we welcome Feyonord with a garne groy. These days are like that, tse – football. For the rest of the hour, butts and Manchester United, and Leipzig but they didn’t score the stink, so the better teams will play for us.

Tse one day, like a musish, pass like a coach. I want to ask for dismissal in the Ukrainian hospitals, because they supported us, for today’s passage. It’s a pity, viishov is such a match. Musimo built up a lot of visnovkіv, the i will take vidpovіdalnіst on myself as a coach, not hovayuchis for this result.

Alem and I gave maximum power, as if we were small today. The guys just gave all their strength. Which was not enough, and it was visible in skin single combat – we were punished for a skin pardon. Tse buffer factor. Before 2:0 we had a few moments, if we could enter the group – two goodies for Sudakov. Ale, the third goal from the penalty spot – it was too much psychologically, so we lost the whole hour on the grі. This is the first win for us, the tenth game in the last European season, in the League of Champions and the League of Europe. There were important games for the passage: from Celtic, if they moved out of the group, they beat Rennes.

But today we got into the best team, for those who shot at goal, everything went wrong. I musimo look closer, because Feyonord is the top team for today. And we are lucky to have followed this path: the first river is with such spirits, we live, we will rise in price for a competition for 24 years, so we gave all our strength. And Feyonord floats with thunder, with a good team and I bless you with success.

I would like to focus on the football and thank Feenord for those who played the shortest game for us today. The first is clear from the result. Please tell me why, maybe it’s not serious on my part, because I’m a coach, but I still have my own feeling.

Feyonord — Shakhtar 7:1

Really, it’s important to train for this moment, and, as you know, the sky closes, we can’t get between games that easily, we take the bus. It mostly took more than three years: 20 years to come to the game against Kryvbas, 24 years to come to Rotterdam. Ale is not the reason for the shock.

I’ll show you one more time that they played against the teams as if they were better for us today. Tse ganny les. And we can write this period in the European arena, that we experienced the first game against Leipzig, they just didn’t bet on us to win one euro, that we might have a chance to get into the group. Also, the guys deserve only praise, and today we will finish the euro more expensive, for a yak in the first river we can say chapo – I’ll take a drop.

Applause from the Dutch public? Tse is a charm. You have respect for us, and it is clear that your sports culture is already high, you respect your opponent. We tried not to go to zero. That goal symbolically gave us strength, so we didn’t run dry, like Leipzig and MJ. And we can only appease you for those who appreciate your support.

The toilets were quite rich, the atmosphere here was enchanting, but in the city, through the splashes, we saw our team better – not just for today’s game, not just for the same position, but, I think, for that path , which we went through as absolute outsiders. Without tsikh 15 legionnaires, roaming at the same time with young Ukrainian talents, they will be the leaders of the Ukrainian national team without any problems.

At the same time, we focus on the championship – just like that, if you want your European arena to be three. And at the same time our priority changes: the European campaign is coming to an end and we are focusing on the championship. We have three points at once, let’s go to the first leg, and for us the priority is the championship,” says the club’s press service.

earlier estimating performance of Shakhtar Donetsk football players in UEFA Europa League game.

Source: Football UA

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