The three Italian finalists and the suspension of Juventus will decide the round for Olympiakos or PAOK in the Europa League - Sportish
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Europa League

The three Italian finalists and the suspension of Juventus will decide the round for Olympiakos or PAOK in the Europa League



The Greek team taking part in the Europa League qualifiers, Olympiacos or PAOK, will soon find out whether they will start their European commitments from the 3rd qualifying round or from the playoffs. It will be determined by the Coppa Italia, the suspensions of Juventus and the performance of the three Italian teams in the finals of this year’s European competitions.

Olympiacos and PAOK are still fighting for a place in the new season’s Europa League even after the Stoiximan Super League has come to an end. The red-whites took 3rd place, which can send them into the competition. The double header plays the Novibet Hellenic Cup final where if they win the trophy they become the holders of the corresponding ticket.

Greece finished 15th in the UEFA rankings in the 2021-2022 season, which means they are sending their representative to the 3rd qualifying round of the competition. However, as is well known, the conquest of European competitions leads to various changes, which is why it is possible for the Greek team to advance to the playoffs in the Europa League.

The Italian stamp at the finals concerns Greece

The three finals of this year’s UEFA competitions will be hosted by an Italian team. Inter qualified for the Champions League, Roma for the Europa League and Fiorentina will compete in the Europa Conference League final.

Combined with the presence of two other Italian teams in the semi-finals and one in the quarter-finals of the three events, it is clear that this year’s tournaments bear the signature of the neighboring country.

This inevitably also sets the tone for the composition of the next three competitions. As you know, European competition holders get a direct ticket to next season’s group stage. Champions League and Europa League holders for next Champions League groups, Europa Conference League holders for Europa League groups.

These three conditions alone result in reclassifications to the lower tiers of the next competitions, namely qualifying and the playoffs. When the ‘Competition Winner’ condition is added to the ticket combinations each club has secured via the league in which they play, this mix will result in an explosion of reclassifications in the qualifiers.

The representatives of Greece are concerned on two levels. On the one hand, regarding the possible opponents in the draws that will take place in the qualifiers of the three competitions, on the other hand, whether they will win a round in the Europa League, since Greece is the first runner-up case of dominoes in this particular tournament.

Juventus’ penalties

Italian teams will have a big impact on where the ball lies for Greece, but so does the Italian Football Federation, who penalize, suspend and penalize Juventus again.

The ‘old lady’ and her Serie A placement is a crucial factor in whether the Greek teams are in the 3rd qualifying round or in the playoffs as it directly affects the placements of other teams.

Before their suspension and still in the Europa League semi-finals, the “Bianconeri” fulfilled the requirements to send the Greek team to the playoffs if they won the cup and at the same time finished in the top four of Serie A. First they were eliminated and then received another point deduction, which brought them out of the realistic fight for a place in the top four of the championship.

Now, with the latest data, Juventus will play the role of regulator in the battle of the other Italian teams for the top four, both because they themselves will be absent and will… give up their place, and because they will face Milan the next day line up On Saturday he could threaten to send them to the Europa League and… replace them with Roma.

The scenarios that send them to the playoffs

The main rule regarding qualifications and reclassifications concerns the resulting gaps. If a team wins the Champions League but also has a match in the competition, then they award one of the two to the runners-up in the UEFA rankings. She “raises” her representative by one turn and causes a void. The gap will be closed by the first runner-up country that has a representative in the immediately lower round, and in this way any gaps created in the qualifying rounds will be closed.

Some of the gaps in the Champions League qualifiers also affect the Europa League qualifiers, where disqualified teams from the top-flight competition are admitted.

Likewise, gaps created when the Europa League or Europa Conference League holder has a better ticket to a league will result in reshuffles in the qualifying processes of both competitions.

The representative of Greece in the Europa League is looking for a gap in the groups of the competition next season. This is paid by the ticket holder of the Dutch Cup winners (Eindhoven lifted the trophy but if they finish runners-up it’s Champions League and the ticket ultimately goes to Ajax) who are included in the Europa League groups.

The gap created in the playoffs will be filled by the representative of Greece, namely Olympiacos or PAOK. There are three main scenarios for causing the deficit, which our country also counts on, according to the ranking website


  • Inter want to conquer the Champions League and take a position that will take them to the next Europa League

In this case, the Nerazzurri use the top club competition ticket and leave the Europa League ticket. This ticket is removed from Italy and goes to the Netherlands, where their representative advances to the groups, and the representative of Greece takes his place in the playoffs.


  • Roma will conquer the Europa League and take a position that will take them to the next Europa League

In this case, the “Giallorossi” use the prize from winning the Europa League, which sends them to the Champions League groups. The Europa League ticket they won by winning the championship is taken away from Italy and goes to the Netherlands, who advance their representative into the groups and Greece’s representative takes their place in the playoffs.


  • Fiorentina wins the Europa Conference League and the Coppa Italia

In this case, the “Giallorossi” use the prize from winning the Europa Conference League, which sends them to the Europa League groups. The Europa League ticket won by ball is taken away from Italy and goes to the Netherlands, who advance their representative into the groups and the Greek representative takes his place in the playoffs.

Interesting appointments

There are many combinations and these are not the only scenarios that can lead to positive (or negative) domino effects. For example, Sevilla could win the Europa League for the seventh time and manage to overtake Betis in La Liga and thus send the Greek side to the playoffs, although this scenario is unlikely due to the distance between the two clubs. Andalusia three games before the final.

What is certain is that the holder of the Greek Cup ticket (whether Olympiacos or PAOK) will start his European duties in August.

Made with Flourish

Should these start from the 3rd qualifying round, that means he will start first on Thursday 10 August, with the second leg taking place on Thursday 17 August (draw on 24 July). If it makes the playoffs, it will make its debut on Thursday, August 24 and secure a spot in the institution’s groups on Thursday, August 31 (the draw will take place on August 7).

The group stage draw will take place on September 1st and the games will start on Thursday September 21st.

Source: sport 24

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