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Sidibe: “We made history, emotional when I heard the goal”



Djibril Sidibe spoke to OPAP News and described the moments and emotions of his stunning goal in AEK’s win over Brighton.

AEK beat Brighton 3-2 on matchday one of the Europa League groups in England. Djibril Sidibe scored a stunning goal that was voted the best goal of the week.

The French footballer spoke to OPAP News and described the moments he experienced on the Amex pitch last Thursday.

Sidibe’s statements in detail:

Jibril, congratulations on your great win. The goal you scored was voted the best of the week in the Europa League. Was it a result of the training work or was it a spontaneous moment when you discovered a certain gap in the stationary phase?

“Thank you. Each static phase creates multiple scenarios for us to “play through” during the game while adapting to the opponent’s defense. That’s generally what we work on in training.”

We had tried it in a few other games with other teammates but it didn’t work. I’m very happy that we made it in a game like this and I was looking forward to scoring my first goal in such an important game. The truth is that the execution of the corner by “Haji” (ss Hadjisafi) was flawless.”

After you scored the goal, you ran to celebrate with your teammates and the coach on the bench. Did you have a specific person in mind that you wanted to dedicate the goal to?

“I didn’t address a specific teammate or the coach. I ran to the bench and asked all my teammates to come together to celebrate as a team.”

I wanted to do it because it was our first European group game with this team. We had great moments last year with the championship and the cup, but this game was also the further development of our team at European level. I wanted us all to experience it together.

AEK won on English soil for the first time since 1976. How do you feel about the fact that you wrote your name so emphatically in the team’s history with your goal?

“I found out these impressive statistics after the game! For me, games like this make clubs grow even more. As a Monaco player I have played several games at this level and in this atmosphere. It is very important that the team plays these games against very high quality teams and players.

We made history on Thursday and the most important thing in football is to create emotions and unite the players with the fans through such victories. That’s the most important.”

Would you like to send a message to the team’s friends who traveled to England, but also to the fans who watched the game from all over the world?

“I’m telling you the truth. When I scored and heard the shout of ‘goal’ it was so loud I couldn’t tell if it was our fans or Brighton fans.”

It was shocking, I can even say touching. I want us to have the same atmosphere in every game. The support from our fans was impressive. We stay cool and humble to achieve the best we can.”.

Source: sport 24

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Europa League

Atalanta – Sport. Watch online. Live broadcast




Atalanta will face Portugal Sporting in the fifth round of the Europa League on Thursday, November 30. The match will be played at the Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia Stadium in Bergamo, Italy.

All important moments of the match are available in Live mode on Telegram

The match is scheduled to start at 19.45 Kiev time.

After four group matches, Atalanta is in first place in Group D with 10 points, and Sporting is in second place with 7 points.

The match can be watched live using the MEGOGO video service.

Atalanta – Sport. Watch online. Live broadcast

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Source: Sport UA

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Europa League

Aitor: “Let’s be strong from the first minute”




In his statements at the press conference before the game against Villarreal, Aitor emphasized that Panathinaikos had to come on strong from the first minute to achieve a good result in Theramika.

Aitor Candalapiedra represented the Panathinaikos players at the press conference before Thursday’s game (11/30, 10:00 p.m.) against Villarreal for 5th placeThe Matchday of the Europa League groups.

The Catalan winger returned to an environment familiar to him, having spent a year and a half with the ‘Yellow Submarines’ (2016-2017), and stressed that Panathinaikos should go out with confidence from the first minute to win To achieve victory taking into account the negative tradition that the “Greens” have on Spanish soil.

Aitor spoke at length at the press conference: How he sees the Villarreal team:

Thank you for the welcome. I am very proud to be back at Villarreal. A city that I love very much. I think the team is at a much better level. The players and the coach agree more than I do. Villarreal is currently having a very good season“.

On the question of whether it is a completely different game than the first one in Athens:

I have already said that the team is different. A lot has already changed with the arrival of Marthelino and I believe we will face a much better team“.

On his situation and the team’s prospects in the remaining two games:

I feel good. Every day I feel better and better. The one who decides is the coach. We have to win both games to get through to the next round“.

What Panathinaikos needs to do to win in Spain for the first time:

We have to be strong from the first minute and have the confidence you need to win in these games. Regardless of poor performance, every game is different“.

Whether he has additional motivation to play in his home country:

For me it’s a special motivation, simply because I’m always playing“.

Source: sport 24

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Martinez: “We are very ambitious and have improved compared to the first game against Freiburg”




Diego Martinez emphasized that the Olympiakos players are very well prepared and ambitious to show their identity and achieve a good result at home against Freiburg on Matchday 5 of the Europa League.

Olympiacos suffered a painful home defeat to Freiburg in their Europa League group stage opener, but Diego Martinez is considering Thursday night’s game in Germany (November 30th, 7:45 p.m., COSMOTE SPORT 4 HD, LIVE from Sportish) it will be a completely different matter.

In the press conference he gave on Wednesday (29/11), the Spaniard spoke about his team’s ambition and their very good preparation for this special game, while emphasizing that he is with “Georgios Karaiskakis” for this game The players I have in mind are noticeably better and determined to achieve a good result.

In detail what he said:

Whether he found the solutions for Thursday’s game: “The first game against Freiburg at “Karaiskakis”” is a thing of the past and we have improved greatly since then. Olympiacos is now a mature team. Ready and ripe. Be more careful that she doesn’t make any simple mistakes. I think we improved significantly through this game.

Regarding his reference to Paolo Maldini and his statement about the maturity a team should have: I said because press conferences are a bit boring, I did it so you would have something to write about. I mentioned this sentence because to win a team needs to make no mistakes, play with its own identity and with maturity. At the moment we are more mature. We are a team made up of young people. To reduce the number of errors. You have to do the combination. We are ready, very well prepared and ambitious to show our best side but also show our identity. When I talk about details and maturity, I also refer to circumstances. It’s the cold that we’re not so used to. We have to adapt as quickly as possible.”

For Ibora, even if he has a formation with a trio in mind in mind: “We still have a training session in between. We also worked with a three-man chain. A good team must be able to adapt to different systems. This isn’t about names, it’s about how each player’s fitness helps the team. We.” “Are willing to change systems, I’m happy to do that, we can change tactics and systems. The most important thing, however, is that the team shows its best side.”

Source: sport 24

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