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Mitchell’s thoughts on Hames, Biel and Fortuny



Fortounis, Hames and Biel have upped the pace in Olympiakos’ winter training and Mitchell is being urged to find solutions on how to manage and allocate their roles in the line-up.

Several coaches think that all good players fit into the eleven. They believe it’s better for a team to have as many good footballers as possible than to have a shortage and not be able to do their job properly and help.

As for Olympiacos, Mitchell will have a mystery to solve when the league resumes.

Who is this; How will he manage and possibly “fit” the ten in the Piraeus team’s eleven. Someone will say that one possible solution is for the three players to play behind the centre-forward and the fourth midfielder to come off the bench. For Hames in position “10”, Biel and Fortounis as wingers and for Valbuena as a substitute during the game. It is a consideration that the technical staff needs to see how it can work in practice.

Except that in this case there is no classic winger in the line-up and the full-backs have more work to do. So far, Mitchell hasn’t had that difficulty, with Fortounis missing as an unsuitable player, Hames playing on the ten, and Biel on the right side of attack. So with a winger on the opposite side, Masura or Gary Rodriguez.

But now, in the friendly against Huddersfield, Fortounis showed he’s here and can make a difference, claiming space and time ahead of the second half of the season. At the same time, James and Biel are better on the pitch, know the team’s game and have improved their physical condition through preparation in Spain.

Perhaps another solution would be for Biel to play some games at the head of attack, as was the case during his time in Copenhagen, where he scored several goals. But there Olympiacos has El Arabi and Bakabou.

Another thought would be that Fortounis plays as “Eight”, but there Inbom Huang is the main player and Mitchell now has the additional solution of Kasami alongside Samasekou, Kounde and Bouhalakis.

It’s definitely a difficult decision, but the positive for Mitchell is that in games he can bring players off the bench who are able to make a difference and decide outcomes.

Source: sport 24

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Almeida: “The team and the world must remain united to limit the consumption of tobacco products”




Speaking to COSMOTE TV ahead of the Aris game, Matias Almeida spoke about the support of AEK’s friends and how much he “pushes” the team, while also pointing out the big problem of smoke generators in every Union game.

Speaking to COSMOTE TV ahead of the Aris game, Matias Almeida spoke about the support of AEK’s friends and how much he “pushes” the team, while also pointing out the big problem of smoke generators in every Union game.

For AEK counting 10 wins in 10 games at their new stadium and how important the world’s contribution is to him in the following difficult home games in the league and cup, starting with this one against Aris.

“Regarding the first part of the question, I personally don’t look at how many games we’ve played. I watch each game individually. We can’t stay there. We must continue on the path we already know. He is another ‘footballer’ of ours to our world.

We feel them close to us, we feel the energy they give us. And it is always important to be united, to be close to one another. Because they really play an important role in our own game system, they participate from the platform.

I think the only sad thing about all of this is that there are people who suffer from tobacco products, it’s mainly a health issue. But I think our world is very smart and I’m sure there will be little or no smoke bombs in the next few games. Certainly our people will be there, they will sing more, they will clap more and things will get even better.”

On whether AEK’s pace will be affected by the game being suspended due to the fumes.

I think it mainly affects everyone’s health. Also, the smoke bomb phenomenon doesn’t just happen in AEK. I’ve seen chimneys in a lot of games.”

Does he want to send a message to the world?

“The message is to remain united, to continue on a common path. We love the energy people give us. And as the games progress, what’s certain is that we’re going to need people on our side more and more.”

For the positive and negative elements that have emerged from the image of AEK vs Ionikos?

“In most games there are positives and negatives. We always try to correct the negatives and improve the positives. All opponents are different, they play differently and we know that the next opponent is difficult. We will try to apply ours our game to make some decisions on the pitch that will help us achieve our goal”.

Is Ares more dangerous now after being eliminated from the cup as he wants to get some reaction?

“It’s entirely up to the opposing team. I repeat, we respect all opponents. But we can’t afford to waste energy thinking about what the opponent might be thinking.”

JOHNSON: “Ares are a good team, they want our attention”

For his part, Jonson also spoke about the importance of defeating Ionian and even with a surprise, while also referring to the following match against Aris:

For the match against Ionikos:

“Obviously it gives us confidence that we came back from a possible 1-0 deficit and won. We were poor in the first half but we managed to turn things around. And we got the three points that we deserve.” , based on our image in the second half”.

Whether the excitement against Ionikos helps AEK’s competitive nature:

“I think it shows a great team and a great club. Even on their bad days, they manage to win. We had a bad day too, but we managed to win. Like I said, we have because of our Performance deserves won the second half I think that shows our character and we have to keep going NLet’s make sure that even on our bad days, we do what’s accepted.”

Whether he feels AEK as a whole is maturing:

“In general I think so. Of course we should consider that we lost in Ioannina. We have to improve a lot. We are a new group that was formed in the summer, with new players and a technical team. So I think that we making good progress, that we’re improving, that we’re on the right track.”

For Mars:

“Ares is a good team, they are in the first five or six places in the standings. They have a good team with some great players and a great coach. But nothing changes for us, we have to treat them with the same respect that we do Ionikos or the other teams. For us there is no difference.”

Source: sport 24

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The excellent Oliveira agrees with Lucescu, who wanted to bring him to PAOK like crazy




Oliveira’s performances at Leoforo in both the league and cup proved in practice why Lucescu was mad to bring him to PAOK in the summer of 2021.

PAOK’s two away games against Panathinaikos explained in the most impressive way why Razvan Lucescu insisted so much on taking over from Nelson Oliveira in the summer of 2021.

In fact, the Portuguese striker is the only footballer to have been asked by name by the Romanian coach in his second – and presumably his first – tenure at PAOK.

The work done by Oliveira in the two games against Panathinaikos, in which he scored just one goal – and that from the penalty spot -, had two posts and plenty of finishes showed exactly what Lucescu meant when he argued when there is a striker , who he can do the job he wants on the pitch, he is none other than the Portuguese.

He emerged victorious in almost every duel he had with one of the Panathinaikos centre-backs who opposed him. He had impressive possession and breaks for his teammates and helped create space for his team’s midfielders.

His collaboration with Constantelia is impeccable

With the perfect partnership he has found with Yiannis Konstantelias since Louchesku brought the young midfielder close to the Portuguese, PAOK has become very prolific in creating phases and is very difficult to deal with.

Oliveira’s performances have rightly caused many to wonder how different PAOK’s course would have been over the past 18 months had he not suffered such a serious injury before the start of last year’s championship.

What does the future of the 31-year-old striker look like? His contract expires in the summer but it’s more than a given that Lucescu will suggest staying at Toumba for years to come.

Lucescu wants players who support his plan

After all, the PAOK coach has shown that he insists to the last on footballers who, like Oliveira, support his plan on the pitch, and the examples of this are numerous. The problem is that the administration will try to implement the coach’s proposal from a financial point of view.

The Portuguese, who already justified the reputation as a tough negotiator during talks about his move to PAOK, currently has one of the biggest contracts in Dikefalo.

The goal is for the Portuguese striker to stay in Toumba for a long time

Talks to extend the contract have not yet started and are expected to take place at the end of the season. What is certain is that Oliveira suits PAOK and the team that Razvan Lucescu wants to build is a perfect match for the Portuguese striker.

The cooperation of both sides is flawless despite the difficulties that have arisen for both of them due to his serious injury and logically the wish to continue the cooperation is shared.

Perhaps the striker who will flank Oliveira will play an important role in the development of things, the search for him has already been started by the PAOK people.

Source: sport 24

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Dioudis: “Thank you Panathinaike, you are part of my heart”




After six years, Panathinaikos’ Sokratis Dioudis is a thing of the past and he wanted to say goodbye to the trefoil with an emotional post on his Instagram account.

After six years, Panathinaikos’ Sokratis Dioudis, who announced his move to Poland’s Zaglebie Lubin on Friday afternoon (27 January), is a thing of the past.

A few hours later, after the presentation of his new team, the Greek goalkeeper wanted to say goodbye to Kleeblatt with an emotional post on his Instagram account.

Sokratis Dioudis wrote at length:

“Today a big chapter of my life and career ends. Almost 6 years in a team is half a football life. Panathinaikos gave me the opportunity to play at the highest level I could play in the country and I will be forever grateful .

I always aim high, but to make so many appearances and to be one of the captains of this great club is a great honor that I certainly could not have imagined a few years ago.

What remains in the end is the love and appreciation of the ordinary people, the pure fans of the team, and judging by the love I’ve received all along, I can say I’m leaving wholeheartedly, knowing that my efforts and sacrifices are not lost, but I also left my mark.

I would like to thank all the people I have worked on the team with over the years and all of them have helped me in their position and I am very happy to call some of them my friends now.

A big thank you to the people who have always been by our side, who have supported us in difficult times, because that is what he knows and must continue to do, in joys and sorrows, to be with the team.

Life has a weird way of reciprocating behavior, be it good or bad. At the end of the journey everyone gets what they deserve.

Thanks for everything Panathinaike! You’re a part of my heart now.”

Source: sport 24

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