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The detailed program and derbies to the final in Stoiximan Super League



The detailed schedule and the derbies for the season from 21st to 26th are set. See when all crucial matches for Stoiximan Super League clash between Panathinaikos, AEK, PAOK and Olympiacos will be played.

The detailed schedule and the derbies for the season from 21st to 26th are set. See when all crucial games will be played in the Stoiximan Super League battle between Panathinaikos, AEK, PAOK and Olympiacos.

at first it PAOK – Olympiacos as part of the 21st matchday, it will be played on February 5th, two weeks later on February 19th PAOK-AEK as part of the 23rd competition.

The eternal derby in between Olympiacos and Panathinaikos for the 24th matchday at “G. Karaiskakis” should be on Saturday, February 25th. Finally, while the big game between AEK and Olympiacos for the 26th and final day of play will take place on Sunday, December 3rd. at 7:00 p.m.

21st competition

Saturday 4/2

17:00 OFI – PAS Ioannina

19:00 Ionian – Aris

Sunday 5/2

17:00 Panathinaikos – Lamia

17:30 Atromitos – AEK

20:00 Panaitolikos – Asteras

20:30 PAOK – Olympiacos

Monday 6/2

16:00 Levadeakos – Volos

22nd competition

Saturday 2.11

20:00 PAS Ioannina – Ionian

Sunday 12/2

16:00 Volos – Atromitos

20:00 Aris – Panathinaikos

Monday 13.2

17:00 Lamia – OFI

18:00 Asteras – PAOK

18:30 AEK – Levadeakos

21:00 Olympiacos – Panaitolikos

23rd competition

Saturday 18.2

17:00 Panathinaikos – Volos

19:30 OFI – Aris

20:00 Asteras – PAS Ioannina

Sunday 19/2

16:00 Lamia – Olympiacos

19:30 Panaitolikos – Ionian

20:30 PAOK – AEK

Monday 20.2

18:00 Atromitos – Levadeakos

24th competition

Friday 24/2

20:00 Volos – Lamia

Saturday 25.2

17:30 AEK – Asteras

19:00 Ioannina – PAOK

20:30 Olympiacos – Panathinaikos

Sunday 26.2

16:00 Levadeiakos – Panaitolikos

16:00 Ionian – OFI

19:30 Ares – Atromitos

25th competition

Saturday 4/3

5:00 p.m. Lamia – Aris

20:00 Asteras – Fearless

Sunday 5/3

16:00 Olympiacos – Levadeakos

17:00 Ioannina – Volos

19:30 OFI – AEK

20:30 PAOK – Ionian

Monday 6/3

19:30 Panathinaikos – Panaitolikos

26th competition

Sunday 3.12

19:00 AEK – Olympiacos

19:00 Aris – PAS Ioannina

19:00 Atromitos – Panathinaikos

19:00 Volos – PAOK

19:00 Ionian – Asteras

19:00 Levadeakos – OFI

19:00 Panaitolikos – Lamia

Source: sport 24

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EPO for elite playoff umpires: “We approved the proposal, a self-evident condition that KED appoints them”




The EPO said in a statement that there is indeed an agreement with the Super League for the arrival of elite referees, with the apparent condition that the Hellenic Football Federation appoints the referees.

The EPA, in its announcement shortly after the Super League announcement, stated that there was indeed approval of the Super League’s proposal for the arrival of Elite 1st Category umpires, with the apparent proviso that this was the case the Hellenic Football Federation is the one who appoints the referees.

“The Hellenic Football Federation announces that a meeting has been held between the President of the EPO, Mr. Panagiotis Baltakou, and the President of the Super League1 and the Vice-President of the EPO, Mr. Vangelis Marinakis, on the arrival of foreign referees of yesterday’s matches and in view of the remaining nine games of the playoffs.

Mr. Marinakis proposed that SL1 assist, with EPO approval, to secure the arrival of elite or A-category umpires from the six advanced leagues. The President of the EPO replied that the above proposal was subject to the obvious condition that the selection and appointment of arbitrators would always be made by the KED/EPO.

In this matter too, of course, due to the EPO’s collective decision-making, the Professional Football Committee will be convened and discussed to make a relevant decision, whether positive or negative.

The same topic will be on Monday, March 27th. discussed at Mr. Bennett’s meetings with the presidents of the teams claiming the title.”

Source: sport 24

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They insist on Italy for Fiorentina and Koulierakis




Reports in Italy say that Fiorentina was watching Konstantinos Koulierakis and sent a man to check him out in the PAOK derby against Aris at ‘Cleanthis Vikelidis’.

In Italy, they insist it is possible for Fiorentina to sign for Konstantinos Koulierakis next summer. According to the relevant publications, Daniele Prade, Viola’s sports director, is following the case of the young PAOK center with great interest.

In fact, according to them, Prade sent a man to Thessaloniki to watch the local derby at “Cleanthis Vikelidis” and check on Koulierakis.

Fiorentina are looking for reinforcements in their defensive line and Koulierakis is on the list to be activated in the next transfer window, the Italians say, although PAOK maintain a wait-and-see attitude towards their young footballers in all transfer scenarios.

PAOK does not intend to simply open negotiations for any of them, including Konstantinos, as they believe they should stay in Toumba at least for next season.

Source: sport 24

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Everything changes in refereeing: Super League and EPO have agreed to bring elite referees together




The Super League announced that following Vangelis Marinakis’ meeting with EPO President Takis Baltakos, an agreement was reached to bring together elite referees from the six major leagues.

After Vangelis Marinakis’ surprise visit to the offices of the EPO and his 45-minute meeting with the federation’s president, Takis Baltakos, on the major issue of arbitration in Greek football, an important decision was made that changed everything.

More accurate, The Super League chairman proposed, and the EPO accepted, that they commit to using elite derby referees and Premier League referees from the six major European leagues in collaboration. yes onethe procedures for implementing the individual agreement will begin immediately.

The Super League Announcement:

“The President of the Super League, Mr Evangelos Marinakis, had a meeting at the EPO offices with the President of the EPO, Mr Panagiotis Baltakos, to whom he expressed the Super League teams’ strong unease regarding the refereeing of the 1st match day of the playoffs the Stoiximan Super League, but also the fact that KED/EPO cannot invite and appoint UEFA elite referees.

It was stressed that Mr Bennett’s actions would no longer be tolerated.

Mr Marinakis proposed and the EPO agreed to undertake, in cooperation with the EPO, the Super League to bring in elite derby referees and premier league referees from the 6 major European leagues.

Procedures to implement this agreement will begin immediately.”

Source: sport 24

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