Jovanovic assured: “Mr Lucescu has a grudge against Panathinaikos, it is ridiculous to say that in favor of the referee.” - Sportish
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Jovanovic assured: “Mr Lucescu has a grudge against Panathinaikos, it is ridiculous to say that in favor of the referee.”



Ivan Jovanovic reacted to Lucescu’s referee’s statements in favor of Panathinaikos by emphasizing that Lucescu had a grudge against the greens and described what was said as ridiculous.

Particularly irritated by Razvan Lucescu’s remark that Panathinaikos was in the referee’s favor, Ivan Jovanovic appeared at the Leoforos press conference after the derby with PAOK (2-2), with the cloverleaf’s Serbian coach responding to a relevant question and emphasizing.

You think you are doing yourself an injustice by the goals your team concedes. You don’t deal with arbitration either, but your colleague said that Panathinaikos has enjoyed the favor of arbitration for two years:

“Of course it’s difficult when you concede goals against the flow of the game. We are a team that wants an open field. If we make mistakes and there are enough of them, the opponent can take advantage of them. Our game carries a certain risk.” . It depends on our position on the field. And we are unfair to ourselves, yes, we can say that it will be unpleasant for us if in some games we make mistakes in a place where we shouldn’t make them.

As for the second part of your question, I think you also understand that it is very offensive and makes no sense. Mr Lucescu put it this way. He has a grudge against Panathinaikos, maybe they were guaranteed the cup final and he lost because he only had to deal with us that day and no other team here.

Now Panathinaikos suddenly has the favor of arbitration, and what we have done in the two years has been done with the favor of arbitration. That’s ridiculous. It’s really not worthy of anyone commenting on this. I have never commented on referees, I don’t think that what happened in Greek football played a role in the referees’ decisions on the pitch.

I think for most people it’s just an excuse to withdraw themselves or their team from reality so people can do something else. I avoid doing that. I prefer to take the criticism myself and keep my players away from it.

It’s a shame, it only creates tension, prejudice and everything bad that can happen in Greek football. If we as coaches can’t be positive about this, what will we expect tomorrow from the people who want to go to the stadium? The fact that Panathinaikos has been so popular in recent years is suddenly ridiculous. I don’t accept it. So my work is based on arbitration. There is no reason for discussion. I think it is a position that hides the weaknesses of others from the true picture that has prevailed in Greek football over the last two years. If I want to hide my own weaknesses, I can throw them all somewhere else.

From then on, the experienced Panathinaikos coach emphasized.

We saw Panathinaikos play one of their best games in the first half. What changed in the second half?

“As for your position, I disagree. Panathinaikos were in control of the game for the entire 90 minutes and tried to create chances as the game progressed. We created a lot of things, a lot of endgames. We may have lacked concentration or composure.” Only one team had control of the game throughout the game. The pace of the game depends not only on one team, but on both teams.

In some cases it will be larger, but that doesn’t change the picture of the game. In difficult conditions for us because we conceded two goals despite the flow of the game. When you concede two goals in a derby, it’s not easy. We managed to be the creative team until the last minute. We tried it. We also had an extra charge from the score we were chasing.

I don’t think the situation has changed in the second part. Maybe it just wasn’t at the same level. And PAOK is a good team, but I think we had the game completely under control.”

Regarding the fact that he gets good results away from home, and if it’s a coincidence:

“We are a very big team and any result other than a win is a failure for us. It’s the start of the season, we also have the European games, today was the 13th official game. We have ups and downs in our performance.” . It’s definitely not pleasant when you don’t win the games, especially at home. We have a whole championship ahead of us. We can’t do much analysis because one game chases the other. What satisfies me is the way you perceive the game.

The year is long. We might have lost today, but that wouldn’t change my mind. We need to improve, create more, be more attentive. I am satisfied with the performance of my football players. How can we do it better? Yes we can. We have to push even harder.

The important thing is that we are in a phase where we cannot analyze because the upcoming game is more important than the one we played. And now we have a game against Maccabi Haifa, which is very important.”

On the fact that he will be without Magnusson in the future and for a long time:

“We have some problems with the stoppers. We are losing Magnusson for a long time and we are losing him at a time when there are a lot of games. We have to find solutions through the team or the way we play. We.” I wish him a quick and good recovery and return. From then on we are definitely concerned about this injury to the functioning of the team. Let’s find solutions within the team.”

On the “match fund” and whether Geremegev is a win:

“Yes, certainly Alex, he came into the game at a difficult and critical point on the pitch. The goal he scored was important. In his first appearance for the team. An important goal for us and he can certainly give a lot to himself and even more to us”.

On Sunday match night, Pantelis Vlachopoulos commented on the Panathinaikos-PAOK derby alongside Pantelis Diamantopoulos and Themis Kaisaris, while Kostas Goulis and Manos Navrozidis carried the full report from Leoforos.

Source: sport 24

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Olympiakos Piraeus beamed about the difficult task in Germany




The Olympiakos team took part in the challenging game against Freiburg (November 30th, 7:45 p.m., COSMOTE SPORT 4HD, LIVE Sportish) on the 5th matchday of the Europa League groups.

Olympiacos has a difficult game ahead of them. The red-whites will meet Freiburg on Thursday (November 30th, 7:45 p.m., COSMOTE SPORT 4HD, LIVE Sportish) on the 5th matchday of the Europa League groups.

The red and whites want to exploit their chances of qualifying for the next phase of the second-tier European club competition and are aiming for the double.

The Olympiacos delegation traveled to Germany on Wednesday morning (November 29th), and the red and white team posted photos on Twitter. We would like to remind you that Scarpa is definitely out while Porosso and Freire are injured.

The last training session for the Red and Whites is scheduled for 8:00 p.m. Greek time at the Europa Park Stadium, and Martinez will speak to press representatives at 7:00 p.m.

Source: sport 24

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The problem with Brignoli was purely competitive and has nothing to do with the new contract that comes into force




Brignoli’s mistakes with Ren and Aris, his role in building Panathinaikos, Jovanovic’s trust and the course of the negotiations to sign a new contract. Kostas Goulis writes.

Alberto Brignoli’s mistake in the race against Aris, his second serious mistake in 20 days after the one at Riazhon Park in Rennes, suddenly caused a lot of dust and a lot of attention.

Whether the Italian goalkeeper has lost concentration, whether he can concentrate on the new contract and a lot of other things that have been written and said in the last two 24 hours.

This is always the fate of goalkeepers, since one’s own mistake cannot be corrected, but in the end it is at least unfair to confuse other things in the entire process that have nothing to do with the reality and, above all, with the essence of this problem .

It is also unfair to the Italian, because even two serious and costly mistakes for the development of Panathinaikos’ games cannot erase all the great things that the 32-year-old goalkeeper has “written” and signed with his performances on the field.

Just last night (November 27th) he was named the best goalkeeper in the Super League last season and made it into the league’s top eleven. Because he is the best to compete in the Greek stadiums…

The problem with Brignoli in these very difficult 20 days has nothing to do with contracts, extensions, lack of concentration, additional stress about the future, etc. Panathinaikos’ negotiations with its representatives are in full swing, there will be another important appointment before the holidays and everything that needs to be done will be done.

In any case, process very well everything that is filtering through and being said or written right and left about “a long and unbridgeable distance,” possible involvement of other groups, etc.

A negotiation, when it is underway, always goes through many stages on both sides, but as soon as there is a common will to continue this cooperation, in 99 out of 100 cases you are ahead. And Panathinaikos has often shown in recent years that it keeps the players it wants to keep…

In this case the problem lies with Brignoli it is purely competitive. And just… At Rennes it was poor ball trajectory calculation and a cheap goal that most goalkeepers conceded at some point in their careers.

Fallacy of overconfidence

And the mistake in the match with Aris is a mistake of overconfidence, which has to do with the way Brignoli plays. And that didn’t happen now, two weeks ago, a month ago. The 32-year-old goalkeeper’s game has always been at the limit, from his childhood in Serie B and Serie A to the last two and a half years at Panathinaikos.

After Bernard (as exaggerated as it may sound), Brignoli is probably the best “clover” player with the ball at his feet. And that is what sets him apart from all other goalkeepers in the Greek League. And he incorporated this ability into his game Panathinaikou and Ivan Ivanovich.

He wants the ball to go through his feet and for tactical reasons he wants to pull the opposition lines higher so they can go up and create more space behind them. He also wants the Italian goalkeeper to take part in the build-up of the game. And we work on this every day in Koropi.

It is not a question of the stopper’s insecurity in returning the ball with his feet Brignoli, although this can sometimes be a bit exaggerated. The 32-year-old goalkeeper’s involvement in the team’s game is also a question of tactical approach. And he himself is not afraid of all this and wants to take responsibility for the presence and “participation” in the development, especially now that Hordur Magnuson is also absent.

“Balance” and “Lesson”

The question, of course, as with all things in life, is “balance”. And the best “reading” of the data, but also the risks in every phase. And for Brignoli, that “cheap” mistake he made on Moron’s goal was a very big lesson for the future.

So that he doesn’t always take such big risks, so that he doesn’t play on the edge and can better assess when he can make two more moves with the ball at his feet and when he has to remove it, the risk and danger are much more immediate from his area.

Everything in life and therefore also in football is subject to dynamics and development as long as everything is brought into the right “balance”.

The same applies to the way the Panathinaikos organization will manage this from now on. Jovanovic put the matter on the right footing at the press conference, reporting on Brignoli that he was wrong, but that was not the only or the most serious reason for Panathinaikos’ defeat in “Vikelidis”.

Yuriy Lodygin could get a starting jersey in the game on Thursday (November 30th). Maybe not. Whatever Ivan Jovanovic chooses, it will be fair, because the “Greens” have the luxury of having the best goalkeeping duo in Greece for a year and a half.

This does not mean that the Serbian coach has lost his trust in “Brinio”. Anything else… It’s just that sometimes it is preferable to “cleanse” the mind when there is a compressed situation – especially due to the pressure created by the surrounding atmosphere.

And for a player of Brignoli’s level and personality to take a step back and come back even stronger…

Source: sport 24

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Alberto Brignoli on Show Must Go On: “I’m not in the best shape, I have to get back to my level after a mistake”




Alberto Brignoli, who held the award for the best goalkeeper of the Stoiximan Super League, spoke in front of the camera of Sportish and the show Must Go On about what Panathinaikos means to him, what goals he is pursuing this year and emphasized that he wants to return to his level.

The Sportish was at the 42nd celebration of PSAPP and spoke to him Alberto Brignoliwho was awarded the Stoiximan Super League’s best goalkeeper award last season.

the Panathinaikos goalkeeper explained in front of his camera Sportish And Show must go onThe after the error in the game with Mars He is working on getting back to his level, he explained what the club means to him and stressed that the team will do everything to be crowned Greek champions at the end of the season.

In detail what he said:

Congratulations on the award. How do you feel: “Thank you. I am proud. It’s never easy. That’s what I did and we all did a good job together and I’m proud of that.”

What is your goal for this year: “I will definitely come back and improve because I’m not in the best shape at the moment. I have to keep working, try to get better, get back to my level after a mistake, keep working, be optimistic, keep my balance.” .

Let’s work and try to win the championship with Panathinaikos. For me, Panathinaikos is a family, a real family. I appreciate everything, they are giving me a great opportunity and I will try to improve with the team.”

Do you think Panathinaikos can win the championship this year? I hope so. We’re working on it. It is not easy. We were very close last season, but it wasn’t enough. This season we are trying to achieve our goal. It means a lot to our world and the entire Panathinaikos family.”

Source: sport 24

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