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“Bilyaletdinov is in chic uniform, he was completely immersed in the hockey vertical of Ak Bars” – Valery Belov



The head coach of the Togliatti Lada Valery Belov commented on the return of Zinetula Bilyaletdinov to the Ak Bars coaching staff, noting that the specialist is involved in the activities of the Kazan club.

Oleg Znarok left the post of head coach of Ak Bars in December, Yuri Babenko became acting. On Sunday, during a match against Dynamo Moscow (3:2 OT), it was announced that Bilyaletdinov entered the coaching staff of the Kazan team.

– We talked, in the summer we saw each other at a tournament in Kazan. To be honest, there was no talk that Zinetula Khaidyarovich would start coaching. When he appeared on the Ak Bars bench, he wished him good luck. I will say one thing – he will not make any unbalanced or emotional decision. I know Bilyaletdinov well. Since he appeared on the coaching bridge, it means that such a need has appeared.

He is in chic uniform, was completely immersed in the entire Ak Bars hockey vertical. Bilyaletdinov has been working for a long time, I also played with him. And hockey changed there, he is from that generation who knows how to change, adapt to realities. Despite the fact that he missed three years, in general, little has changed, only in the rules.

How is Babenko in the role of the acting Ak Bars? I don’t know, I just want to wish you good luck. Let the experts sort it out,” Belov said to

Bilyaletdinov headed Ak Bars from 2004 to 2011 and from 2014 to 2019. Under his leadership, the team became the champion of Russia and a three-time winner of the Gagarin Cup.

Source: Sportbox

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“They will go to court!” Russian NHL Goaltender’s Insane Save Astonishes America




Semyon Varlamov is good even at 34. The Russian saved the gate in the fall!

Semyon Varlamov is already 34 years old, but he is still one of the strongest Russian goalkeepers. True, with the appearance of the younger Ilya Sorokin in the Islanders, the age-old keeper gradually began to lose ground. Last season, Varlamov was much inferior to his colleague in terms of the number of matches played, and this year he finally lost his first number.

However, even as a changer, Semyon continues to show a high level, delighting fans with brilliant saves. In a recent match against Vegas, the Russian blew up the Internet by playing beautifully in the fall!

US fans are delighted with our goalkeeper.

“They will go to court for theft”

The episode took place at the beginning of the second period, when the “islanders” beat “Vegas” with a minimum score. During another counter-attack, the Golden Knights made a quick combination of short passes at the gate of the Islanders. As a result, the Vegas players brought forward Reilly Smith into an ideal position for a shot: he had only to hit an empty net. Varlamov rolled too high out of the gate and did not have time to move to the near post to take an advantageous position. Smith at that moment probably already saw the puck in the goal and struck an unaccented shot.

However, Varlamov could not just let his opponent equalize. The Russian made a lunge towards Smith and, in the fall, hit the puck with his stick, which was already flying into the net. Varlamov’s insane save forced the opponent out of the game. A few seconds later, the puck was again with Smith, but this time the Russian was already closing the near post. The forward, without much confidence in success, made another throw, but for Varlamov it was the simplest task. Interestingly, Sorokin saved the Islanders last season in a similar style. Then his save was also called the best of the year.

Fans of the “islanders”, of course, were impressed by Varlamov’s performance and did not skimp on compliments to the player in social networks:

This is definitely the save of the year! — said MatthewOwensPxP.

– The Islanders have the best goaltending tandem in the NHL. Too bad all the other players on the ice need walkers and canes,” wrote @huh23100.

Varley has shown that he can also do amazing things, similar to those that Sorokin usually performs. I love our goalkeeping tandem,” admitted the Islanders fan to newtypestring.

– Varlamov is one of the main head stealers from the forwards. Sooner or later they will go to court for theft! joked nothing_but_static.

North American journalists could not help but ask Varlamov himself about this episode. However, the Russian was obviously modest when he talked about the most beautiful save.

— I was lucky. The gates were completely open. And it happens once a year. Throw it there 100 times, you’ll probably score 99 out of 100. I’m glad I was able to keep score at this point. I mean, it was an incredible accident,” Varlamov said after the game.

Varlamov also played the rest of the match at a high level. Moreover, he repulsed the bullet, which was appointed in overtime. And almost immediately after that, his teammate Matthew Barzal brought the Islanders victory. The Russian has incredible statistics in this game – 44 out of 45 reflected shots

Source: Sportbox

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Denis Borodai scored the fastest goal in the history of the Ukrainian championships.




The first goal of Dnipro striker Denis Borodai against Sokol in the match of the leaders of our national hockey championship, which took place on the ice of the Kyiv Sports Palace yesterday, 28 January, became the fastest puck in the history of the championship. Ukraine

The slow motion video shows Borodai slamming into Bogdan Dyachenko’s door in the 10th second of the match.

It is interesting that the author of the previous recording, Vladimir Aleksyuk, was also on the ice when the historical event took place. On January 9, 2020, the current Sokol defender, playing for Bely Bars, slammed into the Kremenchug gate in the 11th second. At least this was noted in the official minutes of the meeting, and on this mark the minutes were still recorded. During the live broadcast of the match, although the stopwatch showed that the goal was scored in the ninth second.

Volodymyr Aleksiuk then surpassed the success of another defender, Andriy Tatarenko, who played for the Generals in 2017 and scored Kryvbas in 13 seconds.

In yesterday’s match, Alexyuk Sr. He also scored a goal and hit Eduard Zakharchenko’s goal from the blue line in the second period. This puck gave Sokol hope, but in the end the people of Kyiv lost 2:5.

Source: Sport UA

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Incredible bullet Kaprizov delighted the Americans! Luck or ingenious calculation?




Cyril saved the holiday for Minnesota.

Kirill Kaprizov is gaining points for the fifth match in a row. And in just 48 games this season, he has already scored 59 (27 + 32) points. His consistency in the home game against Buffalo helped Minnesota win and also save the local holiday. At the same time, the forward showed that he has great hockey luck.

Kaprizov converted the winning bullet thanks to two ricochets in a row. Fans also believe that he initially calculated everything.

Minnesota shows they appreciate their star

While Kaprizov steadily replenishes the statistics with points scored, Minnesota shows how much she appreciates the Russian. For example, last week the striker was appointed assistant captain. It was necessary to change assistants due to injuries to Marcus Foligno and Matt Damba. At the same time, there were candidates who were more experienced than Kaprizov. However, the leadership of the “savages” could not do otherwise.

Firstly, until now, many North American experts believe that the Russians may be disappointed in the “savages”. After all, a player of his level should play on a team that can reach the conference finals, and Minnesota is not yet one of those clubs. Sooner or later, the striker will get tired of losing and he will ask for an exchange.

Secondly, a fresh example with Vladimir Tarasenko. He wanted to leave the club when he was not given a patch, however, a captain’s. In Minnesota, they cannot allow such situations, therefore, at every opportunity, they show how much they appreciate the main star of the team.

Whims does not fail and justifies the trust. So in the match against Buffalo, he saved a big holiday – Hockey Day was celebrated in Minnesota. The triumph could be spoiled by defeat, but the Russian gave a brilliant pass, and also performed a curious bullet, which became victorious for the “savages”.

“Kirill Kaprizov plays 3D chess”

Already in the third minute of the match, Buffalo forward Jack Quinn rose to the blue line, and then made a dash for the goal. The Minnesota defense players at that moment shifted the responsibility to meet the opponent on each other. As a result, Quinn rolled out without resistance to a nickel and opened the scoring with an accurate throw.

The “savages” managed to return the festive mood to the stands in a minute. The Sabers almost immediately after the abandoned puck were in the minority. It took the Minnesota players 11 seconds and a brilliant pass from Kaprizov to open the opponent’s defense. After the throw of the Wild player, the puck was outside the gates of the guests, Kirill hurried to the projectile and immediately delivered it to the penny from a turn. The transfer turned out exactly to the stick to Joel Eriksson, who calmly sent the puck into an empty corner.

After the break, the Buffalo players realized that points could be taken away from the Savages. And Minnesota goalkeeper Marc-Andre Fleury has more work to do. And in the middle of the period, the Sabers again took the lead, and the goal itself turned out to be mocking. Blades forward Kyle Okposo slammed the puck between the legs of the Minnesota defenseman, delivering an amazing pass to Zemgus Girgensons, who finished the attack with one touch.

But three minutes later, the red lantern lit up again outside the gates of the guests. Jared Spurgeon completed a beautiful combination and equalized. After another exchange of pucks, the teams stopped scoring. Although Kaprizov had two chances to score in the end, he was again stopped by the opponent’s keeper.

The third period did not live up to expectations: during this period, the goalkeepers of both teams never conceded. The teams did not determine the winner in 60 minutes, and the meeting went into overtime, which also turned out to be dry. And in a series of post-match shots, the Savages turned out to be stronger, having realized three shootouts, while Buffalo had only one successful attempt.

At the same time, it was Kaprizov who scored the winning goal, which turned out to be very curious. The Russian, when approaching the goalkeeper, shifted the puck to an uncomfortable side and threw it hard into the top corner. The puck hit the goal frame, then bounced off the keeper in the leg, and from it already ricocheted into the goal. Thus, Kaprizov successfully executed the fifth bullet of the season. The percentage of implementation is 83.3.

Fans also liked the performance of the bullet, and some even believe that Kaprizov wanted to score.

— Kirill Kaprizov plays 3D chess, thinking everything in advance. He is always one step ahead, writes cjzero

“He just has it.” I have no idea what “it” is, but he has a lot of it – sudocrushms does not understand how Kaprizov managed to score

“Everything this person does is perfect,” writes Fudg3Goat

“After this shootout, the Buffalo goalkeeper needs to take a shower,” comments MexPlays__

“He is a great player. Excellent puck handling for a little guy. You literally have to knock him down to separate him from the puck. One of the best in the game, – admires calstanvard

Source: Sportbox

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