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A cool hockey record was stolen from Russia. Canadians are celebrating!



The gold of the 2023 World Cup made the North American team the leader in the number of victories in the tournament.

The World Cup final was an opportunity for Germany and Canada to make history. The Germans, if they won, would take the gold of the tournament for the first time, and would also become the only country to win the World Cup in hockey and football. The Canadians had no less motivation: they could overtake the USSR / Russia team in terms of the number of gold medals in the tournament and reach the clear first place.

As a result, the Canadian team, as expected, nailed the outsider and set a historic achievement. However, it could well belong to Russia, if we had not been removed from the competition.

In fact, the opportunity to compete for this record was simply stolen from us.

The Germans weren’t afraid of the Canadians

The paths of the national teams of Germany and Canada turned out to be completely different. The Maple Leaves got off to a strong start with four wins in a row and later battled Switzerland for the group lead. But Bundestim generally risked not getting into the playoffs. The Germans stalled already at the start of the tournament, having issued a series of three defeats. However, the team then rallied and won six matches in a row. In the playoffs, the Germans first beat Switzerland, and then sensationally sent the Americans to fight for bronze.

Interestingly, Germany had already played Canada in the final of the 1930 World Cup. True, at that tournament this meeting was the only one for the Canadians: as the current champions, they were exempted from all qualifying matches. After that tournament, the Germans flew into the prizes only in 1953 – and after that, how cut off. And even then there were enough reservations: only four teams participated, and Czechoslovakia withdrew from the tournament in the midst of the competition.

Today, Germany has outgrown the status of a dwarf team and dreams of joining the elite. In 2018, the Germans reached the final of the Olympic tournament, but have not yet reached the World Cup medals. At the current tournament, everything turned out perfectly for the team, and before the final, the obvious outsider was not at all afraid of the favorite. Bundestim captain Moritz Müller was determined.

“Decades ago, the game would have been played not on the ice, but in the locker room. Now everything is different. We have grown individually and as a team. Now we are mature enough to say that we also want to become world champions,” Muller said ahead of the decisive game.

“The goal now, of course, is to get Canada out. We will simply sweep them away,” defender Jonas Müller echoed his captain.

There were no sensations

However, self-confidence alone against the Canadians will not go far. Experts saw the Germans’ chance in the fact that the head coach of Germany, Harold Kreis, also has Canadian citizenship and knows local hockey well. A thorough analysis of the opponent was supposed to be the trump card of the Germans in the World Cup final.

And indeed: the work of the coaching staff of the German national team could be seen from the first seconds. The Germans did not play in the usual style as the second number, but ran forward, doing what Muller promised. Pinned to the gate, the Canadians struck the first shot only five minutes after the start of the meeting. And the Germans in the middle of the first period naturally opened the account. The author of the Bundestim puck was 21-year-old Jon Peterka, a rising star of German hockey.

Canadians doubted that the puck was abandoned according to the rules. However, the arbitrators, after watching the episode, did not see the offside position and counted the goal. So the Canadians received not only a goal, but also two minutes of minority for an erroneous challenge. Alas, the German team failed to take advantage of the numerical advantage. But the Maple Leaf forward Sammy Blais, who left the penalty box, equalized the score just a minute after serving the fine.

The Canadian puck did not discourage the Germans from playing aggressively. Bundestim adhered to the original style and after the break and in the middle of the second period again took the lead. Not without a curiosity: defender Moritz Seider did a throw-in into the zone, but hit his teammate Maximilian Kastner. A sharp change in the trajectory of the puck took the Canadians by surprise, which Kastner took advantage of. He immediately gave a pass to Daniel Fischbuch, who powerfully flashed the keeper.

But this time the Germans failed to maintain the advantage: within five minutes, Lawson Krause converted the majority. After this puck, the Canadians seized the initiative from the opponent and in the third period their playing advantage turned into goals. First Blais, after a goalkeeper’s mistake, threw it into an empty corner, scoring a brace, and then Tyler Toffoli humiliated the German keeper with a throw into the “house”.

The German national team continued to storm the opponent’s goal and threw from all positions in the hope of an accidental rebound. At the end of the period, the Germans changed the goalkeeper to the sixth field, but castling did not help: the Canadians threw into an empty net. In the remaining time, it was already clear that now the Canadians would not miss the gold.

As a result, the North Americans calmly finished playing until the final siren. The Maple Leaves took the gold of the World Championship for the second time in four years, and now they are also the absolute leaders in the number of gold medals of the tournament – 28. However, there is nothing to be proud of here, because Russia has not participated in the competition for the second year in a row. And without us, the World Championships are a completely different story.

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Metallurg beat Salavat Yulaev and broke the series of defeats in the KHL




Metallurg Magnitogorsk beat Ufa’s Salavat Yulaev on the road in a match of the KHL regular season.

The meeting ended with the score 1:0 (0:0, 0:0, 1:0). Robin Press scored the winning goal in the 42nd minute.

Magnitogorsk broke a streak of three defeats in a row and leads the Eastern Conference table with 19 points. Salavat is sixth in the East with 12 points.

In the next match, Metallurg will host Nizhnekamsk Neftekhimik on October 2, and the Ufa team will play away at Tolyatti Lada on the same day.

Watch live broadcasts of Fonbet KHL Championship matches on the Match TV channel, as well as on the websites matchtv.ru and sportbox.ru.

KHL. Regular season

“Salavat Yulaev” (Ufa) – “Metallurg” (Magnitogorsk) – 0:1 (0:0, 0:0, 0:1)

Goals: Press, 41:44.

Source: Sportbox

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“God, I’m so old.” Ovechkin took a young talent from Russia under his wing




With a partner like Ovi, Ivan Miroshnichenko feels confident on the ice and in the locker room.

Alexander Ovechkin is expected to score goals and shorten the distance to Wayne Gretzky’s record in regular season matches. But while the preseason is underway, fans are not watching the sniper qualities of the capital’s captain, but his ability to be a mentor for Washington’s young hockey players. First of all, for Ivan Miroshnichenko, who has been called the new Ovechkin in North America for several years now.

And the Caps leader played this role perfectly. Under his tutelage, Miroshnichenko does not get lost on the ice and in the locker room.

Ovechkin helps Miroshnichenko adapt

Ovechkin and Miroshnichenko really have a lot in common: both forwards are right-handed and have a killer throw. But comparisons with his star compatriot alone will not make it into Washington’s main roster. The young Russian will have to work hard to earn the right to take to the ice in a Caps jersey. At the same time, the club is doing everything to ensure that his adaptation occurs as quickly as possible. Washington coach Spencer Carbery played Miroshnichenko in training both on the second line with Evgeny Kuznetsov and on the first line with the Washington captain. For a 19-year-old hockey player, this is a great opportunity to get advice from experienced compatriots. Moreover, Ovechkin took the young hockey player under his wing: he involves him in all team activities and even acts as a translator.

Ivan Miroshnichenko / Photo: © REUTERS/Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The player himself looked good in training and earned positive comments from journalists and Carbury. But to get a place in the squad, Miroshnichenko needs to prove himself in the preseason games. And so far he has succeeded: in the first meeting he scored an assist double.

The most expensive NHL translator

The forward’s debut took place in a home match against Detroit. The young Russian, as expected, took to the ice on the same line with Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom, although many experts did not consider this a good idea. Still, a newcomer needs to rush around the court and prove his worth in every shift, while veterans in the preseason usually perform at half capacity.

On the other hand, with such partners it would be easier for Miroshnichenko to feel confidence at the NHL level, which he sorely lacked in the first minutes of the match. The forward tried to act as simply as possible and was embarrassed to shoot at goal. And at the start of the second period, he completely lost his position in his zone, which led to a goal. Ivan did not have time to cover the defender on the blue line, and he gave an assist to his partner.

Then Miroshnichenko began to improve and act more boldly on the ice. And a few minutes later the Russian took part in Washington’s scoring combination. The forward passed from behind the goal to Ovechkin, who found an open Backström on the net. Interestingly, after each shift, the 19-year-old forward always sat next to Ovechkin and received advice from him on the bench. Perhaps this also played a role.

Alexander Ovechkin (right) / Photo: © REUTERS/Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

After missing the goal, Washington, which fielded a more optimal lineup, noticeably improved. The hosts’ second goal was just a matter of time, but Detroit’s goalkeeper saved his teammates time after time. The series of saves was completed by goalkeeper Kuznetsov, who, together with Tom Wilson, showed a home preparation. The Russian center won a throw-in with a throw to Wilson, who hit the goal with one touch.

The audience saw the next goal only in the middle of the third period, when Washington sent off 35-year-old Artem Anisimov. After another missed goal, Detroit completely wilted and gave the initiative to the opponent, which Miroshnichenko’s line took advantage of. Four minutes before the end of the final 20 minutes, the Russian skated along the goal, took the goalkeeper with him, and then threw the puck to John Carlson on empty. Thus, Miroshnichenko scored an assist in his first match for Washington. He also had the opportunity to score a goal: Ovechkin made a brilliant pass to the far post, but the forward was unable to beat the goalkeeper.

At the end of the meeting, Detroit unexpectedly came to its senses and even reduced the gap to a minimum, but the guests did not have enough time for more.

After the match, journalists surrounded Miroshnichenko and Ovechkin, who acted as a translator. At the same time, the captain of the Washington sometimes translated, and sometimes spoke for Ivan, inserting his own observations, which made everyone laugh.

Ivan Miroshnichenko (right) / Photo: © REUTERS/Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

— I made my NHL debut when he was one year old. God, I’m so old. Actually, this is a pretty special moment, he watched us on TV, and it was kind of a dream come true,” Ovechkin said after the match.

Ovechkin also noted that he was pleased with the performance of his compatriot. Journalists also praised Miroshnichenko’s performance.

“I had to overcome some nervousness in the beginning, but the 19-year-old was strong in his first professional game in North America. He worked to keep the puck alive, showed physicality and showed off speed, skating and elite shooting, The Hockey News writes.

Now there is no firm confidence that Miroshnichenko will end up in the Washington team, but so far everything is going well for him. The forward needs to prove himself in the next friendly match. And with such a fun start, his prospects are good.

    Source: Sportbox

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    “How old I am.” Ovechkin acted as a translator for Miroshnichenko and made journalists laugh




    Washington forward Alexander Ovechkin acted as a translator for teammate Ivan Miroshnichenko after the NHL preseason game against Detroit.

    The Capitals beat the Red Wings at home – 4:3, Miroshnichenko made his debut for Washington and scored two assists.

    During a conversation with reporters, Miroshnichenko said in Russian: “Playing with such people… I used to watch them on TV, and Ovi was drafted when I was born, so for me it’s very encouraging.”

    Ovechkin translated his words into English, and when he spoke about the draft pick, he added: “Lord, I’m so old,” after which laughter rang out in the audience.

    In May, 19-year-old Miroshnichenko signed a three-year contract with the Capitals. Last season, the forward played for Avangard Omsk, played 23 matches in the KHL regular season, scored three goals and gave an assist.

    Source: Sportbox

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