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Simeone explains why Reguilon started



Sergio Reguilondefense of Atlético Madridwas the penultimate day of the season when he made his debut as a starter for the Logiblanco team. league Against real society. The surprise of the 11 members of the mattress team is the presence of a man from Madrid on the left side of the team, Carrasco accompanying griezmann On the offensive side, as seen in the eleven provided by the Logiblanco team.

Many people were surprised that Choro catch a soccer player on loan from tottenham This match was the first time in 9 months since joining. He had played 162 minutes in a total of 10 games until this match. No ownership.

But this bet had a tactical explanation. “We are trying to cover all attack vectors. genuine article.After not playing for a long time it’s not easy Sergio “We went out, but he was ready and it was difficult for him at first, but as time went on, he finally did what we needed.” Choro after the collision of metropolitan.

Before the reason becomes clear. “He ended up doing what we asked him to do and was voided.” Kubo, a player who has been the most decisive player in recent matches. ” in short, Choro He wanted the Japanese to have to attack pure wingers, not modified wingers like himself. Carrascowho played there. The Belgian moved up to midfield and started attacking. griezmann Then he returned to midfield and played defense.

“When he got tired Reguilonlook for other alternatives such as: belt right side and Saul and Carrasco Another lane,” Simeone finished.

Source: Mundo Deportivo

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How the all-dominating Red Bull RB19 was born




Last year’s innovative Red Bull RB18 has evolved into this year’s RB19, and its mastermind Adrian Newey explained how he came up with it, the different path he took compared to Mercedes and Ferrari and how he overcame the drop-off problem in early 2022.

With 15 wins in 16 races in this year’s Formula 1 championship so far, the 2023 Red Bull RB19 holds exactly the same record as the 1988 McLaren MP4/4-Honda and has undoubtedly already secured a place in the pantheon of legendary cars among sports mechanics.

Adrian Newey has far surpassed legendary McLaren MP4/4 designer Gordon Murray in sporting achievements, and what the former told the official Formula 1 podcast “Beyond the Grid” sheds light on how he created the RB19 will be remembered forever.

The British aerodynamicist and managing director of mechanical engineering at Red Bull Racing said that he followed a different design philosophy from Mercedes and Ferrari with the RB19 from the start, implementing the new technical regulations that came into force from 20202.


The 2022 regulations brought ground effect back to Formula 1, that is, the generation of most of the lift by the air ducts that run under the floor and cause the Venturi effect. “It was the largest single regulatory change we have had since the ban on Venturi cars in late 1982.” Newey explained.

And he continued, talking about the original conception of the RB18: “You had to deal with the rulebook and try to figure out what architecture to follow: where should the front wheels be placed, where should the rear wheels be placed in relation to the given points of the chassis, the engine and the gearbox.”

They had to decide on the entire architecture. I focused on the architecture and then the front and rear suspension because those were the critical components that you have to try as hard as possible to get right.

Of course, if you make a mistake with the bodywork, you can try to improve it to some extent throughout the year. But get the structural architecture wrong and you’ll be stuck with it for at least a season. added the Brit.

Commenting on the major differences in design philosophy between the Red Bull RB18 and last year’s Mercedes W13, Newey added: “Obviously we went in an aerodynamic direction with our car last year, with the side vents and the design, with the overall concept of the car, which was almost the complete opposite of what Mercedes did.”

Last year Mercedes had a first glimpse of its competitiveness with its victory in Brazil. And then in such cases you are faced with the question of whether you should investigate Mercedes in case you have missed something, or whether you should stick with what you are already doing. And our intuition was to stick with it, so we did.”

In fact, the Brit revealed that the RB18 was developed in a much shorter time than the Mercedes and – especially – the 2022 Ferrari: As he said, the RB18 “Put together in less time than most, if not all, of our competitors. In 2021 we found ourselves in a major championship battle with Mercedes and, probably unfairly because it was the first time we had been in such a position in years, we decided to put a lot of our effort into development this year dedicate to the car.

Ferrari took the opposite approach. Since he wasn’t fighting for the title in 1921, he stopped developing the ’21 car too early and devoted himself to developing the ’22 car. Mercedes was somewhere in between.

We have evolved more than either of these two groups. And that theoretically put us at a disadvantage. But I think what we managed to do was get the architecture right.

So if the [RB]Ferrari, who finished 18th in Bahrain last year, were certainly just as quick, if not quicker, at the start of the season. We managed to get the basic building blocks of the car right and that gave us a good development platform for the rest of the year.”

The Red Bull Racing RB19

Finally, Newey revealed how he dug very deep into the past to find solutions earlier and more efficiently than any other team to the problem of porpoise formation that was so intense at the start of the new regulatory framework and in 2022 – especially for Mercedes.

“We also had some jumps, but not as bad as other teams,” explained the 64-year-old designer. “But they existed and we had to deal with them. And I think we had a pretty good understanding of what we needed to do about it.”

With the first upgrade we prepared for the Bahrain race, jumps were now less of an issue than for the other teams. This meant we didn’t have to put as much energy into developing the car as Ferrari and Mercedes did.

I think the key point – particularly with these Venturi cars that came out last year, although that was true for last year too – is not just the aerodynamics, but the way it works with the chassis. And that’s a point where I maybe had a little bit of an advantage because I had similar experiences when I was at (Team) Fittipaldi and then working at (American) IndyCars.

I spent three seasons in IndyCars, where we also had Venturi cars. This allowed me to understand the interaction well [αεροδυναμικής και σασί]. I still remember the first time we went to the track with Fittipaldi Harvey Postwhite, the young technical director there, because the cars had such a tight suspension that he came up with the idea of ​​saving some weight by he threw out the front shock absorbers and springs and replaced them with rubber plates.

It was something he had experienced during his time in Hesketh. I remember Keke Rosberg coming down the old pitlane at Silverstone with his front wheels in the air – the jumps were so violent. I think that was an early lesson that what we were experiencing wasn’t just about aerodynamics, but about connecting aerodynamics to suspension.” concluded Adrian Newey.

Photo credit: Red Bull Content Pool

Source: sport 24

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Alex Rins declared it was ‘a possibility’ that he would have to retire




Spaniard Alex Rins, who withdrew from the MotoGP Japan Grand Prix due to discomfort in his bruised right foot, declared, “Being able to compete in MotoGP here is part of the recovery process.”

“When I went to the doctor, they said they would let me go to test the bike, but the fracture was not complete and if I felt any pain I would have to stop, so there was a chance I wouldn’t be able to continue.” The screws are strengthened and can become dangerous,” explained Alex Rins.

Co-determination with Dr. Charte

“I noticed an incredible change compared to a month ago. I’ll try again at the next race (Indonesia) to see how I feel and how my recovery progresses. “I intend to do so,” the LCR Honda rider continued. It was a joint decision between my doctor and Charte. When the doctor opens your legs to see what’s there, you have to be careful and follow what he says.

“The biggest pain sources are right-hand turns, hard braking, very fast 5th and 6th gear braking, and maintaining the weight and speed of the bike hurts the most.” alex rins He was adamant that he would go to Indonesia in principle.

“From today we will continue our recovery and see what we can do in Indonesia,” said Alex Rins. Rins will once again be replaced by Honda tester Stefan Bradl.

Source: Mundo Deportivo

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Bautista calmly approaches his first game pitch as two-time champion




The 11th and penultimate round of the MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship at the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve aims to be a crucial round in deciding the world title.Talaverano Alvaro Bautista He plans to serve the first game ball to reissue the crown. To make it in Portimao, which does not depend 100% on him, he needs 15 points more than his immediate pursuer, Turkey’s Toprak Razgatlioglu. He has improved since Imola, dropping from 98 points to just 47 points. Completing WorldSBK will give you 62 points.

Even if ‘Baty’ wins his third straight race in Portimao, he will depend on Toprak’s performance to clinch the title before the final round in Jerez. If Yamaha Turkey were second behind him, the match ball would be chaotic, but in the cathedral of Andalusia it’s all up to him. A year ago, the Turk won Race 1 and Super Pole, while the Spaniard won Race 2.

Portimao schedule

spanish peninsula time

Friday, September 29th
10:45 WorldSSP300 Free Practice 1
11:30 WorldSBK Free Practice 1
12:25 WorldSSP Free Practice 1
15:15 WorldSSP300 Free Practice 2
16:00 WorldSBK Free Practice 2
17:00 WorldSSP Free Practice 2
Saturday, September 30th
10:00 WorldSBK Free Practice 3
10:45 WorldSSP300 Tissot Superpole
11:25 WorldSSP Tissot Superpole
12:10 WorldSBK Tissot Superpole
13:40 WorldSSP300 Race 1 (13 laps)
15:00 WorldSBK Race 1 (20 laps)
16:15 WorldSSP Race 1 (17 laps)
Sunday, October 1st
12:00 WorldSBK Tissot Superpole Race (10 laps)
13:30 WorldSSP Race 2 (17 laps)
15:00 WorldSBK Race 2 (20 laps)
16:15 WorldSSP300 Race 2 (13 laps)

“We are coming from the weekend in Aragon where we got an important result after Saturday’s mistake and learned a lot. Portimao is a circuit that I like very much and the feel of the Ducati Panigale V4R is It has always been very good, but on this circuit it is not easy to find a set-up that adapts to the different sectors,” Batty explained in the media. Day.

As for the title, he said, “It’s not 100% up to me, so I don’t think about that. I want to focus on myself and make the most of all the conditions.It’s tough because it gets hot on the weekends. Instead, it’s better to think about what’s important about the weekend and the three days ahead.That’s the best way to enjoy the moment and not feel any more pressure. I don’t really like combinations or statistics or records. I only think about the moment. I know that if I do my best, I’ll have a good round. After all, crashes and technical problems are part of the game. “I don’t want to experience that.” “But it can happen to every driver at every race. I hope I don’t make any more mistakes like I did on Saturday in Aragon,” said the Ducati rider. added.

Razgatriol “Maybe Bautista makes a mistake and the championship changes again,” defends the 2021 champion Yamaha rider. “I have very good memories here, especially last year when I had a big fight with Alvaro in the Super Pole race. I want to fight. “To be with him, this is my favorite circuit. Because we are one. I am strong here, but Johnny is also strong. Alvaro is very strong at every circuit we go to and we always fight together. I hope we have a good start tomorrow. I’m just trying to do my best.” ”

“I’m taking a lot of risks. Right now it looks like I’m second, but if I win every race and he comes second, he’ll be champion again. I always needs more. I’m only thinking about winning races. Maybe. “If I make a mistake, the championship will change again. I’m just focused on myself. .Alvaro is very strong, so is Jonny, and my partner is getting stronger too, so it’s not easy to achieve triplets.This weekend I’m going to do it.” “Especially try to jump at the end of FP1. .Let’s see how many meters you can jump!”, stressed Toprak, who is completing his final weeks as a Yamaha rider before becoming a new BMW rider.

Also Johnny Rhea He is coming to the end of a stellar period with the Kawasaki Racing Team. He achieved six consecutive world titles with this team and then succeeded Toprak at Yamaha. “When I was in Alvaro’s position, I started thinking about the gap that was closing and how many races were left. With each race the gap gets smaller and smaller, but you can see how quickly the lead can change in a good position. “Otherwise it will be a bad weekend,” he said in Portimao.

“Everything was in Alvaro’s favor at the beginning of the season, but in the last few races he has been having difficulties. Now everything seems to be against him, including the unusual errors. Toprak is driving well. “The race. The difference in points between the winner and second place means a lot at the moment. He’s the only one we can lose to. We look at our competitors and play to our strengths. We need to look at our weaknesses and exploit them on different circuits. Perhaps our weaknesses here are: “We didn’t take too many penalties and we coasted to finish fourth, so we’ll have to make the difference on the remaining tracks.” I hope that I can produce it.”

Source: Mundo Deportivo

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