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US basketball player freed from Kremlin captivity through barter



US basketball player traded at Abu Dhabi airport Britney Greiner in an arms dealer, in a Russian Victor Bout.

This deal is the second such exchange between the United States and Russia in the last 8 months. To secure the release of the most famous American woman held abroad.

Greiner is a two-time Olympian who has been sentenced to months in prison for drug possession and brought unprecedented attention to the problem of illegally detained persons.

Greiner was detained at a Russian airport in 2022 and later convicted of alleged drug trafficking. Bout was sentenced to 25 years in prison for illegal arms trade in the United States in 2012.

US President Joe Biden said that he had spoken to Greiner on the phone and that he had already flown home.

On April 27, the United States and Russia exchanged prisoners for the first time in a year: Moscow freed former US Marine Trevor Reed in exchange for Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko. The change took place in Turkey.

Source: Sport UA

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Endesa League

Real almost 100 points ahead of Panathinaikos, losing for Valencia to Malaga in Liga Endesa




Single doubles with a high score and extensive rotation for Real Madrid before the match against Panathinaikos (02/01, 21:45). Valencia found it dark against Malaga.

Real won a very comfortable away win (69-94) against Manresa in the 18th game of the Endesa Liga. Tsous Mateo found an opportunity to split attendance time as what follows is a hell of a week in EuroLeague, with the Queen playing Panathinaikos at home (02/01, 21:45) and Monaco (02/03, 20:00) away will ) .

Mario Hezonia and Janan Moussa each had 12 points for the winners, followed by Sergio Rodriguez and Eddie Tavares with 11 points each.

THE DECADES: 22-32, 36-57, 49-76, 69-94

Unicaja Malaga – Valencia 102-86

A struggling Valencia failed against Málaga (102-86), who played with the speed they had gained for the BCL after their big win against AEK.

Dario Brijuela, who scored 20 points (5/7 2 points, 3/7 3 points, 1/1 shooting), was the top scorer for Ybon Navarro’s team. Kendrick Perry followed with 15 points. James Webb lifted himself off the bats with 16 points (4/6 threes). During the Teufelswoche, Valencia have two games in Fonteta, against Bayern (01/31, 21:30) and Maccabi (02/02, 21:30).

THE DECADES: 19-15, 47-33, 71-65, 102-86

Source: sport 24

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LeBron James got on his knees in hysterics. What happened to the NBA legend?



The judge turned a blind eye to the compelling evidence from the Lakers players. And made the star furious.

The Los Angeles Lakers are close to missing the playoffs for the second year in a row. Therefore, the Californians were not to be motivated for the match with Boston. LeBron James and company gave the leaders of the season a real fight and could well have won in regulation time, but the controversial decision of the referees contributed to the match going into overtime.

LeBron lost his temper and threw a tantrum. The best basketball player on the planet was seriously pissed off.

unexpected chance

Things have not been going well for the Los Angeles Lakers this season in the NBA. Darwin Ham’s team is close to flying past the playoffs again. Now the California club is 13th in the Western Conference. The Lakers have a negative balance of wins and losses.

Before the match with principal rivals from Boston, the Lakers could not be considered favorites, but from the very first minute they showed a focus on sensation. At times, the team even led by a comfortable margin. In many ways, the success of Los Angeles was facilitated by the inspired play of the leader LeBron James, who was just a little bit left to become the most productive player in the history of the NBA.

In the game with Boston, the legendary basketball player added another 41 points to the sniper score. This allowed him to close the gap on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to 117 points. Also on account of LeBron 9 rebounds and 8 assists.

“I don’t see this happening to anyone else”

But James’ excellent performance was not enough. Victory at the last moment eluded the Californian club. LeBron just missed a great chance to bring a win to Los Angeles. The team brought him to the throw three seconds before the end of the fourth quarter with a tie. Forward had only to complete the attack from under the ring.

The basketball player failed to do this. At the last moment, James was stopped by Boston’s light forward Jason Tatum. He hit the opponent hard from behind on the hands without touching the ball, but the judges left the episode without attention.

This did not please LeBron, who threw a real tantrum right on the floor. James’ indignation knew no bounds. He jumped, waved his arms, shouted at the judges and demanded punishment for the opponent. The striker even knelt down and hit his palm on the platform, after which he sank down on all fours, frustrated.

I watch these games every single day and I don’t see this happening to anyone else. It’s just weird,” LeBron said after the match.

The referee’s decision shocked the entire Lakers bench. The original attempt to prove the case to the referees was made by James’ teammate Patrick Beverly. He took the camera from the photographer and went to the judge to show the controversial moment in the picture. But this did not affect the final verdict. He received only a technical foul.

In overtime, Boston looked more confident and took the final victory from the team from California – 125:121. As a result, the Lakers suffered their 27th loss of the season, further complicating their fight for a top 10 finish.

Source: Sportbox

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UNICS and Zenit will find a way to ensure the nervous life of CSKA in the VTB United League – Khimki coach



Andrey Maltsev, head coach of Khimki near Moscow, believes that CSKA will have competitors in the VTB United League, despite the army team’s 22-match winning streak.

– We remember that last year the decisive series was up to four victories, and how everything turned out in the end. I think neither Zenit nor UNICS have yet unequivocally said the last word. I am sure that the MBA will also get on the nerves of Zenit, CSKA and other teams. I am sure that Lokomotiv at home will strain with all their might. And Nizhny Novgorod has amazing games.

Most likely, there will be no sensations and CSKA will reach the final. But he definitely won’t have an easy walk. I believe in this because I see what kind of specialists are working. Both Perasovic and Pascual will not let this happen easily. They will find a way to ensure the nervous life of CSKA. And I will be happy about it. But not because I don’t wish CSKA success. Last year’s final series was one of the most remarkable events that has been in recent years in basketball. I liked her very much. In terms of the content of basketball, in intensity, in everything. Full stands. I was both in Leningrad and in Moscow at the matches, – Maltsev is quoted by the “Championship”.

Watch live broadcasts of the United League matches on the Match TV federal channel and other holding channels, as well as on and websites.

    Source: Sportbox

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