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Europa League

In transfer alert at Olympiakos for additions and concessions



Olympiacos is looking in the market for players who could help it, taking into account the gaps that exit can create. What are the dates for the 8 “red-whites” who have aroused the interest of foreign teams, but also for the possible takeover of Vassilis Zagaritis.

The winter transfer window is short and usually with limited possibilities, always in relation to the summer transfer window in which the teams are built, but opportunities do not arise. The management of Olympiakos is constantly looking for transfers in Alexandra Square, but also in Renti they work twelve months a year to strengthen the potential.

The red and whites currently have a full squad with a total market value of 120,800,000 euros, which is by far the largest in the Super League Interwetten, but they are constantly looking for more additions to properly respond to all three tournaments, the championship to be able to, Cup and Europa League.

However, what worries Pedro Martins most at the moment is that he will keep all of Olympiakos’ key players until the end of the season rather than which players the red and whites can acquire in January. For example, the Portuguese coach wants to keep Agibu Kamaras, Mandi Kamaras, Cisse and Masoura at his disposal, for which there is keen interest from foreign clubs.

This is a framework of players that is vital to the running of the Olympics so it makes sense that Martins would not want to be disturbed in light of the second half of the season. On the other hand, of course, a lot depends on the proposals and the number of offers. For example, when Liverpool come up with an official proposal for A. Kamaras that satisfies Piraeus FC and the player wants to leave, it is not easy to keep him.

Indeed, there are many Olympiacos players who are in the crosshairs of European clubs. There is a lot of information that comes in from abroad every day, as well as the publications that become more and more numerous as the days go on. All you have to do is browse the internet for a while to find out. Someone will say that often everything that is written in the international media is not true. Yes, that is true, but on the other hand, where there is smoke, there is often fire.

Interest for eight red and white

Agibu Kamara is being closely monitored by Liverpool, Newcastle, Leicester, Milan and Nice and more suitors could show up in the coming weeks. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the Piraeus PAE will receive an official offer tomorrow. Scouting and percussion can be about getting it in the summer.

The same goes for Mandy Kamaras, who is surrounded by Naples, Fiorentina and Nis. Cisse, who is under the microscope of Italian and French teams as well as Massoura. Eintracht Frankfurt has shown interest in Reabciuk and St. Etienne has shown interest in Ba. Oniekouros and Porto Semedo besieged during Galatasaray.

In any case, the Olympiacos people are on alert just in case. You have already entered the international market and you are ready to fill any gaps that could arise from a footballer’s license. According to the information, there are player names for each position so that the red-whites can react immediately on a transfer basis, as Martins stated.

The data for Zagaritis and for the left-back in general

Processes and contacts are ongoing regarding the addition of a left-back who will frame Reabciuk. Olympiacos are currently making a move for a player who will replace the Moldovan defender without ruling out the surprise.

Because if there is a good opportunity in the next few days for an experienced player who wants to leave his team for various reasons or wants to give it to him, then the red-whites will not let the case go unused. In the Piraeus PAE they have proven over the last few years that they are on the right path at the right time, closing players who would be difficult to play under other circumstances in Greece.

As for Vassilis Zagaritis, today, Tuesday (4/1), he is back in the training sessions of Parma, with which he only played two games during the season and has a total of 30 minutes of participation. The Italian team are not against his admission, but they have to decide at Olympiakos whether to take him over or not. That is why they have been waiting for the opinion of Martins for 24 hours, who has other solutions in mind. However, it is only a matter of time before the situation is resolved.

Source: sport24

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Europa League

Rennes-Dinamo Kiev. Forward the day




Dynamo Kyiv, as part of the third round of the UEFA Europa League group stage, will play against one of the most non-transferring teams in France – Rennes.

Rennes — Dynamo Kyiv
Thursday 6 Zhovtnya, 10 p.m. Stade de la Route de Loryan, Rennes. The main referee of the jury is Jose Maria Sanchez Martinez (Lorca, Spain).

Dynamo Kiev was leaning against a rather confused situation at the beginning of the season, and the European Cup teams actually do not deprive them of the opportunity to play at long distance, then the Ukrainian team’s start-up errors do not count for a hundredth part of further good luck.

More often than not two teams played in the group stage of Lysia Europe, but the same situation in the quartet with Astana and Yablonets was different for them. “White-Blue” won the first meeting race at the same time, and the two wins over the “Red-Black” (2:1 and 3:1), respectively, ensured Dynamo’s success.

In ts_y zustrіch_ bookmakers give the priority to Rennes. So in French you can bet with a coefficient of 1.47. The triumph of Dynamo Kiev is estimated at 7:00 am. No result may show 4.80.

If you’re talking about more tournament teams, then you and I check the matches of teams from a lot of different teams. It is necessary for the offending parties to make again, because for Rennes you will be smart about the possibility of overtaking the Turkish Fenerbahce for the wisdom, spend a point with the “canaries” in the parallel zone, at that hour before Dynamo you will get three points on the field of the superniks, there are no more chances.

Winning two victories over the “red-blacks” does not give Ukraine’s vice-champions a chance to win the playoffs. More importantly, at the same time, there is no way to get a discount for the 1/8 finals, commemorating the teams from the third season of the Champions League. Theoretically, from old memory, Dynamo can get six points, but the stench can only make up for the lack of points in the first two games, and no more. And the ash, albeit as it is, spent the nearest two tizhny rizikuyut to the bag become fatal.

If there is a ninth form of teams, then this is also the kindest thing for Dynamo to think about. Two wins in the domestic arena at Lviv there Minaєm (twins at 1:0) are robbed of the vaga’s power as a pet, but they are important for the distribution of signals at the tournament table. Mircea Lucescu’s footballers are rejected by the presumptuous playing tone, but they can not suffer from languid little furry grays, for such a rahunka it would be possible to get more wins if they wanted to be in the domestic arena.

If we are talking about Rennes at the same hour, I will once again respect the fact that the team did not expect stability in any way for the 3rd season. Narazitse is the sixth team in Lisa 1, the prote teams for PSG, Marseille, Monaco and Lance actually win the top rows of the tournament table in this championship. And in such minds, such teams as Loryan, Lyon and Rennes are left alone in such minds to fight, and in this magic the future super player of Dynamo Kiev is certainly not behind them.

“Chervono-black” perebuvayut on top of successful results, and the international pavza is no small contribution to the success of their performances. Nichia against Fenerbahce in Lisa Europe (2:2), as it was on the brink of victory over AEK Larnaca (2:1), it only reinforced the strengths and weaknesses of Bruno Genesio’s team. Rennes knows how to score, but yoga Zakhist is certainly not the best among the lizi. Varto is deprived of respect, that in the new season less than two games for the participation of the team ended without passing the bet “Obidvі zab’yut”. Dynamo varto over tse memory, however beware of the same.

Orientation warehouses:

Rennes: Mandanda – Meling, Teate, Asignon, Wu – Bourezho, Maєr, Tet, Terr’є – Doku, Guirі.

Dynamo Kyiv: Boyko – Timchik, Popov, Zabarniy, Dubinchak – Buyalsky, Sidorchuk, Shepelev – Tsigankov, Garmash, Kabaev.

Injuries: Omari, Sulemana, Santamaria, Traore, Sheka-Buschan, Supryaga, Shaparenko.


Current shape:

Tsіkavі facts:

– Rennes up’yate pospil takes part in European cups – tse club record;

— on the vampy field, the French have won less than three times in the remaining ten matches of the European League;

— Dynamo Kyiv, against Fenerbahce and Sturma in the UEFA Champions League qualifier, then lost some away games, before the series was extended by failures on the pitch of Benfica and still the Canary Islands;

trainers say:

Bruno Genesio, Rennes coach:

“Superiors have spent foreign gravity, the stench is not in an ideal context, from the point of view of the war in the country, the heads of training and matches, but the stench is still full of already good football players. At first glance of us the stench wants to show more that the stench is a strong people.

Mircea Lucescu, Dynamo Kyiv coach:

“Dynamo is an international brand that represents Ukraine, so we have to cherish the brand. Tomorrow I will score an important game, give us the necessary positive result and we will do everything for who we can.

Once gravity is ready, everyone who arrives in Rennes will be ready for tomorrow’s duel. It is a pity that in the match with Fenerbahce Shaparenka we spent three terms, but at the same time we can pay Popov.”

american footballprediction 1:1

Source: Football UA

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Europa League

Rennes – Dynamo. Watch online. Live broadcast




6 October at 22:00 in the 3rd round match Europa League The game of the French “Rennes” and the Kyiv “Dynamo”.

  • The brightest moments of the match are available here: live in Telegram

In the first round, Dinamo lost to Turkish Fenerbahce (1:2) and then to Cypriot club AEK Larnaca (0:1).

  • amount online text broadcast of the match

Rennes – Dynamo. Watch online. Live broadcast

Video streaming is handled by the MEGOGO video service.

double match
  • 1.47
  • 4.80
  • 7.00

make a bet zrobbit betting

  • 1.46
  • 4.92
  • 7.70

make a bet zrobbit betting

Source: Sport UA

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Europa League

Zinchenko did not train with Arsenal before the match with Boude-Glimt




As part of the third round of the Europa League group stage, London’s Arsenal will play against Norwegian Bode-Glimt.

Before the game, The Gunners held a training session, with no mention of Ukrainian fullback Oleksandr Zinchenko.

Similar to remembering Football London, on the right is not a footballer. Mikel Arteta and yoga assistants have vowed to save Oleksandr for the championship.

Let’s guess, in the remainder of the Premier League game against Tottenham Zinchenko, we took 73 home wins.

Match Arsenal – Boude-Glimt will take place on July 6 near London. The match will start at 10 p.m. Kiev time.

Zinchenko previously commented on the possibility of Arsenal winning the English championship.

Source: Football UA

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