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Europa League

Ticino: “In the final of the Europa League against Porto”



Ticinio Soares gave an interview to Record citing his presence at Olympiacos, his former team Porto and Ruben Semedo, who the Dragons are interested in.

The Ticino native Soares is among the people who have been making the front pages of Portuguese newspapers a lot lately given his tenure in Porto and the fact that the ‘Dragons’ want to make it their own, a teammate at Olympiacos, Ruben Semedo , make ideal to talk about everything.

For that and in a few days another interview came in Portugal and specifically in “Record”. Both for the presence of Tikinios himself in the “Red-Whites”, as well as for the scenarios that have been unfolding for him lately, as well as for the 28-year-old stopper and his value. When asked what follows Semedo off the pitch, Ticinio declined to speak.

“Everything is going well now, but it was difficult at the beginning because I injured myself in a friendly match and I was out for almost two months. It was a complicated period as I had to gain ground on my teammates. To overcome this situation, my position at Olympiakos improved day by day and from now on there is room to improve and strengthen my presence in the team. After I started training, I started playing and scoring goals to help Olympiakos.

I came to a team that stuck together with coach Pedro Martons, a team that has played together for many years and knows each other’s games. I’m already adapted to Greek football, my teammates, I know them pretty well, so from now on I have more conditions to develop. We’re first in the championship, several points behind second. “Besides, we’re still in the Europa League and in the cup.”

They have a contract until 2024, but there is already talk of interest from teams. What do you see for the future?

“I leave that question to my representatives. I have a contract with Olympiacos and my goal is to fulfill it.”

But are there any suggestions?

“I didn’t accept any, but I leave it to my representatives. They don’t talk to me about these issues, I prefer to devote myself to training and games, I leave everything aside.”

At Olympiakos you have a teammate, Ruben Semedo. Did you read about the interest from Porto? Do you think that fits there?

“Yes, I read them. I’m with him here at Olympiakos, we train together every day, he’s a very good player. I think he’s a good case for Porto, he’s a great character. If he goes to Porto goes.” , he will fit in perfectly.”

Did you talk about the Porto perspective? Did he ask you anything since you were at the club?

“We haven’t talked about Porto specifically because it’s a personal matter. It has to do with Ruben, so let’s not talk about it. We’re talking about Porto in general, Sporting, Benfica and Portuguese football in general. In any case In case he goes to Porto he will compare the glove with the rest of the group”.

Any chance of Ticino returning to Portuguese football?

“Sure, one day I’ll come back, that’s almost certain. I want to go back and play, but not now. I still have a 2.5-year contract at Olympiacos, but in the future I want to come back. I’m 30, of course I want to go back and play”.

Can this comeback come to Olympiakos?

“Who knows? It’s one of my goals.”

Do you want to face Porto in the Europa League?

“Of course I would have liked it, it would have been two great games and I could remember the good times I had in Porto. They will have a very difficult test in the Europa League against Lazio and we will see it against Atalanta .” what is happening. We will try to move on to the next phase of the event and it would be great to face each other”.

Would you rather face Porto in the next round or only in the final of the tournament?

“It would be good in the final. I would really like a final like that.”

Source: sport24

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Europa League

Vanat: The Fenerbahce goalkeeper was difficult for me




Dynamo striker Vladislav Vanat commented on the undersack match against Fenerbahce (0:2) in the sixth round of the Europa League group stage.

Significantly, the Kiyans ended their quartet with the rest, with just 1 point.

“We had an attitude of applying pressure and tackling the victorious zones behind the superniks. In the other half they played three better, lower in the first, but they all failed to reach the result. In the first half we conceded two balls In the first episode our gravity was spared, in the other The moment is marked by a football player, from which I can play under the hour of the standard.

This is my debut season at such a level, and it dawned on me that I need to practice more and beat the skin moment, to win like a win alone, you can’t be more in the match. “

Dali the attacker for food, that the team is ready and let the two girls come out.

“Of course we had a lot of transfers for the rest of the hour. Two matches in Ukraine, moreover most in Kiev, will not be a problem for us.”

Okremo Vanat commented the moment with his unrealizable moment.

“We chose superman’s goalkeeper’s group, and I always had to get out of the gate. Basically I got so robbed in this episode, but I didn’t fall in, I also went over my cut – and the chances of getting too scoring were already not that big. We were cunning for me.”

Nasamkinets is a 20-year-old football player who is eligible for food, which respects Dynamo’s fundamentals.

“There are no basic grinds, it is necessary to take it to the skin training” – suggested Vladislav.

Let’s guess, after the fight with the Turkish team, Kiyan Mircea Lucescu’s head coach also helped.

Source: Football UA

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Europa League

Jesus: more deaths in Fenerbahce near Krakow, fewer fans of Dynamo




Turkish Fenerbahce head coach Jorge Jesus commented on his team’s victory in the Europa League sixth round group stage match against Dynamo Kyiv (2:0).

“This is an important moment for Fenerbahce, even though we finished in the first stage of the group and went to the 1/8 final of the Europa League. This way we cannot play two extra playoff matches. Zagalom , we played the group stage without hitting, check a super player in the offensive round and also focus on the next match in the Turkish league.

12 games in European competitions and one defeat of Dynamo in extra time of the Champions League? That prograni match was played in menshostі. As you said, for the first game we didn’t give up in the right one. Fenerbahce demonstrates an excellent performance from Lisa Europe, which is also important for Turkey’s position in the coefficient table.

But at the same time, our meta is not a win in Lizi Europe. Which tournament has other favorites. Our first goal is to become champions of Turkey so that we can focus on the upcoming game with Sivasspor.

So I would like to please our killers, as Krakow had more, less fans of Dynamo.

In the coming rounds we will be scored by stronger super players. We can do everything our own way so that we can get richer in Lisa Europe, we can be honest with ourselves – we are not the main contenders for victory in this tournament. We have a lot of wealth in the supernik, which we can get away with for the next round.

Gra young Ardi Guler, who scored the first goal? Guler is already a talented grave, but still young he can develop in the field of physics and tactics. If wine progresses, it will undoubtedly be shaped in the life of a great footballer,” said the club’s press service.

on available for review video review of the game Dynamo – Fenerbahce.

Source: Football UA

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Europa League

Rennes, the coach that Shakhtar will play with in LE, talked about his 2023 plans.




Bruno Genesio, head coach of Shakhtar’s opponent in the Europa League 1/16 final, French Rennes, said that they see it as a success for the team in 2023.

“What will success be for us in 2023? This is, above all, to reach European competition again for the sixth season in a row. You also need to be successful in the Europa League because it’s a great competition. This year, I attach special importance to the French Cup. I really regret the game I played against Nancy last year. We have a tough draw (“Rennes will play away to Bordeaux – ed.), but even if the goal is difficult to achieve, it should still be in our minds from the very beginning of the competition, we have to find this dream. Maximum emotion in this tournament,” said Genesio.

As a reminder, Shakhtar’s first match against Rennes in the Europa League 1/16 final will be played on 16 February.

Source: Sport UA

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