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FIBA ​​Champions League

Hapoel Jerusalem Breakdown: The Two Guardian Formation, The Pillar – Hankins and the Precious Randolph



Stefanos Makris uses InStat Scout to analyze the profile of AEK’s Basketball Champions League Quarterfinals opponent Hapoel Jerusalem. The duo Smith-Carrington, the pillar – Hankins and the all-rounder Levi Randolph.

Hapoel Jerusalem is the team that falls in between AEK and its Final Four Basketball Champions LeagueBecause it is the opponent of “Enos” in the quarterfinals of the competition.

The Israelis reached the quarterfinals with a 10-2 aggregate record in the last two rounds (5-1 in the group stage and round of 16), finishing first in their group on both occasions.

51-year-old Aleksandar Djikic is the coach of the Israelis, who are currently 4th in the Israeli league with a record of 13-6, ahead of Maccabi Tel Aviv (17-3), Hapoel Tel Aviv (16-4) ) and Hapoel Holon (14-7).

In the Basketball Champions League, Zach Hankins is the top scorer and rebounder with 15.5 points and an 8.8 rebound average, followed by Levi Randolg (13.3 points), Kadeem Carrington (12.7 point average) and Speedy Smith (10th place). .5 points and 6.2 assists on average). .

The Sportish Gifts with the help of InStat Scout Hapoel’s profile.

The basic rotation and the productive five

Starting with the basics, Hapoel is a team with a strength of 8-9 players. His starting five usually consists of Smith (1.90m) and Carrington (1.93m) on the sentries, with Cornelius (1.97m) and Meyeris (2.07m) in the front positions and Hankins (2.11 m) on the position of the center . These five have been together for 146 minutes and 28 seconds in all competitions and have an incredible +73 on the +/- system. The next most balanced five (Carrington, Randolph, Dorvat, Segev, Hankins) are +16.

Behind those five Israelis comes Brown in the guard positions, Randolph for the 2-3 positions, Vene, Blazer in the forward positions, and Segev in the center position. Normally Hapoel has a rotation of 8-9 players, but on some nights this can – under certain conditions – be extended to 10 players.

The Two Guardian Formation and the Four Rifleman Formation

The duo of Smith and Carrington are the ones setting the pace for Hapoel. The former is the playmaker and Carrington is the team’s combo guard (he has also played an ace in the past) and has a minor role as creator. However, almost half of the Israelis’ pick and rolls are set up by Smith, creating situations for the rest. If Vene – an excellent marksman – is in a power forward position, then Hapoel are extremely dangerous on offense as they have excellent distances with 4 shooters on the ground and a center (Hankins) playing an excellent pick and roll.

The trio of Carrington, Randolph, and Cornelius can pose a threat in spot up situations. What makes Hapoel’s offense special, however, is that Carrington and Randolph can also pick and roll as ball handlers, with Smith opening up the court with his good shooting. This ensures the Israelis have multiple threats at once, as there are always at least two players on the ground who can create situations, with Carrington and Randolph being the team’s top executioners.

According to InStat Scout, Hapoel scores 1.2 points per possession in spot-up situations, a very good number. And it is a number that helps its center immensely.

Hankins is the backbone of the team

Zach Hankins returned to the spotlight this year after two years on the sidelines and immediately reminded everyone that he’s one of the best big players in the competition thanks to the (many) things he can do offensively as well as defensively.

Hankins is the mainstay of Hapoel. He’s a big man in pick-and-roll situations (he’s scoring 1.33 points per possession this year), but he’s so much more than that. He’s also a very good passer, having learned the so-called Short roll off the screen (where he stays at 4 yards) before deciding to pass or shoot and most importantly he is also very good with his back to the basket (1.03 points per ball possession this year).

Hankins’ ability to threaten in both pick-and-roll and back-to-the-basket situations, but most importantly, to fold in such a situation and unlock opposing defenses is what makes the Israeli offensive to which they respond have built the whole plan, so dangerous they on him.

On the other side of the parquet, Hankins is also the one who sets the tone. The American is the definition of a rim protector as it is an excellent blocker. It is characteristic that when he is the main defender, his opponents shoot at the racquet 46%, an excellent number. At the same time, he plays either Hedge Out (comes out dynamically) or Flat (stays behind to protect the basket) in pick-and-roll situations.

Defense makes the difference

Hapoel is a team with many weapons in attack. But in reality, it’s her defense that got her this far. The pressure on Smith’s ball, but also the height she has from positions 3-5 (there are 7 players in the rotation who are at least 1.95 meters tall) helps her to close spaces and close hands everywhere have.

Israel’s opponents shoot 31.8% three-pointers in the BCL, with Hapoel often practically challenging their opponents to hit them with shots from mid-range, traditionally the most difficult shot in basketball. The Israelis want to save their racquet and limit the three-pointers as much as possible. And it is a logic that has succeeded.

However, a side that can dribble enough shots from medium and long range – forcing the Israel defense to take more risks – will be lucky enough against them.

A balanced set

Hapoel Jerusalem is a challenging team. He has enough depth, he has personalities and a clear philosophy in defense and attack. She’s not invincible, but she’s a real… machine that follows her plan and doesn’t deviate from it for any reason.

With players with Champions League basketball experience on its roster, Hapoel is one of the best teams in the competition. However, AEK is level and has a realistic chance of qualifying even at home disadvantage. To do this, however, she must be fully concentrated herself.

Source: sport 24

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FIBA ​​Champions League

The Bonn bank watched Malaga’s breaks on television and triggered reactions




Bonn technical staff followed Malaga’s timeouts during the BCL Final Four semifinals via TV broadcast. The said practice triggered reactions. What did the coach of the Germans answer?

Bonn won this year’s Basketball Champions League, but something that happened during the Final Four semi-final against hosts Unicaja Malaga sparked controversy.

More specifically, the German team’s technical staff followed the television broadcast of the game and, in particular, Imbon Navarro’s instructions during time-outs, a tactic that some considered unfair.

In fact, Chus Vidoreta, the coach of Tenerife, of the other Spanish side that took part in the BCL Final Four, seemed furious about the said incident.

I found it sad what Bonn did. I think they’ve crossed the line. As a coach with the most games in the BCL, over 100 and four Final Fours, I’m very disappointed. We need to open up the debate on downtime and telecasts when this phenomenon repeats itself and we’ve already crossed the red lines. He would say that timeouts shouldn’t be aired anymore because they do a lot of harm to those who play by the rules.indicated that Vidoretta was speaking to Gigantes.

For his part, Bonn coach Tuomas Isalo defended his strategy when asked about it at the press conference ahead of the finals of the FIBA ​​competition:The live tagging that we do with my partners is some of the most secure information we can have during a game. It’s something for everyone to see. That’s why I asked my colleagues to watch what’s on TV.

It’s good that you asked me this question, because it’s an opportunity to start a discussion. Whether it’s a good thing or not, the television shows everything, including our very personal moments that happen during downtime. The NBA has found the solution to this problem and does not show the time-out live, instead broadcasting it much later after the decisions have been made. There is nothing live at this level in the NBA.

Since everyone has access to what’s on TV, we use that: images and sound where everyone has access.”

Source: sport 24

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The unusual shorts were familiar to Hapoel Jerusalem and, in the last jubilation, led Bonn to the BCL victory




Bonn was crowned Basketball Champions League champion for the 2022-23 season, with TJ Shortz giving Hapoel Jerusalem a hard time and stealing the show again in a final that paid homage to basketball.

With TJ Shortz scoring 29 points (7/14 2-points, 3/3 3-points, 6/8 shots), Bonn edged out Hapoel Jerusalem 77-70 in the grand final of the Final Four to walk away victorious emerging from the first game time in its history in the Basketball Champions League. The atmosphere is excellent Martín Carpena Arena, which was packed and festive even if the hosts Málaga didn’t manage to get through all the way.

It should be noted that the BCL and German league MVP scored more than 20 points for the tenth time this year, a feat unmatched by any other player in the competition and he was rightly named the Finals MVP.

Bonn – Hapoel Jerusalem 77-70: Incredible shorts lead the Germans to BCL victory in finals celebration

Hawkins and Herrera added 13 and 11 points, respectively. On the Israeli side, Levi Randolph stood out with 27 points.

THE DECADES: 14-7, 37-28, 57-55, 77-70

BONN (Ties): Delaney 3 (1), Hawkins 13 (1/4 threes), Malcolm 8 (6 rebounds), Shorts 29 (7/14 2-point shots, 3/3 3-point shots, 6/8 shots) Ward 8, Herrera 11 (3/10 threes), Kessens 1 (4 rebounds), Scratches (6 rebounds), Williams 4

HAPOEL JERUSALEM (Zikic): Carrington 9 (1/5 3-points), Hankins 7 (10 rebounds), Randolph 27 (5/12 2-points, 2/3 3-points, 11/15 shots, 6 rebounds), Smith 7 (1/6 3-pointers, 4 rebounds, 5 assists), Vein, Blazer 5 (1), Brown, Cornelius 3 (1), Megeris 12 (2/3 3-pointers, 6 rebounds), Segev

The Golden Book of the BCL

  • 2017: Tenerife
  • 2018: AEK
  • 2019: Virtus Bologna
  • 2020: San Pablo Burgos
  • 2021: San Pablo Burgos
  • 2022: Tenerife
  • 2023: Bonn

Source: sport 24

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Basketball Champions League Final Four hosts Malaga didn’t even make it to the small final, losing to Tenerife (79-84).

Málaga hosted the Basketball Champions League Final Four at the Martin Carpena Arena this year but ended their European year with two defeats. Imbon Navarro’s side missed out on the finals after losing to Bonn, losing 84-79 to last year’s holders Tenerife in the third-place play-off.

Seven players from Chus Vidoretta’s team finished the game in double digits. Sermandini and Fernandez each scored 12 points, Donnerkamp and Cook followed with 11 points each, while Ambromatis, Sastre and Huertas each scored 10 points. Kendrick Perry, who had 22 points and 3 assists, fought alone for the home team.

THE DECADES: 29-31, 38-53, 52-66, 79-84

Source: sport 24

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