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Dekker and Koufos injured Prometheus, while Christopoulos was sent off on his European debut



Prometheus suffered a home defeat against the London Lions (67:77) on the 7th day of the EuroCup. Sam Dekker and Kostas Koufos injured the Patrinos while Yiannis Christopoulos was sent off 4 minutes from the final.

Kostas Koufou’s London Lions won the game on the 7th day of the EuroCup from the Prometheus headquarters (67:77). Patrina’s new coach, Giannis Christopoulos, was sent off 4 minutes from the final in what was a less-than-ideal European debut for him. Somehow both teams now have 4-3 records.

Sam Dekker was the big star of the winners, scoring 20 points along with 6 rebounds but also 4 turnovers while the expatriate center was also positive and had 10 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 blocks in 18’46” of attendance Scored For the Prometheus side, which went without the tournament’s top scorer, Joe Young, Arnoldas Culboca and Travis Simpson stood out with 18 and 16 points, respectively.

The race

With 4/6 threes, the London Lions ended the first half +7 (18-25, 10′) with Travis Simpson being Prometheus’ only reliable scoring source, scoring half of his team’s points in that span.

Arnoldas Kulboka took the lead with three strikes from the touchline in the second period, while Vassilis Mouratos also scored and Prometheus moved closer to the basket (36-38, 19’30”). But Mo Saluande was the one who called the shots , which made it 36:40 for the lions before the break.

After returning from the dressing room, the hosts improved their defensive performance and held the Löwen to 14 points in the third period and thus took the lead (55:54, 30th minute).

In the 36th minute, when the score was 64-64, Prometheus’ new coach Yiannis Christopoulos received a second technical penalty from Paternikos and was thrown out of the game while watching the final minutes of the game from the dressing room. From that point on, the London Lions were on a 7-0 run (64:67, 37’14”), while Sam Decker and Ovi Soko hit the jackpot with two 3-pointers of their own with a minute to go.

THE REFEREES: Paterniko, Radojkovic, Baena

THE DECADES: 18-25, 36-40, 55-54, 67-77

PROMETHEUS (Christopoulos): Cowan 7 (1/6 trebles, 4 assists), Dangubic 4 (5 rebounds, 3 errors), Kondit 1, Tsairelis, Muratos 8, Gikas 9 (2/7 trebles, 4 rebounds, 4 assists), Kaklamanakis 4 (4 rebounds), Simpson 16 (2/4 threes, 4 rebounds, 2 steals), Tanoulis, Kulboka 18 (4/10 threes, 4 rebounds, 2 errors)

London lions (Schmidt): Soko 9 (3 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals, 2 turnovers), Zubcic, Best 13 (2/4 3-pointers, 5 rebounds), Soluande 2, Decker 20 (2/5 3-pointers, 6 rebounds, 4 turnovers), Nelson 3 (4 rebounds, 4 assists), Sharma 6 (6 rebounds), Koufos 10 (9 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 blocks), Hruban 14 (2/6 3-pointers, 6 rebounds)

Prometheus team stats: 13/34 2-pointers, 9/28 3-pointers, 12/15 shots, 32 rebounds (24 defensive – 8 offensive), 11 assists, 7 steals, 9 turnovers, 1 block

London Lions team statistics: 22/42 2-pointers, 6/23 3-pointers, 15/22 shots, 46 rebounds (33 defensive – 13 offensive), 19 assists, 4 steals, 12 turnovers, 7 blocks

The next games of the two teams: On Matchday 8, Prometheus will play Paris in France (14/12, 21:30), while the London Lions will meet Turk Telecom in Turkey (14/12, 19:00).

Source: sport 24

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The flashy Kulboka led Prometheus to a great victory over Buduchnost with 30 points



With Arnoldas Kulboka on fire and 30 points, Prometheus defeated Bunduchnost in Game 12 of the EuroCup 81-72.

Another victory in the EuroCup, the 7th in twelve games, was achieved by Prometheus Patras, who defeated Buduchnost in “Dimitris Tofalos” 81:72, with the hot Arnoldas Kulboka as the absolute protagonist.

The 25-year-old Lithuanian forward recorded 30 points (5/5 2-points, 5/8 three-points, 5/5 shots) as well as 4 rebounds and 3 assists in 26’35”, ending his career-high in the tournament, those were the 19 points he scored against Turk Telecom on November 29, 2022. Offensive solutions were also offered by Nemanja Dangubic and Dustin Hogg with 15 and 13 points respectively.

In a way, in case of a draw with the team from Podgorica, Patrinoi will be on top as they were defeated in the first game between them in overtime (95-89).

The race

Prometheus had in the first period (6/8 two-pointers, 1/3 three-pointers, 5/5 shots) but he couldn’t use this to get a satisfactory difference (20-18, 10′) as he made 5 mistakes in that one Period they gave the guests 7 points.

The home side continued to be extremely effective in the middle and close range (11/16 2-points, 68.8% accuracy) and called into Dustin Hogg’s dressing room with an 8-point lead (41-33, 20′). 12 points (5/5 2-pointers, 2/3 shots).

With Arnoldas Kulboka burning in the third period and scoring 13 points, Prometheus’ lead increased to 15 points (63-48) just before the 30-minute mark. The situation didn’t change in the final half either, when Christopoulos’ team clinched a comfortable win.

THE REFEREES: Ierethuelo, Klivaz, Celik

THE DECADES: 20-18, 41-33, 63-50, 81-72

The next commitments of the two teams: Prometheus travels to Germany on Matchday 13 against Hamburg (31 January, 8.30 p.m.), Buduchnost hosts Kostas Koufous London Lions (1 February, 8 p.m.).

Source: sport 24

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Gran Canaria – Prometheus Patras 91-72: Bow to Spanish supremacy



Gran Canaria didn’t give Prometheus Patras the slightest chance to challenge his supremacy, clinching a comfortable win (91-72) and dropping Yiannis Christopoulos’ side to sixth place in Group B.

Prometheus Patras is one of the two teams that Gran Canaria won in the EuroCup this year. However, on Wednesday night, January 18, he was unable to repeat the feat he accomplished three months ago after knowing the defeat at the Gran Canaria Arena (91-72).

The home side took an early lead, which they quickly extended to double digits without ever looking back. As much as Giannis Christopoulos tried to change the (big) picture of the game, Gran Canaria’s drive and superiority were evident, resulting in an easy Spanish victory.

Thus, in Group B, Prometheus dropped to 6th place while Gran Canaria remained in 1st place.

Placement in Group B

  1. Gran Canaria 9-2
  2. Turk Telekom 8-3
  3. Hapoel Tel Aviv 7-4
  4. Budukhnost 7-4
  5. Paris 7-4
  6. Prometheus Patras 6-5
  7. London Lions 5-6
  8. Hamburg Towers 3-8
  9. Trento 2-9
  10. Slask Wroclaw 1-10
    *The first eight (8) will receive the knockout ticket

The race

The hosts came onto the field furiously, accelerated and quickly took a double-digit lead – as they constantly ran in the switching game. Mistakes and missed shots on the edge essentially restricted Prometheus Patras, who was only able to make up the deficit to ten points (41:31) by the break.

Essentially, however, zero in the quotient. Gran Canaria didn’t lose control of the situation, getting a lot from Damien English and, with an excellent function in the attacking part, managed to keep a safety margin throughout the second half. This is exactly why the Spanish lead increased significantly, reaching +19 (75-56) in the 34th minute. To write the epilogue of the game at this point.

THE REFEREES: Jovcic-Silva-Cicci.

THE DECADES: 29-14, 41-31, 67-53, 91-72.

Gran Canary (Lakovich): Inglis 18 (6/8 2-pointers, 6/7 shots), Balcerovski 11 (4/4 2-pointers, 0/1 3-pointers, 3/4 shots), Slaughter 9 (1), Bassas , Albicci (7 assists, 3 fouls), Benite 13 (2), Brussino 5 (1/5 3 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists), Salvo 13 (5 rebounds), Surna 7 (1), Diop 12 (5 /7 2 pointers, 2/5 shots), Mutaf 3 (1), Stevis.

PROMITHEAS OF PATRAS (Christopoulos): Cowan 4, Condit 8, Muratos (3 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 fouls), Gikas 2, Laios 2, Sobson 8 (2), Hogg 5, Thomason 11 (1 three-pointer, 4 rebounds, 4 assists). , 5 fouls), Tanoulis 7, Kulboka 13 (2 threes, 6 rebounds).

Gran Canaria team statistics: 24/34 2-pointers, 6/22 3-pointers, 25/31 shots, 39 rebounds (33 defense + 6 offense), 24 assists, 6 steals, 13 turnovers, 4 blocks.

The team statistics of Prometheus Patras: 18/33 2-pointers, 6/21 3-pointers, 18/30 shots, 26 rebounds (22 defense + 4 offense), 17 assists, 7 steals, 15 turnovers, 1 block.

The next games of the two teams: For Gran Canaria, the away game against the London Lions follows (January 24th, 9:30 p.m.), Prometheus Patras returns to “Dimitris Tofalos” and welcomes Buduchnost (January 25th, 7:30 p.m.).

Source: sport 24

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The final of Peristerio in France, the Prometheus test and the entire basketball program with times and channels



Basketball action on Wednesday (18/1) is quite rich as Peristeri bwin will try to match in the BCL what PAOK failed to do and Prometheus will continue on his good course in the EuroCup. The Women’s A1 also continues Olympiakos’ commitments in the Women’s EuroLeague.

bwin Pigeon’s European trip inevitably leads through Dijon. Whether interrupted or continued, there is no third way. Tonight (21:00 COSMOTE SPORT 4 HD, LIVE on Sportish) against the French team of the same name, Vassilis Spanoulis’ team is only looking for victory to reach the round of 16 of the Basketball Champions League, but without taking the lead.

After the draw in Athens, Dijon will have home advantage and the Blue and Yellows will look to turn the tide by qualifying in a group already made up of Strasbourg, Hapoel Jerusalem and Hapoel Holon.

An hour later (10:00 p.m. Novasports 4HD, LIVE from Sportish) the jumbo ball of the eleventh game that Prometheus will play in the EuroCup is ready. The 6-4 Patrinas will face the – leaders of their group – Gran Canaria (8-2) in Spain and will certainly have a difficult task because on the one hand the previous journey is a marathon and on the other exhausting on the other hand it is a seat with a particular dynamic , which acts on the players.

At least Yannis Christopoulos’ players have nothing to lose because the games that will determine their future in the competition are different.

In the Women’s EuroLeague, Olympiacos plays Fenerbahce in the SEF at 17:30 (LIVE STREAM from FIBA) and hopes for the first win after nine defeats. Of course there is no chance of qualifying, but a good performance and a positive result against a strong team with a 7-2 record would still be welcome.

The 16th match day of the A1 women’s league finally begins in the early afternoon, with a total of five games on the program.

The daily routine at BCL

  • 21:00 Ludwigsburg – Limoges (1-1)
  • 21:00 Dijon – Pigeon bwin (1-1) / COSMOTE SPORT 4 HD

The program of the day in the EuroCup

  • 19:00 Türk Telekom – Hamburg Towers
  • 19:00 Prometei – Brescia
  • 19:30 Buduchnost – Slask Wrocław / Novasports 6 HD
  • 20:00 Hapoel Tel Aviv – Paris / Novasports 5 HD
  • 20:45 Ulm – Lietkampelis
  • 21:00 Trento – London Towers / Novasports Start
  • 21:30 Cedevita Olympia – Cluj-Napoca
  • 22:00 Gran Canaria – Prometheus / Novasports 4 HD

The Women’s EuroLeague schedule

  • 17:30 Olympiacos – Fenerbahce (YouTube FIBA)
  • 18:00 Mersin – Land (YouTube FIBA)
  • 19:00 Zexard – Valencia (YouTube-FIBA)
  • 20:00 USK Prague – Bourges (YouTube FIBA)
  • 21:30 Avenida – Skio (YouTube FIBA)
  • 21:45 Girona – Mechelen (YouTube FIBA)

The A1 women’s program

  • 14:00 Chania – Hesperides
  • 15:00 PAOK – Panathletikos Sykeon
  • 15:00 PAS Ioannina – Dafni
  • 17:00 Panathinaikos – Niki Lefkada
  • 20:30 Proteas Voulas – Eunikos

Source: sport 24

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