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Boston Celtics 2022-2023 season: team, players, roster, schedule, preview and more



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Will Boston be able to establish itself?

The The 2022-2023 NBA season is here. And that means one of the most famous teams in the league will be looking for a big result: Boston Celtics.

After remaining on the brink of a new championship, the Greens will try not only to match last year’s feat, but to finish the goal.

Therefore, it is time to review it Boston Celtics keys, roster, players and schedule in 2022-2023.

Roster, team and players | A key player | The story that follows | Calendar

Boston Celtics 2022-2023 team: roster and players

Brad StevensIme Udoka

Player Position Height (meters) Age Salary
Marcus Smart Base 1.90 28 17.2 cm
Malcolm Brogdon Base 1.98 30 22.6 cm
Peyton Pritchard Base 1.85 24 2.2 cm
Derrick White Shooting guard 1.95 28 16.8 cm
Jaylene Brown Shooting guard 2.01 26 28.7 cm
JD Davison* Shooting guard 1.90 19
Sam Houser Eaves 2.03 24 1.6 cm
Jason Tatum Eaves 2.03 24 30.3 cm
Danilo Gallinari Inside 2.08 3. 4 6.4 cm
Grant Williams Inside 1.98 23 4.3 cm
Mfiondu Kabengele* Inside 2.06 25
Robert Williams III Inside 2.03 24 10.9 cm
Al Horford Inside 2.11 36 26.5 million**
Luke Cornett Inside 2.18 27 2.1 cm

*Two-way contract | ** Partially guaranteed

  • Coach: Ime Udoka
  • Training camp contracts: Noah Vonleh, Jake Layman, Justin Jackson and Denzel Valentine

Possible top five for the Boston Celtics in the 2022-2023 season

  • Marcus Smart
  • Jaylene Brown
  • Jason Tatum
  • Al Horford
  • Robert Williams III

Key player for the Boston Celtics

It has long been disputed whether Jason TatumOn his own, he was capable of leading and taking on the responsibility of being the central figure of a team. Five seasons after being drafted, the Duke-bred forward has proven not only that he’s MVP material, but that he’s barely scratching the surface of all the talent at his disposal. The last Playoffs signed by the Celtics player, especially considering the physical problems he caused, They were flawless.

Tatum has long been asked to mature his game, take it to the next level, which is to make better decisions and polish those little flaws that have cost Boston wins in the past. Said and done, because the step forward he took in last season’s definition is good enough to confirm that he is one of the superstars of the NBA and one of the names of the future in the competition.

Even so, with all the positives that the last year was for his little one Jace, There is still the question of whether it was the result of group dynamics or an irreversible upward trend. The overall picture regarding Tatum will be fundamental in evaluating his game and whether this step taken was solid or a matter of collective implosion.

Key year for the green star who enters the second of his new contract.

The story ahead for the Boston Celtics in the 2022-2023 season


NBA Entertainment

Last year there was a lot of pressure surrounding the Boston Celtics. New coach, almost the same lineup and always high expectations. After a forgettable start to the season, Ime Udoka finally found the key and the team took off, losing 22 games throughout 2022, including the Regular Phase and Playoffs. The Greens became the fans’ favorite team, a story of overcoming and rivaling. However, now more will come complicated for the Boston set: consolidate.

The Celtics have done extremely well from the front office in this one off season, Especially bolstering such an important role as backup point guard, one that has limited them greatly in previous Finals. On the other hand, the addition of Danilo Gallinari, who came in to fill a hole in the team, was soon diminished by the Italian’s devastating injury that will keep him out of action for the entire course. Which could lead them to seek a replacement on the market with a league-granted exception.

So, the big key going forward for the green team this season will be whether Ime Udoka’s side can maintain the momentum of last season or if they remain in a fleeting burst and without much travel. These first few months will be crucial to the project’s long-term viability, even more so after how close the team came to glory in previous Playoffs. Health will be the Achilles heel once again from the greens. In fact, they are going to have to survive the early stages of the course without Robert Williamshis defensive axis, which was operated again for arthroscopy on the left knee.

The roof of the Boston Celtics is none other than the ring, the question that needs to be resolved is whether they can make it to June with all their pieces intact.

    The Boston Celtics 2022-2023 calendar


    Date Schedule (MX, US, AR, ES) Opponent
    Sunday, October 2 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 19:00 Charlotte Hornets
    Wednesday, October 5 18:30, 19:30, 20:30, 1:30 Toronto Raptors
    Friday October 7th 18:30, 19:30, 20:30, 1:30 Charlotte Hornets
    Friday, October 14 18:00, 19:00, 20:00, 1:00 Toronto Raptors

    Full schedule of the Regular Phase (Click here)

    What is the Boston Celtics’ first game of the 2022-2023 season?

    The first regular season game of the Boston Celtics in this 2022-2023 will be the Tuesday, October 18. the opponent will be Philadelphia 76ers in a match to be held at Boston’s TD Garden

    Date Schedule (MX, US, AR, ES) Opponent
    Tuesday, October 18 6:30 p.m., 7:30 p.m., 8:30 p.m., 1:30 a.m. (Wednesday) Philadelphia 76ers

    The views expressed here do not necessarily represent the NBA or its organizations.

    Source: Sporting News

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    Interview with Santi Aldama, challenges ahead of his year with the Memphis Grizzlies and ownership ahead: ‘It’s a good opportunity and I feel ready’



    Getty Images/The SportingNews

    The Canary spoke to The Sporting News.

    The NBA It’s based on having an opportunity and taking advantage of it. In this state it is Sandy Aldamawho in his second season in the league has in front of him the possibility not only to establish himself in his rotation memphis grizzlies, but be heading for a good period of the season.

    His injury Jaren Jackson Jr. It is a compelling reason, but not the only one, why Canary has spent the entire summer preparing for this lesson. His fitness has improved, he is stronger and faster, but he has also matured since he played his first match in Las Vegas in August 2021.

    When asked what his goal is on this course on an individual level, Aldama has his feet on the ground but is not taking anything for granted. “The goal is obviously to be in the rotation all year. I think it’s a realistic goal and one I’ve been working towards all summer.” declares. Meanwhile, as far as the collective is concerned, he dreams of higher peaks. “As a team, we’re improving on last year’s playoffs by getting us the conference finals, the NBA finals and win the ring.” ensures.

    Hours after his second start for the Grizzlies in the preseason, Sandy Aldama located on the official website of the NBA in Spain, The SportingNewsto talk about their preparation for this course, their development, their work and their ambitions for 2022-2023.

    Santi Aldama Jrue Holiday 100222

    Getty Images

    -In recent years in the Grizzlies there have been several cases of players who in their first year did not have many opportunities but had potential and who after a season of development, in their year sophomore they took a step forward. For example, the cases of Desmond Bane, Dillon Brooks, De’Anthony Melton… What has your day-to-day been like to continue to grow and adapt to the needs of the league for this second season?

    -Especially this summer we have put a lot of emphasis on the physical part and on simplifying the game a lot, focusing on small aspects like defense or shooting. I think that’s it. Obviously, first of all to have a group of players who believe in what we are doing, but also a group of coaches who know how to do it. The combination of that and the energy in the locker room was important. Everyone is going in the same direction. It’s much easier to progress and you progress much faster than if you don’t have the same tune. This factor is part of the culprit that these cases have occurred.

    -Everyone in the franchise speaks highly of you, appreciates your work and potential. With Jaren Jackson’s injury opening up a window to get into the rotation regularly, which wasn’t the case last season, do you feel the pressure or do you feel ready to take that step forward in your second year?

    -No pressure, it’s basketball, it’s what we like to do. But obviously I feel ready and it’s a good opportunity. Also unlucky to be out [Jackson] but there is a position to cover and I am in a good position to cover him and help the team in any way.

    -On the other hand, there were many games where you jumped onto the field with very little time to play. A few years ago Gilbert Arenas remembered from his time as a role player that it was extremely difficult to come out and play in those moments when everything is decided and the subs come out, but there he showed everyone what he was capable of. How hard is it to play after say 44 minutes of gameplay and almost two hours of real time? And also do it in the best possible way

    -After all, it’s basketball, so you always have to be prepared and we train for that. Like I always say, it’s hard work, so if you focus on work every day, when the game comes, you just have to do what you’ve been working for. Then you don’t even have to think about doing this or that, just stay focused and know what to do.

    -Having your role in the NBA even as a rookie was not easy. In university You used to have the ball in your hands a lot and last season you had to play more as a shooter or a blocker. How have you experienced that change until you get to this preseason where you have the option to do more things?

    -It’s complicated. Ultimately, most if not all of them had a problem and that is that they have a lot of ball before the NBA. And then you get to the NBA and you have to adjust. This adjustment phase takes a while. From last year and especially this summer’s work I’ve been able to figure out where to have advantages and where to, as you say, when to block, when to cut, to make sure my teammates have advantages. I think that [es importante] Both the learning from last year and what we’ve focused on this summer has helped with that, which ultimately helps the team play better and move better on the pitch.

    Santi Aldama Dillon Brooks 100122

    Getty Images

    -You said you focused a lot on the physical part during the summer to get this package that allows you to affect other interiors. Was it a big step for you from the NCAA to the NBA? And how do you think you can now compete with others in your position?

    -That was quite a leap. I kind of expected the jump, but expecting it isn’t the same as experiencing it [risas]. In the end you have to penetrate, you have to try to finish above other people… Before I was waiting for them to collide, now I’m the one who can initiate contact and collide. Both in attack, in penetrating and initiating contact to finish, and in defense when they come, and being able to when they come to collide with me, is where I can get those little advantages that maybe I couldn’t before.

    – Last season was quite an experience in Memphis, with the best result in years. Also, the chemistry in the locker room seems fantastic seeing the reactions of any of you in big games, what makes the environment so different at the Grizzlies?

    -I think that’s it, we’re like a little family that every time someone makes a game we all get up, we all have a good time. When someone does something wrong, we all tell them in a good way. And the bottom line is that, the ability to be honest with each other, but also have a great friendship, when you play with your friends is much more fun and much easier. It’s the feeling that you’re not playing with teammates but with something else like friends and you end up having a lot more fun, which is noticeable on the court. Most of all, talking to veterans who have been in the league longer is what they say: don’t get used to it because it’s something I’ve never experienced. That is why many always want to stay and always say they will try to stay as long as possible.

    -Your position on the floor is not easy at all, especially in today’s NBA. You can play outside, but in the back you will be asked to switch with a small boy or combine another center near the rim. How have you experienced this process over the last year until you get used to what the staff is asking of you? And especially until you feel comfortable on the track.

    – It’s complicated in the NBA because it changes a lot, and I think in the next few years it will change even more. You still have to defend a center who weighs 20 pounds more than you as well as a point guard who is much shorter and faster and you have to try to hold them off. There are two things here. First, the physical change will help me a lot, both for stamina and knowing how much distance to give each player and being able to move faster, but also getting used to knowing how much distance to give each player. I think the desire to defend is the most important thing, but I had it. Now I know, if that player is faster, I have to give him a little more space. But like in the NBA, they’re fast, they’re shooting and you’ve got to give them space and they can shoot, so you’ve got to be able to disrupt that shot.

    -And supposing that even if you do your job well, you will eventually get shot after a great defense…

    -That’s right, that’s what they always tell us. They tell us, there are times when they’re going to mess up, so don’t get discouraged, as long as you do your job. That’s in this league [risas].

    The views expressed here do not necessarily represent the NBA or its organizations.

    Source: Sporting News

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    Tyrese Maxey stole the show in Donovan Mitchell’s Cleveland Cavaliers debut



    Getty Images

    His followers Cleveland Cavaliers they saw Donovan Mitchell dress from first time the colors of his franchise, during Wednesday’s preseason game between the Cavs and the Philadelphia 76ers. And beyond his few minutes on the court (18:58), the former Jazz has already shown why he promises to be one of most impactful integrations for 2022-2023.

    Mitchell He did what he does best: comment on. And at least in this case, he did it in a big way effectiveness: 16 points, 5 assists, 6-9 from the field and 3-4 on 3-pointers. If Cleveland was missing anything from its good season last season, it was a player with his attributes spida: someone capable create and solve individuallyto complement the team’s good collective level.

    His points also came mostly against a strong defender as PJ Tuckerforced to score out of position because of it the Sixers’ lack of reliable perimeter defenders; (Thybulle seems to have lost her place in consideration).

    Anyway, Mitchell’s strong start wasn’t enough for Cleveland (without Evan Mobley or Ricky Rubio), which is over fell 113-112 thanks to a Montrezl Harrell layup (13 points, 5-7 from the field in 16 minutes) in the final seconds.

    Beyond this good and decisive contribution of Harrell, and the premiere of the preseason Joel Embiid (12 points) and James stiffens (9 points), the story of the evening in the venue was different amazing performance a Tyrese Maxey who looks ready to make another leap in quality.

    Maxi had already shined in the opener against Brooklyn, adding 20 points in just 14 minutes. And this Wednesday he repeated the work with 21 credits in 15 minutes. In 29 minutes this preseason, the point guard has 41 points on 15 of 19 from the field and 5 of 7 on 3-pointers. Huge numbers, preseason or not, especially when you consider his production came against the Nets and Cavaliers starters.

    The former Kentucky native already had a noticeable jump in quality between his freshman and sophomore years. And if it reaches one more level to the third, could tip the balance in the Eastern Conference race: The Sixers are expected to have two figures like Embiid and Harden, but if Maxey becomes one astral third leg (added the efficient Tobias Harris), Doc Rivers’ guys could have an unexpected difference to compete with the Bucks, Celtics, Heat, Nets and company.

    Source: Sporting News

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    Global shock for Victor Webanyama, the beast who has never seen basketball




    Victor Webanyama’s 37 points in his debut appearance in the United States catapulted him to a level he might not have expected even at the age of 18. The basketball world is talking about the 18-year-old, who is 2.21 meters tall and looks like a cross between Durant, Antetokounmpo and Gober.

    What happened on Wednesday (October 5th) after the G-League Ignite friendly against Metropolitan is extreme. Scott Henderson’s matchup with Victor Webanyama was highly anticipated, with notable NBA players such as Chris Paul and Devin Booker watching from the sidelines, with the two young athletes competing for No. 2 and no. 1 picks determined in the 2023 NBA Draft were Epic Duel.

    That being said, the hype surrounding the tall 18-year-old Frenchman, who doesn’t play as a center despite his 2.21m tall, has risen to levels we may not have seen in the last many, many years. Aside from certain teams that are expected to increase their chances of being selected first in next June’s draft, many if not all 30 will be looking for ways to invest in this unique talent that has never been seen before Was seen.

    Webanyama had 37 points (4/9 2-pointers, 7/11 3-pointers, 8/12 shots), had four rebounds, one assist, one steal and five blocks, committed just one foul in 33 minutes, but more than that Numbers, he impressed the way he moved, defended, attacked and executed his opponents. With determination, with stubbornness, with concentration, unfolding a package that looks like something out of a sci-fi screenplay.

    The name Webbaniama is not new to those who deal with basketball on a daily basis. He’s been working for three years, since the day he looked Rudy Gober in the eye during a viral training session. We’ve seen him in the small French national teams, enjoyed and continue to enjoy him handling the ball and executing like another Kevin Durant while defending like Giannis Antetokounmpo and his compatriot, the main center of the French national team.

    In the history of world basketball, there has never been an athlete like this, combining size, long arms, ability to handle the ball, leadership qualities and generally the combination of physical qualities with basketball ability. What is certain is that Webanyama will be selected first in the 2022 NBA draft, which can only be “broken” in the event of a serious injury. The tall 18-year-old left Villeurbanne to play a lot in national manager Vincent Collet’s Metropolitan and so far he’s perfectly eligible.

    As for his answer to the question “what kind of player will he become”, the answer is simple. Into something we’ve never seen before.

    Source: sport 24

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