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Pacers agree to early contract extension and biggest pay rise in NBA history for Turner



The Pacers tied Myles Turner by agreeing to an early contract extension worth $60 million through 2025, but also a $17.1 million pay rise for this year, the largest in NBA history.

Myles Turner has seen his name involved in trading scenarios for three years. But it looks like he’s going nowhere after agreeing to an early two-year extension of his contract to 2025 for $60 million with the Pacers. And that’s not even the good news for him.

In a rare move, the two sides agreed to extend Turner’s salary this season, the last of his previous contract. Turner received a $17.1 million pay rise that year, rising from $18 million to $35.1 million for the 2022-23 season, the last of his previous contract. This is the largest annual salary increase while active on contract in NBA history.

This season, Turner is averaging 17.5 points (career-high), 7.9 rebounds (career-high), 1.4 assists and 2.4 blocks in 30 minutes on 39.1% shooting (career-high), making him one of the top blockers the league.

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What does Paul George’s injury mean for the LA Clippers? The impact ahead of the 2023 NBA Playoffs



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hard hit for some LA Clippers who had started to be among the favorites for the 2022-2023 season. Paul George suffered a right knee injuryin a loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday, March 21 and The remainder of the Tactical Phase will be lost to the Angels.

Below is a review of it details on George’s injury and how it affects the Clippers.

What injury did Paul George suffer?

After undergoing an MRI, Paul George was found to have suffered a right knee sprain. The same leg he suffered a very serious injury in 2014 when he suffered a fractured tibia and fibula while representing the United States National Team.

Since that fracture in 2014, George had injury problems, but mostly in his upper body (shoulder and elbow). This is the first serious knee injury of his career.

When will Paul George return from injury?

Estimated timelines for diagnosing your injury mark a recovery process between two and three weeks, to be reassessed there. In this way, George is almost certain to miss the remainder of the regular season.

His participation in the Playoffs will be determined when he is re-evaluated, in the first days of April. The postseason begins Saturday, April 15.while on Tuesday the 11th the West Play-In begins.

The Paul George contract

Paul George signed a four-year, $176 million contract extension in 2020. Currently in the second year of this extension, the collection 42.5 million in the 2022-2023 campaign.

In 2023-2024 it will charge 45.6 millionwhile for the 2024-2025 season it has a The player’s choice is valid for 48.8 million.

How does Paul George’s injury affect the LA Clippers?

At the time of George’s injury, the Clippers were 38-35 and ranked fifth in the Western Conference. But beyond their position and record, their performances in the previous weeks began to distinguish them from each other campaign candidates.

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George finally looked healthy and had shared back-to-back gameson a team that, aside from the addition of Russell Westbrook midway through the regular season, had begun to win the chemistry and knowledge which they did not have in previous years.

Outside of Denver and Phoenix, the Clippers had the case to incorporate it second batch of western favouritesalong with teams like Memphis or beyond their 2022-2023 non-regular, Golden State.

Of course the defeat of Giorgos hits this expectation, in a team that now It will depend almost entirely on what Kawhi Leonard does as a superstar.. There will be good defenders and role players around him, but not really decisive pieces to contend with in a postseason run.

With how uniform the classification of the West is, A couple of back-to-back losses can send those from Lue into the Play-In. And even if they do go straight to the playoffs, we’ll have to wait and see how and when George returns.

Before George’s injury, the Clippers had a clean sheet (difference per 100 possessions) +8.3 with PG and Leonard on the court and had positive balance in any lineup that featured the former Thunder forward: +3.6 (even counting the quintets without Kawhi).

However, any formation without George drops to -6.5. Even quintets with Leonard on the court, but no PG, reflect a negative balance: -0.3. Reversing this trend and staying among the best in the West will be difficult.

The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the NBA or its organizations.

Source: Sporting News

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LeBron James and Kevin Durant Injuries: Why the NBA’s Greatest Rivalry Is Dormant



(NBAE via Getty Images)

Whenever Kevin Durant and LeBron James face to face, it is a sight not to be missed. However, in recent years this duel is essentially impossible to observe for league fans.

Both Durant and James are unique talents. That two players of this caliber can share almost 16 seasons it feels too good to be true. And in recent years, it is. And it is that when the Suns face the Lakers, that Wednesday, March 22they will have passed 1,548 days (and counting) since the two met on an NBA court.

they didn’t enter preseasonwhere the Lakers faced the Durand Nets twice in 2019. Neither in normal phase, where Durant and James’ teams have met a total of 11 times since their last meeting. Less on All Star Game. And neither in Playoffsalthough the likelihood of that happening has increased with KD’s return to the Western Conference.

The last time Durant and James met was Christmas 2018. KD was in his final season with them warriors and James was driving first with the Lakers.

Long before Durant’s plans to move to Brooklyn came to fruition, it appeared that the rivalry had opened a new chapter when the The Lakers defeated the Warriorsdespite James left early with a groin injury which derailed his first campaign in Los Angeles.

This injury to James caused the new stage of the rivalry to end the same day it began. And more than four years later, the next chapter remains unwritten.

The injuries were the biggest culprits in this streak of bad luck heralded by James’ retirement in 2018. Less than six months later, Durant suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon that sidelined him for the entire 2019-2020 season. And since then, there have already been 17 occasions where their teams have faced each other without either being available.

The lost games of the duel LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant

Date Game Outside Reason
1 January 21, 2019 Lakers vs. warriors James groin tear
2 February 2, 2019 warriors vs. Lakers James groin tear
3 April 4, 2019 Lakers vs. warriors James groin tear
4 October 10, 2019 Lakers vs. Nets (Preseason) Durant Achilles tendon
5 October 12, 2019 Nets vs. Lakers (Preseason) Durant Achilles tendon
6 January 23, 2020 Nets vs. Lakers Durant Achilles tendon
7 March 10, 2020 Lakers vs. Nets Durant Achilles tendon
8 February 18, 2021 Lakers vs. Nets Durant Left thigh tears
9 March 7, 2021 Team LeBron vs. The Durant team Durant Left thigh tears
10 April 10, 2021 Nets vs. Lakers James Sprained right ankle
eleven December 25, 2021 Lakers vs. Nets Durant Health and safety protocols
12 January 25, 2022 Nets vs. Lakers Durant Left knee sprain
13 February 20, 2022 Team Durant vs. Team LeBron Durant Left knee sprain
14 November 13, 2022 Nets vs. Lakers James Left adductor tear
fifteen January 30, 2023 Lakers vs. Nets Durant and James Knee (Durant) and Ankle (James)
16 February 19, 2023 Team LeBron vs. John’s team Durant Left knee sprain
17 March 22, 2023 Lakers vs. suns Durant and James Ankle (Durant), Foot (James)

Source: Sporting News

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Thanasis Antetokounmpo is out for the third game, three more absences for the Bucks in the Spurs game




Without Dragic, Crowder, Leonard, Thanasis Antetokounmpo, the Bucks will host the Spurs in Milwaukee tonight.

Thanasis Antetokounmpo, who will not be available for the Bucks’ home game tonight (02:00) against the San Antonio Spurs, is missing for the third game in a row.

“Not with the team” is written next to the Greek forward’s name in the NBA’s injury report, with Mike Budenholzer also not counting Goran Dragic (left knee), Jae Crowder (left calf) and Magers Leonard (left calf).

The Bucks are 51-20 (29-7 home – 22-13 a) and continue to aim for the best record in the league that will give them absolute home advantage in the playoffs. Spurs are 14th in the West with 19-53 (13-25 home and 6-8 away).

Source: sport 24

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