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The leaders of the Bundesliga and a surprise from Ligue 1. The most spectacular teams



“Visibility” tried to digitize.

During football weekends, it is often the case that you have to fight over which game to choose. The criteria for match attractiveness seem subjective and not calculable. Still, ESPN manages to rank as “watchable,” and not for the first time. We decided to take a look at this list and tell you about it. Suddenly, the next time a dilemma arises, it will help you. Also, there are some surprises here.

For example, the French Ligue 1 has long been much more spectacular than many years ago, when the stereotype of it as a closed championship was formed. It should be noted that only teams from the leagues of England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France participate in the table. First, let’s look at the criteria.

Evaluation rules

Teams are rated on a ten-point scale rounded to the nearest tenth. During the evaluation, many factors with different weights are taken into consideration. Just over a third of the weight has the most logical criterion, which is on the surface: the number of goals and shots on target in matches involving the team. And both in its performance and on its gates.

In second place is such a factor as the pressure and intensity of the game. It’s increasingly interesting to watch live and dynamic football, even if it doesn’t necessarily involve many goals. This factor has a weight of about a quarter. In third place in terms of contribution is the quality of the game against strong opponents who score many points on average. Then follows such a factor as the “verticality” of the game, in which the team tends to move more often in attack without long traverse movements.

To a much lesser extent, but still, factors such as the quality of the game as a whole, i.e. the number of points scored, as well as interceptions and changes in the direction of attacks and, of course, tension are taken into account. Because not always a match in which the score is 4:0 at the end of half an hour of play can not always be called attractive.

So, the rating of the most “watchable” teams in this case is as follows:

1.Bayern (9.8)

The undisputed leader in all the criteria described is Bayern. And the change of head coach is unlikely to affect this. Bayern have almost always been like this. He has some problems in the Bundesliga this season, but they are caused by an overestimated level of expectation. For example, Bayern score more in the top five leagues.
But he has a problem with matches ending in a draw or with a one-goal difference. In the previous ten seasons, Bayern averaged 1.91 points in such matches, and this year it is 1.08 points. It cost the Munichers about ten points by their usual standards.

2.Borussia Dortmund (9.6)

And here again the representative of Germany, and expected. Borussia tried to challenge Bayern in the championship race, even if the last face-off failed. By most entertainment criteria, Borussia are just behind Bayern. For example, only in matches with the participation of Munich, Werder Bremen and Troyes are more goals scored than in matches with Borussia. But Dortmund have excellent indicators of intensity.

3. Lilac (9.6)

Two years ago, Lille sensationally won the French championship, relying on defense and counter-attack. Now, under Paulo Fonseca, Lille play much more diverse, but this is not always associated with success, but offers more entertainment. Lille always have many chances to score and the opponents have counter-attack possibilities.

4. Liverpool (9.5)

Jurgen Klopp’s team in all classifications turned out to be close to the top. And few would argue that matches involving Liverpool are interesting to watch, even when the team is in big trouble with positive results. Pressing, attacks, scoring chances – this guarantees fun.

5. Marseille (9.5)

The same score was received by Marseille, who just added significantly this year. It is interesting that the Provencals play in the style of a gambling young attacking team, with a very old composition. Ten of Marseille’s 14 best players are between the ages of 28 and 36. Tudor’s team presses hard, combines intelligently, strikes often, but also allows the opponents to attack. In terms of the intensity of the action in the offensive third, this is one of the best teams.

6. Arsenal (9.4)

Possibly the biggest advance in Arsenal’s “watchability” ranking. The Gunners have not only made a breakthrough in the league, but also here. In last year’s standings they were 51st, and here they are close to the top. Arsenal have learned to play both ball control and fast vertical kick, press hard overhead, allow others to strike and score, but themselves beat their opponents.

7. Toulouse (9.2)

Perhaps the most unexpected representative among the “watchable” teams. Back in Ligue 1, Toulouse decided not to close down, remaining in the elite, but to meet opponents with open attacking football. And the bet worked. At least Toulouse will stay in Ligue 1, and it’s always a pleasure to watch their games. In many ways, this is ensured by the youth and talent of the players, as well as the reckless desire to move forward.

8. Munich (9.2)

And again the representative of Ligue 1 is in the lead. Problems with the reliability of Monaco’s defense do not allow them to succeed in the fight for a place in the Champions League, but for this rating they are beneficial. In addition to a greater emphasis on attack, which appeared with the arrival of Philippe Clement as head coach and the acquisition of Brel Embolo in attack. Lots of creative moves and pressures, lots of mistakes in the back, plus intensity and excitement – guaranteed fun.

9.Manchester City (9.2)

A clear example of the fact that the rating is able to subtly distinguish between dominance and showmanship. After all, many dislike Josep Guardiola’s teams, despite their efficiency and effectiveness, due to the emphasis on ball control with lateral passes. This reduces the “watchability” of “citizens”. But they still have good pressing, lots of shots and goals and good creativity.

10. Naples (9.1)

Also a good twist. Last year the Neapolitans were only 27 in this ranking, and now they are in the top ten. All thanks to the magic of Kvaratskhelia and Osimhen, which lead Napoli to the Scudetto and the breakthrough in the Champions League. Not all the parameters of entertainment are respected perfectly, but it is certainly pleasant to watch the Neapolitans’ matches.

Worth mentioning

An entire group of teams in this league table has nine points each. This PSG, Barcelona, ​​​​Leeds, Inter Milan and Atalanta. Even their combinations very often bring pleasure to those who look at them. Brighton, Augsburg, Milan, Real Madrid, Udinese, Sevilla, Lyon, Manchester United, Fiorentina and Lance have eight to nine points. Here you can already come across dull performances more often than the leaders, but in general the games remain spectacular.

Now let’s skip the huge layer of intermediate options and mention those whose matches in the overwhelming majority of cases bring boredom and torment the audience, based on the criteria described above. These are the teams that have less than one point: Torino, Nottingham Forest, Everton, Angers, Sampdoria, Roma, West Ham, Cadiz, Union Berlin, Getafe”, “Mallorca” and “Crystal Palace”.

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