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Champions League

Mancini: “City are favourites, but the final with Inter is open”



Manchester City appear to be the big favorites to win the Champions League this year, but coach Roberto Mancini isn’t writing off Inter Milan and made that clear with his placement in the final.

In recent years, Manchester City have suffered problems in the Champions League, either because they were up against English sides who were unaware of the danger they were facing (Tottenham, Liverpool, Chelsea) or because they failed against… seven-man Real , but this year … scenario was written differently.

One team from the island failed to find their way in either the group stage or the knockout rounds, while this year’s hurdle, Real, as the ‘leaders’ last season, made sure to overcome it in style and in which they are about to reach the final of the Champions League for the second time in three years and have the first word in the cup.

And that’s because in front of them is the defending champions of three Champions Leagues, Inter, but they don’t have the dynamism and squad of the citizens, since the Nerazzurri have already managed to reach Istanbul and are considered absolute underdogs.

Still, no one can write them off, and that’s what Roberto Mancini, former Inter Milan and Manchester City coach and current Italy national team coach, believes says:

“We have three Italian teams in the three European finals, Inter, Roma and Fiorentina, and we can aim for three wins.”

Of course it’s not easy, but it’s possible. The Serie A teams that were in the final have 12-13 teams each and that’s important.

Many think it’s obvious that City will win. They are favourites, but everything remains open, like Sevilla – Roma and West Ham – Fiorentina.”

Source: Sport 24

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Champions League

AEK: I avoided a strong team and got to know the definitive list of potential opponents in Champions League qualification




AEK have the definitive list of possible opponents in the Champions League 3rd qualifying round, with one significant elimination and two newcomers. What to expect from the Europa League draw.

Most national competitions in Europe are over. AEK waited for some of these to be completed, but no more. The important squad changes that are taking place and could impact the Union’s path have eliminated a strong opponent and presented them with other potential Champions League 3 qualifying rounds.

The Young Boys came out on the opening shot

The Young Boys were the only strong team in the 3rd qualifying round for a long time, as was AEK the only weak team. Inter winning a ticket for the Champions League groups up to Serie A triggered a domino effect that sent the Swiss champions into the play-offs and disappeared from the Greek champions’ radar at least in the first phase.

In addition, the following changes also occurred: Ukrainian champions Shakhtar advanced from the playoffs to the groups, Czech champions Sparta advanced from the second to the 3rd qualifying round, and Turkish and Cypriot champions Galatasaray and Aris advanced to the 2nd qualifying round before the first.

Croats, Danes and Turks if…

AEK have known for some time that their possible opponents also include the two from the 2nd qualifying round, including Dinamo Zagreb. After last week, he learned of two other similar cases.

Copenhagen mathematically won the title in Denmark and the two who are in the 2nd qualifying round are candidates for the draw with AEK. The same applies to the pair of Galatasaray, who won a round and thus participate in the same draw as the Greek team.

These are also the last pairs known before the qualification process begins. Three more will appear in the strong group, however these will be announced once the 1st qualifying round is complete.

Chances are that in the remaining three pairs that will form the strong group, there will be teams like Ferencvaros, Garabah, Slovan, Sheriff, BATE, Asana, Maccabi Haifa, etc. so strong in pair along with three weak ones like Lincoln Red Ibs, Klaksvik, Partizani but also Polish champion Rakof by Yiannis Papanikolaou and Stratos Svarnas.j.

Visible opportunity to get strong

The draws with the presence of pairs and not clubs give AEK several chances to rise to a strong number in the draw of the playoffs, in which they will be present, since they will be played before their matches in the 3rd qualifying round .

As already mentioned, the “Yellows and Blacks” need a proper draw to place themselves in the group of powerful and theoretically increase their chances of reaching the gold group stage of the competition.

A suitable draw means a highly rated opponent in the 3rd qualifier, allowing them to take them on in the playoff draw and (along with their opponent in the 3rd qualifier) ​​become a powerhouse.

Teams like Ferencvaros, Garabaga, Galatasaray, Copenhagen, if they reach the 3rd qualifying round and get drawn AEK, will probably give them a factor that sends them to the strong playoffs.

On the contrary, when AEK meets a pair where the strongest teams will be like BATE, Sherif, Astana, etc., the path to… a move seems more difficult, even if the chances of qualifying for the playoffs are against such teams climb an opponent.

The dates of the qualifiers

Union will play the first game of the 3rd qualifying round on August 8th and 9th, the second on the 15th of the month (draw on July 24th). If they reach the playoffs (drawing on August 7th), then they will meet for the first time on August 22nd and 23rd and for the second time on August 29th and 30th of the month and secure the “ticket” for the groups .

Should he be eliminated in the 3rd qualifier, he will play in the Europa League play-offs on August 24th and play the second leg on the 31st of the month (draw on August 7th). If they are eliminated in the Champions League play-offs, they move up the Europa League groups, while if they are eliminated in the Europa League play-offs they are relegated to the Europa Conference League groups.

Made with Flourish

In the Europa League draw

UEFA’s odd programming will evoke another paradox we’ve seen with then-Greek champions Olympiacos in recent years.

Although in the Champions League, AEK will also find themselves in the Europa League draw even if they never go out! The reason lies in the short period of time available for the qualifiers and the second-tier UEFA competition. As a result, they will be included in the Europa League play-off draw on August 7th along with their 3rd qualifying round pairing.

The new (and complicated) system includes four priority groups, each of which includes groups from different… sources.

  • The group 1st priority These include Ajax (Netherlands), LASK (Austria), Belgium’s Cup Winners or Third Party (Antwerpen or Union or Genk), Ukraine’s Third Party (Dnipro or Zorya), Scotland’s Cup Winners or Third Party (Inverness or Aberdeen) and Chukaritsky (Serbia).
  • The group 2nd priority includes the six losers of the Champions League 3rd qualifying round and the champions path. AEK could also be in this group if they are disqualified at the first hurdle they encounter in the top club competition qualifiers
  • The group 3rd priority comprises the five winners from the qualifying round of the Europa League champions
  • The group 4th priority includes Lugano and the two winners from the non-champions path of the Europa League qualifying round and therefore Olympiacos if they qualify

The draw takes place in such a way that the three teams from the 4th priority group open the process and are drawn with three teams from the 1st priority group. The remaining three teams from the 1st priority group will be assigned three teams from the 3rd priority group. The remaining two teams from the 3rd capacity group, along with the six teams from the 2nd priority group, including AEK, will enter the playoff final four pairs draw.

Champions League Qualification – Path of Champions


Strong (2 groups)

  1. Budukhnost (Montenegro) 7,500
  2. broad view (Iceland) 6,000

Powerless (2 groups)

  1. three pennies (San Marino) 4,000
  2. Athletic d’Escaldes (Andorra) 1,033


Strong (15 Teams)

  1. Ferencvaros (Hungary) 27,000
  2. Karabakh (Azerbaijan) 25,000
  3. Slovak (Slovakia) 24,500
  4. sheriff (Moldova) 19,500
  5. BATE (Belarus) 15,000
  6. Astana (Kazakhstan) 14,000
  7. Maccabi Haifa (Israel) 13,000
  8. Ludogorets (21,000) or CSKA Sofia (13,000) – Bulgarian champion
  9. Zalgiris (Lithuania) 11,000
  10. Helsinki (Finland) 11,000
  11. flora (Estonia) 10,500
  12. shamrock (Ireland) 9,000
  13. The New Saints (Wales) 9,000
  14. Olympia (Slovenia) 9,000
  15. Zrinsky (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 8,500

Powerless (15 teams)

  1. Lincoln Red Ibbs (Gibraltar) 8,500
  2. Claxwick (Faroe Islands) 8,000
  3. Preliminary Round Winner (7,500)
  4. Dynamo Tbilisi (Agriculture) 7,500
  5. Rakov (Poland) 5,000
  6. partisan (Albania) 5,000
  7. hedges (Sweden) 4,750
  8. Farul (Romania) 4,100
  9. Valmiera (Latvia) 3,500
  10. Balkans (Kosovo) 3,000
  11. larne (Northern Ireland) 3,000
  12. Urartu (3,000) or Punic (8,000) – champion from Armenia
  13. Hamrun Spartans (Malta) 2,500
  14. Esperance (Luxembourg) 1,800
  15. Struga (North Macedonia) 1,100


Strong (10 groups)

  1. dynamo (Croatian) 55,000
  2. Copenhagen (Denmark) 40,500
  3. Galatasaray (Turkey) 31,500
  4. pair that includes Ferentsvaros (27,000)
  5. A couple to which she belongs Karabakh (25,000)
  6. pair that includes Slovak (24,500)
  7. Molde (Norway) 24,000
  8. pair that includes sheriff (19,500)
  9. A couple to which she belongs COME IN (15,000)

powerless (10 groups)

  1. pair that includes Maccabi Haifa (13,000)
  2. pair that includes Zalgiris (11,000)
  3. A couple to which she belongs Helsinki (11,000)
  4. pair that includes flora (10,500)
  5. pair that includes shamrock (9,000)
  6. pair that includes The New Saints (9,000)
  7. A couple to which she belongs Olympia (9,000)
  8. pair that includes Zrinsky (8,500)
  9. Mars (Cyprus) 4,895

Not clear

  • A couple to which she belongs Astana (14,000)
  • A couple to which she belongs champion Bulgaria (13.000-21.0.00)


Strong (6 groups)

  1. A couple to which she belongs dynamo (55,000)
  2. A couple to which she belongs Copenhagen (40,500)
  3. pair that includes Galatasaray (31,500)

Powerless (6 teams)

  1. pair that includes Molde (24,000)
  2. Sparti (Czech Republic) 14,000
  3. AEK (Greece) 11,000

Not clear

  • 6 winners from the 2nd qualifying round


Strong (4 teams)

  • young boys (Switzerland) 34,500

Powerless (4 groups)

  • Antwerp (17,000) or Union (19,000) or Genk (18,000) – champion Belgium

Not clear

  • + 6 winners from the 3rd qualifying round

Group stage (32 teams)


  1. ticket holder Champions League
  2. Seville (Spain) 91,000
  3. Manchester City (England) ≥140,000
  4. Barcelona (Spain) 98,000
  5. Naples (Italy) 81,000
  6. Bavaria (Germany) 136,000)
  7. Paris (France) 112,000
  8. Benfica (Portugal) 82,000


  • Inter (Italy) ≥96,000


  • Feyenoord (Netherlands) 51,000


  1. real (Spain) 121,000
  2. Manchester United (England) 103,000
  3. Dortmund (Germany) 86,000
  4. Atlético (Spain) 85,000
  5. Leipzig (Germany) 84,000
  6. postage (Portugal) 81,000
  7. arsenal (England) 76,000


  • Shakhtar (Ukraine) 63,000


  1. Salzburg (Austria) 59,000
  2. Milan (Italy) 50,000
  3. Lazio (Italy) 42,000
  4. Red Star (Serbia) 42,000


  • Real Sociedad (Spain) 33,000
  • Celtic (Scotland) 31,000
  • Newcastle (England) ≥21.628
  • + 4 winners from the Champions Playoffs
  • + 2 winners from the non-champions playoffs


  1. Union (Germany) 17,000
  2. lance (France) 12,232

Source: Sport 24

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Champions League

Inter finds new title sponsor for Champions League final




Milan “Inter” officially announced the start of cooperation with the famous film company “Paramount Pictures”. The company will be the title sponsor of the club for the last two games of the season, the Serie A match against Turin (June 3) and the Champions League final with Manchester City (June 10).

For these two matches, Inter will receive 9 million euros from Paramount Pictures. Starting next season, the company’s logo will appear on the back of the t-shirts, below the match numbers.

Inter’s title sponsor position was vacant in early May when the Digitalbits logo was removed from the club’s jerseys. The company, which was experiencing financial problems, did not pay the 25 million euros it had contracted for the season. Inter intends to seek payment of this amount in court.

At the same time, Inter is busy looking for a new title sponsor for next season. The two main competitors are Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways.

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Source: Sport UA

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Champions League

Haaland: “Manchester City made me win the treble”




Manchester City have two big finals ahead of them against United and Inter Milan and Erling Haaland sent a clear message to friends and rivals alike, stressing that the Citizens made him lead them to a historic treble.

Manchester City, with Pep Guardiola on the bench, are the absolute dominators within the limits and have shown it again this year by winning the league for the third straight season and fifth in six years.

Of course, the noticeable difference from previous seasons is Erling Haaland, who broke records with 36 goals in the Premier League (in 35 games) and 52 in all competitions (51 goals), with Norgigos being the Manchester Blues’ big weapon achieve historical goal.

This is nothing short of the treble United have managed to achieve with their compatriots since 1999 and the Citizens are just two games away from achieving it after having as many finals ahead of them: that of the FA Cup against the Red Devils on June 3rd and that of the Champions League against Inter on the 10th of the month.

How much the City people want to achieve this goal was even shown by Erling Haaland’s statements to BBC, with the Norwegian striker stressing:

“It will be surreal to bring home the treble, although that’s why Manchester City brought me in. We can’t hide this and I will do whatever it takes to make it happen. This is the biggest dream of my life and I hope it will come true.”

It’s clear it won’t be easy, there are two finals against two good teams. They will both be motivated and ready for anything, they will do everything to achieve our goal, but if we do our best we have a good chance of lifting both trophies.”

Source: Sport 24

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