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Champions League

Naples – Real Madrid. Announcement and prediction for the Champions League match 10/03/2023



As part of a new round of the UEFA Champions League group stage, Quartet C is looking forward to a showdown between Italy’s Napoli and Spain’s Real, which will take place at the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona in Naples.



Behind the draw bags, Group F was recognized from the very beginning as one of the most interesting and intriguing, but the first round showed the real intensity of the competition. Union, which is not yet in the shortest period, did not score any points against Real Madrid in Madrid, but still lost (0:1) and Napoli defeated Braga (2:0). The other tour will feature the leaders of the group: Napolita Real.

The Neapolitans are a bit nervous at the start of this campaign. Here you have the first step in Serie A. Napoli has lost points in three games and is currently in third place. This year there was a scandal about Osimgen and Rudy Garcia, which was posted on social networks at the Nigerian address. Prote, it seems the team is showing signs of preparation, and the remaining big wins in the championship are the best proof of that. In the middle of the season they defeated Udinese (4:1), and at the weekend – Lecce (4:0).

Real Madrid is currently off to a good start to the season. Carlo Ancelotti’s team won 8 out of 9 matches and only lost to Atlético Madrid (1:3). At the same time there were fights for Real Sociedad, which also plays in the Champions League, and for Girona. The victory over the Catalans last weekend alone gave the “Vershkov” the opportunity to top the tournament table of the Spanish championship.

The following shows Jude Bellingham’s achievements: 7 goals and 2 assists in 8 games – a great result for a newcomer.

Partner Sportish.cocompany FavoriteIt is important that this opponent has a clear favorite. For example, Napoli’s victory is rated with a coefficient of 2.71, while Real’s potential success is rated with a coefficient of 2.57. The probability of a draw is represented by a coefficient of 3.75.


Naples: Meret – Di Lorenzo, Estigor, Nathan, Oliveira – Angissa, Lobotka, Zelinski – Politano, Osimgen, Kvaratskheliya.

Real: Kepa – Carvajal, Rüdiger, Nacho, Camavinga – Valverde, Chuameni, Modric – Bellingham – Joselu, Vicious.

Do not play: Rrahmani – Guler, Courtois, Militao.


The teams played 4 matches against each other: 3 wins for Real and 1 draw. The Italians and the Spaniards played the 1/8 finals of the Champions League in the 2017 round. Madrid triumphed with the result – 3:1.


footballprediction 1:1

Source: Football UA

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Champions League

Mazzarri: Real Madrid, as I thought, given the 2:2 draw




Italian Napoli lost to Real Madrid in the away match of the fifth round of the UEFA Champions League.

Head coach of “Partenopeia” Walter Mazzarri commented on the performance of the powerful team after the match.

“Carlo Ancelotti is my good friend and a very good coach. But when my team gives up, my mind becomes foggy after the final whistle and I can’t even remember what he said to me.”

I think our team performed very well, and if the result was 2:2 and we had made two or three counter-attacks, I think we could have won. At that moment they didn’t risk us anything, and it looked like Real saw each other.

After conceding the third goal, we had the opportunity to run forward and go straight, which lifted the team out of the water. Nothing changes if you play 3:2 and 4:2. I have identified for myself the team’s actions, which we have already discussed with the team, but overall it was a good match.

Osimgen? After spending 20 to 25 weeks on the pitch at Atalanta this weekend, we couldn’t risk a relapse. Vin turns around step by step.

We were tired, because there was a lot of fun in the season. I don’t want to get lost in the hassle of preparation and I don’t dare judge the work of those who were here before me, so I just have to focus on what has happened from the moment I arrived.

I’m glad the boys showed fighting spirit and we managed to bring the team to a strong finish, overcoming the wrath of the superniks the night before.

When you play at such a level it is always important. Tactfully, the singers began to change, trying to protect themselves from the body, pressing the body and trying to play the yakomag ball faster, creating small clouds of water.

However, football is deprived of this, when you are stuck with a champion who can circle a digger and pass in open space,” said the Italian coach.

In the last match of the match, Neapolitan Napoli plays at home against Portuguese Braga.

Source: Football UA

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Champions League

Lunin missed two games in what could be an emotional battle against Napoli for Real Madrid




Regardless of the draw scenario, each UEFA Champions League quartet will find a strong favorite. It’s just that, for example, Real Madrid, whose status was really confirmed by the move, wasn’t. In the quartet under the letter C, Carlo Ancelotti’s team had achieved victories in several matches before the big day, so they were very proud for the home match against Italian champions Napoli, which planned to win the rest of your group.

Apparently “Partenope” is slightly longer than its direct competitor’s product; it can easily be put into the pouch from the first row, which also appeared to be an extremely complex plant. Beer on the flask, less and less went to the benefit of the guests. Walter Mazzarri’s team opened the attack in the seventh quarter, when a wide attack resulted in a scoring shot for Simeone, who was already on the line, after Di Lorenzo’s free kick was thrown in from the right flank.

The Real Madrid defender then burst into flames without helping Lunin, leaving the attackers to fight for him. It’s good that Rodrigo was in the starting warehouse, and through him Braim started the Swedish attack, and his partner from the left flank of the penalty hit the far corner with a targeted blow. 1:1 – and everyone started to think that this was for the sake of a higher level of intrigue.

True, Napoli then began to threaten positions, and Real Madrid, on the other hand, added and scored another goal in the middle of the first half, when Alaba threw from deep on the left flank, knowing that Bellingham’s head was in the center . from the penalty kick, and then beautifully shot out to the dedicated corps. It was already important for Mazzarri’s team to resist, so they decided to end the activity for the other half of the period.

No wonder, because already with the first attack, Zambo-Anguissa decided to break through from the jump from an acute angle on the right flank of the penalty box and not to try again to make a cross to the fresh Osimgen in the center. The near side of the moon is closed and the far side is closed. Once again those partners were no longer wary of the ball. The situation was not in Real’s favor, but not critical, as more was lost in an hour.

The Italian team will be on the defensive for a few minutes, but will not make any move to counter-attack, and then they will endure the role of another number on the football field until the end of the main hour. The Madrilenians were now crying out for more and more space and could not wait for the moment when they decided to score those goals. More precisely, their attacker Joselu began to work, on whom the whole team played, but was constantly killed.

The young Vikhovantsev club Nicholas Paz Martinez had a chance to resolve the situation, who on the 84th line released Cayuste on the right flank, went to the penalty box and forced a low shot into the near corner, to which Meret stopped responding . And only after Josel decided to say his word, he could not say anything as Bellingham, with his pass from the left flank from the free kick, simply put the ball into the empty far corner.

In the final round, Real Madrid plays away to Union Berlin and the Italian Napoli takes on the Portuguese Braga.

Real – Naples 4:2
Goli: Rodrigo, 11, Bellingham, 21, Paz, 84, Joselu, 90+4 – Simeone, 9, Zambo-Anguissa, 47

Real: Lunin – Carvajal, Rüdiger, Alaba, Mendi (Nacho, 87) – Kroos – Valverde, Ceballos (Joselu, 57) – Bellingham – Braim (Paz, 65), Rodrigo (Vazquez, 87).

Naples: Meret – Di Lorenzo, Rrahmani, Nathan, Jesus (Zanoli, 87) – Zambo-Anghissa, Lobotka (Raspadori, 87), Zelinski (Elmas, 66) – Politano (Cayuste, 78), Simeone (Osimgen, 51), Kvaratskhelia.

Posted by: Zelinski, Cajuste.

Source: Football UA

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Champions League

ANCELOTTI: Real Madrid lacked aggressiveness in defense




Real Madrid head coach Carlo Ancelotti commented after the match against Napoli (4:2).

“I think this was an even and competitive match. We did a good job at the possession level and moved from defense to attack successfully. We could have played better defensively. We were organized but not very aggressive. We showed more energy in the last part of the match. We needed to be more determined in our penalty area.

We are tired, some players have cramps, but this is normal. It was a very tense match.

Bellingham surprises every day, every game. It surprises everyone, it is a gift for football. The Madrid coach and fans are very happy with him, but I think the whole football world is happy to see a young man with so much potential and a positive image.

Are you comparing Bellingham to Zidane? Jude enters the penalty area more often, while Zidane has more individual qualities. But this is modern football, there are more players moving vertically and putting themselves into someone else’s penalty area,” Marca quotes Carlo Ancelotti as saying.

Source: Sport UA

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