Dynamo striker Vladislav Vanat commented on the undersack match against Fenerbahce (0:2) in the sixth round of the Europa League group stage.

Significantly, the Kiyans ended their quartet with the rest, with just 1 point.

“We had an attitude of applying pressure and tackling the victorious zones behind the superniks. In the other half they played three better, lower in the first, but they all failed to reach the result. In the first half we conceded two balls In the first episode our gravity was spared, in the other The moment is marked by a football player, from which I can play under the hour of the standard.

This is my debut season at such a level, and it dawned on me that I need to practice more and beat the skin moment, to win like a win alone, you can’t be more in the match. “

Dali the attacker for food, that the team is ready and let the two girls come out.

“Of course we had a lot of transfers for the rest of the hour. Two matches in Ukraine, moreover most in Kiev, will not be a problem for us.”

Okremo Vanat commented the moment with his unrealizable moment.

“We chose superman’s goalkeeper’s group, and I always had to get out of the gate. Basically I got so robbed in this episode, but I didn’t fall in, I also went over my cut – and the chances of getting too scoring were already not that big. We were cunning for me.”

Nasamkinets is a 20-year-old football player who is eligible for food, which respects Dynamo’s fundamentals.

“There are no basic grinds, it is necessary to take it to the skin training” – suggested Vladislav.

Let’s guess, after the fight with the Turkish team, Kiyan Mircea Lucescu’s head coach also helped.