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PSAPP has established a mental health service for its members



An important step was taken by the PSAPP, which made an announcement on Friday (3/4) that all its members are now receiving psychological support.

Once again the Panhellenic Association of Paid Footballers and Soccer Players (PSAPP) shows their social sensibilities and launches a great action.

As announced on Friday (4/3) through an announcement Agreement with a team of professional psychologists and sports consultants, offers its members psychological support from now on.

PSAPP’s announcement in detail:

PSAPP has established a mental health service for its members.

PSAPP offers its members, as part of its services, a completely free mental service through its external collaboration with a team of professional psychologists and sports consultants.

The Association deems the need for mental health care in sport and in the football community in particular, and at the critical time we are going through, is taking action to create the Psychological Service, aimed at the psychological support, well-being and spiritual empowerment of footballers and football promoting gender equality in sport.

The implemented agreement is aimed at all active members of PSAPP and aims to offer individual counseling and psychotherapy conferences live or online, depending on the particular needs of those involved.

Psychological interventions are offered in Greek, Spanish and English.

Indicative problems you can contact us with:
-Mood swings
-Coping with stress
-Personal development of an athlete
anger management
Define realistic goals
-Improving athletic performance
-When recovering from an injury
-Communication skills in a team
-Management of the end of football career

Appointments with the psychological service via the secretariat of the association:

TK 112.57
Tel. +30 210 8210693 / +30 210 8239179
FAX. +30 210 8219829
E-mail: [email protected]”

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Virtuals+: a new offer every week and in June*




More than 1,000 games in 21 virtual sports every day in the virtual arena of

Temperatures that raise the temperature are offered by Virtuals + by throughout June with the “Power June” * promotion.

The major European Championships and inter-club competitions are over and the action is streaming to Virtual Sports. With more than 1,000 races daily, Virtual Arena offers many betting options on 21 virtual sports, such as virtual football, basketball, tennis, horse racing, greyhound racing, formula racing and cycling.

Players can create paroli, combine games from different sports, but also have them paid out until the start.

The largest variety of virtual sports

In Virtuals+, the game flow is continuous. Modern graphics and realistic stages give the impression that players are watching real games. In fact, they can enjoy games with virtual games that contain real snapshots from historical games of the past.

The Virtuals+ range includes more than 40 famous games from the world’s leading providers such as Greek Matchday, English Matchday, Football Greek Single, Football Greek League, Football English League, Football Italian League and NBA Last 60.

* Terms and conditions apply.

Regulatory Authority EEEP Addiction & Loss of Property SUPPORT LINE 1114 Gamble Responsibly

Source: Sport 24

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The processes for occupying the Panionios Academies begin




Panionios announced that exams for its academies will start on May 20-22 for K16-K17 categories and May 23-25 ​​for K15-K14-K13 categories.

Panionios announced that trial runs for filling the club’s infrastructure departments have started. specifically on From May 20th to 22nd the age group K16-K17 will take place, on May 23rd to 25th for K15-K14-K13.

The post of Panionios for the exams

Panionios’ announcement in detail:


PANIONIOS GS SMYRNIS, the biggest sports feeder of our country, invites you to the trials that he will hold for the future stars of our football department.

The exams will take place on two different dates at the PANIONIOS Stadium in Nea Smyrni. For athletes of the category K16-K17 (2006-2005) the exams will take place on 20.-21.-22. May from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

For athletes of the age groups K15-K14-K13 (2007-2008-2009) the exams will take place on 23.-24.-25. May from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Come and be part of the PANIONIA FAMILY”.

Source: Sport 24

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Negative first by Greece in debt to footballers




PSAPP announced in an announcement that the lion’s share of the amounts distributed by FIFA for the second phase of the FIFA FUND will go to the members of the cooperative, as 58 of the 140 applications came from PSAPP.

PSAPP made an announcement for the second phase of the FIFA FUND for footballers who are owed money.

Out of a total of 140 applications worldwide, 58 refer to footballers/members of the PSAPP whose teams have either been relegated or have not declared participation in professional categories in the 2020/21 season.

PSAPP members received a total of €1,255,000 out of a total of €2.75 million (US$1,366,663 out of a total of three million dollars of the fund).

Details from PSAPP in its announcement: The amounts distributed by FIFA for its second phase FIFA FUND .

Out of a total of 140 approved applications worldwide, 58 are from PSAPP and concern our member footballers whose teams have been relegated or have not declared their participation in the 2020-2021 professional championships.

Special Our members will be distributed the sum of $1,366,663 out of the fund’s total of $3,000,000, an amount covering 60% to 100% of the debt owed by the teams to each individual player.

Under these circumstances Greece’s negative world first in debt to footballers is once again reflected in the numbers.

Needless to remind the “firsts” that our country is occupied in the 1st phase of the FIFA FUND, while it seems self-evident and rather formal prediction that as long as the responsible bodies sit there with their arms crossed and do not come up with any substantial solutions to protect the actual protagonists of the sport, the corresponding “premières” will continue for many years to come“.

The two FIFA tables:

The first FIFA table

The second table of FIFA

Source: sport 24

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