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Serie A

Atalanta – Fiorentina 1-0: Lookman shoots it to the top



Atalanta struggled against Fiorentina but broke the Gordian knot with a goal from Lookman in the 59th minute, earning the precious three points that put them jointly at the top of the Serie A table with Napoli.

The Serie A Ranking Penthouse is for two! A day after Napoli’s 3-1 thrashing of Torino came Atalanta’s response as Gian Piero Gasperini’s side beat Fiorentina 1-0 in Bergamo to climb to the top and earn 20 points in which they are involved.

The game didn’t have many stages and was decided by a good team effort from the home side, with Muriel breaking through the Fiorentina’s defense from the left and Lookman delivering a one-and-done assist, with the Englishman taking the lead from the height of the small to give the three points to the area and the violas.

For their part, the Violas equalized with Jovic in the 87th minute but were unable to take anything away from the game, seeing Atalanta an unusual revenge for having overtaken them five months ago in the standings for last place in the European Ticket (7th).

It is worth noting that “Dea” kept another clean sheet (best defense in the division with 3 goals conceded) to celebrate the fifth three points in the last eight league games with the Violas, with Gasperini finishing 299 games on their bench and to match Emiliano Montonico’s performance.

ATALANTA: Sportiello, Toloi (75′ Demiral), Okoli, Skalvini, Hattebur, De Ron, Kopmeiners, Sopi (56′ Mele), Ederson (56′ Pasalic), Lookman (74′ Malinovski), Muriel (74′ Hoylund)

FLORENTINA: Terazzano, Venuti (67′ Terzic), Martines (85′ Duncan), Igor, Biraghi, Bonaventura (67′ Amrabad), Madragora, Barak (75′ Jovic), Icone, Kwame, Saponara (86′ Cabral)

The results of the 8th round:

Saturday October 1st

  • Naples – Turin 3-1 (6′ 12′ Angisa, 37′ Kvaratthelia / 43′ Sanabria)
  • Inter-Roma 1-2 (30′ Dimarco / 39′ Dybala, 75′ Smalling)
  • Empoli – Milan 1-3 (90+2′ Bayrami / 79′ Rebic, 90+4′ Ballo-Toure, 90+7′ Leao)

Sunday October 2nd

  • Lazio – Spezia 4-0 (12′ Tzakani, 24′ Romagnoli, 61′ 90+1′ Milinkovic-Savic)
  • Sassuolo-Salernitana 5-0 (12′ Lauriente, 39′ Pen. Pinamonti, 53′ Thorstvedt, 76′ Arui, 90+2′ Antiste)
  • Lecce – Cremonese 1-1 (42’Stfetsa / 19’Tsofani)
  • Samdoria-Monza 0-3 (11′ Pessina, 67′ Caprari, 90+5′ Sensi)
  • Atalanta – Florence 1-0 (59′ Luqman)
  • Juventus-Bologna 21:45

Monday October 3rd

  • Verona – Udinese 21:45

The best phases

Napoli – Torino 3-1

Inter – Roma 1-2

Empoli – Milan 1-3

Sassuolo-Salernitana 5-0

Samdoria – Monza 0-3

Lecce – Cremonese 1-1

The table of the series A:

The game plan for the 9th matchday:

  • 08/10 16:00 Sassuolo – Inter
  • 08/10 19:00 Milan – Juventus
  • 08/10 21:45 Bologna – Samdoria
  • 09/10 13:30 Torino – Empoli
  • 09/10 16:00 Udinese – Atalanta
  • 09/10 16:00 Monza – Spezia
  • 09/10 16:00 Salernitana Verona
  • 09/10 19:00 Cremonese – Naples
  • 09/10 21:45 Rome – Lecce
  • 10.10. 21:45 Florence – Lazio

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Serie A

New problems for Juventus, Ronaldo demands 19.9 million euros




Cristiano Ronaldo is demanding around 20 million euros from Juventus from the club’s debts as part of agreements made, according to a publication in the Gazzetta dello Sport.

Juventus finances are at the center of three separate investigations that could lead to severe sanctions for the “Bianconeri” and have already led to the resignation of the entire board.

The Gazzetta dello Sport announced on Sunday (December 4) that Cristiano Ronaldo is demanding a salary of around 20 million euros from the Italian club.

This is about wages during the coronavirus pandemic when they have been suspended the championships that will not have been paid for.

The front page of the Gazzetta dello Sport (4/12/22)

We recall that the The Torino Public Prosecutor’s Office and the National Commission for Listed Companies are investigating the finances in the case of capital gains allegedly made by the club through certain transfers, as well as wages “gifted” by footballers during the pandemic.

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Serie A

World Cup 2022, Lukaku: He asked Inter to integrate into training immediately




Romelu Lukaku contacted Inter and asked them to be included in the team’s training immediately.

Players who retire from the World Cup will enjoy certain additional days off, but not Romelu Lukaku.

The Belgian striker contacted Inter and asked them to start training immediately as he didn’t want to take a holiday.

Lukaku is expected to appear in Appiano Gentile within the next three days with a release of “Gazzetta dello Sport” to emphasize that he is determined to be ready as soon as possible.

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Serie A

Juventus: Gianluca Ferrero becomes new president to succeed Agnelli




Italian economist Gianluca Ferrero was appointed Juventus president by owner company Exor to succeed Andrea Agnelli after 12 years.

Juventus find themselves in the midst of administrative turmoil following the resignation of the entire board, under the weight of prosecutors’ investigations into various cases involving revenue concealment and tax evasion.

The group’s CEO, Maurizio Arrivabene, will be the only link to next management as he will not leave until a new board takes over. The AGM has been postponed to January 18, 2023, when the next announcements for the Board of Directors are expected.

The president, who will take over from Andrea Agnelli, was announced on Tuesday by the club’s owning company, Exor. This is Gianluca Ferrero, an economist who is, among other things, deputy chairman of the board of directors of the Bank of Piedmont.

The Turin-born Italian is a Juventus fan involved in restructuring the club’s management in anticipation of developments that could even lead to relegation, according to Sky Italia.

Source: sport 24

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