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Serie A

Bologna – Naples 2: 2: The goals of the top scorer Osimen were not enough for the Partenopei



Champions Napoli took a two-goal lead at the Renato Dall’Ara thanks to Osimen but failed to take the three points and Bologna countered in the last half-hour to secure the draw.

Victor Osimen took the decisive step towards winning the Serie A top scorer title on Sunday afternoon (28/05), but that fact wasn’t enough for Luciano Spalletti’s Napoli to pick up another three points in this year’s competition. Championship, as part of Season 37.

The Partenopei were better in the opening hour and with the Nigerian striker scoring twice in as many chances (he scored 25 goals in the league, Lautaro Martinez was second with 21) he made it 2-0 but a result that didn’t last to the final.

And that’s because this year’s fairly competitive Bologna (Lykogiannis on the bench, absent the injured Kyriakopoulos) made the draw, with Ferguson and De Silvestri beating Golini to sign the final 2-2, leaving the Rossoblu in contention for the honorable eighth place alive keeps place in the standings.

  • BOLOGNA: Skorupski, Posse (74′ De Silvestri), Bonifacci (74′ Medel), Lukumi, Cambiazo, Dominguez, Suten, Abiser (60′ Sansone), Ferguson, Barrow (61′ Moro), Arnautovic (60′ Zirkzy)
  • NAPLES: Golini, Berezinski, Rahmani, Kim (78′ Jesus), Olivera, Angisa, Lobotka, Zielinski (86′ Gaetano), Jerbin (78′ Djedadka), Osimen (66′ Simeone), Kvarachelia (66′ Raspadori)

A goal by Lecce in added time

Simultaneously with the game in Emilia Romagna, the match between Monza and Lecce took place, with the Apulian team causing a big surprise and celebrating a historic result. It was 1-0 for the Salendini in the eleventh minute of added time when Colombo sent the ball in with a penalty and they stayed in the top flight with +5s from Spezia and Verona.

The results of the 37th race

  • Salernitana-Udinese 3-2 (43′ Kastanos, 57′ Candreva, 90+6′ Trost Ekong / 25′ Zehelar, 30′ Nestorovski)
  • Sampdoria-Sassuolo 2-2 (8′ Gabiandini, 78′ auto Erlich / 9′ Berardi, 11′ Enrique)
  • Spezia – Turin 0-4 (24′ auto. Wisniewski, 72′ Ritchie, 76′ Ilic, 90+6′ Karamo)
  • Fiorentina – Rome 2-1 (85′ Jovic, 88′ Icone / 11′ El Saraoui)
  • Inter – Atalanta 3-2 (1′ Lukaku, 3′ Barela, 77′ Martines / 36′ Pasalic, 90+1′ Muriel)
  • Verona – Empoli 1-1 (61′ Gaich / 90+6′ auto. Maniani)
  • Bologna – Naples 2-2 (63′ Ferguson, 84′ De Silvestri / 14′ 54′ Osimen)
  • Monza-Lecce 0-1 (90+11′ Penalties. Colombo)
  • 05/28 7:00 p.m Lazio – Cremonese
  • 05/28 21:45 Juventus – Milan

The highlights

Sampdoria-Sassuolo 2-2

Spezia – Torino 0-4

Salernitana-Udinese 3-2

Fiorentina 2-1 Rome

Inter – Atalanta 3-2

The program of the 38th match day

  • 04.06 Atalanta-Monza
  • 04.06 Cremonese – Salernitana
  • 04.06 Empoli – Lazio
  • 04.06 Naples – Sampdoria
  • 04.06 Rome – Spezia
  • 04.06 Lecce-Bologna
  • 04.06 Sassuolo-Florence
  • 04.06 Milan – Verona
  • 04.06 Udinese – Juventus

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Serie A

Monza’s touching message for Silvio Berlusconi




Monza has not forgotten Silvio Berluscon and proved this with a touching message published on its website about the “cavalier” on the day he would have turned 87.

Last June, the Italian football club said farewell with great honor to Silvio Berlusconi, who died at the age of 86 and left behind a great legacy. His team Monza paid their respects to the cavalier a few months later.

Specifically, on September 29, when he would have turned 87, when the Biancorossi published a moving message to the former Italian Prime Minister with which they wanted to demonstrate his contribution to their team.

“29. September, always a special day. Impossible to forget when the man of dreams was born, in our case the man of the big red and white dream, who changed the history of Monza forever.”

Many wishes for our president. “Silvio Berlusconi is with us forever” reads Monza’s message, with Adriano Galliani having said the following a day earlier on the five-year anniversary of Berlusconi’s purchase of the club:

“Berlusconi told me: ‘We’re going to Serie A,’ which had never happened before in Monza’s 100-year history.”

We were in the third division, it was five years since Silvio Berlusconi took over at Monza and now we are in our second season in Serie A. Something amazing.”

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Serie A

Mourinho on Genoa’s top four: “My worst start to the season as a coach”




Jose Mourinho admitted after Roma’s heavy defeat in Genoa that it was the first time in his career that he had started such a poor season and urged his players to respond immediately in the next league game.

The game at Marasi on Thursday evening (28/09) turned into a party for Genoa and a nightmare for Roma after the hosts won 4-1 in the final and overtook their rivals in the Serie A table. With the Romans for themselves Some remain near the relegation zone.

This was the Giallorossi’s third defeat in their first six games, with last year’s Europa League finalists having only tasted one win in the league this season and Jose Mourinho admitting it was the first time he had had one in his coaching career situation happened.

“It was a game where everything went wrong, but now is not the time for criticism. I need to sleep first to do a thorough analysis. The players’ apology to the fans?

It was a team initiative, respect is sacred. The fans know what I think and feel, that the pain is twice as great, for us and for them.

Now I expect the team to give everything against Frosinone to get the three points. If there is reaction from the population, then we should have the strength to play with additional pressure.

When it was 3-1 the game was over and there was an absolute catastrophe, that happens sometimes.” emphasized the Portuguese coach, adding meaningfully:

“It’s my worst start, but with me Roma played in two consecutive European finals for the first time.”

Source: sport 24

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Serie A

Genoa – Rome 4-1: Party in Genoa and overtaking Mourinho




Genoa dismantled Roma in the “Luigi Ferraris” and overtook them in the Serie A standings.

THE Genoa He celebrated with the rival Roma and with the 4-1 in “Luigi Ferraris” for Matchday 6 of Serie A overtook them on the scoreboard and left them near the relegation zone.

The home side took the lead in the 5th minute through Albert Gudmundsson, with Jose Mourinho’s men in complete control after that, with possession and movement but no counter-attack.

Brian Cristante’s 22nd minute equalizer didn’t last long as the first half ended with a goal from Matteo Retegui that restored the Griffons’ lead.

Andrea Belotti came into the game at half-time but was unable to score. Alberto Gilardino’s changes were more effective after Morten Thorsby and Junior Mesias made the final score 4-1 in the final quarter of the game.

In the battle of the Greeks in the competition, the Monza from George Kyriakopoulos (he played 63 minutes as a left full-back) was drawn 0-0 with the Bologna from Babi Lykogiannis (played 59 minutes as a left-back).

The results of the 6th game

  • Juventus – Lecce 1:0 (57′ Milik)
  • Cagliari – Milan 1-3 (29′ Luvubo / 40′ Okafor, 45′ Tomori, 60′ Loftus Chick)
  • Empoli – Salernitana 1:0 (34′ Baldanci)
  • Verona – Atalanta 0-1 (13′ Copminers)
  • Inter-Sassuolo 1-2 (45+1′ Dumfries / 54′ Bayrami, 63′ Berardi)
  • Lazio – Turin 2:0 (56′ Vesino, 75′ Tzakani)
  • Naples – Udinese 4-1 (19′ penalty. Zielinski, 39′ Osimen, 74′ Kvarachelia, 81′ Simeone / 80′ Samardzic)
  • Frosinone – Fiorentina 1-1 (70′ Soule / 19′ Gonzalez)
  • Monza – Bologna 0-0
  • Genoa – Rome 4-1 (5′ Gudmundsson, 45′ Retegui, 74′ Thoresby, 81′ Mesias / 22′ Cristante)

The highlights

Juventus – Lecce 1-0

Inter – Sassuolo 1-2

Naples – Udinese 4:1

Lazio – Turin 2-0

Empoli – Salernitana 1-0

Verona – Atalanta 0-1

Cagliari – Milan 1-3

Frosinone – Fiorentina 1-1

Monza – Bologna 0-0

The program of the 7th game

  • September 30th 4:00 p.m Lecce – Naples
  • September 30th 7:00 p.m Milan – Lazio
  • September 30th 9:45 p.m Salernitana – Inter
  • 01.10. 1:30 p.m Bologna – Empoli
  • 01.10. 4:00 p.m Udinese – Genoa
  • 01.10. 7:00 p.m Atalanta – Juventus
  • 01/10 9:45 p.m Roma – Frosinon
  • 02.10. 19:30 o’clock Sassuolo – Monza
  • 02.10. 19:30 o’clock Turin – Verona
  • 10.02. 9:45 p.m Florence – Cagliari

Source: sport 24

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