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The most expensive Olympiakos squad needs the right coach



Dimitris Christofidellis writes about Olympiacos, who have the most expensive squad in Greece and need a coach to put his stamp on the dressing room.

Olympiacos is in a phase where everyone and everything is to blame, but it needs to look ahead. The management of the Red-Whites spent a fortune bringing famous footballers to Greece in the second half of August and the first of September and it’s time to do the same for recruiting a coach who will take care of all these players and so on command big list.

The first thing Olympiacos need now is to become a team. With principles, ideas and respect for football. Because football has its own unwritten rules and if you turn your back on it, it will turn you on too.

The regularity of Olympiakos

So, in order to get back to normal, Olympiacos need to have the right coach. Even more so when the red-whites have the most expensive squad in Greece and in their history.

Olympiacos need a technician who can put his stamp on the dressing room and:

First, he will have the personality and influence to manage world-class players.

Second, it will change the psychology of soccer players.

Third, it will give the Piraeus team a competitive identity.

Fourth, he’ll tug on the ears and give Rentis the red lines.

Fifth, he finds a core and settles on 15-16 players to lean on. And then he will do any additions or subtractions depending on the opponent.

Sixth, it will convince footballers that they have the potential to achieve things and believe in themselves more.

Seventh, he will line up, that is, how many players he wants to work with rendis who don’t work for him and who should forgive or go to the second team.

Eighth, it will be compatible with the philosophy of the club. Olympiacos expresses fighting spirit, attacking football, failing to score and then retreating, shutting down and fatally waiting for a goal to be conceded

Ninth, together with his partners, he will improve the physical condition of footballers while avoiding further muscle injuries. The red-whites are paying for the poor preparation of Martins and his staff and they will carry that into the November break at least.

Tenth, he will link his work to the victories that Olympiacos thrive on, as it’s the only way he can be on the red bench.

Olympiacos will not go to experiments

Someone will say that such a bus is expensive and not many are currently available, since the second decade of September also ends. If the red-whites want to work and find peace, they have to “bleed” financially. When they have spent so much money on footballer transfers and contracts, they cannot experiment by giving discounts to the head of technical management.

Blanc and Benitez’s names were whispered even before Corberan was removed, while in the last few hours those of Quique Setien, Marthelinio, Sampaoli, Gratia were also involved but bottom line, Olympiacos management should proceed with the appropriate solution. the one that fits the team philosophy. The choice of coach will also show the mood of the Red and Whites for the next day.

As for the competitions, if a team didn’t beat Volos at home and Asteras Tripoli away, how would they finish with the three points from the game against Aris in Vikelidis? If a team concedes a goal in every game, if every phase of the opponent creates dangerous situations and at the same time is not so effective in attack, how does it come to a result?

The only thing the red-whites can hold on to is James Rodríguez’s positive debut, Manolas’ good presence, Arabi’s mood and Masouras’ resurgence on the net.

-7 off the top of the table after five games is a question, and a serious one at that, but the league still has a long way to go – another 31 games. And Olympiacos has the potential to turn the tables…

Watch the game night with all the developments at Olympiakos:

Source: sport 24

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Zaba: “The PAOK chapter ends here, but the story will not be deleted”




The Brazilian Leo Zaba said goodbye to PAOK with his post on Instagram and emphasized, among other things, that the chapter of the doubleheader ends here, but the story will not be deleted

PAOK have reached an agreement with Leo Zamba to end their collaboration and the Brazilian closed the doubleheader chapter of his career with his message on social media.

“Some decisions in our lives are harder to make. Some moments are unforgettable and some stories never go away.

From the first day I was in Thessaloniki I felt that the care and impact I would have would be unique. Words cannot describe everything I have felt and experienced over the years as a PAOK athlete.

Title. Historical games. Repayment. I lived in this beautiful city until the end of my life. From the happy moments to the ones when I feared for my life. And that shaped me, there’s no denying that. PAOK will forever be a part of my life. Greece is my second home.

I want to publicly and with the purest feelings thank all the professionals, athletes, staff, friends and those who have been close to me over the years. The story would be different without you.

I wish the best to the team that saved me so much and taught me to see football differently.

This chapter ends here, but history will not be erased.” He wrote.

Source: sport 24

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The construction of the new Panathinaikos Stadium in Botaniko is on the way to tender




The approval of the environmental requirements for the double redevelopment also gave the green light for the project, as NEWS 24/7 writes. Stadium capacity and schedule.

The competition for Panathinaikos’ new stadium will start shortly, while the environmental conditions for the entire double-renovation were also approved on Friday.

As announced by the Minister for Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis, with his relevant message on Twitter “…also yesterday [30/9] the environmental impact study for the double redevelopment has been approved and the competition for the PAO Stadium begins!”.

In particular, as NEWS 24/7 writes, the changes to the joint ministerial decision on the double rehabilitation of Botanic and Alexandra avenues (including the new Panathinaikos stadium) have been approved by the relevant department of the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

What will the stadium look like?

According to the above decision, the new stadium will have a maximum capacity of 40,000 spectators.

The built-up area of ​​the new stadium will reach 33,822.66 m².

The field coverage in the area will be 25,850.93 m². while the maximum height of the field will not exceed 41.05 meters.

The parking spaces at the stadium will be 325 (the relevant PD of 2013 envisages the construction of underground parking spaces with a maximum capacity of 450 cars), while the parking spaces needed during football matches will be 1,807.

Taking into account the 125 parking spaces in the building of the amateur Panathinaikos, the remaining 1357 parking spaces will be occupied by parking spaces in the OT. 45a or within properties up to a distance of 200 m from the intervention area.

The construction of additional and commercial uses will be 4,678.55 m², while the planned planting of the surrounding green space will exceed 100 acres (100,191.53 m²).

The expected schedule for the new stadium

According to reports and people familiar with the procedures, the international tender for the selection of the contractor who will build the new stadium in Botaniko will be announced in October.

The tender is expected to be completed and the contractor selected by 2023.

The next important step is the approval process, which can be completed by the end of 2023 if progress is made quickly. It should be noted that an old building permit already exists, which, however, has to be renewed.

It is estimated that work will begin in early 2024 with a completion horizon of late 2026 or early 2027 (duration 36 months).

Source: sport 24

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Bakabu scored two goals in one game for the 30th time in his career




Cedric Bakabou scored twice in Olympiakos’ 2-0 win over Atromitos, the 30th of his career.

Cedric Bakabu has done wonders for Villarreal in the two and a half years that he has been at the Spanish club, with an incredible success rate of a goal every two games (he has 105 appearances, 47 goals and 5 assists).

His performances in La Liga and European competitions saw Chinese club Guoan spend €40,000,000 to sign him in January 2018.

Earlier, in the summer of 2015, Villarreal, noticing Bakabu’s goal prowess, had spent €7,500,000 to sign him from Bursaspor (40 games, 20 goals, 7 assists). It was only in Marseille that he didn’t fare as well in the six months of last season, which is why he decided to change his environment with a move to Olympiakos.

The French-born but Congolese international scored twice against Atromitos Athens, his first game as a regular for the Red-Whites and his first for Karaiskakis, but it’s not the first time in his career.

It was the 30th time he scored two goals in one game

Notably, it was the 30th time Bakabu had scored two goals in one game. An example of the quality and leadership of the experienced centre-forward, who is very agile, quick, creates phases and room for maneuver and makes it difficult for the opposing defense.

Bakabou had scored two goals in one game for Sossot three times, beating Troyes 3-1 on 22/9/2012, Rennes 2-1 on 21/12/2013 and Evian 3-2 on 26/9/2012 for the cup.

With Villarreal, the Congolese striker scored a hat-trick in the 3-0 win over Eibar on October 1, 2017, scoring two goals in one game in a total of 14 games. The five times were in Europe (at Dynamo Minsk 4-0 on October 22, 2015, Bayer Leverkusen 2-0 on March 10, 2016, Sparta Prague 2-1 on April 7, 2016, Sparta Prague 2-4 on April 14, 2016 and Astana 2 -3 on 11/23/2017).

And the other nine in LaLiga and Cup (with Espanyol 3-1 on 28/8/2015, Rayo Vallecano 2-1 on 6/12/2015, Sporting Gijon 2-0 on 10/1/2016, Sevilla 4-2 on 13/3/2016, Leganes 2-1 on 22/04/2017, Sporting Gijon 3-1 on 28/04/2017, Alaves 3-0 on 17/09/2017, Girona 2-1 on 15/10/2017 and Ponferandina 3-0 on 30/11/2017).

The veteran striker had three hat-tricks at Bursaspor (vs. Balıkesıspor 5-0 on 25/10/2014, Mersin 5-0 on 27/1/2015 and Karagümruk 3-0 on 5/2/2015) and scored two goals against Eskisehirspor 2-2 on 19/4. 2014 and Basaksehir 4-1 on 4/25/2015.

As for his stay in China with Guoan, Bakabu scored four goals against Dagdai Lifan 5-1 on 09/01/2020, three goals against Buriram 3-1 on 09/04/2019 and since then two goals against Guangzhou 2-2 on 15/ 5/2018, Yifang 5:2 on 14.8.2018, Guangzhou 5:1 in the cup on 22.8.2018, Guangzhou 3:0 on 7.10.2018, Shenhua 3:1 on 7.11/2018, Shenzhen 3:0 on 12.5.2019 , Guangzhou 4-1 on 11/27/2019, Luneng 2-2 on 10/17/2020, Wuhan 2-0 on 5/10/2021 and Wuhan 2-1 on 03/08/2021.

Now at Olympiakos, they hope Bakabou will have a similar continuity in the league, creating valuable scoring chances and leading the Red-Whites to fresh victories.

Source: sport 24

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