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Superleague 2

Kalamata – Olympiakos B’ 4-0: He got a second three in a row with four



Kalamata defeated Olympiakos B’ 4-0 on the 17th match day of the second group of Super League 2. Two goals by Tatos, one each by Rovas and Pasha.

Kalamata continued with victories. Mavri Thyella defeated Olympiakos B’ 4-0 on Matchday 17 of Super League 2 Group 2 to take 6th place with 26 points, winning the second three points in a row.

Rovas opened the scoring with a header while Tatos grabbed the baguette in the second half. He raised the scoreboard at 59′ and 63′. Pasha shaped the result with a header.

Kalamata: Tairis, Assigba (54′ Moser), Lupano, Baxevanos, Liporase, Mateus Alves, Karagounis, Tatos (82′ Pasha), Vasilogiannis (82′ Drougas), Arnarellis (65′ Konstantinopoulos), Rovas (82′ Lukacsik)

Olympiacos B’: Stournaras, Bagalianis, Liatsos (75′ Sapountzis), Tselios (60′ Tselios), Apostolopoulos (75′ Keramidas), Nikolics, Mavroudis (60′ Sourlis), Kosti, Chrysopoulos, Vlahomitros, Pinakas (82′ Sirmi).

Super League 2 matchday 17 match schedule and results for group B

March 31

  • Athens Kallithea – Progressive 1-0

April 1st

  • Ilioupolis – AEK B’ 3-1
  • Kalamata – Olympiacos B 4-0

2nd of April

  • PAO roof – FROM Ierapetras
  • Apollo of Smyrna – Herodotus
  • Diocese – Panachaiki

3rd of April

  • Egaleo-Kifissia

Day off: Chania

Super League 2 Group B Ranking

  1. Kifissia 40 (15 games)
  2. Athens Kallithea 36 (15 games)
  3. Apollo Smyrni 34 (15 Games)
  4. Panachaiki 31 (15 games)
  5. OF Ierapetra 28 (15 games)
  6. Kalamata 26 (16 games)
  7. Ilioupoli 23 (16 games)
  8. Chania 22 (15 games)
  9. Egaleo 20 (15 games)
  10. Progressive 14 (16 games)
  11. AEK B’12 (16 games)
  12. Diocese 8 (14 games)
  13. Olympiacos B’7 (15 games)
  14. PAO Roof 3 (15 Games)
  15. Herodotus -11 (15 games)

Olympiacos B’ was penalized -10

Herodotus was penalized -15

Source: sport 24

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Superleague 2

12 months imprisonment for Dimitris Kalaitzidis




Apollon Pontos coach Dimitris Kalaitzidis has been found guilty of violence and insults. He was sentenced to 12 months in prison, reports NEWS24/7.

The coach of Apollon Pontos, Dimitris Kalaitzidis, has been sentenced to a total of 12 months in prison after complaining about an incident involving a manager of Veria a few days ago on the sidelines of the football match between the two teams in the Super League 2 championship in Polykastro Stadium in Kilkis.

As reported by NEWS24/7, the three-person Administrative Offenses Court in Kilkis found the 66-year-old trainer guilty of violence and insults within the meaning of the Sports Act as part of the spontaneous proceedings.

The court neither stayed the sentence nor granted a stay of appeal. However, he postponed the execution of the judgment by six months with a special provision of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

With the same decision, Mr. Kalaitzidis must be present at the police station for the next two years at the matches between Apollon Pontos and Veria.

He himself rejected the allegations in his apology.

Source: sport 24

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Superleague 2

Athens Kallithea request referee replacement of Kifissia game




In a new letter to KED, Athens Kallithea demands the referee change in the game between Kifisia and Episkopi and the presence of Steve Bennett.

Third letter to KED and Steve Bennett from Athens Kallithea, on the referee definitions for matches of Super League 2 match day 28.

This time, Athens Kallithea requests Episkopi to replace the referee appointed for Kifisia’s game, pointing out that he (Konstantinos Poulikidis) does not qualify for Super League 1. The reason for the new letter concerns the request, submitted in writing by the Athens club a day earlier, that Super League 1 referees should be appointed for reasons of justice for all remaining games of Kifissia and Athens’ Kallithea.

At the same time, Athens Kallithea requests the presence of Steve Bennett in Rethymno for the match between Kifisia and Episkopi (if there is no replacement for Constantinos Poulikidis), instead of her own match against Ilioupoli as she requested a day earlier.

The letter in detail:

Dear Mr. Bennett,

According to our letter numbered: 26/30.5.2023 and telephone communication between the President, Mr. Viktoras Tsiolekas, and the member of KED, Mr. Stavros Mandalos, we regret to have found that in our match against Ilioupoli a rated referee was appointed and was not judged in the game of the other contender for the championship (PAE SA KIFISIA), for the game Episkopi – Kifisia, namely Mr. Poulikidis Konstantinos, whom you have already penalized twice this year.

We are obliged to point out – let us remind you that Mr. Pulikidis Konstantinos, among other matches, also officiated the famous PANSERRAIKOS – AEL matches against which PAE AEL had big and legitimate complaints against his decisions. It is also questionable how a SL2 referee from Drama was appointed to referee a game in Rethymnon.

As we have been unaware of the Championship being able to appoint qualified referees for both games, we call for the immediate replacement of Mr Poulikidis with a qualified SuperLeague 1 referee.

In the event that his replacement does not take place, we ask that you be present at the game EPISKOPI – KIFISIA.

We have faith in KED and your presence in this game will be a guarantee of the Championship’s credibility.

The letter will also be sent to the President of the Federation, Mr. Baltakos Panagiotis, who needs to be informed and give an opinion.


For Athens Kallithea FC

Victor Tsiolekas

Chairman and CEO of the Board of Directors

Source: sport 24

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Superleague 2

Fiesta without a winner in Serres, Panserraikos and PAOK B’ ended in a draw




The match to celebrate Panseraikos’ promotion against PAOK B’ ended in a goalless draw, with Papazoglou announcing his retirement from active play.

In Panserraikos’ title fight against PAOK B’, the 0-0 final between the two sides was of little importance as the celebrations prepared for the Serres team and the departure of Tasos Papazoglou from active play stood out. He left with tears in his eyes.

The game wasn’t interesting from a points point of view, but there weren’t any periods when PAOK became dangerous in the second half and had chances to win and score with Tasiura.

The hosts came with several changes to their starting line-up, although it’s worth noting that this was only the first home game for Pavlos Dermitzakis’ side.

Her moment was touching of Taso’s Papazoglous substitution, with his teammates calling him “Pasillo” when he retired from active play and his opponents applauding him.

After the end, the trophy was presented to the champions by SL2 President Petros Marchoukos.

PANSERRAIKOS (Dermitzakis): Katsikas, Zeris (81′ Deligiannidis), Papazoglou (59′ Lymberakis), Karasalidis, Petavrakis, Thymeanis (70′ Staikos), Colombino, Stina, Mourgos (81′ Kanis), Bairovics, Katsantonis (70′ Said).

PAOK B (Garcia): Monastirlis, Spyrakos, Tasiouras (84′ Selimai), Ouedraogo, Kottas, Yiaxis, Grosdis, Darelas (65′ Spyridis), Hatzistravos (77′ Kitsakis), Meletidis, Gordeziani (84′ Panidis).

Source: sport 24

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