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Athens Kallithea request referee replacement of Kifissia game



In a new letter to KED, Athens Kallithea demands the referee change in the game between Kifisia and Episkopi and the presence of Steve Bennett.

Third letter to KED and Steve Bennett from Athens Kallithea, on the referee definitions for matches of Super League 2 match day 28.

This time, Athens Kallithea requests Episkopi to replace the referee appointed for Kifisia’s game, pointing out that he (Konstantinos Poulikidis) does not qualify for Super League 1. The reason for the new letter concerns the request, submitted in writing by the Athens club a day earlier, that Super League 1 referees should be appointed for reasons of justice for all remaining games of Kifissia and Athens’ Kallithea.

At the same time, Athens Kallithea requests the presence of Steve Bennett in Rethymno for the match between Kifisia and Episkopi (if there is no replacement for Constantinos Poulikidis), instead of her own match against Ilioupoli as she requested a day earlier.

The letter in detail:

Dear Mr. Bennett,

According to our letter numbered: 26/30.5.2023 and telephone communication between the President, Mr. Viktoras Tsiolekas, and the member of KED, Mr. Stavros Mandalos, we regret to have found that in our match against Ilioupoli a rated referee was appointed and was not judged in the game of the other contender for the championship (PAE SA KIFISIA), for the game Episkopi – Kifisia, namely Mr. Poulikidis Konstantinos, whom you have already penalized twice this year.

We are obliged to point out – let us remind you that Mr. Pulikidis Konstantinos, among other matches, also officiated the famous PANSERRAIKOS – AEL matches against which PAE AEL had big and legitimate complaints against his decisions. It is also questionable how a SL2 referee from Drama was appointed to referee a game in Rethymnon.

As we have been unaware of the Championship being able to appoint qualified referees for both games, we call for the immediate replacement of Mr Poulikidis with a qualified SuperLeague 1 referee.

In the event that his replacement does not take place, we ask that you be present at the game EPISKOPI – KIFISIA.

We have faith in KED and your presence in this game will be a guarantee of the Championship’s credibility.

The letter will also be sent to the President of the Federation, Mr. Baltakos Panagiotis, who needs to be informed and give an opinion.


For Athens Kallithea FC

Victor Tsiolekas

Chairman and CEO of the Board of Directors

Source: sport 24

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Superleague 2

The Macedonian travels to Mytilini via Turkey and announced this with an epic scene from “You are my match”.




On Saturday (September 30th), the Macedonian faces Aeolik away and says that to reach Mytilini he will travel through Turkey, with a scene from “You are my Match”.

As part of the second matchday of Super League 2, Makedonikos is playing away at Aeolian on Saturday (September 30th) and wanted to point this out with a scene from “You’re My Match” the difficulties of the teams in the travel categories.

Specifically, the team emphasized that they would travel “through Turkey” to reach Mytilini.

Check out this Instagram post.

This post was shared by Makedonikos (@makedonikos_1928).

“Thessalonica – Ayvali scares me the most”.

Who said it was easy to play away in Super League 2? Macedonian goes via…Turkey to Mytilini to play against Aeolian!

Summer season on the Greek islands.

Roller coasters without a cabin for a longer journey than that of Odysseus.

Aircraft that don’t fit a team’s needs.

Bus to Ayvali – boat to Lesbos.

A historic journey begins on Saturday morning: the Macedonian will… change his country to play a game in his country!

We can do that too! Huh Lazarus?”

Source: sport 24

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Superleague 2

Kalamata and Ionikos announced Hugo Souza three hours apart




Kalamata and Ionikos announced Hugo Souza three hours apart on Friday, with the veteran stopper ultimately set to stay with the Nice club until the 2023/24 season.

Incredible and yet Greek. Two Super League 2 teams announced the same player three hours apart. The reason for this was Ugo Souza, who was announced on Friday afternoon shortly after 3:00 p.m. by Kalamata with a two-year cooperation contract, but at 6:00 p.m. he was announced by Ionikos, the team he also played for last year released, announced another season the evening before.

It is very likely that “Black Storm” reached a verbal agreement with the 31-year-old defender and his representative and announced him without having a cooperation agreement with him.

The announcement of Kalamata

However, Ionikos gave in, agreed a new contract with him, even submitted his report to the EPO and proceeded with the relevant notice.

Ionikos’ announcement states:

PAE Ionikos is pleased to announce that Hugo Souza will remain with our team.

The Portuguese central defender, who stands out for his dynamic style and his abilities in the blocking part, doesn’t need much introduction!

Hugo, we welcome you back to the Ionian family. We wish you good health and that you achieve your goals together with our team.

He started his career in Porto, the next stop in his career was Brasov from Romania. He then moved to Cyprus, where he first played at AE Limassol and then in Paphos. He then returned to his home country on behalf of Sporting Lisbon B and played for Beveren for two years (2014–16).

In 2017 he came to Greece on behalf of Aris, where he stayed with the team for four years. With Thessaloniki he played 76 games with 4 goals.

He then played in Romania, first with Astra Giurgiu and then with Sepsi. He was an international player with Portugal’s minor national teams and played in the Europa League and Europa Conference League qualifiers!

Source: sport 24

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Superleague 2

Eugeniou: “There’s no way I can take on other people’s debts”




The owner of Iraklis, Stratos Evgeniou, makes it clear with his statement on the team’s official website that he will not pay off the debt to Bogdan Mara.

The news of the arbitration court was unpleasant for Heracles, as Bogdan Mara’s request for debt forgiveness was not accepted.

Giraios must now immediately pay off the debts to Roumanos, which exceed 200,000, otherwise he will be excluded from the Super League 2 championship. The owner of POT Heraklis, Stratos Evgeniou, made it clear with his statement on the group’s website that it has not changed its position on the specific issue and the specific debts will not be paid. This fact means that the old man’s future is more than threatening.

What Stratos Evgeniou said in detail on the team page: Following the rejection of the request of POT HERACLES, communicated to us today Wednesday, September 27, 2023, by the Football Arbitration Court of the Hellenic Football Association, for the resumption of the trial in the case of the former football player IOAN BOGDAN MARA, in a case in which our PAE with another PAE, which operated 13 years ago with a different VAT number, different headquarters, etc., I would like to remind you that from the first moment this issue arose, my position was clear to everyone that I will try to support the overall recovery and regeneration efforts of the team, but also that under no circumstances will I take on other people’s debts, especially debts incurred 10 and 13 years ago.

I play football because I love it and for NO other reason!!!

I have my businesses, my family and my friends, I can live without them.

Together with my colleagues, I made great efforts to lead the team to where it really belongs, even under particularly adverse conditions in which we had to deal with many problems every day, especially problems of a not only financial nature which we never expected to be asked to solve. Nevertheless, we put the team back on the Greek football map cleanly and honestly and started again.

The expectations may be high, but it is impossible for me to live up to today’s facts and current conditions“.

Source: sport 24

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