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Superleague 2

Heracles’ appeal for Mara was rejected and his participation in Super League 2 was at risk



The EPO arbitration tribunal announced that Heracles’ request to have Bogdan Mara’s case overturned was rejected by a majority, putting its participation in Super League 2 at serious risk.

The news is unpleasant for Heraklis, as the request to reopen the Bogdan Mara case was rejected by the EPO arbitration tribunal.

This means that Gerai’s management will have to pay a sum of 200,000 euros, otherwise it will be excluded from the Super League 2 championship.

Specifically, the EPA announcement states: The EPO Football Arbitration Tribunal made the following decision at its last meeting.

Rejects by majority the motion to withdraw, review and renegotiate the PAE POT. Hercules vs. former professional footballer Ioan Bogdan Mara and Decision No. 144/2023 of the EPA Football Arbitration Court“.

Source: sport 24

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Superleague 2

PAOK B returned to winning ways in Group A of Super League 2, with Ilioupoli keeping Panathinaikos B down




PAOK B’ went past Kozani, won 1-0 and caught it on the scoreboard. Ilioupoli defeated Panathinaikos II at Livadeia and kept it low.

PAOK B beat Kozani at home in a postponed Super League 2 game to return to winning ways. Goumas scored the golden goal for Dikephalos’ second team in the 82nd minute.

Alexiadis’ team had a chance to score early in the game, but Vrakas’ cross shot was blocked by the post.

Kozani (Digozis): Bogdanovich, Panos, Tatsis, Anastasopoulos, Tsiboukas (87′ Posatzidis), Souliotis, Psaltis (64′ Karagiannis), Siatravanis (87′ Aslampaloglou), Grammenos, Natsos, Kallergis (78′ Kanoulas).

PAOK B (Alexiadis): Monastirlis, Tsopouroglou, Kitsakis, Giaxis, Pantekidis, Ninoua (78′ Spyrakos), Rumiantsev (64′ Grosdis), Darelas, Ricardo (64′ Tasiouras), Vrakas (78′ Goumas), Panidis (69′ Gitersos).’

Ilioupoli defeated Panathinaikos II

Panathinaikos II suffered its third consecutive defeat in Super League 2, this time losing 2-0 to Ilioupoli in Livadia.

For “Helios”, who had an assistant coach on the bench after Nikos Pantelis resigned, Madic scored the goals in the 31st minute and Fribong in the 90th minute.

Panathinaikos B (Antoniou): Lilo, Sideras, Voutsas, Athanasakopoulos, Martinis, Furtado, Kyriopoulos, Kryparakos, Prodromitis, Dabizas, Lampsias.

Ilioupoli (Kotsovos): Peristerides, Assigba, Vasiloudis, Kretsi, Ato, Gotsoulias, Madic, Topal, Bousai, Fourlanos, Tsaftaridis.

The A’ group rankings

The B group rankings

* Olympiacos B’ started the league with a ten point deduction

Source: sport 24

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Superleague 2

Super League 2 will hold an annual general meeting regarding ERT and the TV contract on Friday




Super League 2 will hold a board meeting on Friday December 1st, which will include ERT, television, but also a meeting with the Secretary General of Sports, G. Mavrotas and EPATHLA.

New board in Super League 2 next Friday (January 12th), as announced by the league.

Topics of discussion will be ERT, to which he wanted to send an extrajudicial notice, the television contract, but also the information about the meeting with Giorgos Mavrotas and EPATHLA.

The Super League 2 update: We inform you that a meeting of the Board of Directors of Super League 2 will take place on Friday, December 1, 2023 at 1:30 p.m. at the Union offices (Themistokleous 42, 4th floor) with the following agenda items:

1. Approval of Board Minutes

2. Information on a meeting with the Secretary General of Sports, Mr. G. Mavrotas, and the ATHLA

3. Information about ERT SA

4. Granting of television rights to a provider of mass media and communications services

5th U-19 Championship

6. Miscellaneous“.

Source: sport 24

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Superleague 2

Top Greek Ioannidis, foreigner Pineda, coach Almeida at the PSAPP Awards




The PSAPP chose last season’s best and fairest at its 42nd celebration. The best Greek player was Fotis Ioannidis. AEK’s Orbelin Pineda was the best foreign player, while Matias Almeida was named the best coach. Tasos Douvikas won the award for best Greek football player abroad.

The PSAPP chose last season’s best and fairest at its 42nd celebration. The best Greek player was Fotis Ioannidis. AEK’s Pineda was the best foreigner, while Matias Almeida, who led AEK to the double last year, was the best coach. Tasos Douvikas, top scorer with Utrecht last year, won the award for best Greek football player abroad.

Matias Almeida at the PSAPP Award

The battle of the coaches was won by Matias Almeida with the Argentine in first place and the trio of Jovanovic and Dabrauskas, the architect of AEK who led the Union to the double, were the leaders of the season.

Alberto Brignoli emerged top of the goalposts after an excellent season with Panathinaikos last year, with the Italian beating Mandas and Paschalakis.

Alberto Brignoli at the PSAPP awards

Finally, when it comes to the top flight of Greek football, Yiannis Konstantelias emerged as the best young footballer with his excellent season last year at PAOK, leaving Koulierakis and Mandas behind him.

The winners of the PSAPP Awards


  • Best Greek: Ioannidis Fotis (Panathinaikos)
  • Best goalkeeper: Alberto Brignoli (Panathinaikos)
  • Best stranger: Orbelin Pineda (AEK)
  • Best young man: Constantelias Yiannis (PAOK)
  • Best coach: Matias Almeida (AEK)
  • First goalscorer: Cedric Bakabu (Olympic champion)
Yiannis Constantelias was named the best young player of the 2022/23 season

Best Greek abroad

Douvikas Tasos (FC Utrecht)

Best referee

Manoucho’s Vangelis

Best lineup

Alberto Brignoli (Panathinaikos), Rodiney (Olympiakos), Koulierakis (PAOK), Mukudi (AEK), Hadjisafi (AEK), Ruben Perez (Panathinaikos), Pineda (AEK), Gatsinovic (AEK), Constantelias (PAOK), Garcia (AEK ). ) ), Ioannidis (Panathinaikos), Bakabou (Olympic).


Best Greek female soccer player: Giannaka Vasia (PAOK)

Best Foreign Female Football Player: Rybanska Nikola (OFI)

Best goalkeeper: Nassi Tsoi (Trikala)

Best New Female Soccer Player: Halatsogianni Georgia (PAOK)

First goalscorer: Nikola Rybanska (OFI)

Best coach: Kanatas Lefteris (PAOK)

Best Greek abroad:Sarri Beatriki (Brighton & Hove Albion FC)

Super League 2, Group A

Best Greek: Kynigopoulos Panagiotis (Athens Kallithea)

Best goalkeeper: Katsikas Panagiotis (Panserraikos)

Best Foreigner: Jubitana Denzel (Hercules)

Best Newcomer: Sofianos Marios (Panserraikos)

Best coach: Dermitzakis Pavlos (Panserraikos)

Pavlos Dermitzakis at the PSAPP Awards

Super League 2, Group B

Best Greek: Ogboe Marios (AEL)

Best goalkeeper: Tairis Dimitris (Kalamata)

Best Foreigner: Talal Madih (AE Kifissia)

Best Newcomer: Bah Algassime (Olympic B’)

Best Trainer: George Petrakis (AE Kifisia)

Special awards from PSAPP

There had previously been some special awards for footballers who combined football and studies and graduated last season.

Konstantina Stratzali (TEFAA Thessaloniki), Alexandros Zeris (Mechanical Engineering), Alexandros Nikolias (Pharmacy of Patras), Stefanos Palavrakis (Civil Engineering Thessaloniki), Panos Pritsas (Athens Law), Stefan Schwab (Sports Management).

Stefan Schwab at the PSAPP Award

This was followed by a special award for Kosmas Tsilianidis, who appeared with a shaved head in an OFI game in the 2022/23 season on World Cancer Day.

Olympiacos was also recognized last season for its initiative with the program, in collaboration with Panteion University, to organize the “Red-White” games by blind people in the “G. Karaiskakis”.

The special message of the Papastephanaki brothers

Also honored were the two brothers Yiannis and Efthymis Papastephanakis, who became known for their presence in last year’s AEK-PAOK final and one of whom is a fan of PAOK and the other a fan of AEK.

In fact, both the Union football players who took part in the event and those from PAOK went on stage and surrounded the two brothers.

The players from AEK and PAOK next to the Papastephanaki brothers

Fair Play Awards

In addition, the players of the youth teams of Olympiakos, PAOK and AEK were presented with a fair play award for their behavior in last season’s games during their matches with typical examples of fair play.

The PAOK women’s team, which won the championship again last year, was also presented with an honorary award.

The editorial director of  Sportish, Pantelis Vlachopoulos, the editors-in-chief of SPORT 24 Themis Kaisaris and the editor-in-chief of  Sportish Ilias Kallonas at the PSAPP awards.

The nominations in detail:

Super League 1 – First Division Women

Best Young Soccer Player – Best Young Soccer Player

  • Koulierakis Konstantinos (PAOK) – Giannaka Vasia (PAOK)
  • Konstantelias Giannis (PAOK) – Konstantina Kostopoulou (Trikala)
  • Mandas Christos (OFI) – Chalatsogianni Georgia (PAOK)

Best Goalkeeper – Best Goalkeeper

  • Brignoli Alberto (Panathinaikos) – Vlasiadou Panagiota (GPO Kastoria)
  • Mandas Christos (OFI) – Dimitra Giannakoulis (Ergotelis)
  • Alexandros Paschalakis (Olympiakos) – Nassi Zoi (Trikala)

Best coach

  • Almeyda Matias (AEK) – Kanatas Lefteris (PAOK)
  • Dambrauskas Valdas (OFI) – Nikos Kyriakopoulos (REA)
  • Jovanovic Ivan (Panathinaikos) – Loules Giorgos (Trikala)

Best Foreign Football Player – Best Foreign Football Player

  • Bakambu Cédric (Olympia) – Akida Esse (PAOK)
  • Pérez Rubén (Panathinaikos) – Betancourt Gisela Arrieta (PEA)
  • Pineda Orbelin (AEK) – Rybanska Nikola (OFI)

Best Greek Female Footballer – Best Greek Female Footballer

  • Ioannidis Fotis (Panathinaikos) – Giannaka Vasia (PAOK)
  • Constantelias Yiannis (PAOK) – Sideras Danai (Ergotelis)
  • Fortounis Kostas (Olympia) – Ioanna Hamalidou (OFI)

Best Greek referee

  • Manoucho’s Vangelis
  • Papapetrou Tassos
  • Tassos Sidiropoulos

Best Greek abroad – Best Greek abroad

  • Vlachodimos Odysseas (Benfica) – Markou Eleni (FC Zurich)
  • Douvikas Tasos (FC Utrecht) – Sarri Beatriki (Brighton & Hove Albion FC)
  • Konstantinos Mavropanos (VfB Stuttgart) – Anastasia Spyridonidou (Ternana Calcio)

Super League 2

Best goalkeeper, Group A – Group B

  • Katsikas Panagiotis (Panserraikos) – Kyritsis Ilias (OF Ierapetra)
  • Tselios Themistokles (Renaissance of Karditsa) – Strezos Giorgos (Athens Kallithea)
  • Stefanos Souloukos (AEL) – Tairis Dimitris (Kalamata)

Best Young Footballer, Group A – Group B

  • Sofianos Marios (Panserraikos) – Bah Algassime (Olympiakos B’)
  • Tzimas Stefanos (PAOK B’) – Zini (AEK B’)
  • Petros Kaloutsikidis (AEL) – Tetei Andreas (AE Kifisia)

Best Coach, Group A – Group B

  • Amanatidis Periklis (Renaissance Karditsa) – Digozis Angelos (Diagoras Rhodes/OF
  • Ierapetra)
  • Dermitzakis Pavlos (Panserraikos) – Petrakis Giorgos (AE Kifisia)
  • Dimitris Eleftheropoulos (Niki Volou) – Simos Giorgos (Athens Kallithea)

Best Foreign Footballer, Group A – Group B

  • Aleksic Kosta (Heracles) – Demethryus Nascimento (Athens Kallithea)
  • Jubitana Denzel (Herakles) – Talal Madih (AE Kifissia)
  • Tavares Miguel (Panathinaikos II) – Vouho Patrick (OF Ierapetra)

Best Greek footballer, Group A – Group B

  • Ogboe Marios (AEL) – Kynigopoulos Panagiotis (Athens Kallithea)
  • Patralis Manolis (Heracles) – Loukinas Giannis (Athens Kallithea)
  • Hatzistravos Zisis (PAOK B’) – Moraitis Panagiotis (Apollo Smyrna)

Source: sport 24

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