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Serious complaints from Antoine Lemarie about the conditions he encountered in Panileiakos



French soccer player Antoine Lemarie complained very seriously about the conditions he said he had encountered at the Panileiakos.

French soccer player Antoine Lemarie complained very seriously about the conditions he said he had encountered at the Panileiakos. He speaks of physical attacks, among other things, when he asked for a piece of paper to leave, he said that he had not received the promised money and that the house they had given him was in poor condition.

Lemari’s complaint in detail:

“Three weeks ago I received a message from “FokomSportsManagement” (he blocked me, that’s why I can’t tag him, but you can easily find him). He made me an offer to compete in the 3rd division of the greek league, in Panileiakos I was looking for a group so it seemed interesting to me to go and so it happened The offer was: air fare paid by the manager, 1,000 per month, food, accommodation and a guarantee that I will receive my money regularly .

It was agreed that I would receive two months’ wages upon my arrival. Unfortunately none of that happened. First of all, the day before my arrival, Fokom told me that they couldn’t pay for my plane ticket after all. I had packed all my things and was ready to go. In order not to cancel my entire contract for one ticket, I made a deal with Fokom. I would pay for my flight but they would deduct it from the 500 euro commission we agreed for me.

When I finally got there, the apartment they gave me was disgusting (dead cockroaches in the closets, dirt in the toilet, hair in the bathroom, dirt next to the bed). As for the food, I was told that the group only provided one meal per day at a local restaurant.

Regarding the salary, I was told that I would have to wait until my previous team sent them all the papers to get it. I told Fokom everything and he replied: “Be patient, you will get your money”.

The next day, I learned from the other foreigners in the group that they had not received their salaries. One of them left during the week for obvious reasons. After all that, I thought this opportunity wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.

When I told all this to Fokom he told me not to listen to the other players and that I will get my money. Four days after I arrived we had a match and I still hadn’t received my money.

Just before the cross, the coach came and told me that all my cards had arrived and that I could play. Together with the president, they told me that everything would be settled the next day. I shouldn’t play in the game because I think I don’t have my money but I love football and I agreed to play.

When I was substituted on during the game, the chairman physically assaulted another foreign player and his cheerleader in the locker room. He went as fast as he could and is now in shock in his own country.

Money wasn’t an issue at that point, it was clear I wanted out. When I finally got a chance to speak to the President I said I didn’t want any money, I just wanted them to sign a document to get fired from the club. He didn’t accept it. But this document was necessary to be able to play in any other team in Greece, so the next day I insisted again. I was ready to go, just waiting for his signature. I sent several messages to management but they ignored me.

But yesterday morning the president came to my apartment with the athletic director to get the keys. I asked her again to sign my document. They didn’t want to pay me, so at least they could let me play somewhere else. But this time I was the one who was physically attacked.

The President grabbed my neck, threw me against a fence, and tried to get my keys out of my pocket. At that moment his bodyguard appeared from the side, apparently hiding somewhere because I had never seen him before. Three men against me. I had no choice but to turn in the keys if I didn’t want to get hit. The President finally let me go, I went to the apartment to pack my things and left town as soon as I could. Without the signature, of course, which I needed.

I was and still am so shocked by what happened. When I spoke to Fokom they told me it was my fault because I was impatient with the money and that I should never have played the game like that was the biggest problem. Of course nobody offered to pay for my return tickets. Somehow, after everything that happened, I would have to pay 550 euros in tickets alone.

By spreading this story, I want to make sure that there is no other footballer working with Fokom who treats footballers like a piece of meat and doesn’t care about their safety. I also need to let everyone know what is happening at Panileiakos. This club is dangerous. The people running the team are dangerous. I’ll be posting a YouTube video about this story soon, I have proof of everything I’m saying here.

Please share this post to prevent others from collaborating with Fokom and Panileiakos.

Thank you, Antoine Lemarie.”

Source: sport 24

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Panioni fans collected their trash after the game against Foinikas from Nea Epidaurus




Panioni fans asked for sacks to clean the area of ​​the field where they had been placed after their team’s away win against Foinikas Nea Epidaurus.

On Wednesday (March 15th) Panionios won against Foinikas Nea Epidaurus on the 19th matchday of the 4th group of the 3rd National League with 2:0 and climbed with 40 points to -1 from the leader Mykonos to second place.

The historian had the support of his audience at the away game. In fact, they also ran a nice action. Panionios shared that after the game ended, fans asked for sacks to clean the area of ​​the pitch where they were placed.

Post by Panionio:

“We would like to say a big thank you to the management of Foinikas Nea Epidauros and the person of the President of Sozon Lambrianou for the exemplary hospitality they have shown to our team and our hundreds of fans.

PANIONIOS will always show respect to any team that returns it, regardless of the category in which they compete.

Our spectators also made us proud when, after the game, they asked the home team for bags to clean that part of the pitch area that they had set up to leave it as spotless as they found it. (showing the photo with one of the many filled bags)”.

Source: sport 24

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A soccer player fell into a wall during the match between APS Patrai and AE Mykonos and was left unconscious




The game between APS Patrai and AE Mykonos was “marked” by the serious injury of a soccer player who collided with a wall and lost consciousness. He avoided the worst and suffered a dislocated finger on his left hand.

During the game between APS Patrai and AE Mykonos for the fourth group of the 3rd National League, an unpleasant incident happened when guest player Makis Papadopoulos was seriously injured when he collided with a wall near the touchline.

As reported by, the AE Mykonos footballer raised his hand in defense. After the collision he was unconscious, bleeding from his head and appeared to be convulsing. The game was suspended for around 22 minutes while the footballer was taken to the hospital.

Shortly after, AE Mykonos announced with his official notification that he suffered a dislocated finger on his left hand and nothing more. In fact, he traveled to Mykonos with the rest of the expedition.

Specifically, what the APS Patrai announcement says: The administration, technical management and the entire football department of APS PATRAI express their heartfelt support and wishes to AA Mykonos football player Makis Papadopoulos, who passed away during the game between us as part of the 19th matchday of the 4th group of the 3rd national team injured in an unexpected phase in the refugee stadium.

From the very first moment, members of our club wished the unfortunate player and the people of AE Mykonos that everything goes well with his recovery and that he returns to the pitches strong and fast.
Above all, the health and physical integrity of the footballers comes first and every football game is to be enjoyed as a celebration.

We also have to thank the doctor of the match, Ms. Vivi Loukopoulou, who, with her excellent scientific training, assessed the seriousness of the incident from the first moment and did what was medically necessary until the footballer was taken to the PGNP“.

The post by AE Mykonos states, among other things: EThey showed character by beating APS Patrai, but also the shock of Makis Papadopoulos’ injury… SA Mykonos defeated the Achaean capital 2-1 to remain alone first in the standings in a game with many unfortunate moments.

KFirst and foremost, of course, Makis Papadopoulos was injured on a try in the 10th minute of the game when he crashed into a field wall very close to the touchline.

Mobilization took place immediately. Immediately The match doctor rushed to him while the conscious player was taken to Patras University Hospital after about 15 minutes. The luck in the North Helladian soccer player’s misfortune is that he didn’t have anything serious other than a dislocated finger on his left hand.

In fact, after a few hours, he left the hospital and, with the care of team president Alexandrou Koukas, went straight to Rafina and followed the rest of the expedition on the return journey to Mykonos“.

Photo source:

Source: sport 24

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FIFPro shared with Antoine Lemaries complaints about the conditions he encountered at the Panileiakos




FIFPro has shared the complaints that French footballer Antoine Lemari met Panileiakos, the team he signed on the winter transfer market, with an article on its website.

27-year-old French soccer player Antoine Lemarie made the decision to come to Greece to play for Paniliakos, who are participating in the 3rd National Championship. However, his experience was very poor, as he initially complained on his social media. His specific complaint was also published on the website of FIFPro, the International Football Association (PSAPP is one of its members).

Antoine Lemarie made specific reference to his agent and the strange circumstances in which he was transferred to the club. At the same time he did because of physical attacks he received when he asked for a piece of paper to be able to leave the group, stressing that he had not received the agreed money and that the house they had given him was in a bad state .

The article begins with Lemari’s biography, with FIFPro adding that “it is a warning to other players“while his title”Antoine Lemarie: How a bad agent got me into the worst club“.

In detail what Antoine Lemarie mentioned and re-released by FIFPro: An agent who found my number and texted me which I didn’t see until after I finished training. He was so impatient that he had already sent me ten more messages and added another agent to the conversation saying I wasn’t serious because I hadn’t answered. He didn’t even introduce himself, but he wanted me to send him my passport details.

I didn’t have a good feeling, but the contract offer from Panileiakos was good, the salary was quite good and I was happy to go to Greece because I was looking for something new after three years in the Finnish third division.

I asked another to consider the proposal. The latter made two remarks to him, the intermediary managed to adjust the contract, including an advance of 2,000 euros. We were amazed that everything went so smoothly.

I also told his social media account. He published many deals. I finally realized that these posts were wrong. I had already announced my membership in Panileiakos, although no agreement had yet been reached. I didn’t know the club. I searched for information online but never had direct contact with them.

I thought: I don’t like this guy, but if everything goes according to plan, all I have to do is pay him a commission. Then out of the blue he mentioned that I had to pay for the flight because the club refused and he didn’t want to pay because another player cheated him by not going. It was all very strange, but I took the risk.

After a five-hour bus ride from Athens airport – he could have informed me beforehand – the athletic director picked me up and took me to my apartment. It was already night. When I woke up the next morning I found how dirty everything was: there were cockroaches in the drawers, the shower had no hot water and part of the wall was falling on me.

According to my contract, the meal was included, but the club only offered me one meal that day. My apartment didn’t have a kitchen either, so I could cook my own food. The training facilities were amateur level: holes in the grass, broken lights. We trained at dusk, something dangerous.

But the worst thing was that some of my new teammates told me straight away that they weren’t getting paid and that many foreign players had already left. The Greek players also had problems. On my second day, one of the Brazilian players left.

Even though I didn’t receive the promised €2,000 deposit, they wanted me to play the game on Sunday, four days after I arrived. I thought, I’m not going to play until I get paid. But I changed my mind when I noticed the atmosphere in the stadium and they said everything will be fixed the next day. I played 70 minutes.

At halftime I saw something extraordinary. The other Brazilian player was attacked by the President and his bodyguard. The player was shocked and gathered his belongings. Too much had happened to him in the four months he was there. He had not been paid, his passport was confiscated by the club and only returned when his manager threatened to call the police. And then the President attacked him,” added the 27-year-old Frenchman.

“I got it too. That was already too much. Money was no longer an issue. On Tuesday I told the president and the athletic director that I wanted to go. The President wanted to give me some money, much less than the 2,000 euros he owed me, but I didn’t take it. I just asked him to give me a free transfer.

They lied to me again and said I had to wait because they didn’t have my documents yet. They also said that I played the game with another player’s permission. I went to the Hellenic Football Federation office, got my documents and made an appointment to have the papers signed.

They wanted to come to the apartment to pick up the keys but I waited outside because I didn’t want to join them inside. You never know what can happen there. The President came first, I showed him the paper and asked for his signature. He became angry.

Then we waited for the sports director who spoke English to come. They didn’t want to sign. The President lost his temper. He pinned me against the fence, grabbed my neck and rummaged in my pockets for my keys. Then her bodyguard appeared. The situation became very dangerous. I handed over the keys and resigned from the company.

I packed my things and left Athens as soon as possible. I recorded the incident on my cell phone without them noticing. Apparently the President said to me in Greek: “I will hang you by your feet” and “I will hit you”. They reported my case on social media and it was picked up by the media,” he continued.

“I got a little paranoid because I didn’t know how far the power of these people reached and I had to wait another day for my flight home. In the end, this adventure cost me money: the club hadn’t paid me and I paid for the tickets and the extra night I spent in Athens myself.

I heard that the Panileiako players refused to train after I left and that they had a long discussion with the coach. They also spoke to fans who came to the stadium to ask if my case was true. Apparently fans said they were trying to change things up. It would be great if that happened. I wouldn’t have gone through all this for nothing.

I still hope to find a new club. I can play anywhere except Greece because the president didn’t sign the documents. I have received messages from other players telling me that they too were scammed by the middleman and had to pay him money. I was lucky that I only agreed to pay him after signing with the club: he didn’t take anything from me.

Every week I get messages from people on LinkedIn and other social media platforms with offers or contracts after a trial period, but you have to be very careful and know who to trust.

Next time I’ll trust my gut feeling. I immediately suspected that the middleman was a fraud, that he was treating me like a piece of meat. My brother even advised me not to go to Greece because of all the strange things that happened before I left. I should have noticed the red flags.

I acknowledge that I can be over the top, especially when looking for a new club. But you have to understand that they can easily trick you. My message to other footballers is therefore: be careful and ask your club for advice. Next time I’ll only work with someone I trust“.

The VIDEOS of Antoine Lemarie from his experience at Panileiakos:

Source: sport 24

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