The German central defender Mats Hummels is no longer the first skirt є an indispensable member of Dortmund Borussia for hours another cadence in this club.

However, the final contract between the 33-year-old Vikonavtsy and the Jmels, which was signed at the time of the turning point of the Munich Bayern Munich transfer in 2019, is already coming to an end step by step, and after the completion of the streaming season, the completion of football is a risky business.

In memory of the German ZMI, the core of the Dortmund team in the person of Hans-Joachim Watzke and Sebastian Kehl, at the point of 2023, they intend to get together with Hummels to carry out the moves and further please .

Thinking about a new contract for the “1 + 1” formula.

This season has 19 matches for Mats.