For several days now, Ukraine’s national election has been playing its own way in the EURO-2024 selection cycle with a match against England.

Vikonuvach obov’yazkіv head coach “blue-zhovtikh” Ruslan Rotan after watching the pre-match press conference, I had a meeting with little power for journalists at the beginning of the day.

About Mikhail Mudrik:

“Mikhailo is a talent with great potential, in which everything is ahead. I am convinced that in a decade Mikhailo will be in the Premier-Lіzі in leading roles. I am immediately motivated. Like diamonds. We can dig such people with confidence , that they felt the stench, that they are important in the team – not for the youth, but for the national team.

Can Mudrik play Centerford for a fee? Tomorrow we have a comrade in Brentford, at the hour of which we can appreciate the possibility of digging, we will work like biscuits and we will be ready to go to England. Everything can be. Mikhailo can play this position. In the new є nebhodnі capacity for the striker”.

On the vote for England thunder:

“I respect that this game at Wembley is not just important to us earls and coaches. This game is for the country. I want to cheer on the peoples of Britain, which encourages us in war, as we know against the enemy at once .for her., as our peoples do not immediately catch.

What is it for the support of Ukrainians at Wembley? So duzhe razrakhovuemo. At the same time, skin care is important to us. I’m sure there will be a friendly atmosphere in the stadium, but there will be a fair fight on the football field. I respect football itself being played, and the people who come to support us as a nation.

What is important to us? You know, it’s important for our guys on the front right now, who can get food here about what our transitions are like? We can prepare for the match, motivated, oskolki, we are against a supernik from the top 5 in the world, in my opinion. Tse already a garniy supernik, so we can put everything aside, be concentrated.

About Oleksandr Zinchenko and the attraction of the chosen Ukraine, which can be brought to the Premier League:

“Our boys, who play in the Premier League, are more professional. They are more adept at the country in every way. These guys are the leaders of our national team and a target for more young gravity players. I respect that there are few such footballers in us I will be more satisfied because in the future of our graves there will be more money in the Premier League clubs.

Oleksandr Zinchenko’s intellect is the most important advancement for our team and for football in general. I respect that football is getting richer and richer and more diverse, if serious with such an intellect. Zinchenko is fantastic, honestly. If the wine is present on the field, it will be great for the viewers.

About the personnel situation and the wonderful situation with Yukhim Konopli’s injury:

“If there is a personnel situation, then on this day Illya Zabarny You can’t play Wembley. With injuries and unpreparedness for the game. After consulting with the Bournemouth doctors, we came to whisky, which is not possible in our country.

Bee Andriy Yarmolenka є poshkodzhennya. Narazі vіn trenuєtsya not in zagalnіy group, already, it is possible, you can win.

And there are also small troubles in us, and in the cold itself Victor Tsigankov That Sergiy Sidorchukale, I think, in a day everything will be better.

Yuchim hemp? The situation is coming. After the game, Yukhim called and said there was a problem with the new one. What can’t be 100% correct. I’ve given you an hour to talk to the doctors… So you’ll see if you’re ready for the selection competition. That said, I’ll accept whether it’s a yogic decision. I called you back and said you want to win this break and get back to Shakhtar’s matches as soon as possible. On this we called Miroshnichenko.

About the silent one, who paused to play with the country terrorist:

“We, who have waited with them for a while, I respect, they support those who create the land aggressor in Ukraine. I think the best thing we can do in this situation is not to show respect to that Russia, to that country, to play with them again. I don’t think it’s worth the stink to talk about it right away. To earn the riddle of those countries, since they respect international norms and human rights.”

About the blessed 1000 tickets given to Ukrainian refugees:

“Tse krok, who will destroy our forces. We want to cheer for your support for the Ukrainian people, Ukrainian football, Ukraine at all equals. We deserve you.”

Let us guess, the England v Ukraine match at EURO-2024 will take place in London on June 26. At 19:00 the starting signal for the Kiev hour sounds. On will be available text online broadcast of the match.