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Skier Bessmertnykh – about the possibility of admitting Russians to the World Cup: “It is little clear how this will be implemented”



Olympic medalist skier Alexander Bessmertnykh

    commented on the words of the Secretary General of the International Ski Federation (FIS) Michel Vion, who hinted that Russian skiers could be admitted to international competitions.

    – It’s good that FIS already has such thoughts. It is little clear how this will be implemented, but it certainly does not depend on us. If there are such thoughts in my head, then it would be good if our athletes started competing at the World Cups from the beginning of the season, proving and showing results. That would be great! But how will they implement it in the current situation? We see what problems begin with the visa regime to Europe. It won’t be that easy.

    Even if we now want to fly to Europe, we will face a number of questions. It’s good that they think about it, and God forbid that everything is resolved before the start of the season. And there are many questions. I think the IOC came up with the initiative more. How many sources I read, probably, the position began (rather) with the IOC than with the Federations. I don’t know who should consult with whom. The Federation can allow, and the government of the countries can refuse, – Bessmertnykh told the Championship.

      Source: Sportbox

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      NFL Power Rankings: Eagles storm No. 1 as Cowboys grow




      (SN illustration)

      Only one undefeated team remains in the NFL after the first month of the 222nd season. Congratulations to eagles because he went 4-0 through almost a quarter of the calendar. Your reward is to climb to the top of the latter NFL Power Rankings.

      Philadelphia has emerged as one of the winning teams in the NFC en route to Super Bowl 57. The Eagles, who made the playoffs last year, join the Packers, Buccaneers, Rams and 49ers on the list of conference title contenders. But the Eagles still hold just one lead in the East over the defending division champion Cowboys.

      Below, we take a look at the team’s rise to the top and how all the teams from No. 2 through 32 are following it for Week 5.

      NFL Power Rankings Week 5

      1. Philadelphia Eagles 4-0 (previous rank: 3)

      The Eagles fell into an 0-14 hole against the Jaguars at home, but erased it with several runs on a day of inclement weather and Jalen Hurts leading their offense. The defense was also up to the task of cooling a hot young QB.

      2. Buffalo Bills 3-1 (2)

      The Bills were slow to get going in rainy Baltimore before Josh Allen decided to take control with his hands and feet, pushing himself back into the MVP lead. Poor pass defense also got the better of him again.

      3. Kansas City Chiefs 3-1 (6)

      The Chiefs offense refocused as the Colts stumbled to dismantle a stout Buccaneers defense with their very diverse playbook of pass and run. Patrick Mahomes continues to improve with his remixed weapons and Andy Reid’s updated, more balanced philosophy.

      4. Green Bay Packers 3-1 (4)

      The Packers have already found the right combination of receivers to feed Aaron Rodgers and the running game is always reliable. The defense still proved vulnerable against the Patriots, but they’re a definite contender again.

      5. Miami Dolphins 3-1 (1)

      The Dolphins defense couldn’t handle the Bengals pass rush and their offense took a big hit as Tua Tagovailoa went down. They should bounce back quickly against the upstart Jets.

      6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-2 (5)

      The Buccaneers have had a brutal opening schedule as they iron out offensive and defensive issues as Tom Brady watched Rodgers and Mahomes enjoy the team’s victories. His schedule will once again open up for the weak NFC South.

      7. San Francisco 49ers 2-2 (12)

      The 49ers are getting more or less what was expected from their stout overall defense and they have their traditional running game and Jimmy Garoppolo got more of his receivers than he needed vs. the rams.

      8. Minnesota Vikings 3-1 (10)

      The Vikings figured out how to make Justin Jefferson work like he exploded in Week 1, and their defense took advantage of a thin Saints offense. It’s still a work in progress, so they should be excited about the original record.


      (Getty Images)

      9. Dallas Cowboys 3-1 (11)

      Cooper Rush continues to play well with all of his weapons in a great passing scheme and his defense continues to contribute in pass and coverage. They were built better than expected to thrive without Dak Prescott.

      10.Baltimore Ravens 2-2 (8)

      The Ravens defense rose to the occasion as much as possible against Josh Allen, but they again made some small mistakes to take the lead against the Bills, just like Week 2 against the Dolphins. Lamar Jackson still carries much of the team, but it was nice to see more of a healthy JK Dobbins.

      11. Cincinnati Bengals 2-2 (13)

      12. Los Angeles Rams 2-2 (7)

      13. New York Giants 3-1 (16)

      14. Denver Broncos 2-2 (9)

      15. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-2 (14)

      16. Los Angeles Chargers 2-2 (17)

      17. Cleveland Browns 2-2 (15)

      18. Tennessee Titans 2-2 (20)

      19. Arizona Cardinals 2-2 (22)

      20. Las Vegas Raiders 1-3 (27)

      21. New England Patriots 1-3 (23)

      22. New York Jets 2-2 (28)

      23. Atlanta Falcons 2-2 (29)

      24 Seattle Seahawks 2-2 (31)

      25. Chicago Bears 2-2 (19)

      26. Indianapolis Colts 1-2-1 (18)

      27. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-3 (21)

      28. New Orleans Saints 1-3 (24)

      29. Detroit Lions 1-3 (25)

      30. Washington Commanders 1-3 (26)

      31. Carolina Panthers 1-3 (30)

      32. Houston Texans 0-3-1 (32)

      Source: Sporting News

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      NFL Predictions: Betting, Predictions and Picks for Week 5 of the 2022 Season




      Week by week, the nfl fans can add excitement to any encounter by playing with it betting shops.

      Following the Week 5 NFL Predictionswith the spreading or handicap (expected point advantage for the winner), as well as the total points of the party. At his side, The Sporting News predictionsboth the end result and the give or take of total points.

      NFL Predictions: Week 5 Betting, Predictions and Picks

      Week 5 of the 2022 NFL season schedule and results

      Day Local Visitor Spreading Forecast Points Forecast
      Thursday, October 6 grogs Baby chicks Broncos -3.5 Broncos 24-13 44 Under
      Sunday, October 9 packers Giants packers-8 Packers 31-17 41.5 Over
      Sunday, October 9 patriots Lions Patriots-3 Patriots 30-20 46.5 Over
      Sunday, October 9 of Brown explosives Chargers-3 Chargers 24-20 48 Under
      Sunday, October 9 Jaguar Texans Jaguars-7 Jaguars 34-20 44.5 Over
      Sunday, October 9 Buccaneers hawks Buccaneers-8 Buccaneers 34-14 48 Over
      Sunday, October 9 Accounts Steel mills accounts-14 Bills 31-19 47 Over
      Sunday, October 9 jets Dolphins Dolphins-3 Dolphins 24-17 43 Under
      Sunday, October 9 Vikings bears Vikings-7 Vikings 24-16 44 Under
      Sunday, October 9 Washington titans Titans-2.5 Commanders 30-27 42.5 Over
      Sunday, October 9 saints Seahawks Saints-5.5 Saints 27-24 45.5 Over
      Sunday, October 9 panthers 49 years old 49-5 49ares 27-14 39.5 Over
      Sunday, October 9 Cardinals eagles Eagles-5 Eagles 30-22 49.5 Over
      Sunday, October 9 rams cowboys ram-4.5 Rams 24-20 Four five Under
      Sunday, October 9 crows Bengal Crows-3 Bengals 27-24 48.5 Over
      Monday, October 10 leaders raiders Leaders-7 Chiefs 38-27 51 Over

      Sports News Predictions: Season Totals

      No bet line: 39-24-1

      With betting line: 33-31

      Source: Sporting News

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      Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ers: day, time, TV channel and online stream of the NFL game in Mexico





      After three years of waiting, Mexico and NFL appear together again: the best league in the world of American football will be presented in Aztec Stadium to do so for the fifth time in its history.

      It all started in 2005 with the Arizona Cardinals 31-14 win over the San Francisco 49ers. It is precisely these two teams, 17 years later, who will be the ones to animate the 2022 meeting. Also featured were the Las Vegas Raiders (27-20 vs. Houston Texans), New England Patriots (33-8 vs. Las Vegas Raiders) and Kansas City Chiefs (24-17 vs. Los Angeles Chargers).

      The SportingNews presents the details of the meeting.

      More | All NFL games in Mexico: teams, history and results

      When Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ers; day and time

      The match will be held on Monday November 21st and will be part of Week 11 of the NFL. Both teams have big ambitions and are aiming for a playoff spot, so the game could be decisive for the ambitions of both. The duel will begin at 19:15 local time, 20:15 Eastern in the United States, 22:15 in Argentina and 2:15 in Spain on Tuesday.

      Where and how to watch Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ers; TV and streaming

      Like every Monday night football, the Arizona Cardinals vs. The San Francisco 49ers will be televised in Argentina, Mexico, the rest of Latin America and the United States. ESPN will broadcast the duel. Spain, meanwhile, will not enjoy the game on TV, although they do have the alternative of paid streaming (NFL Game Pass).

      Where will Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ers;

      The NFL’s Week 11 game will be played at Azteca Stadium, which has a capacity of more than 87,500.

      How much and how to buy Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ers in Mexico?

      The pre-sale first started on Tuesday 16 for customers of Grupo Financiero Banorte, official sponsor of the game, while on Thursday 18 August, the process was extended to the general public through its official website Ticket Master.

      Ticket prices ranged from 900 Mexican pesos ($44) to 9,000 ($441). The company responsible for selling the tickets announced that they are no longer available. However, it is possible to get them through resale: StubHub has some starting at 4,000 Mexican pesos ($200).

      Source: Sporting News

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