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Handball Premier: Olympiacos requested the presence of a prosecutor in the derby with AEK



Olympiacos requested the presence of a prosecutor at the derby with AEK for the premiere of the handball premier on Monday.

AEK welcomes Olympiacos in OAKA (September 19, 7:00 p.m.) on the first matchday of the new handball premier season in a derby that started early.

According to information, the residents of Piraeus submitted a request for the presence of a prosecutor at the stadium.

The game will not be televised and the ‘Red and Whites’ want a full record of what is happening at the Amarousi facilities.

It is recalled that the two sides met in the episodic final of the championship last year, with Olympiacos winning.

Source: sport 24

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The National Handball Federation extends Zaravina’s contract until 2025




Giorgos Zaravinas sits on the bench of the national handball team until 2025, OHE announces an early contract extension by two years.

Giorgos Zaravinas will lead the national handball team until 2025. His contract was due to expire in 2023, but OCHE opted for an early contract extension.

The OCHE announcement in detail:

“The Hellenic Handball Federation is pleased to announce the extension of its collaboration with the men’s national team coach, Giorgos Zaravina, until August 2025.

The 46-year-old technician’s contract was due to expire in the summer of 2023, but an early extension by two more years was decided.

This is a landmark decision in the history of the Greek national handball teams, as it is the first early contract extension of a national coach.

OCHE thus expresses its trust in the person of the Greek technician and recognizes the rise of our interest group during his tenure.

We are sure that with the continuation of hard work, the men’s national team will succeed in participating in a major event in the coming years, which is the first hierarchical goal and the ardent desire of all Greek handball.

In his first remarks in the OCHE press office after the extension of the cooperation, Giorgos Zaravinas stressed: “It is very important that the federation plans a more stable cooperation plan with the coaches, acknowledging the efforts and that we managed to create the national team first priority for everyone.

This acquis has to be maintained by independent people in management, coaching staff and squads. I would like to thank the board. from OCHE for the efforts it is making to upgrade national teams.
We all need to be even more united and work together with the same mentality to take the national team one step further.”

Source: sport 24

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OFNI defeated AEK 23-18 in Union’s first match in A1 women’s handball




AEK played their first game in A1 women’s handball, but OFNI starring Nikolina Kepesidou (7 goals) as the leading lady prevailed 23-18.

Nea Ionia beat AEK 23-18 in a packed OAKA in the inaugural A1 Women’s Championship in Union’s first historic big league game.

From the start the game had a clear favorite with Nea Ionia, but despite the differences in capacity and quality, AEK have a competitive face and especially in the 2nd half they showed character and tried to turn around a game that seemed lost.

The protagonists were the two goalkeepers who each had a half, Magda Kepesidou excelled in the first half for Ionia while in the replay Militsa Radulovic of AEK had very good odds.

In attack, Braziliana Borges (8 goals) and Nikolina Kepesidou (7 goals) stood out.

The match: Nea Ionia quickly took the lead and took advantage of significant differences in the score (1:4 in the 11th minute, 2:8 in the 20th minute, 4:11 in the 26th minute and 5:12 in the 27th minute ) the advantage of Magda Kepesidou’s interventions (also saving Patroni’s penalty in the 17th minute) and AEK’s offensive problems. It is significant that Union only scored two goals (2:8) in the first 22 minutes of the game. Then the home side found a better rhythm and were able to reduce to 7-12, which was also the result of halftime.

At the beginning of the 2nd half, Ionia came into play very strongly and led by +10 (10-20) in the 44th minute. And when everything seemed to be decided, AEK showed an impressive reaction and went back into the game with a 7:0 in 12 minutes (56th) (17:20). With her experience, Nea Ionia handled the situation correctly and “fixed” the win with goals from Krinics and Stougiannidou to 17:22 (58 th ).


The five minutes: 1-2, 1-4, 2-6, 2-8, 4-10, 7-12 (sc), 8-14, 10-18, 10-20, 12-20, 17-20, 18-23

AEK (Antalis): Mangou 2, Karagianni, Mandamadioti, Fraga 1, Psarioti, Koutrodimou, Boulatovich 3, Katsika 1, Manda, Pavlou, Lytrivi, Breanou, Radulovich, Panagiotidou 1, Borges 8, Patroni 2

OFNI (Zibulovic): M Kepesidou, Manias 2, Mouratidou, Andritsou 1, Kotrotsiou, Krinics 5, Papoutsi, Makri, Fragou 1, N Kepesidou 7, Giannopoulou, Dimtsoudi 1, Charitidis, Davidovics 2, Mylonas, Stougiannidou 4.
Referee: Christidis-Papamattheiou, Two minutes: 5-4, Penalties: 5/6-3/3

Source: sport 24

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Handball premiere: Olympiacos beat Pylaia 28:25 in Ilioupoli




Olympiacos claimed their first victory in Ilioupoli, beating Pylaia 28-25 at their new venue.

Olympiacos scored their 2nd victory in the championship by beating AESH Pylaia 28-25 in their first game as a home team at their new venue, Ilioupolis Indoor Stadium, on the 3rd day of Handball Premiere.

The Pylaia team had a competitive face in another game despite the many absentees (Metsis, Karagiozopoulos, Seirekidis, Stojanovic), which made it difficult for the “red-whites”.

In the 1st half Pylaia started much better and led by +3 (2:5 in the 9th minute, 3:6 in the 12th minute and 4:7 in the 14th minute), whereupon Olympiakos with a 4:0 -Run to 8th -7 responded in the 19th minute, taking advantage of Zafeiris’ two-minute deficit but also Bauer’s interventions, including a Tsamesidis penalty.
Pylaia responded and took the lead again in the 21st minute (8-9) and the two sides went hand in hand until half-time 13-13.
With a 5:0 (of 15:14) at the beginning of the second half, Olympiacos managed to take the lead with 20:14 (37th) and to become the big favourite.
The guests still didn’t give up the game and shortened to 21:19 (47th) and 23:21 (50th), but the experienced home team sealed the victory with goals from Nyokas and Papadopoulos on 25th 21 at 53′ and scored the final 28-25.

Papadopoulos with 7 goals for Olympiakos and Koukmisis with 9 for Pylaia were the game’s top scorers.



The five minutes: 2-3, 3-5, 5-7, 8-9, 11-11, 13-13 (em.), 18-14, 21-15, 21-17, 23-21, 26-23, 28- 25

OLYMPIAKOS (Karassavidis): Kotanidis, Nyokas 3, Karabourniotis 3, Papavasilis, Kandylas, Papadopoulos 7, Dombris 1, Weber 6, Passias 2, Montoro, Liolios, Slavoulitsa 3, Ostrousko, Gratzan 2, Michaelidis 1, Bauer.

PYLAIA (Ananiadis): Babatzanidis, Zafeiris, Manoloudis 1, Tsamesidis 4, Lachtsakou 1, Giannakidis, Koukmisis 9, Orfanoudakis, Batzios 1, Alexandridis 3, Kyriakidis, Sigiridis, Kyriakou 4, Gioranidis 2, Alatsatianos.

Referee: Charalambidis-Zisis, Two minutes: 4-4, Penalties: 3/3-2/3

AEK – Aeropos Edessa 28-21

The five minutes: 2-3, 4-5, 5-6, 8-8, 12-10, 15-12 (day), 18-13, 21-14, 23-15, 24-18, 25-20, 28-21 .

AEK (Alexis Albanos): Matskevics, Arabatzis, Tick, Zivkovic 4, Madalinivic 2, Nikolaidis, Almeida, Iliopoulos 5, Kotsionis 1, Papadionisiou 1, Liapis 2, Arsic, Tsitobi 1, Rogulski 3, Lemos 1, Kederis 8.

Aeropos of Edessa (Yiannis Pilalidis): Kostakidis 2, Tselios, Mavrodoulakis 5, Migas, Totidis, Krallis 2, Moumzidellis 3, Athanasiadis 2, Mylonas, Veremtsuk, Bohkarev 6, Gatsis 1, Bulkin, Georgalis, Papagiannis.

Referee: Karydakis-Giakalis. Two minutes: 6-5 Penalty: 3/4-1/1.


The five minutes: 3-3, 7-6, 7-9, 10-13, 12-15, 13-19 (m), 16-23, 18-25, 21-26, 23-27, 25-29, 27-31

IONIC (Arvanitis): Koukoulas 6, Aivaliotis 2, Tausanis, Braudakis, Syngaris, Vassiliou, Handelis 2, Butos 5, Meletakos 2, Delichristos 2, Troulos 4, Mantzopoulos, Elozieua 1, Heliotis, Balaskas 3.

PAOK (Gousios): Gigov, Dougias 1, Eleftheriadis 5, Tsamouridis 2, Nikolaidis 1, Papazoglou 5, Velissariou, T. Triantafyllidis 1, Moisilov, Tsanaxidis 2, Koukmisis 8, Kavousanakis 4, Ladakis, Tzorginis 2, Giavasidis.

Referee: Kinatzidis – Fotakidis, Reds 46:13 Gousios, 59:29 Koukoulas (dangerous game – no ticket saved), Two minutes: 6-4, Penalties: 2/2-5/6

Zafirakis – Diomedes: 24-31

The five minutes: 2:2, 6:4, 8:9, 10:12, 12:15, 13:18 (m), 14:25, 17:26, 20:28, 20:30, 24:31.

Zafirakis (Deligiannis): Athanasiou, Bolas 3, Kanizai, Tzouvaras, Tsageras, Theodoropoulos 9, Bouboulendras 1, Rotzios 2, Biliouris, Apostolidis 2, Rizos, Milovics 1, Vafeidis 3, Tsatsas, Daskalopoulos, Lolas 2.

Diomedes (Zaravinas): Kostoulas, Tsakalos, Tzibulas 6, Tsigaridas 2, G. Mougic, Mallios 4, Terletski Koutroubis, Asvestas 3, Kaimakamis 1, Betzilali 3, Manthos 5, Bekiaris, Angelits, Tz. Mugic 3, Zifkovic 4.

referee: Grapsas – Kyriakou. Two minutes: 3-4. Kred-blue card: (Betzilali, 25:18 – moved menacingly and spat on an opposing athlete). penalty: 3/4 – 1/2


The five minutes: 1-2, 3-3, 5-6, 7-7, 7-10, 11-13 (m), 13-14, 15-15, 15-16, 19-18, 20-19, 21-22

HANTH (Mastorogiannis): Ioannidis, Samaras, Andreadakis 3, Petridis 2, Kouklotidis 1, Kyriakides 4, Palaskas, S. Sarafis 5, Skoufas 1, Tsirogiannis, Karangelos 3, Panzios, Papadopoulos, Vardakas 1, Sarigiannidis 1, S. Sarafis.

VRILISSIA (Tutsis): Tsikogiannopoulos, Perros 2, Vlachos 3, Tombros, Pantazis 1, Antoniadis, Zarikos 6, Karamasiotis 1, Cheroubeim 1, Vamvakas 2, M. Stathis, Khoursoudian 2, P. Stathis 2, Korkolis, Chalaris 2, Kiultzidis.

Referee: Bettman-Tzaferopoulos, Two minutes: 5-5, Penalties: 3/4-0/3


The five minutes: 2-3, 5-6, 10-6, 12-7, 12-8, 13-10 (Em.), 16-15, 17-19, 19-22, 23-24, 27-25, 29- 29

DRAMA (Valavanis): Papazoglou 1, Barbas, Moraitis 2, Haitidis, Polydoros, Kovoglanidis, Kotsamarinoglou, Tornikidis, Toskas 7, Tungelidis 4, Cavazis, Papageorgiou 8, Zibulovics 2, Papadopoulos 5, Kraniotis, Sinai.

DOUKAS (Chalkidis): Borodai, Tziras 5, Payatis 1, Tsakouridis 2, Panagiotou 6, Geroulanos 2, Anastasiou 1, Kovanis, Dounis, Yantsa 6, Charitonidis, Gasevics 1, Kollyris, Panou 4, Diakoulias, Stefanitsis 1.

Referee: Naskos-Haritsos, Two minutes: 7-6, Penalties: 2/3-2/3.

The schedule and the results of the 3rd game day

Saturday 01.10

  • Zafirakis Naoussa – Diomedis Argos 24-31
  • AEK – Aeropos Edessa ManDynamic 28-21
  • Ionian Affidea – PAOK 27-31
  • HANTH – ESN Virlission 21-22
  • Drama Bianco Monte – ASE Duka 29-29

Sunday 02.10

  • Olympiakos SFP/Omilos Xini – AESH Pylias 28-25


  1. Diomedes Argos 6
  2. PAOK 6
  3. AEK 6
  4. Olympiacos SFP/Xini group 4
  5. ESN Virlision 4
  6. GS drama ’86 3
  7. Aeropos of Edessa 2
  8. AESH Pylias 2
  9. HANTh. 2
  10. Ace Duke 1
  11. EGSN Zafiiraki’s 0
  12. Ionian of New Philadelphia 0

Next match day 22.10

  • PAOK-Khanth
  • Drama Bianco Monte – Ionian Affidea
  • ESN Vrilision – Zafeirakis Naoussa
  • Diomedes Argos – AEK
  • Aeropos Edessa ManDynamic – Olympiakos SFP/Omilos Xyni
  • ASE Doukas – AESH Pylias

Source: sport 24

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