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Handball Premier: AEK, PAOK and Diomedis continued their unbeaten run



AEK, PAOK and Diomedis made it to 3/3 in the handball premiere after beating Aeropos, Ionikos and Zafirakis respectively.

In an intense game with two reds and ten minutes in two minutes, PAOK defeated Ionikos 31:27 and made it 3X3 in this year’s handball premiere.

The hosts started better (3:1 in 4′ and 7:5 in 10′), but PAOK quickly took a 4:0 lead (7:9 in 14′) and got away with +7 (12:19). , just before halftime (13-19). The guests controlled the game and had a safety advantage of 6:7 goals until the 41st minute (19:26). From that point on, Ionikos countered combined with some errors from the “two-headed” North, resulting in the game turning into a derby. Ionikos lost by 23:26 (49′) and 27:29 (56′), but PAOK, who had more solutions and composure, managed to maintain the lead and leave with the New Philadelphia “double”.

Koukoulas played a great game for the hosts with 6 goals while PAOK scored crucial goals from Eleftheriadis (5 goals), Papazoglou (5 goals) and Kavousanakis (8 goals).

The referees wrote on the game report: “When the score was 46:13, PAOK coach Panos Gousios was sent off with a red card because he protested loudly and continued to play the cross in the direction of the opposing team. The expulsion was due to the progression of penalties after a yellow card and two minutes on the bench from PAOK. At the same minute, at the delegate’s suggestion, an agent of Ionikos, who was sitting in the lower part of the field, was removed with the help of the police because he constantly and in a strong tone protested the decisions of the referee.

AEK won in the 3rd round of the Handball Premier with 28:21 against the brave Aeropos Edessa. The “Union” has thus managed the “3X3” in the championship and, as the table first, will have time in the next two weeks to “recharge” its batteries due to the interruption of the national teams.

In the first part, Aeropos was more focused and led 7-5. However, Alexis Albanos’ children stepped up their game and took the lead (11-10). In fact, they got away with three goals at half-time (15-12).

In the second half, the “yellow-blacks” were better. They still have a difference and 7 goals (22-15) with Aeropos not giving up anyway. It came close to 4 goals (24-20) but AEK didn’t lose their composure and won 28-21.

Diomedes continued his unbeaten streak by beating Zafiirakis 24-31 on the third day of the Handball Premiers match in Naoussa.

The Argos team fully maintained their pace between 20 and 35 minutes, turning 10-12 into 14-25. From then on he had the first reason for dominance, which came relatively easily.

In fact, Diomedis lost in the 26th minute to Betzilali, who received a red-blue card, with the referees noting that he acted threateningly and spat at an opponent.

For one more game, Diomedis relied on his defense, with Tzibula scoring six goals and leading the scorer chart. From Zafiirakis Theodoropoulos led with nine goals.

Vrilissia celebrated a great victory with a new surprise on the 3rd matchday of the handball premier with 22:21 in the home ground of CHANTH in Thessaloniki.

Thanos Toutsis’ team, after a great win over Ionikos 29-28 (of 25-28), made it again after a 22-21 win and turned the match around with a 4-0 run from 20-18 (52nd) .

Vrilissia are clearly the surprise of the league, already having 4 points from three games and a loss at home to Drama, they have built an advantage to remain in the division.

HANTH also fought valiantly in this match but failed to get the win like in the premiere against Aeuropos, although they made an extra effort in the second half and came back from -4 (7-11 in the 26′). and -3 (10-13) 30′).

In the final minutes and after the 52nd minute, the hosts “stuck” in attack and found no solutions, especially in the absence of the injured team leader Toli Palaska.

Vrilissia managed the critical minutes better and clearly had a much more experienced ward where Perros and Vamvakas picked up critical attacks while having goalkeeper Antoniadis for another game on a terrible day.


AEK – Aeropos Edessa 28-21

The five minutes: 2-3, 4-5, 5-6, 8-8, 12-10, 15-12 (day), 18-13, 21-14, 23-15, 24-18, 25-20, 28-21 .

AEK (Alexis Albanos): Matskevics, Arabatzis, Tick, Zivkovic 4, Madalinivic 2, Nikolaidis, Almeida, Iliopoulos 5, Kotsionis 1, Papadionisiou 1, Liapis 2, Arsic, Tsitobi 1, Rogulski 3, Lemos 1, Kederis 8.

Aeropos of Edessa (Yiannis Pilalidis): Kostakidis 2, Tselios, Mavrodoulakis 5, Migas, Totidis, Krallis 2, Moumzidellis 3, Athanasiadis 2, Mylonas, Veremtsuk, Bohkarev 6, Gatsis 1, Bulkin, Georgalis, Papagiannis.

Referee: Karydakis-Giakalis. Two minutes: 6-5 Penalty: 3/4-1/1.


The five minutes: 3-3, 7-6, 7-9, 10-13, 12-15, 13-19 (m), 16-23, 18-25, 21-26, 23-27, 25-29, 27-31

IONIC (Arvanitis): Koukoulas 6, Aivaliotis 2, Tausanis, Braudakis, Syngaris, Vassiliou, Handelis 2, Butos 5, Meletakos 2, Delichristos 2, Troulos 4, Mantzopoulos, Elozieua 1, Heliotis, Balaskas 3.

PAOK (Gousios): Gigov, Dougias 1, Eleftheriadis 5, Tsamouridis 2, Nikolaidis 1, Papazoglou 5, Velissariou, T. Triantafyllidis 1, Moisilov, Tsanaxidis 2, Koukmisis 8, Kavousanakis 4, Ladakis, Tzorginis 2, Giavasidis.

Referee: Kinatzidis – Fotakidis, Reds 46:13 Gousios, 59:29 Koukoulas (dangerous game – no ticket saved), Two minutes: 6-4, Penalties: 2/2-5/6

Zafirakis – Diomedes: 24-31

The five minutes: 2:2, 6:4, 8:9, 10:12, 12:15, 13:18 (m), 14:25, 17:26, 20:28, 20:30, 24:31.

Zafirakis (Deligiannis): Athanasiou, Bolas 3, Kanizai, Tzouvaras, Tsageras, Theodoropoulos 9, Bouboulendras 1, Rotzios 2, Biliouris, Apostolidis 2, Rizos, Milovics 1, Vafeidis 3, Tsatsas, Daskalopoulos, Lolas 2.

Diomedes (Zaravinas): Kostoulas, Tsakalos, Tzibulas 6, Tsigaridas 2, G. Mougic, Mallios 4, Terletski Koutroubis, Asvestas 3, Kaimakamis 1, Betzilali 3, Manthos 5, Bekiaris, Angelits, Tz. Mugic 3, Zifkovic 4.

referee: Grapsas – Kyriakou. Two minutes: 3-4. Kred-blue card: (Betzilali, 25:18 – moved menacingly and spat on an opposing athlete). penalty: 3/4 – 1/2


The five minutes: 1-2, 3-3, 5-6, 7-7, 7-10, 11-13 (m), 13-14, 15-15, 15-16, 19-18, 20-19, 21-22

HANTH (Mastorogiannis): Ioannidis, Samaras, Andreadakis 3, Petridis 2, Kouklotidis 1, Kyriakides 4, Palaskas, S. Sarafis 5, Skoufas 1, Tsirogiannis, Karangelos 3, Panzios, Papadopoulos, Vardakas 1, Sarigiannidis 1, S. Sarafis.

VRILISSIA (Tutsis): Tsikogiannopoulos, Perros 2, Vlachos 3, Tombros, Pantazis 1, Antoniadis, Zarikos 6, Karamasiotis 1, Cheroubeim 1, Vamvakas 2, M. Stathis, Khoursoudian 2, P. Stathis 2, Korkolis, Chalaris 2, Kiultzidis.

Referee: Bettman-Tzaferopoulos, Two minutes: 5-5, Penalties: 3/4-0/3


The five minutes: 2-3, 5-6, 10-6, 12-7, 12-8, 13-10 (Em.), 16-15, 17-19, 19-22, 23-24, 27-25, 29- 29

DRAMA (Valavanis): Papazoglou 1, Barbas, Moraitis 2, Haitidis, Polydoros, Kovoglanidis, Kotsamarinoglou, Tornikidis, Toskas 7, Tungelidis 4, Cavazis, Papageorgiou 8, Zibulovics 2, Papadopoulos 5, Kraniotis, Sinai.

DOUKAS (Chalkidis): Borodai, Tziras 5, Payatis 1, Tsakouridis 2, Panagiotou 6, Geroulanos 2, Anastasiou 1, Kovanis, Dounis, Yantsa 6, Charitonidis, Gasevics 1, Kollyris, Panou 4, Diakoulias, Stefanitsis 1.

Referee: Naskos-Haritsos, Two minutes: 7-6, Penalties: 2/3-2/3.

The schedule and the results of the 3rd game day

Saturday 01.10

  • Zafirakis Naoussa – Diomedis Argos 24-31
  • AEK – Aeropos Edessa ManDynamic 28-21
  • Ionian Affidea – PAOK 27-31
  • HANTH – ESN Virlission 21-22
  • Drama Bianco Monte – ASE Duka 29-29

Sunday 02.10

  • 15:15 Olympiakos SFP/Omilos Xini – AESCH Pylaia


  1. Diomedes Argos 6
  2. PAOK 6
  3. AEK 6
  4. ESN by Vrilissi 4
  5. GS drama ’86 3
  6. Olympiacos 2
  7. Aeropos of Edessa 2
  8. AESH of Pylias 2
  9. HANTh. 2
  10. Ace Duke 1
  11. EGSN Zafiirakis 0
  12. Ionian of New Philadelphia 0

Next match day 22/10

  • PAOK-Khanth
  • Drama Bianco Monte – Ionian Affidea
  • ESN Vrilision – Zafeirakis Naoussa
  • Diomedes Argos – AEK
  • Aeropos Edessa ManDynamic – Olympiakos SFP/Omilos Xyni
  • ASE Doukas – AESH Pylias

Source: sport 24

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Women’s handball: PAOK has qualified for the quarter-finals of the cup with an incredible number of points




PAOK achieved a historic victory with an impressive 60-17 against Orfea Katerinis for women’s handball and qualified for the Quarterfinals. Qualification also for the Renaissance of Artas.

PAOK has achieved more than one impressive victory in the 1st round of the Greek Cup in women’s handball after beating the Orfea Katerinis With 60-17.

Dimitris Pelekidis’ team had Evgenia Samolada as a star player with 16 goals against the A2 team and can now prepare for the European home game against Gmini Kobizice (12/10, 16:00).

Dikefalos is playing with Pylaia for a place in the Final Four in the next stage’s big pair.


  • The five minutes: 0-5, 2-9, 3-14, 4-18, 5-23, 6-30 (em.), 6-34, 11-36, 13-40, 13-47, 16-53, 17 -60
  • ORFEAS KATERINIS: Kakani 6, Hatziargyriou, Doi 3, Gioulopoulou, Zachou 2, Latolari 2, Ananiadou, Christoforidou 3, Tsakaunidou, Asaridou, Douka 1, Papadopoulou, Kirtatze
  • PAOK (Pelekidis): Tsiknaki, Hatziparasidou 3, Mavrosavvidou 9, Mendesidou 6, Samolada 16, Ambrosiadou 7, Caprinioti, Sevdili 5, Gomes 3, Zeneli 3, Borizovska 5, Grbavcevic, Ribeiro 2, Burato
  • referee: Vageltzikis-Kyriakou, Two minutes: 2-0, penalty: 2/2-2/3

Qualification for the Renaissance of Artas

She also qualified for the quarterfinals Renaissance of Arta what has prevailed 33-25 from From Alexander the Great in Gianniza. In the next phase, they play Panorama at home for a place in the Final Four.


  • The five minutes: 1-3, 3-7, 5-9, 5-12, 7-14, 9-15 (mch), 12-17, 15-20, 16-23, 19-26, 21-30, 25- 33
  • Alexander the Great (Tarinidis): Pyritidou 1, Patsani 3, Aivazidou, Andronikidou 1, Plioga 12, Kalfopoulou, Lemmtsi, Manziri, Trellopoulou, Anastasiou 2, Himona, Papadopoulou 2, Karabatzaki 3, Tomidou
  • ARTAS RENAISSANCE (Seyrekidis): Kollyri, Nadotsi, Skara, Noula 4, Spyridopoulou 2, Mournou 6, Saidova, Tserepi 2, Surhan 5, Prokopidou 4, Kovtoun 5, Svetkovska 5
  • referee: Linardos-Nikolaidis, Two minutes: 3-2, penalty: 6/6-4/6

Quarterfinals schedule

  • 21/12 Kamatero – AEK
  • 21/12 Pylias-PAOK
  • 21/12 Renaissance of Artas – Panorama
  • 21/12 OFN Ionia-Athenaicus

Source: sport 24

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Diomedes: “We’re facing a lot of hostile referees”




Diomedes Argos complains about the referees he has in his matches with his social media placement, which is also accompanied by a video.

Diomedis has received complaints from the referees in his games in the Handball Premier and voiced them with its placement on social media, also accompanied by a video.

Its relative placement in detail: “What’s happening this year in the Greek league is unprecedented. Since the beginning of the year we’ve been dealing with a lot of hostile referees, whether we’re playing at home or away, and the refereeing mistakes against our team follow one another. Sometimes , like yesterday we were so much better competitively that we could even win the referee, sometimes not and that cost us points in the first round.

The doctrine of “form a team to win the arbitration” does not represent us. We demand equality and fair treatment and strong governance in OHE that ensures these values. But it seems that we are asking much of a federation which itself defines the KED and which in turn seems utterly unable to halt the downward spiral of Greek arbitration.

We have shown the patience befitting the greatness and history of Diomedes, who wanted to protect the sport at a difficult time in its history, but instead of being appreciated, this was perceived as a weakness and as a result, the situation got worse game by game. So far, however, patience has its limits. We will not allow anyone to play with our players’ sweat and undermine the sacrifices of team management. We will no longer tolerate arbitrations such as Tolios, Mertinian, Charalambidis, Slavetis, Kyriakou, Grapsa, etc. accompanied by the corresponding observer ratings.

OCHE and KED must take their (big) responsibilities, changes and cuts are needed, the groups will no longer pay for their incompetence. Enough is enough…

PS1: Although the refereeing is so tragic that it cannot be disputed, it is still interesting for the whole handball world to realize the extent of the sport’s humiliation, so we are accompanying this announcement with a video.

PS2: We remain at everyone’s disposal (ΕΧΕ – KED) for possible initiatives that will lead to the correction of this situation.

Source: sport 24

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AEK – Alingsas 32-27: He took the first step towards qualifying for the last 16 of the EHF European Cup




AEK beat Alingas 32-27 in the packed OAKA and took the first step towards qualifying for the EHF European Cup Round of 16 after enjoying a great day with Stipe Madalinic who scored 11 goals.

AEK took the first step towards qualifying for the round of 16 of the EHF European Cup, beating Alingsa 32-27 in a sold-out OAKA. The Union had a great day from Stipe Madalinic who scored 11 goals the last of which was in exhalation and shaped the final result.

The match

AEK started the match very well. With Mandalinic taking a leading role in attack and Liapis supporting him, the Union led 4-1 (6′), 6-3 (8′) and 9-6 at 15′. Gradually, Alingsas found a rhythm, closing the gap (9-8 at 15 minutes) while equalizing at 10-10 at 20 minutes with Pedersen.

Lemos’ entry offensively changed the picture for AEK, who seemed stuck and exploiting the player above, took the lead again with two goals from the Brazilian to make it 12-10 (22′), while with the same player the 14th 12 (26′) .

The Swedes had the answers again with Pedersen and Jonsson and separated 14:14 and 15:15 (28th). With Lemos and two great goals from Madalinic, AEK went 3-0 to 18:15 after 30 minutes, Pedersen scored and made the half-time score (18:16).

The second part started with AEK restoring the +3 difference (19-16, 20-17) with Chitobi and Rogulski. Alingsas reduced to 20-19 (34′), but with Liapis, Tick and Lemos the difference narrowed to 3 goals (22-19 at 34′, 23-20 at 37′, 24-21 at 40′).

With Granlund, Alingsa made it 24:23 (42nd) and after the goal Arsic Matskevics took his place under the post. With Chitobi and Mandalinic, AEK reached 26-23 (45th), while a little later (51st) they reached +4 (28-24) for the first time with Almeida and Lemos (stealing and scoring in the surprise pass!

The Swedish team shortened to 28:25 (53rd), but goals from Almeida, Arabatzi and Liapis made it 31:25 (59th) with a 3-0 run and individual results of 7:2 in the last 17 minutes ! Alingsas reduced the lead to 31-27 (59:37) with two Granlund goals, but the impressive Madalinic had the last word of the game with a quick airborne free-kick to make it 32-27!

The five minutes: 3:1, 7:5, 9:6, 10:10, 13:12, 18:16 (m), 22:19, 24:22, 26:24, 27:24, 30:25, 32:27

AEK (Albanian): Matskevich, Arabatzis 2, Tick 2, Zivkovic, Madalinic 11, Nikolaidis, Almeida 2, Iliopoulos, Papadionisiou, Liapis 5, Arsic, Sokolic, Chitobi 2, Rogulski 2, Lemos 6, Kederis.

ALINGSAS (Frenden): Frisk, Sandberg 1, Pedersen 6, Haglund, Granlund 8, Jonsson 3, Torbjornsson 1, Hagvall, Yone 1, Fillen 3, Moller 1, Thor 1, Helgren 1, Guedsel 1

Source: sport 24

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