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AEK – Zafirakis 34-21: Another step to win first place in handball premiere



AEK easily defeated Zafirakis Naoussa 34-21, taking another step towards the penultimate game of the Handball Premier regular season.

On matchday 21 of the Hanball premiere, AEK didn’t have much trouble against Zafiirakis Naousas, they defeated Georgios Kasimatis 34:21 and took another step towards first place, which will give them home right in the playoffs.

Zafairekis stayed close until the 15th minute, but then the goal slipped and Alexis Albanou’s team took control of the game without encountering any particular difficulties. It should be noted that before the game started, a minute’s silence was held in memory of Mimi Papaioannou.

AEK – Zafeirakis Naoussa 34-21

The five minutes: 3-1, 6-4, 7-6, 11-6, 13-9, 16-12 (day), 19-14, 22-17, 24-18, 27-20, 31-20, 34 – 21

AEK: Matskevich, Arabatzis 3, Zivkovic 5, Vardaxopoulos, Mandalinic, Nikolaidis 2, Tsepits 2, Almeida 3, Iliopoulos 5, Golubovic 4, Papadionisiou 2, Arsic, Sokolic 2, Tsitobi, Rogulski 2, Kederis 4.

ZAFIRAKIS NAOUSAS: Athanasiou, Molas, Tsoukalas 1, Tzouvaras, Tsangeras 3, Theodoropoulos 6, Bouboulentras, Trontzios, Biliouris, Apostolidis 3, Galitis, Milovics 4, Lenos, Vafeidis 1, Tsatsas, Lolas 3.

referee: Geroulanos A.-Geroulanos K..Two minutes: 2-4. Penalty: 3/4-1/1.

Source: sport 24

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Olympiacos – PAOK 27-19: The red and white team made the first step comfortably




Olympiacos, picking up steam in the second half, beat PAOK 27-19 and took the first step towards qualifying for the Handball Premier finals.

With defense as a weapon and pluralism in attack, Olympiacos beat PAOK 27-19 and took the first step to qualify for the Handball Premier finals.

The game was effectively decided in the first quarter of the second half as the Red-Whites launched a 7-1 run to run away by eight goals.

The match: Both teams started the game nervously and both defenses dominated. It is characteristic that after 15 minutes of the game it was 3:3.

From there, the two teams scored three goals each over the next five minutes before Olympiacos escaped with three goals, led by Montoro.

PAOK tried not to let the Red-Whites get away with the goal and they managed to form the final 11-9 of the first half with Eleftheriadis.

However, early in the second 30 minutes, Olympiacos managed to find solutions in defense and ran with a 9-1 majority to take a 20-10 lead.

Olympiacos then really extended their huge lead and easily made it 1-0, with the final 27-19 sealing the effort between the two teams.

Olympiacos – PAOK 27-19

The five minutes: 2-2, 3-3, 3-3, 6-6, 9-6, 11-9 (day), 14-10, 18-10, 20-11, 23-14, 24-14, 27-19

OLYMPIA (Grammar): Papavasilis 4, Dombris 4, Montoro 4, Ostrousko 3, Bayios 2, Niokas 5, Gratzan 3, Passias 1, Koutoulogenis 1

PAOK (scandalism): 3 Eleftheriadis, 2 Nicolaidis, 1 Tsanaxidis, 3 D. Triantafyllidis, 2 Tzorginis, 1 Kokmisis, 1 Kavousanakis, 4 Ladakis, 1 Apostolou, 1 Dougias

The playoff schedule

Saturday April 1st

  • Olympiacos SFP/Xyni Group – PAOK

Wednesday, April 5th

  • PAOK-Olympiacos SFP/Omilos Xini
  • AEK- Diomedes Argos

Weekend of April 8th to 9th

  • Olympiacos SFP/Omilos Xyni – PAOK (if required)

Sunday, April 9th

  • Diomedes Argos – AEK

Wednesday, April 12th

  • AEK- Diomedes Argos (if required)

* The qualification for the final will be decided based on the 2 wins.

Source: sport 24

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Derby Olympiacos – PAOK at 18:00 for the semi-finals of the Handball Premier




The first game of the Handball Premier Playoffs will take place in the afternoon at 6:00 p.m. in the indoor stadium of Ilioupolis between Olympiakos and PAOK (LIVE on Sportish).

The first duel of the semi-finals of the Handball Premier Playoffs will take place in the afternoon at 6:00 p.m. in the indoor stadium of Ilioupoli between Olympiakos and PAOK (LIVE on Sportish). The two teams are aiming for the two wins that will give the ticket to the championship finals.

Olympiacos, who finished second, have home rights if the series goes to a third game while PAOK finished third. In the regular season, Olympiakos and PAOK each had one win in the matches between them. Olympiacos won 28-23 in Ilioupoli and PAOK prevailed 21-20 in Mikra.

The game will be streamed live on the official Olympiacos YouTube channel ( Kinatzidis – Fotakidis will be the referees of the match and Migas – Tsakonas will be observers.

Nikos Gramatikos (Olympiakos coach): “At the beginning of the playoffs, we are ready to face a very good team like PAOK and take the first step in our homeland for the continuation of the playoffs. We will give 100% and once again we are waiting for our people to be by our side to help us achieve our goal.”

Vladislav Ostruchko (Olympiacos athlete): “After the conclusion of the regular season, our attention was fully focused endgames. Now the semi-finals begin. We need two wins, we want to get the first one at home tomorrow. We’ve been preparing for this game all week. I think it will be an interesting game where we want to do our best. And we will do that.”

Panos Gousios (PAOK trainer): “We have been preparing for this series of games for a long time. We know the depth and quality of the opponent, but we are ready to challenge our final participation despite the home disadvantage on an equal footing in the league.”

The second semi-final will take place on Wednesday (April 5) in Thessaloniki. The pair AEK – Diomedes Argos will also start their semifinals on April 5, with Union at home.

Source: sport 24

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Olympiakos: The first HIEP meeting with the participation of the Red and Whites




The first meeting of the European Commission’s HIEP (Handball International Educational Project) took place in Rome in the past few days at the “Stadio Olimpico” with great success, where Olympiacos was “present”.

The specific program aims to promote the development of handball coaches at European level.

The HIEP project is developed in cooperation with EPSI – The European Platform for Sport Innovation, Master Group Sport, Ovidius University Costanza (Romania), Olympiakos Multisport Team, Handball Department and Italian Federation L’Orma.

The main objective of the programme, which will run for 36 months, is the spread of handball through the development of common models to increase participation in the sport, especially among young people.

At the same time, the project aims to explore best practices in the education of coaches at European and national level in both handball and other sports.

In addition, there is an international trainer course that is jointly trained at European level. There are also local activities such as coaching courses and youth activities.

Source: sport 24

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