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AEK men’s handball: Martinovic taken over



The AEK men’s handball team announced the acquisition of 22-year-old right winger Patrik Martinovic.

The AEK men’s handball team has taken another important step with the acquisition of Patrick Martinovic. He is a 22-year-old right winger from Croatia.

The corresponding announcement in detail: “AEK is very pleased to announce the start of its partnership with Patrik Martinovic! The 22-year-old (29.08.2000), 1.88m tall right winger is another top player coming out of handball’s most important interclub competition, the EHF Champions. League. Martinovic signed a 1+1 year contract and joins the club’s men’s handball team.

The Croatian star started his career at HC Zamet while playing at RD LL Grosist Slovan in the 2021/2022 season. Last year he played in the colors of the Slovenian RK Celje Pivovarna Laško, a historic team that regularly competes in Europe’s top club competition. With this team he successfully participated in the EHF Champions League, even scoring 25 goals, while recently he took part with Mandalinić in the preparation of the Croatian men’s national team for Euro 2024!”

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Olympiakos season tickets for volleyball, polo, handball and women’s basketball will be released on Tuesday




Amateur Olympiacos Piraeus announced on Monday (September 25th) that season tickets for volleyball (men and women), polo (men and women), men’s handball and women’s basketball will be available on Tuesday (September 26th).

Amateur Olympiacos announced on Monday (25/9) that season tickets for volleyball (men and women), polo (men and women), men’s handball and women’s basketball will be released on Tuesday (26/9).

Amateur Olympiakos’ announcement in detail:

OLYMPIAN SFP informs its fans and members that season tickets for volleyball (men and women), polo (men and women), men’s handball and women’s basketball for the 2023-24 season will be available on Tuesday (September 26th). can be carried as follows:

Disposal options:


Via the official website of the OLYMPIC SFP ( and on Ticketmaster (

From the Members & Fans department at “G. Karaiskakis” daily, Monday-Friday and 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The number of season tickets put into circulation is limited and the purchase allows our fans and members who want to further strengthen the club’s departments.

The season ticket holder is guaranteed a seat for all home games in the 2023/24 season in all competitions.

The prices are as follows:

DURATION VOLLEYBALL (Applies to both the men’s and women’s divisions)

Seats in court: €250

Folding grandstand: €200

VIP: €150

Gate 1: €100

PERMANENT POLO (Applies to both men’s and women’s departments)

Seats in court: €250

VIP: €150

Section B: €100


Seats in court: €150


Section A (upper body): €50

Foldable grandstand (lower area): €100

*Season ticket holders from last season have the right to extend their seats until Monday 9 October.

Contact information:

T: +30 211 1007060

Q: [email protected]


Source: sport 24

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The captain of the AEK men’s handball team, Panagiotis Nicolaidis, was involved in a traffic accident




The captain of the AEK men’s handball team, Panagiotis Nikolaidis, was involved in a traffic accident on his motorcycle.

Shock in AEK with the captain of the men’s handball team, Panagiotis Nicolaidis, who was involved in a traffic accident with his motorcycle and another car that was traveling in the opposite direction.

The amateur AEK points out in its statement that Nikolaidis was wearing his helmet and was saved as a result. The head of the Union has He has some bruises and a few stitches, but he’s fine.

The announcement of the amateur AEK in detail: The entire AEK family wishes the captain of the men’s handball team, Panagiotis Nicolaidis, who had a traffic accident with his motorcycle, his warmest wishes to soon be old and strong with us. Luckily, our leader was wearing his helmet and was able to be saved when he collided with an oncoming car. He has some bruises, stitches in some places, but he’s fine.

Panagiotis, our leader, we are all by your side, we love you and we are waiting for you!“.

Source: sport 24

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Olympiacos has been eliminated from the Supercup, a difficult win for AEK in the debut of the Handball Premier




Olympiacos defeated Drama in the Macedonian city in the premiere of the Handball Premier. After the defeat in the Supercup, AEK found it difficult to beat Pylaia with a service technician on the bench.

With morale high after winning the Super Cup, Olympiacos SFP/Omilos Xyni won easily 41-31 the Bianco Monte Drama 1986 at the premiere of the 45th Handball Premier Championship.

The “Red and Whites” impressed with their versatility in attack, set their pace in the second half and achieved the final result easily and fairly.

The first scorers of the game were Tziras (11 goals), Toskas (10 goals) and Savvas (9 goals).

  • The five minutes: 3-4, 4-7, 6-9, 10-13, 13-16, 15-19 (MCH), 18-25, 20-29, 24-31, 26-34, 27-37, 31- 41
  • THEATRE (Valavanis): Kotsionis 2, Haitidis 5, Kotsamariloglou, Polydoros 4, Latsakou, Tozakidis, Toskas 10, Tungelidis, Vassiliou, Zacharopoulos, Kalaitzidis, Manoloudis 2, Dakaris, Korsak, Papadopoulos 8, Sina
  • OLYMPIC (Grammar): Kotanidis, Tziras 11, Karabourniotis 1, Papavasilis 3, Vida 4, Tzimboulas 2, Papantonopoulos, Kandylas, Sliskovits 3, Dombris, Tsigaridas 1, Passias 1, Montoro 3, Slavoulitsa 1, Michaelidis 2, Savvas 9
  • referee: Written by Kyriakou, Two minutes: 1-5, Penalty: 2/3-4/5

AEK bounced back with a difficult win

A surprise victory for AEK in the premiere against worthy and competitive players Goal.

The Greek champion won in the… thread 22-21 in OAKA with Stelios Seirekidis sitting on the bench after ending the partnership with Alexis Albanos, while Serbia coach Dragan Dzukic will soon take the reins, which has been officially announced.

Although it started well (9:5 in the 21st minute), AEK could not keep the same pace and the Pylaia team returned to the game, losing 9:8 (26th minute), while ending halftime 12:10 ended.

In the second half, the 2022 cup winners turned 15:14 (44th) into 15:17 (47th) with a 3-0 run and, despite AEK’s equalizer, found the right score to make it 17:17 (53rd). Solutions again at +2 (17-19 in 56′ and 18-20 in 57′). In the final minutes, AEK’s experience and quality played a role as they went on a 4-0 run to make the score 22-20 in the 58th minute, with the away team making the final score (22-21).

  • The five minutes: 1-2, 5-3, 7-4, 8-5, 9-7, 12-10 (mch), 13-11, 14-13, 15-15, 16-17, 17-18, 22- 21
  • AEK (Seyrekidis): Arabatzis 1, Zambits 1, Kritikos, Ionson, Madalinics 1, Mallios, Iliopoulos 1, Raspitsos, Papadopoulos 7, Papadionisiou, Komarzevski 2, Liapis 3, Martinovic 3, Arsits, Sokolic, Kederis 3
  • GATES (Ananiadis): Moisigev, Palaskas, Antoniadis 1, Karagiozopoulos 5, Danoulet, Tsortekis 1, Orfanoudakis, Vardakas 2, Bilias, Alexandridis 4, Kavousanakis 1, Kyriakidis 3, D. Triantafyllidis 4, T. Triantafyllidis, Koukmisis, Tzeli
  • referee: Karydakis-Giakalis, Red: 49:12 D. Triantafyllidis (no ticket was retained for this particular game), Two minutes: 3-5, Penalty: 3/4-2/3

Doukas defeated PAOK in Thessaloniki

The game of the first round of the Handball Premier between the two teams ended with the same result as the cup quarter-finals of last season in the “Home of Handball”. THE duke scored another great win in the second game in a row against PAOK in Thessaloniki 24-22 and made an ideal debut in the new league.

The game was a derby from start to finish, PAOK had a 1-2 goal lead but couldn’t hold on to it as the academy team took excellent advantage of the home team’s mistakes, especially in the final and with a 3-0 run for the two to get points.

In the 58th minute, Khoursoudian stole the ball, Eleftheriadis threw him to the ground, an infringement that resulted in a red card and a penalty, while in the next phase Mylonas won another penalty and the 3rd two minutes from Kalomoiros. The accurate seven-meter (4/4) Zibulovic took advantage of the penalties to make it 22:24.

  • The five minutes: 2-2, 5-5, 7-6, 10-8, 10-8, 11-11 (MCH), 13-14, 17-15, 18-17, 19-19, 21-20, 22- 24
  • PAOK (Gousios): Gigof, Ladakis 1, Eleftheriadis 1, Tsamouridis 1, Papageorgiou, Nikolaidis 2, Th. Papazoglou 3, Koukmisis, L. Papazoglou, Batzios, Kalomiros 4, Botskaref 5, Daios, Kyriakidis, Tzorginis 3
  • DUKE (Chalkidis): Kiartzidis, Mylonas 4, Payatis 2, Batis 2, Kolezakis, Panagiotou 4, Papadopoulos, Tsioumas, Khoursoudian 2, Geroulanos, Charitonidis 1, Kovanis 3, Arapakopoulos, Zivoulovics 4, Kollyris, Diakoulias 2
  • referee: Tzaferopoulos-Bettman, Red: 58:00 Eleftheriadis (dangerous game), 59:21 Kalomiros (three two minutes), Two minutes: 6-6, Penalty: 2/2-4/4

Premiere for Ionikos and rightly so

Start with the… Right for Ionian Affidea in this year’s championship, after the victory 30-22 the newly enlightened Panhellenic GS.

The home team controlled the game and opened up the lead in the 2nd half as the visitors couldn’t keep up.

The leader was Alexandros Koukoulas, who scored eleven goals.

  • The five minutes: 2-0, 3-1, 6-3, 9-5, 11-8, 12-10 (morning), 16-12, 19-13, 21-14, 23-19, 27-20, 30- 22
  • IONIC (Arvanitis): Koukoulas 11, Samaras, Aivaliotis 4, Tausanis 2, Papadopoulos, Braudakis, Syngaris, Apostolou 3, Vassiliou 2, Butos 2, Meletakos 3, Delichristos 1, Troulos, Mantzopoulos, Elozeua, Balaskas 2
  • PGS (Samaras): Akalbedashvili 3, Dougias 1, Anagnostopoulos 2, Athanasakos, Vertzonis, Tokatzoglou, Papadimitriou, Papadopoulos, Stathis 8, Nakos 1, Roussos 5, Skourtai, Balaskas, Vlachothanasis, Alikakos, Hatzigiannis 2
  • referee: Charalambidis-Zisis, Two minutes: 5-8, Penalty: 3/3-3/3

Pleasing win for Zafiirakis

Great victory with a confident performance and score (36-24) noted o Zafirakis of Naoussa on him Aeropou Edessa at the championship premiere.

Despite the absence of the crowd due to a problem with the DAK Naoussa, the home team managed to completely control the game and achieve a wide victory, which, in addition to 2 points, also gives them important psychology to continue.

On the contrary, Aeropos has shown that it takes a lot of work to work together as a team to remind the group that last year they managed to get 5th place in the Handball Premier.

  • The five minutes: 0-2, 4-4, 8-6, 11-7, 15-9, 17-12, 19-12 (morning), 20-13, 22-15, 25-18, 28-20, 31- 22, 36-24
  • ZAFIRAKIS (Deligiannis): Bolas 1, Tzouvaras, Tsageras 2, Theodoropoulos 11, Bouboulendras, Barbas, Misailidis 5, Rotzios 1, Biliouris, Athanasiadis 2, Apostolidis 3, Sarafis, Vafiadis 2, Tsatsas 1, Feslachidis, Lolas 8
  • AIRPLANE (Toutsis): Veremchuk, Stergiopoulos, Dingeko 3, Ofrisenko 5, Goncharov 3, Grisikashvili 1, Papadopoulos 3, Boutkaris 2, Krallis 2, Robis, Koukoutsidis 3, Papagiannis 1, Gatsis 1, Marinos, Totidis, Giannousis
  • referee: Naskos-Haritsos, Two minutes: 3-7, Penalty: 7/7-2/2

Kilkis caused the surprise

In the Kilkis The traditional surprise of the premiere came this year with the newcomer winning points in the Handball Premier GAS (27-27) from the 4th of the same period last year Diomedes of Argosalthough he could have taken the win after leading 27-25 at 57-40.

The “Wolves”, who had serious failures, mobilized their experience in the end and got the one point, while they had the last attack that… also stole the game, but they did not score a goal and so the two The teams each shared one point.

It is worth noting that the hosts, returning to the big league after 9 years, controlled the game for the longest time, with a lead of 5 goals in the 24th minute (11-6) and 4 goals twice (18-14). 38′ and 20-16 40′).

  • The five minutes: 0-3, 3-4, 6-5, 9-6, 11-8, 13-10 (img.) 16-13, 20-16, 22-19, 24-22, 24-25, 27- 27
  • KILKIS (Georgiadis): Borodai, Radoisits 5, Metsis, Kypraios 5, Migas 3, Fahouridis S. 1, Giannakidis, Dimakis 8, Singiridis 2, Karvounidis, Fahouridis, Berezni 3, Nakos, Giannakopoulos, Giavasidis, Taramonlis
  • Diomedes (Zaravinas): Kostoulas, Anastasiou, Tsakalos 4, Tselios 1, Terletski, Tsakouridis 5, Asvestas 4, Hatjikonstantinou, Mayos, Kostakidis 4, Manthos 2, Orfanos, Karkagelis, Nikolinais, Salem, Stefanitsis 1
  • referee: Patios Tsianas, Two minutes: 2-2, Penalty: 6/6-5/8, Red card: Fachouridis p. 49.29 dangerous game (no ticket was kept)

The results of the 1st round

  • AEK – Pylaia 22-21
  • Drama – Olympiacos 31-41
  • PAOK – ASE Duka 22-24
  • Kilcis – Diomedes 27-27
  • Zafirakis – Aeropos 36-24
  • Ionian – Panhellenic 30-22

The rating

  1. Zafirakis 2
  2. Olympiakos 2
  3. Ionic 2
  4. ASE Duke 2
  5. AEK 2
  6. Diomedes 1
  7. Kilkis 1
  8. Goal 0
  9. PAOK 0
  10. Panhellenic 0
  11. drama 0
  12. Aeropus 0

The program for the 2nd match day

  • September 30th Olympiakos – Kilkis
  • September 30th 17:00 o’clock ASE Douka – Panhellenic
  • September 30th 6:00 p.m PAOK – drama
  • September 30th 6:00 p.m Aeropus – Ionian
  • September 30th 6:00 p.m Diomedes – AEK
  • 01.10. 6:00 p.m Pylaia – Zafirakis

Source: sport 24

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