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Coming Future (1): Jose Antonio Rueda



The record-breaking rider is set to join the grid for the 2023 Moto3 World Championship. José Antonio Eda Ruiz (Los Palacios Ibillafranca, Seville, 29 October 2005) is the newest pearl of his academy for the Spanish Youth and is poised to join the list of champions in due course. Those concerned about the future of motorcycling in Spain without Marc Márquez should look to his string of pilots born in the mid-2000s, led by Pedro Acosta (2004) and Izan Guevara (2004). please give me. , and come after them Jose Antonio Rueda (2005), Daniel Holgado (2005), David Muñoz (2006) or David Alonso (2006) is a Spanish pilot who chose to race under the flag of his mother’s country of origin, Colombia.

Jose Antonio Rueda races Red Bull KTM Ajo for Moto3 World Championship

José Antonio Rueda makes his World Cup debut at the age of 17, but those around him (his career is managed by Monlau Management) rush to make him the new breaker of the precocious record. not here. But of all this record set for him in 2022, there is one that stands out. He was the first ever rider to win his FIM Junior GP World Championship and Red Bull his Rookies Cup in the same season.

Junior GP Champion Jose Antonio Rueda

He has flawlessly managed the two most important age championships that run more or less parallel on the calendar, winning in his chest and behind him. The FIM Junior Grand Prix title at Misano in September was dedicated to his close friend and pilot Hugo Milan, who died at the young age of 14 in the Arcaños race of the 2021 European Talent Cup. rice field. Nine podiums, five of which were victories, added 238 points from 12 races, a figure not seen since Fabio Quartararo entered the championship (then CEV 125cc) in 2014. , ahead of runner-up David Salvador by 76 points. The Red Bull Rookies Cup title, for which his father worked as a mechanic, tied him up at the final race in Cheste in November with seven podiums and his three victories.

Since winning the title of Spanish Moto4 Champion in 2017 with the Estrella Galicia 0,0 team and Monlau Motorsport, Rueda has not stopped evolving. In the 2020 Pandemic he debuted in his FIM Junior GP where he finished 13th and in 2021 his 8th, scoring his maiden podium at Motomelo .

“Having these riders with us from the beginning, advising them and trusting them was essential to being in MotoGP today, even for world champions. is a clear example of , ”says Jaime Serrano, CEO of the Team Estrella Galicia 0,0 team where he trained. His debut in the Moto3 World Championship will join Red Bull KTM Ajo, considered the best team, but the management of Seville’s sporting rights will remain the responsibility of Monlau Management.

From the start, the Sevillian will have to get KTM after years with Honda for Junior Team Estrella Galicia 0,0 in Junior GPs and only a brief experience with KTM in the last Red Bull Rookies Cup. All were very satisfied with his three days of private testing in Jerez. “Jose Antonio is a rookie and it was his first time working with KTM, so he needed three days of work. Ajo explained.

Jose Antonio Rueda and boss Aki Ajo in the Red Bull KTM Ajo box during private testing in Jerez

“The last three days of testing have gone very well. We are improving little by little every day and I feel better on the bike. I would like to thank the team, we have achieved a lot in these first few days.It’s a shame we couldn’t continue on the final day a little more, but I’m very happy and hope to see you in 2023 I am looking forward to the beginning of the year.

The Seville native already knows what it’s like to run a Grand Prix in the Moto3 World Championship, but he hasn’t scored any points in either of the two races he’s run. Its official premiere came at his final race at Cheste in 2021. This is thanks to the call of Indonesian Racing’s Gresini Moto3 team to cover the loss of Gabri to his Rodrigo due to injury. He finished 21st on the grid, and in the race he fell on lap 5 in a fight with Kelso as he approached the points.

This 2022 he will be racing for the Rivacold Snipers Team at Le Mans. He qualified 24th on the grid and this time finished the race, but failed to score any points and finished 21st in a contest for the top 20 with Pitito Fernández in a complicated race, three laps later when the rain worsened. A red flag has appeared. And finished wet.

His debut in the Moto3 World Championship came in 2011 at Cheste, making up for the loss of Gabri Rodrigo at Gresini.

He goes to the World Cup in a 99 – as a kid he was a big fan of Jorge Lorenzo and is already a two-time champion after wearing the 95 until 2021. There’s no shortage of stars on his Instagram that this RACC pilot hasn’t been photographed with, of course, Los Palacios’ most prominent resident, soccer player Jesús Navas.

Source: Mundo Deportivo

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Ekstrom, Champion of the Race of Champions 2023…The car caught fire!




Saturday didn’t go well Matthias EkstromDriving at home and in front of fans he failed to win the title Nations Cup Protect the Swedish flag together Johann Christoffersonhe got out of the sand Dakarto the beach of snow and ice Pete Havesbad (Sweden) Wanting to show off, but not happy. MD found him in the hallway of the facility. “I’m fine. I’ll try again tomorrow.”he told this newspaper that he wanted to give gas the next day. He won the 2023 Race of Champions by defeating Mick Schumacher in the final. He also had even more difficulty seeing how the fire appeared in his car in the middle part of the passenger compartment. He seemed to care little. He noticed a guest sitting next to the passenger seat and kept the throttle wide open while trying to fix the problem. And when he accelerated to the limit, he was finally able to get it out with one of his gloves.

Mattias, 44, is one of the most accomplished pilots in the world, able to shine in a wide variety of competitions and terrains. DTM, Rallycross World Championship and now ETCR World Championship in Cupra and Dakar in Audi. If there’s one thing that sets his engineers and his opponents apart, it’s his uncanny ability to deliver top performance from the start, each time riding a different machine than the one before. that defines you. Also, his bright and competitive personality. And with his chameleon abilities, he Cupra Urban Level Racing Concept, World RallyCross RX2e car, Polaris minicar. It was the best.

Ekström achieved it in front of his fans at home and has already won his fourth Race of Champions title.thus equaling the two drivers who have won the most crowns in this race until this Sunday. Didier Auriol and Sébastien Loeb He didn’t have the best weekend defending his crown last year.

Final Schumacher Extrom

In the first set of the finals, Swede and German Mick Schumacher battled for the bronze medal behind the wheel of a Polaris minicar. Ekström taking the throne against a young Mick seemed like the perfect scenario to get out of his comfort zone completely off the asphalt. Matthias, who has a lot of experience in rallying and on the ice, started as a big favorite after defeating Thierry Neuville in the semi-finals and Kristofferson in a previous tie, but Mick Schumacher put things on the line in the first round. I gave, sent a message of strength, and conquered all odds. And made the score 1-0 in favor. The next round will be in his RX2e car at Rallycross. Mattias couldn’t fault it. Beating Mick on his second lap he made it 1-1 and won his Race of Champions title by a time difference.

Loeb out at first meeting

The day started with a surprise. Sebastian Loeb Defending the title, he had to face one of the best drivers in the current World Rally Championship team in the first exchange. Hyundai Thierry NeuvilleThe Frenchman had less filming time than his rivals since arriving Saturday morning after having to attend a funeral, but lost in the first round against the Belgian to clinch the champion’s throne to the rest of the contenders. made available to people.

Mick Schumacher passes Vettel to reach final

Other news of the day came in the semi-finals. Mick Schumacher he stood facing his best friend Sebastian Vettel Seeking a grand finale after defeating the champion of F2 and current Aston Martin reserve driver Felipe Dolgovic of Brazil.

Mick wins over Brazilian in final suspense as he makes a mistake leaving the track On the final sleeve of their confrontation. However, the advantage he won in the first round against Felipe allowed Mick to sneak into the ‘semi-final’ with Vettel. His two Germans face off for tickets to the final battle. And so it happened. Mick could beat four-time F1 champions like Sebastian Vettel,especially Failure of first sleeve “Sebu” He veered off the track and into his opponent’s track.

The day started with emotional memories of all the champions michael schumacherAlong with a family photo of everyone holding a banner with “Keep fighting, Michael. Everyone wants to see you.”For Mick, the best ending to the party would have been the final victory. He made Ekström very difficult and dreamed of achieving it, but in the end Matthias won the title.

Source: Mundo Deportivo

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Wehrlein starts Diriyah E-Prix with double win and lead




German Porsche driver Pascal Wehrlein wraps up his participation in the Diriyah E-Prix in Saudi Arabia, positioning himself as the new leader of the Formula E World Championship with double wins in the weekend’s two races. was given.

In a race where Friday’s first two places were repeated at Diriyah, the German again outpaced his British rival Jake Dennis, this time with an inch of 252. street circuit.

Rene Rast passed Jaguar’s Sam Bird in the closing stages of the race to take the rookie NEOM McLaren to the podium for the first time in third place.

British rookie Jake Hughes, who had previously claimed his first pole position for McLaren, was only in his third race with last year’s title-winning team under Mercedes ownership, but was late in the race. After running out of power, he finished in 5th place.

“Our race pace is unbelievable. We had the perfect strategy today,” said the driver, who started fifth on the grid and became the fifth Formula E driver to win both races in a single week. Wehrlein, who was named of the race, said. Former Formula 1 his driver finished second to Dennis at the opening round of the World Cup in Mexico City. Extra points for fastest lap and Sam Bird.

Wehrlein is now third on 68 points, Dennis on 62 and Envision Racing’s Sébastien Buemi on 31 points.

The fourth round of the championship will be held in Hyderabad (India) on February 11th.

Source: Mundo Deportivo

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There are rumors about Ford entering Formula 1 with Red Bull




Ford has admitted it is considering entering Formula 1 with Red Bull Racing in 2026 – while the Detroit-based company’s CEO will reportedly be present for the unveiling of the new RB19 in New York on February 3.

The blue oval company is reportedly in advanced negotiations with Red Bull Racing to become the Formula One champion’s technology partner from 2026, the year the sport’s engine regulations change.

A possible collaboration between RBR and Ford seems ideal for both sides: Red Bull has decided to manufacture its own engines from 2026, with the newly formed Red Bull Powertrains being housed in a new factory next to that of their chassis in Milton Keynes, UK.

As a result, RBR has decided it no longer needs a customer engine like Honda, but is not saying no to a “technology partner” who may name the engines, accompanying its commitment with a generous sponsorship. Even more so when that partner is from the US, which opens a number of doors for Red Bull’s presence in the large American market.

Such cooperation also seems to be most suitable for Ford. According to reports, the American company does not want to be an engine manufacturer in Formula 1, but rather to participate in its technological development. After all, its participation in the WRC is of a similar level, as it did not create a pure works team, but supports Malcolm Wilson’s M-Sport with know-how and sponsorship.

For a possible Ford partnership with Red Bull Racing in Formula 1 in 2026, it all makes sense. His hybrid system in Honda’s Tokyo, a few thousand kilometers away.

The ‘fire’ of Red Bull-Ford collaboration rumors is now being fueled by new evidence. Although Red Bull insists on launching the new 2023 RB19 in New York because of fashion week and the company owns fashion label Alpha Tauri, German broadcaster Sky Sports reports that the launch of the new car by Ford CEO Mark Rushbrook will be in attendance.

At the same time, in an interview with website, Rushbrook did not rule out Ford entering Formula 1 in 2026: “THE formula 1 it is undeniably strong and growing, both in the United States and around the world. What they did well was create competition and great games. It’s still the crown jewel, but they’ve also managed to reach new audiences with moves like that Drive to survive [του Netflix]”said the American.

And he continued: “As a company, we participate in the race for innovation, for technology transfer, for learning opportunities, but also for reasons marketing in addition. Things have changed, sure, and no doubt we need to think about it. We don’t comment on speculation, but that goes for every other institution out there. It is our responsibility to study and understand them and then make our own decisions as to whether it makes sense or not. [να συμμετάσχουμε]”.

Rushbrook did not deny that the conversion of Formula 1 to the use of biofuels also plays an important role in the technology, innovation and commercialization he mentions: “Sustainable fuels are definitely something we are interested in, but we are already doing this in other institutions. the WRC he’s had it since last year and that was a big lesson for us.

In the regions where we sell our cars, some will switch to electric cars faster and others will keep the heat engines longer. But we want to be sustainable in what we do as a company – not only in making electric cars, but also in making our heat engines more sustainable. We support all institutions, whether we participate or not, that are making the transition to sustainable fuels.”he added.

Finally, many argue that Ford will be lured into F1 by a similar move by its main US commercial rival General Motors, which, through Cadillac, is backing Michael Andretti’s Andretti Global team’s bid to become the sport’s 11th team in 2026 could. “It doesn’t necessarily change anything,” Rushbrook commented.

We remind you that Ford, through Cosworth, was one of the most successful manufacturers in F1 history. However, her last experience with the sport was traumatic: in 2000 she founded her own factory team under the Jaguar name, but this costly program failed miserably. So she left for good in 2004 after initially selling her team to… Red Bull.

Source: sport 24

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