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Who won the Monaco 2023 F1 GP? Results, classification and positions: Verstappen won, followed by Alonso



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For more than half career he Monaco GP 2023 He didn’t have much to say. Unsuccessful overtaking attempts, some contact with the wall and no act of his presence safety car. And it was until the rain burst. Around the 52nd lap the chaos began. An anarchy from which a conservative emerged victorious Max Verstappenwho expected everyone to make different mistakes to get theirs 39th victory in F1.

Fernando Alonso he touched 33 but strategy and weather played him. ONE second position who knows little but what is his best race in almost a decade, since the 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix.

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The first surprise of the season stands out in third place: Esteban Ocon. The Frenchman showed off his talent for fishing in turbulent rivers to claim his third Formula 1 podium.

Intense and frantic race on the streets of Monaco where so much Carlos Sainz (8th) as Checo Pérez (17th) They ended on a bad note, both because of their decision-making and their respective teams when reading the conditions and the situation.

Result and classification | Winner | Key moments | Alonso’s career | Perez’s Career | Sainz’s career

F1 Monaco GP 2023 – Results, standings and final standings

pos. Pilot Difference Points
1 Max Verstappen 25
2 Fernando Alonso +27,921 18
3 Esteban Ocon +36,990 fifteen
4 Lewis Hamilton +39,062 12+1
5 George Russell +56.284 10
6 Charles Leclerc +61,890 8

Pierre Gasly

+62.362 6
8 Carlos Sainz +63.391 4
9 Lando Norris +1 round 2
10 Oscar Piastri +1 round 1
eleven Valtteri Botas +1 round 0
12 nyck devries +1 round 0
13 Yuki Tsunoda +1 round 0
14 guanyu zhou +1 round 0
fifteen Alex Albon +1 round 0
16 Nico Hulkenberg +1 round 0
17 Czech Perez +1 round 0
18 sergeant logan +1 round 0
  • fast lap: Lewis Hamilton
  • abandonments: Lance Stroll (Aston Martin), accident? Kevin Magnussen (Haas)

Who won the Monaco 2023 F1 GP?

He Monaco GP 2023 from F1 won it Max Verstappen team’s Red Bull. Accompanied by Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon on the podium, the Dutchman had an unbeaten race.

Verstappen crossed the finish line first after spending a quiet Sunday despite the conditions to take his 39th win.

Watch Formula 1 on DAZN in Spain | Fubo and ESPN+ in the United States

Monaco GP 2023 F1 highlights

  • Exit: Clean start without incident in the first turns. However, Alex Albon created a somewhat dangerous situation after passing Loews. The Thai lost speed and collided slightly with Bottas and Stroll.
  • Round 2: Pérez, Zhou, Stroll and Hulkenberg pitted at the end of the first lap due to different touches and strategy.
  • Round 5: Penalty for Nico Hulkenberg for collision with Logan Sargeant at the first corner. The German was very bullish at Mirabeau and had an impact on Williams.
  • round 11: Sainz tried to pass Ocon at the exit of the tunnel with such poor skill that he collided slightly with the Frenchman. The Spaniard caused a yellow flag throughout the first sector losing part of it end plate.
  • Round 14: The main victim of Sainz’s mistake was not him or Ocon, but Alonso, who reported tire pressure problems and a possible puncture.
  • round 17: Race management decided to take Sainz’s black and white flag for causing a collision.
  • Round 18: Magnificent Magnussen overtook Logan Sargeant at Mirabeau for 15th. At La Rascasse they passed Stroll and Pérez to continue ahead.
  • Round 29: Verstappen reaches the first bent drivers who, in turn, are in a battle with each other.
  • round 31: Verstappen doubled Perez.
  • round 32: Lewis Hamilton was the first from the top area to enter the pits to change tires despite the threat of rain.
  • round 34: In an attempt to double Stroll from Verstappen, Pérez almost caused a collision and both try to take advantage of the gap left by the Canadian. Serious mistake by the Mexican.
  • round 35: And in the next lap, Checo collided with Hulkenberg, losing his front wing and throwing his career. Bad decision making by Perez.
  • round 46: The race settled down from this point, with the lead consolidated and everyone stopped except Verstappen, Alonso, Gasly and Russell, third and virtually fourth.
  • round 52: The rain started, suddenly changing the weather and with a race script that was very difficult to read.
  • Round 54: Sainz launched his attack on Ocon again with great maneuvers to no avail as the rain intensified.
  • round 55: Alonso came in and rode midfield, making a huge mistake and missing the chance to win since the track was for intermediates. And Sainz, after staying and not entering, turned around and ended up running away.
  • Round 57: After several laps of absolute chaos with Stroll on the wall and pulling away, the rain intensified within minutes.
  • round 59: Checo Pérez took a risk with the extreme rain tire given the conditions.
  • round 60: 5 second penalty for George Russell who entered the track safely.
  • Round 69: Mistake by Tsunoda while 10th at Mirabeau that drops him out of the points.
  • FINAL: Victory for Max Verstappen after the chaos caused by the rain with Fernando Alonso second and Esteban Ocon third.

Fernando Alonso’s Monaco F1 GP 2023 career

The race of Fernando Alonso inside this Monaco GP 2023 of F1 could be the reason for victory 33 but Aston Martin misread the conditions. With half the pitch in the rain and the other dry, they sent the Spaniard on boxes and they put socks on him while Verstappen was still out.

Alonso took no advantage because the correct tire was the intermediate, he had to stop immediately after the next lap and equalize the strategy with the Dutchman.

Despite this, the Spaniard recorded his best result in F1 since Hungarian GP 2014 with second place in Monaco.

Carlos Sainz’s 2023 Monaco F1 GP career

The race of Carlos Sainz inside this Monaco GP 2023 of F1 is difficult to qualify. Although the Spaniard tried to pass Ocon and had much more pace than the Frenchman, the Ferrari driver did not have enough ability to win third place either way. And when he succeeded with strategy, the Italians failed to fall into the Frenchman’s undercut.

With fourth place in his pocket, the Madrid native retired at Mirabeau when the rain appeared while on medium tyres.

Sainz crossed the finish line eighth place after he was unable to pass Gasly after the reported error.

Checo Pérez’s Monaco F1 GP 2023 career

The race of Checo Pérez at Monaco F1 GP 2023 it was mistake after mistake. The Mexican failed in his second qualifying attempt on Saturday and has been doomed to fight against all odds ever since. With that stress of moving up the ranks, Czeko made mistakes more typical of a rookie in the Principality.

He first came close to colliding with his teammate when he hit him and, in turn, Max Verstappen overtook Stroll at the exit of the tunnel. In the next lap, already with real battles for position, Pérez collided slightly with Hulkenberg and broke his front wing.

Laps later, with the rain present, Russell took it on in a dangerous reunion. To make matters worse, the Mexican almost ended up against the wall when he reached the pool.

Finally, Checo Pérez crossed the finish line in 16th place.

Source: Sporting News

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