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Famous Ukrainian tennis player went to war zone



world’s oldest 13 rackets Alexander Dolgopolov announced on his social networks that he was going to the war zone because he did not have time to wait:

“Friends, as you probably noticed, Russia has declared a grave for the third time in its history. At the beginning, I said, if there is an opportunity to learn, we should use the time, it will not end like this. Those who could do nothing (like me, for example) were given sufficient time.

Despite all the fears, I no longer see an opportunity to stay on the sidelines, this is a historic moment and I will not forgive myself if I do not participate. Take care of yourself and don’t forget the help you can afford. Glory to Ukraine!”.

Alexander actively supported the ZSU and engaged in territorial defense.

Earlier, Dolgopolov answered Elon Musk clearly and unequivocally to his “fantastic” statement about Crimea.

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Posted by Alex Dolgopolov AKA “THE DOG” (@alexdolgopolov)

Source: Sport UA

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Tennis: successful return to action for Alexander Zverev | RDS




Successful return for Alexander Zverev The German, who seriously injured his right ankle in the Roland Garros semi-final in June, played again for the first time on Thursday.
Source: rds

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Wimbledon: The ATP fines the British Federation for not taking part from Russians and Belarusians




The ATP fined the British Tennis Association one million euros for banning Russian and Belarusian athletes from Wimbledon.

The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) has fined the British Tennis Association (LTA) £820,000 ($1 million) for banning Russian and Belarusian athletes from this year’s Wimbledon Championships over the Russian invasion of Ukraine .

The athletes were not even allowed to compete in the preparatory tournaments on British soil. Wimbledon was the first Grand Slam to disqualify athletes from certain countries, a move condemned by many in the tennis world and of course by the two professional bodies, the ATP and WTA.

The first penalty from the federations was the removal of Wimbledon from ranked tournaments, with the result that those athletes who competed and excelled received no ATP or WTA points.

The imposition of the exorbitant fine, as was customary, provoked reactions from the British.

“LTA is deeply disappointed by this. In its conclusion, the ATP did not recognize the special conditions created by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, nor the reactions of the international sporting community or the British government. The ATP appears to view this matter as a direct breach of its rules, with a striking lack of empathy for the situation in Ukraine and a clear lack of understanding of the unique circumstances faced by the LTA,” the British Tennis Association said in an explanation .

For its part, the ATP has justified its stance, both in its decision not to rate Wimbledon and the fine it imposed on the LTA.

“We stand by our original position that unilateral decisions by members of the ATP Tour endanger our ability to function as a global sport. We believe the measures taken protect the long-term future of the sport and its commitment to values-based, non-discriminatory participation for individual athletes,” the ATP said in a statement.

SOURCE: Tennis24

Source: sport 24

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A million for Russophobia. The British were severely punished for a high-profile tennis scandal




The recalcitrant Wimbledon was fined a huge amount. The next mistake will be fatal for the organizers!

While professional tennis players continue to prepare for the season starting in mid-January, functionaries and management are trying to protect themselves from surprises in 2023.

The only Grand Slam tournament that refused to accept Russians on its courts was already deprived of rating points last summer. And in order to avoid a repetition of the situation, the heads of world tennis decided to increase the punishment.

Wimbledon received a huge fine for Russophobia – and a final warning.

“I’ll try to play next year”

The last tennis year ended with the final tournament, in which our athletes showed themselves in different ways. Praised at the beginning of the year, Medvedev could not make it out of the group in the playoffs, just like Kasatkina. While the less status Rublev unexpectedly reached the semi-finals.

Nevertheless, out of the 16 strongest players of the season, three are representatives of Russia. The best indicator among all countries! Further, two representatives each have Spain (Alcaras and Nadal) and Greece (Tsitsipas and Sakkari). This statistic alone is enough to understand the status of our athletes in the world tennis arena.

How the new season will be arranged and whether any restrictions and bans will remain on the tour is not yet clear, but there are already first pleasant trends. For example, Djokovic, whose road to Australia was closed due to the Serb’s unwillingness to vaccinate, has now received a green light. The public will see the legend on the courts of Melbourne in mid-January.

Less transparent situation with another tournament from the “big four”. Wimbledon was already punished by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) in May for the decision of the British to remove Russian and Belarusian players from participation in the tournament. Then the most status competition on the grass was deprived of rating points, thereby making it, in fact, an exhibition one.

Has this affected the motivation of tennis players to come to London? Not yet.

– I’m not the one who makes decisions in ATP, I’m not the one who makes decisions in Wimbledon. Maybe it’s the government pushing them, maybe it’s their decision. There are many mistakes behind this. So if I can play, I’ll be happy to play. I love Wimbledon as a tournament. I will try to play next year and try to play well there,” Daniil Medvedev said this summer.

Million fine

Five months after the end of Wimbledon 2022, the tour management decided to toughen the punishment for the tournament and fined the organizers $ 1 million for not allowing Russian and Belarusian tennis players.

In words, the punishment sounds serious, but if you look at the prize fund of this year’s English tournament, the penalties no longer look so formidable.

This year, after the deprivation of rating points, the organizers tried to increase the motivation of the participants by increasing the prize fund. The figures increased by 15 percent, and the total amount was almost $50 million. Record for the English tournament, and second place after the Australian Open 2022.

If you compare the amount with the price for keeping Russia and Belarus out, you get a ratio of 1 to 50. In this proportion, the sanctions from the ATP are no longer so impressive and seem quite bearable for Wimbledon if they want to maintain their anti-Russian position.

However, in addition to money, the association threatened the organizers with exclusion from the tour if the Russians and Belarusians were again suspended from Wimbledon and other British tournaments in 2023. And here reputational and image losses can be much worse. If you are not on the tour, then another tournament, more attractive in the context of the world ranking, may well be put in your place. And it is no longer necessary to expect that top tennis players will continue to come to London as a tribute to tradition. Risking centuries of Wimbledon history for a dubious political statement is a controversial decision to say the least.

    Source: Sportbox

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