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Novak Djokovic, I’m sorry, but you’re not human



Costas Holidis writes about Novak Djokovic’s incredible year and disagrees with him on whether what he is doing at 36 is human.

Another year of tennis ended with the ATP Finals. Another year in which one of the Big 3 continues to lead the way for the younger ones.

In fact, Rafael Nadal was the only one to compete this year after injury, while Roger Federer has since retired and is applauding the others from home.

Novak Djokovic thus ended 2023 at No. 1 in the world rankings, having added seven more titles to his collection, including three Grand Slams.

Shortly after receiving the trophy for winning the ATP Finals, Novak Djokovic spoke in front of the camera of Cosmote TV and Mariza Georgitsi.

The Pay Channel reporter asked him about his terrible performances against Shiner and Alkarath while Nole smiled if he was human.

“Of course I’m human. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of tennis I played today and yesterday considering I didn’t play well in the group stage.” He mentioned among other things and this was the reason for this article.

Be patient, Mr. Djokovic, but you are not human. What the 36-year-old Serb is doing is inhumane and teaches the young generation.

The transformation against Alkarath and Shiner

Let’s take things from the beginning. In his statements before the last major tournament of the year, Novak Djokovic made it clear that his first goal was to secure the number 1 position in the world rankings.

He achieved this in his first match, where he found it difficult to beat Holger Rune. This was followed by the defeat against Yannick Siner, in which he played rather passively, and the difficult 2-1 win against Hurkatz.

In fact, to reach the semi-finals, Djokovic needed a gift from Schinner, who defeated Rooney and gave the ticket to the “4”.

Djokovic’s image in these three games was not convincing for his level. But the sequel was impressive. As if the Serb had pressed a button and swallowed both Alkarath and Shiner.

The Spaniard in particular described the picture of the game in detail in his contribution. “It was impossible,” Alcarath wrote, admitting Djokovic’s superiority.

The room was decorated with shiner for the first time

If we want to focus on a specific piece to understand what Novak Djokovic did in these two games, it is enough to take a closer look at the first set against Shiner.

He entered the field ranked No. 4 in the world, one of the strongest forehand players on the tour, on a field full of Italians who created a football atmosphere.

None of this played any role in the game. Novak Djokovic came into the game completely focused and only had one thing on his mind: the cup.

From the first points he sent the message to Sinner that this game would have nothing to do with what they had given in the groups. He was aggressive, kept the Italian away from the baseline and didn’t let him catch his breath.

His serving statistics were impressive. In the first set he had 7 aces and 16/22 passes on his first serve, of which he lost only two points, while on his second serve he was 6/6 points behind.

With those numbers it was impossible for anyone to beat him and it was a clear message to Sinner that all he was thinking about was winning the trophy like he did.

He fulfills his greatest wish

At the end of the match, Novak Djokovic celebrated his seventh title of the year, including three Grand Slams, world No. 1 and his seventh ATP Finals title.

He immediately rushed to his team and then to his family. There he embraced his most ardent supporters, his wife and their two children.

If anyone is looking for motivation to continue their activity on the pitch, they can find it in this snapshot below.

Novak Djokovic has said in the past that he wants his children to see him win titles, and if nothing else, he has already done so with great success.

Be continued

The impressive thing in Novak Djokovic’s case is that, despite the years that have passed, at 37 years old he appears capable of adding a few more titles to his tally.

He has already placed his name next to many tennis records, but no one can rule out that he will expand his collection even further.

The question in this case is only one. Where will it stop? No one can know and it is clear that the next ones who want to break his records will have great difficulty.

Source: sport 24

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“Djokovic almost always plays better than you” – Rublev




Russian Andrei Rublev noted that Serb Novak Djokovic, even at 36 years old, remains number one in the ATP rankings because he predicts the actions of his opponents.

Rublev finished in fifth place in the rankings at the end of the 2023 season.

– Firstly, he serves very cool: to any point, to any place – very accurately. If the court is also fast, then it is almost impossible to do anything at the reception. Moreover, if he misses the first ball, then his second (serve) is also strong and powerful. Secondly, he moves incredibly, very quickly. Thirdly, concentration and psychology. It seems that you are playing on equal terms with him, everything is 50/50, but at some point his switch switches, and he starts playing at your speed and not making mistakes.

This often happens to me when the ball is convenient, you can score, but Novak still guesses and somehow deceives me. These are details, but they are all about Djokovic. In moments when there is more pressure on both players, Novak almost always plays better than you. He skillfully uses this, predicts your steps. You can hold your serve perfectly, reach a tiebreaker, where with the score 5:5, he will read your serve and accept it so that you can’t do anything,” Rublev is quoted as saying by “Championship.”

Djokovic previously won the ATP Finals.

Source: Sportbox

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Andrey Rublev told what skill he would borrow from Novak Djokovic




Russian tennis player Andrei Rublev said that he would like to have the same backhand as the world number one Serbian Novak Djokovic.

Rublev ranks fifth in the world rankings. The tennis players played six matches against each other, and Djokovic won five of them.

– If I had the opportunity to take anything from Novak, I would take the backhand. It works great for him,” the Championship quotes Rublev as saying.

Djokovic holds the record for most Grand Slam titles won among men. The 36-year-old Serb has 24 trophies to his name.

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Former football player of French “Paris Saint-Germain” and English “Newcastle” Hatem Ben Arfa He became a professional padel tennis player.

Padel tennis is very similar to regular tennis but played on indoor courts. Rackets are also different – in padel tennis they are slightly smaller than in classical sport.

Currently, Hatem Ben Arfa has won more than 70 tournaments and is among the top 1,500 padel tennis players in the world (42 thousand in total).

If we talk about his football career, everything is not so rosy. The 36-year-old midfielder has been a free agent for over a year; His last club was Lille. Hatem played 428 matches at club level, scoring 75 goals and 64 assists, and also played 15 times with the French national team.

Source: Sport UA

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