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Tie in Men’s Volley League, two derbies on Matchday 2



The draw for the Men’s Volley League Championship 2022-23 took place on Monday evening (12/09). The first derby on the second matchday.

The draw on Monday evening (September 12) marked the start of the new men’s Volley League championship.

In fact, the derbies start early as Panathinaikos host PAOK and Olympiacos Phoinikas as early as Matchday 2. The Greens will play all first-round derbies at home, while the Red-Whites will play two of the three.

This year, we’re returning to the playoff system to determine the champion with teams finishing in the top four.

We remind you that the last two teams will be relegated to the Pre League.

1st matchday

  • Kifissia—Aristotelis Skydras
  • OFI – Panathinaikos
  • PAOK – Pegasus Polichnis
  • Milos – Olympiacos
  • Finikas – Athlos Orestiadas

2nd matchday

  • Panathinaikos – PAOK
  • Olympiacos – Finikas
  • Pegasus-Milos
  • Kifissia—OFI
  • Aristotelis Skydras – Athlos Orestiadas

3rd matchday

  • Phoenix – Pegasus Polichni
  • Athlos Orestiada – Olympiacos
  • OFI – Aristotle Skydras
  • PAOK-Kifissia
  • Milos – Panathinaikos

4th matchday

  • Panathinaikos – Finikas
  • Kifisia-Milos
  • Aristotelis Skydras – Olympiacos
  • Pegasus Polichnis – Athlos Orestiada

5th matchday

  • Milos – OFI
  • Finikas – Kifissia
  • Olympiacos – Pegasus Polichnis
  • PAOK—Aristotelis Skidras
  • Athlos Orestiada – Panathinaikos

6th matchday

  • Panathinaikos – Olympiacos
  • Aristotle Skydras – Pegasus Polichnis
  • Kifisia – Athlos Orestiada
  • OFI Finikas
  • PAOK Milos

7th matchday

  • Milo-Aristotelis Skydras
  • Finikas-PAOK
  • Athlus Orestiada – OFI
  • Olympiacos – Kifissia
  • Pegasos Polichnis – Panathinaikos

8th matchday

  • Milos Finikas
  • Aristotelis Skydras – Panathinaikos
  • Kifissia—Pegasus
  • OFI – Olympiacos
  • PAOK – Athlos Orestiada

9th matchday

  • Olympiacos – PAOK
  • Panathinaikos – Kifissia
  • Phoenix – Aristotle Skydras
  • Pegasos Polichnis – OFI
  • Athlos Orestiada-Milos

10th matchday

  • Aristotelis Skydras-Kifissia
  • Panathinaikos – OFI
  • Pegasus Polichnis – PAOK
  • Olympiacos – Milos
  • Athlos Orestiada – Finikas Syros

11th matchday

  • OFI—Kifisia
  • Athlos Orestiada – Aristotelis Skydras
  • Finikas Syros – Olympiacos
  • Milos-Pegasos Polichni
  • PAOK – Panathinaikos

12th matchday

  • Pegasos Polichni – Finikas Syros
  • Olympiacos – Athlos Orestiada
  • Aristotle Skydras – OFI
  • Kifissia-PAOK
  • Panathinaikos – Milos

13th matchday

  • Finikas Syros – Panathinaikos
  • Milos-Kifisia
  • Olympiacos – Aristotelis Skydras
  • Athlos Orestiada – Pegasus Polichni

14th matchday

  • OFI – Milos
  • Kifissia – Finikas Syros
  • Panathinaikos – Athlos Orestiada
  • Pegasus Polichnis – Olympiacos
  • Aristotelis Skydras-PAOK

15th matchday

  • Pegasus Polichnis – Aristotle Skydras
  • Olympiacos – Panathinaikos
  • Athlus Orestiada-Kifisia
  • Finikas Syros – OFI
  • Milos-PAOK

16th matchday

  • Aristotle Skydras-Milos
  • PAOK – Finikas Syros
  • OFI – Athlos Orestiada
  • Kifissia-Olympiacos
  • Panathinaikos – Pegasos Polichnis

17th matchday

  • Finikas Syros – Milos
  • Panathinaikos – Aristotelis Skydras
  • Pegasos Polichni-Kifissia
  • Olympiacos – OFI
  • Athlos Orestiada – PAOK

18th matchday

  • OFI—Pegasos Polichni
  • Kifissia – Panathinaikos
  • Aristotle Skydras – Phoinikas Syros
  • Milos-Athlos Orestiadas
  • PAOK – Olympiacos

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Volleyball player Tetyukhin told why he is not thinking about changing sports citizenship




The player of Belogorye and the Russian national volleyball team Pavel Tetyukhin spoke about the possibility of changing sports citizenship.

– This exit is more suitable for individual athletes, for whom everything is at stake. We are a team sport. And if you globally change sports citizenship, then this is a change in everything: the style of living, life, playing. There will be no turning back. The same tennis players no longer live in Russia: Medvedev lives in France, it gives a little on the international arena, they play Grand Slams. It’s probably more about them.

Of course, I will not judge, but in general I do not know a single player from the Russian national teams, clubs who are ready to go right now to change their citizenship. We have a good league in this regard. It seems to me that for some time the level will definitely remain high, – Tetyukhin is quoted as saying by “Championship”.

On March 1, the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) suspended all Russian teams and clubs from participating in international competitions due to the situation in Ukraine.

Source: Sportbox

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Tetyukhin considers Zenit-Kazan and Dynamo Moscow the favorites of the Russian Championship




Belogorye and the Russian national team player Pavel Tetyukhin called Zenit-Kazan and Dynamo from Moscow the favorites of the new season of the national volleyball championship.

– I consider Zenit-Kazan and Dynamo to be the favorites in the new season. The rest of the teams have a slightly smaller chance, even the St. Petersburg “Zenith” and “Lokomotiv”.

The playoffs will be more interesting for me personally than the Final Six. I’m glad he’s back. Playing the playoffs at home is a very different experience than playing the Final Six on neutral ground. In the playoffs, it will be important to mentally withstand the opponent on the court, playing in full stands. This, of course, will be more fun and interesting, ”Tetyukhin said to the Championship.

Last season, Dynamo from the capital became the champion of the country, defeating Lokomotiv Novosibirsk in the final.

The new season started on September 30th.

Source: Sportbox

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“I hope such a successful start of the season will be a prologue to future victories” – the general director of the women’s “Dynamo” about the Spartakiad




Vladimir Zinichev, General Director of Dynamo Women’s Volleyball Club, commented on the start of the season and the team’s performance at the Spartakiad of the Strongest.

— This year we hold our press conference after the 1st round of the championship. The season started earlier than usual, our team defended the honor of the city and the federation in a new competition at the Spartakiad. Not without difficulties, not without problems, but we managed to take 1st place and bring joy to the fans. I hope that such a successful start of the season will be a prologue to future victories,” Zinichev told reporters.

This summer, the Moscow team, represented by Dynamo volleyball players, won the All-Russian Spartakiad of the strongest athletes.

Source: Sportbox

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