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Volleyball League Cup: Olympiacos, Finikas and Milonas are waiting for PAOK or Panathinaikos in the semifinals



Olympiacos and Finikas equalize their 3-0 sets wins over Kifissia and Finikas for the Quarterfinals of the “Nikos Samaras” League Cup. Milonas also qualified with another win over Pegasus.

Olympiacos beat me 3-0 put him PDO Kifissiasecuring his place in the semi-finals League Cup “Nikos Samaras”.. Phoenix awaits him there with the first semi-final in Syros and the rematch in Rentis.

Olympiakos dominance was fair but by no means easy as Kifisia, playing free and with Okosanovic as the protagonist, led 21-18 and 24-22 but failed to make the 0-1 set. Olympiakos, with tremendous attacking and serving power, Stern and Hidalgo managed the turnaround to win the first set 28-26. Stern led Olympiakos with 13/16 attacks made, while Okonsanovich was Kifissia’s top scorer with 11 points.

The “start” for Kifissia in the first set was impressive, because with a strong block and counterballs from Okosanovic they led 5:1. Olympiacos increased their performance and equalized with attacks from Stern and a mistake from Chevers to make it 7-7.

Then the two teams were effective on the away side, drawing 11-11 together. In the best part of the set Olympiakos led 12-11 with an attack from Payenk, but later in the set Kifisia took back the reins 16-14 with aces from Ricardo and Stivachti. The “Blue-Whites” continued to press better and got a three-point “air” 18-15 through a skillful placement of the Brazilian winger. The ‘Red-Whites’ attempted to come back to claim the set but suffered multiple serve errors. Kifissia led 21-17 after a superb save from Stivachtis and against Okosanovic. Olympiacos came close to making it 21-20 with Hidalgo at 9 yards. Kifissia achieved a double bowl set 24-22 with Okosanovic but Olympiacos drew 24-24. The 3rd chance at 25-24 was also missed by the visitors, whereupon Olympiacos turned the situation against them and Payenk’s attack won the set 28-26.

In the 2nd set, Olympiacos started with “gas pressed” and took the lead with pressure on the serve with 8:2. Kifisia reacted and gnawed at the difference, reducing it to 10-6 with a Chevers attack. It was the Athens team’s final reaction as Olympiacos clinched the difference to 16-7 with consecutive points, finally closing the set with an ace from Petsias at 25-15, simultaneously sealing qualification for the next stage institution.

In the 3rd set of the game, the two coaches made many changes. Olympiacos, with Chandrino’s serve, turned the 3-3 into a 9-3 and gave the hosts a clear lead. Kifisia “nibbled” the difference to 12-9 with a block from Filippakopoulos and an attack from Okosanovich, while in the development of the set it got even closer to 13-11 with a block won by Papadopoulos. Olympiacos spearheaded Chandrinos again to +4 (19-15) but Kifisia with Oikonomopoulos on serve was within breathing distance of 21-20. With a block from Linardos, Olympiacos reached a triple-match bowl 24-21, Kifisia ‘lived’ twice, but on the 3rd opportunity Chandrinos made it 25-23 with a block-out won.

Milonas in the semifinals

His qualification for the semi-finals for the second straight year in the institution’s history was accepted Milonas. After winning 3-0 in the first quarter-finals in Nea Smyrni, Sakis Psarra’s side wanted two sets to qualify. However, in Polichni tonight he lost 2-1 sets to the fighter Pegasus but he managed to take the 4th set and qualify and also ended up taking the match 3-2 Set with a great protagonist, Alexandros Nanopoulos, who played diagonally instead of Yordanov and scored 27 points.

Milos took a 1-0 set lead and showed he was in control of the game and qualifying, but Pegasos with high receiving and attacking rates and protagonist Apostolos Armenakis, reminiscing about the old days and spinning diagonally, managed to do it Turn game and lead 2 – 1 set. Armenakis scored 30 points for Pegasus, partially surprising Milos.

Everything was decided in the 4th set. There, with two blocks from Brian and errors from the hosts, Milo escaped 7-3 and never lost a secure lead. Even when Pegasos failed 17:16 against Mavrovouniotis, Milo found solutions with the very good Nanopoulos, who made two crucial blocks together with Her to open the gap back to +4 (20:16). Then Brian and Molina did the dirty work and the set ended 25-22 for Milos, who secured qualification with the 2-2 set.

Pegasos had no motivation for more and Milos, with better psychology and energy, built a 7-4 difference on Stratos’ serve. Pegasus followed, but two errors from Terzoglou and a finish from Theodosis ended the match 15-11 for the 3-2 set.

Second 3:0 for Finikas

THE Palm tree ONEX was the first team to reach the semi-finals in time and, like in the 2020-21 season, will face Olympiakos there. THE sleight of hand struggled without De Pra (cross) and Gladstone (middle) but was still competitive in the first set where he took a 19-15 lead.

18-year-old Vassilis Bozidis, who started as a winger, played diagonally in place of De Pra and 23-year-old center Kostas Tsioutsiouludis replaced Gladstone.

Phoenix’s leader and first scorer was Djuric with 18 points. In the first two sets he played as a central player and switched to his favorite position on the diagonal in the 3rd set. Of the 18 points, 6 come from blocks.

Finikas fell behind in the 1st set at 15:19 and with a sustained counterattack thanks to Galiotos’ serve, he made a 5-0 run to make it 19:19, while at 21:21 Djuric had two blocks and Genov’s error to make it 24:21 for the Syrians led . Kasambalis and Genov reduced (24-23) and redemption for Phoenix came from Fromm with a blockout against Algoul for 25-23 and the 1-0 set.

With the air at 1-0, Phoenix wanted another set to secure qualification and managed it more comfortably. An ace from Fromm made it 5-3, while the lead gradually widened to 17-10 with Michalovic’s first fiddle. The set ended 25-16.

With qualification secured, Kazazis gave time to all his players. With the exception of Tzourits, who flipped diagonally, Galiotos, Papadopoulos, Roumeliotakis, Charalambidis, Manolakis, Mantzios and Sonakis brought Foinikas to conquer the 3rd set 25-16 and the celebratory win qualifier with 3-0 sets.

The last group of semifinals results from the second game between Panathinaikos and PAOK. The “Cloverleaf” had weathered the commotion to win 3-2 sets and the next game is on Wednesday, January 4th at the PAOK Sports Arena.

The game statistics

Olympiacos – Kifisia 3-0

  • Olympiakos’ points come from 7 aces, 45 attacks, 6 blocks and 20 enemy errors and Kifisia’s points come from 4 aces, 34 attacks, 5 blocks and 21 enemy errors
  • The sentences: 3-0 (28:26, 25:15, 25:23) in 79′
  • OLYMPIC (Alberto Giuliani): Pagenk 5 (3/4 ref., 2 blocks), Stern 13 (13/16 ref.), Papagelopoulos 7 (6/6 ref., 1 block), Koumendakis 6 (6/15 ref., 33% dec – 28% excellent), Travitsa 1 (1 ace), Hidalgo 11 (8/15ff, 2 aces, 1 block, 67% con – 22% excellent) / Tziavras (l, 64% con – 64% excellent), Chandrinos 9 (6/9 ref, 3 aces, 78% sub – 44% excellent), Zupani 1 (1/5 ref), Dalakouras 2 (1/1 ref, 1 block) , Petsias 1 (1 ace), Linardos 2 (1/1 f., 1 block)
  • KIFISIA (Kostas Christofidelis): Okosanovich 11 (9/22 ff., 2 blocks), Stivachtis 2 (1 ace, 1 block), Rego 7 (6/11 ff., 1 ace, 45% sub. – 45% excellent), Spiliotis 3 (3/5 ref.), Moreira 4 (3/6 ref., 1 block), Chavers 9 (9/17 ref., 62% sub. – 46% excellent) / Kontostathis (l, 31% sub. – 23% excellent), Kosmas (l, 57% SUB. – 43% excellent), Roussopoulos, Papadopoulos 4 (3/6 ff., 1 ace, 25% SUB. – 25% excellent), Filippakopoulos 3 (1/1 ff., 1 ace, 1 block), Economopoulos

Pegasos-Milos 3-0

  • The sentences: 2-3 (17-25, 31-29, 25-19, 22-25, 11-15) in 119′
  • *Pegasus Polichnis’ points come from 6 aces, 53 attacks, 15 blocks and 32 enemy errors and Milos’ points come from 4 aces, 64 attacks, 13 blocks and 32 enemy errors
  • PEGASUS (Heraklis Theodorou): Komitoudis 4 (4 blocks), Bareto 10 (10/21 ff., 50% substantive – 32% excellent), Mavrovouniotis 11 (7/23 ff., 1 ace, 3 blocks, 64% substantive – 33% excellent), Milis 6 (6/10 ff.), Armenakis 30 (22/39 ff., 1 ace, 7 blocks), Kanellos 3 (2/7 ff., 1 ace) / Bourakis (l, 79 % sub. – 47% excellent), Tsirakis (l, 75% sub. – 75% excellent), Palaiohorinos, Grammenoudis, Sakoglou 1 (1/5 ff.), Pavlidis 1 (1/1 ff.), Kesesidis 8 ( 4/7 ff., 3 aces, 1 block), Terzoglou (67% sub – 33% excellent)
  • MILON (Sakis Psarras): Theodosis 6 (6/11 ref), Brian 15 (11/15 ref, 4 blocks), Nanopoulos 27 (21/36 ref, 2 aces, 4 blocks, 71% sub – 43% excellent), Molina 19 (16/31ff., 1 ace, 2 blocks, 62% pass – 41% excellent), Efraimidis 5 (4/13ff., 1 block, 67% pass – 33% excellent), hand 4 (2/2 f., 2 blocks) / Chandrinos (l, 74% sub. – 32% excellent), Semitekolos (l), Kouvaras 1 (1/1 f.), Dimitoulis, Andreadis 1 (1/3 ff. ), Stratos 3 (2/9 ff., 1 ace, 77% inferior – 46% excellent)

Finikas – Athlos 3-0

  • The sentences: 3-0 (25:23, 25:16, 25:16) in 72′
  • Phoenix ONEX’s points come from 7 aces, 42 attacks, 8 blocks and 18 errors and Athlos Orestiada’s points come from 1 ace, 32 attacks, 5 blocks and 17 errors
  • PHOENIX UNITED (Dimitris Kazazis): Michalovics 11 (11/20 ref.), Papalexiou 4 (4/5 ref.), Yerezuelo 2 (1/3 ref., 1 block), Klingenberg (0/2 ref., 86% ref. – 71% excellent), Djuric 18 (9/14 ff., 3 aces, 6 blocks), Fromm 6 (5/15 ff., 1 ace, 69% sub. – 46% excellent) / Konstantinidis (l, 84% sub. – 58% excellent), Sonakis (l), Charalambidis 5 (4/4 ref., 1 block), Mantzios, Galiotos 2 (2 aces), Roumeliotakis 6 (6/6 ref., 75% sub. – 75 % excellent), Manolakis, Papadopoulos 3 (2/2 eff, 1 ace, 38% sub – 38% excellent)
  • PERFOMANCE (Ilias Kreuzis): Tsioutsiuloudis 7 (6/14 ref, 1 block), Bozidis 7 (6/19 ref, 1 block), Kasampalis 3 (1/1 ref, 1 ace, 1 block), Algul 3 ( 2/3 ff., 1 block), Rizopoulos 8 (8/25 ff., 46% SUB. – 38% excellent), Genoff 10 (9/24 ff., 1 block, 64% SUB. – 36% excellent) / Veloudis (l, 100% sub. – 78% excellent), Diamantidis (l, 55% sub. – 27% excellent), Hatzimarinakis

The couples of the semifinals

  • Milos – PAOK or Panathinaikos
  • Olympiacos – Finikas

Source: sport 24

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Volleyleague: PAOK defeated Kifissia




PAOK won 3-0 against Kifisia who were fighting in Zirineio. Double for OFI – Finika.

PAOK, with the serve as a weapon in the decisive points of the first two sets, accurate acceptance and sovereignty in the attack, also won 3-0 by Zirinio against the fights Kifisia for the 12th matchday of the Volley League.

The doubleheader came back strong with wins and on the debut, Belarusian center Maxim Skrentau showed consistency and good reactions when pressured in the first set. Kifissia missed an opportunity to capitalize on the lead they had in the first set, but with two attacks from Ricardo and Okosanovic, PAOK found the opportunity to level at 23:25. From then on, PAOK was in control and winning. Before the game, Maicon Moreira was honored as MVP Vikos Cola of the 5th matchday, while the administration of AOP Kifissia prepared a beautiful scene at the beginning of the game with the lights off and an impressive balance of teams and referees, which produced a very good picture on the ERT3 cameras.

In the first set of the match, Kifisia started impressively. With a pressing serve and back-to-back blocks from Ricardo, he led 6-2. Raptis from both attack and the Sevris gave PAOK points that reduced to 7-5. The Athenians continued to have the upper hand and took advantage of the visitors’ mistakes to grab a 5-point “air” just before halftime of the set to make it 11-6.

The guests increased their performance and with 4 points in a row they reached a “breathing” distance of 12-11. Kifissia responded and with Okosanovic… piercing the bicep block they found themselves 15-12 ahead. PAOK with an ace from Van De Dries reduced to 15-14, while Chevres’ impressive whistle took it to 16-14.

PAOK turned up the heat and took a 20-18 lead for the first time with Walls on serve, taking advantage of the Blue and Whites’ consecutive errors. As the set developed, Contostathis’ defense and Riccardo’s successful block put the two teams 20-20.

The point-by-point “battle” continued as PAOK reached a set bowl 24-23 after an out by Ricardo and finally captured it 25-23 after another out attack by Okosanovic.

Strong emotions were reserved for the fans and the 2nd set with the athletes of both teams offered a nice spectacle. Kifisia led 5-4 but PAOK with Rapti and Van De Dries took a 3-0 lead, he led 7-5. In fact, with Giorna’s strikeout and Ricardo’s out, the doubleheader had an 11-7 four-point difference.

Kifissia, finding energy from defense while Kontostathis and Stivachtis swept the Taraflex, equalized 11-11 with Ricardo’s block. The match continued to be exciting, with PAOK’s blocks making the difference and giving them a 15-13 lead once again. The guests were more effective in developing sentences and went to +4, 21-17 with Skrentau’s block.

The northern suburbs team tried to reclaim the set, but their serves gave no problem to PAOK, who eventually won it 25-21 with Voulkidis blocking the win.

Thessaloniki team went into the third set better, taking a 6-4 lead with Van De Dys and Rapti completing balls. Kifissia responded, keeping to the side and taking advantage of the visitors’ away attack to end the game 10-10. In the development of the set, Voulkidis’ block again took the lead at 15:13 in the double header, while a little later the mistakes in the attack by Chevers and Okosanovic gave the “Black and Whites” a clear 19:15 lead.

PAOK didn’t look back to reach 21-15, Tsikatos reduced the score to 21-16 with his first Volley League point, with the visitors finishing the set with consecutive aces from Raptis at 25-17.

  • The sentences: 0-3 (23-25, 21-25, 17-25) in 82′
  • *AOP Kifisia’s points come from: 0 aces, 31 attacks, 6 blocks, 24 enemy errors and PAOK’s points come from: 6 aces, 39 attacks, 5 blocks, 25 enemy errors
  • AOP KIFISIA (Kostas Christofidelis): Okosanovich 13p. (12/24f., 1 block), Stivachtis, Ricardo 9 (7/16f., 2 blocks, 53%ap., 7%ar.), Spiliotis 2 (2/5f.), Moreira 6 (4/7f. , 2 blocks), Chevers 6 (5/19f., 1 block, 44% ref., 17% ref.) / Kontostathis (l. – 55% ref., 5% ref.), Kosmas (l.), Siimitras , Roussopoulos, Tsikatos, Dravopoulos, Economopoulos
  • PAOK (Josko Milenkonski): Giorna 8 (6/14f., 2 aces, 70% repetition, 25% no.), Walsh 2 (1/1f., 1 block), Voulkidis 8 (8/11f.), Raptis 15 ( 11/20, 1 block, 3 aces, 44% rep, 6% rep), Skrendau 7 (5/7 rep, 2 blocks), Van de Dries 10 (8/20 rep, 1 block, 1 ace) / Kokkinakis ( l. – 69% op., 8% no.), Iliad, Michelakis (l.), Gatsis

In Polichni, Phoenix defeated Pegasus 3-0 in a sweep

With one of his best performances and without the injured Djuric o Phoenix ONEH defeated him at Polichni Pegasus with 3-0 set and under certain conditions it can be found again on the 5th position of the scoreboard. The two teams meet on Tuesday, January 31st. again at the Alexandros Nikolaidis gym for the Greek Cup.

Big protagonists were Michalovics, Charalambidis and also Ierezuelo. Perfect appearance of Libero Konstantinidis in reception and defense.

Pegasus had one of his worst performances that year, lagging behind in all areas and Barretto was saved in reception.

The game started evenly at 6-6. An attack and a block from Fromm brought Phoenix up +3 to make it 6-9 just as the home side, trying to press off serve, made several mistakes from 9 yards. Phoenix picked up the pace as the set progressed, while the good reception gave Jerezuelo a chance to play with all of his teammates. The score was 8-13 after a terrible point that ended with an injury to Mavrovouniotis in Foinikas. The lead went up to 10-16 with a block from Jerezuelo and then it was +7 for 13-20. With good pace and two points from Klinkenberg, Phoenix easily won the set 16-25.

It was even easier to win the second set, in which Phoenix entered the fight from the start and wanted to assert himself fully. The lead built up from the first points, Papalexiou going 5-9, then 6-11 and then 7-12. The +5 was held until 10:15, then Foinikas stepped on the gas and brought the difference to 12:20 with a single block by Michalovic and in the next phase with Papalexiou to 12:21. Captain Christian Fromm scored the end of the set with the short diagonal to 14:25.

With his back against the wall, Pegasus made one last attempt to get into play. Heraklis Theodorou attempted several substitutions, with the two passers alternating throughout, but the most important was that of Armenakis, who switched from central to diagonal midway through the set – a position he’d had in the competition for years. Phoenix took an early lead again with Fromm’s ace to make it 3-7. With Milis, the hosts reached -1 for 8-9, but again the “Pirates” started a second rally for 10-15. The diagonal now, Armenakis with two points reduced to 13-15, Foinikas accelerated again to 13-18 and again with Fromm’s ace and then the home side started another counterattack. Komitoudis, Bareto and Armenakis leveled the tie at 19-19, however Foinikas showed composure with Papalexiou and Michalovics to end the game with a singles score of 22-25.

  • The sentences: 0-3 (16-25, 14-25, 22-25) in 78′
  • * Pegasus Polichni’s points came from: 1 ace, 42 attacks, 1 block, 8 opponent errors and Foinika’s Syros ONEX came from: 2 aces, 42 attacks, 9 blocks, 22 opponent errors
  • PEGASUS POLYCHNIS (Heraklis Theodorou): Komitoudis 3 (3/3f.), Bareto 7 (7/21f., 82%f., 58%f.), Mavrovouniotis 10 (10/24f., 71%ff.- 57%f. ) , Milis 12 (11/27f., 1 ace), Armenakis 8 (7/12f., 1 block), Kanellos 3 (3/7f., 100% ref., 100% no.) / Bourakis (min. – 57% of humans, 48% of humans), Khiras 1 (1/4), Prusalis, Sakoglou, Kesesidis, Terzoglou
  • PHONIKAS SYROU ONEH (Alexander Senisic): Michalovic 17 (Ref. 15/26, 2 blocks), Papalexiou 11 (Ref. 9/10, 2 blocks), Charalambidis 7 (Ref. 4/4, 3 blocks), Jerezuelo 3 (1/2 Ref., 2 Blocks), Klinkenberg 7 (7/13 Ref, 80% Ref – 80% Excellent), Fromm 8 (6/13 Ref, 2 Aces, 85% Ref – 69% Excellent) / Konstantinidis ( l, 89% sub. – 79% excellent), Sonakis (l), Galiotos, Roumeliotakis, Papadopoulos, Paleologos, Manolakis

Big victory of OFI in Kalyvia

OFI beaten away, reinforced by Giorgos Tziumakas who turned out to be a great protagonist FES Aristotle Skydras with 3-0 set and scored his second win in the Volley League Championship with an increase to 6 points.

OFI came into the game very strongly and with an aggressive advantage over Giumaka, but also holding Demirci’s serve, leading 12-6 and in full control of the game. They kept the pace of the game and led by 22-15. Aristotelis fell to 20:22 on a 5-0 run and it became a derby when he fell to a point against Mendez at 22:23. Giumakas made it 0:1 in favor of the Cretans with a block-out at 22:24 and a counterattack at 22:25.

In the second set, OFI won again 5:2 from the start thanks to its dominance at the net and opened the difference to +5 (11:6) with an attack by Giumaka. OFI was up 19-15, but Aristotelis came back into play and pared to 18-19 with a 3-0 run. A point coming from Demirtsis Nagel’s video check (block-out) kept OFI ahead 20-22. With Adamis Block, OFI took a clear lead (20-23). With Ambrao’s nail, OFI made it 21-24 and the set ended 21-25 in favor of OFI for 0-2.

OFI also started the third set strong at 2-6 and 9-15 with Giumaka and really was unstoppable. From then on, the Cretans completely dominated and deservedly won, leaving Aristotle behind by 3 points.

  • The sentences: 23-25, 21-25, 15-25
  • * Neither team kept any statistics. Statistics will be announced by ESAP in the coming days.

The results of the 12th game

  • Olympiacos – Athlos postponed
  • Aristotle – OFI 0-3
  • Pegasus – phoenix 0-3
  • Kifissia-PAOK 0-3
  • 29/01 18:30 Panathinaikos-Milonas

The program of the 13th match day

  • 04/02 Finikas – Panathinaikos
  • 04/02 Milos-Kifisia
  • 04/02 PAOK OFI
  • 04/02 Olympiacos – Aristotle
  • 04/02 Athlus-Pegasus

Source: sport 24

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Steaua – Olympiacos: Comfortable qualification to the semi-finals of the Challenge Cup, opponents Panathinaikos




Olympiacos did their duty in Romania, beating Steaua the necessary two sets and securing qualification for the semi-finals of the Challenge Cup where they meet Panathinaikos.

Olympiakos had no trouble and winning the first two sets in Romania secured them qualification for the semi-finals of the Challenge Cup where they will meet… Panathinaikos!

The “Red-Whites” prevailed against “Melina Merkouri” 3:1 and went into the game with a strong mentality from the first set. They took the lead with 11:3 and kept this gap until 25:15 in the final.

In the second set, the Romanians were more combative, leading for the first time in the match 2:1 and 3:2, but the difference in quality was clear. The gap opened to five points, the Romanians reduced it to one (18-19), but in the end Olympiakos won the second set 25-21.

The Piraeus have qualified for the semi-finals where they will face Panathinaikos on March 8th and 15th to win a ticket to the final that will have a taste of Greece.

Source: sport 24

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Reach the semi-finals of the Challenge Cup in the “golden” set for Panathinaikos in an exciting match




Panathinaikos won the “golden” set despite losing 3 sets and being eliminated and qualified for the semi-finals of the Challenge Cup. Thursday will show if they face Olympiakos.

Panathinaikos featured in the “golden” set of the game Orion Doettenheim and qualified for the semi-finals of the Challenge Cup despite a 3-1 defeat because they won the first leg 3-0. It’s possible the Greens will face Olympiakos, which they will know on Thursday.

The greens were bad in the first three sets, their opponent prevailed in all three, but in the “golden” set Panathinaikos showed up in the closed of Agios Thomas, his block worked as it should and in the end he won the set and the qualifier .

Sets 1-3: 22-25, 23-25, 20-25, 12-15

Source: sport 24

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