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Aito Reneses ate them all cabbage



76-year-old Aito Reneses proudly stands in his meter and Vassilis Skoundis writes about the coach besmeared by his fate and the… SNAPS of the benches.

He has, he says, become Aito the oldest coach ever to sit on the bench of an elite Spanish team but – although I haven’t looked for it – I don’t rule out that someone will surpass him.

Not even in a group of… KAPI!

The late Reneses was born on December 20, 1946, it is said that in less than three months he will blow out 76 candles on his birthday cake. Seventy-six, I stress it emphatically, lest one think the demon of the printing press, to which we once blamed all our mistakes, intervened.

He surpassed Svetislav Pesic, who was born on August 28, 1949 and who, after two years at Barcelona (2018-20), had the courage to take the technical lead of the Serbian national team.

Reneses is 76, Pesic is 73 but damn they both look like… a wolf against the Methuselah this side of the Atlantic that ate them all cabbage!

The 78-year-old Heime and 73-year-old Popovich

I mean Jim Beheim, whose longevity and history I was caught up on recently with the arrival of his son Jimmy to compete on the newly enlightened Karditsa team.

Papa Beheim was born on November 17, 1944, so he is almost 78 years old, while he has been on the same bench (Syracuse) since 1976, apart from seven others as an assistant coach!

There is no older and longest-serving coach in modern American college basketball history, while that role in the NBA is played by Gregg Popovich…

Born on January 28, 1949, “Coach Pop” at the age of 73 continues to coach Spurs (for 26 consecutive seasons) and cynically states that his motivation is the money he gets!

Hubby Brown and Crime!

Popovich became the oldest coach in the NBA two summers ago in the Orlando bubble, where he overtook Hubie Brown.

Rick Pitino’s mentor (who writes in one of his books that “Brown is more organized than crime“The last time he sat on an NBA team’s bench was on April 25, 2004 against Popovich!

In the last game of his career, in which the Memphis Grizzlies were “swept” by the Spurs, Brown stood 71 years and 69 days as a Methuselah in the annals of the NBA. Eighteen years later, at the age of 89, Brown still remains bald and continues to commentate on NBA games on television: on the court, not from home!

Current coaches behind Popovich include Dwayne Casey of the Pistons (April 17, 1957), Tom Thibodeau of the Knicks (January 17, 1958), and

Rick Carlisle of the Pacers (October 27, 1959) and Steve Clifford of the Hornets (September 17, 1961).

The stigmatized rap and the 78-year-old Solis

Before Beheim was on a high-profile NCAA team, time stood still for Adolph Rapp, who left the bench in Kentucky at the age of 71 after winning four titles while learning from the Americans’ loss to the Soviets in the scandalous final of the 1972 Olympic Games was marred in Munich…

In addition to basketball, there are four college football coaches who have… broken all records!

Frank Solis coached Ohio until he was 76, while 71-year-old Mack Brown (North Carolina) and Nick Saban (Alabama) follow in his footsteps, while Butch Davis resigned from Florida’s bench last year at the age of 70.

Duda, Matthaiou, Soulis and “Tiger”

Pesic and Reneses also overtook Dusan Ivkovic, who left the bench as Anadolu Efes coach in the spring of 2016: At that time, the resigned Duda was 73 years old, but he was still beating up young players!

In Greece, the baton of Pheidon Matthaiou in the younger era was taken by Soulis Markopoulos, who coached Aris in 2019 at the age of 70, and “Tiger” Vangelis Alexandris, who sat on the bench of Iraklis in 2018 at the age of 67 A2 and in Continuation of Panionio on A1.

Haughty, proud, proud, trembling, trembling, Alejandro Garthia Reneses has put his glasses on the world and Kosmaki and continues to stand in his meteriz, after all coaches often look like actors who (knock on wood) want to die on stage !

Reneses has no shortage of titles, accolades, international recognition and player gratitude that have made them young and… rose (see Rudy Fernandez, Ricky Rubio Koks) and elevated them to leaders on the world stage and into the category of It’s A fall number…

He has 22 titles under his belt, including five European victories, apart from two medals with the national teams, a silver at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

The Lost Finale and Ioannidis

However, Kapseros has seven failed attempts in the Champions Cup Final 4 and lost five finals!

This merry-go-round began in Munich in 1989, Zaragoza in 1990, Paris in 1991, Tel Aviv in 1994, Paris again in 1996, Rome in 1997 and Thessaloniki in 2000 (with Efthymis Renzias’ 29 points in the small final against Efes Plzeň) ending on 15 June April 2019 in Alba’s EuroCup final series against Valencia.

In total, the “Blaugrana” played 14 matches in these seven Final 4 with a record of four wins and ten defeats and, so to speak, when Aito matched his sevens with the sixes of Giannis Ioannidis (Aris/1988, 1989, 1990, Olympiacos/ 1994, 1995 and AEK/1998) the two will be thirteen!

Of course, there’s also their shared alibi: Renese’s “it’s important to be there” and “to lose a final you have to go to a final” from “Xanthos”.

The Fairy Godmother from “Eternals”

The two did not meet in a final, but instead faced each other in the small final of ’89 (Aris-Barcelona 88-71) and the semi-final of ’90 (Barcelona-Aris 104-83), however unwittingly destined, for good Fairy of Greek basketball and even twice and without discriminating against the Eternals!

The so-called sat on the Barcelona bench and on April 11, 1996 at the Bercy in Paris and on April 24, 1997 at the Palaeur in Rome, where Panathinaikos won with 67:66 and Olympiacos with 73:58 in the final 4 were crowned European champions and left scold him and confirm the classic saying in the descriptions of Manolis Mavrommatis…

Waiting, always waiting…

On April 16, 2000, I opened up a long conversation with him in Pylaia, where he had led a battered Barcelona to another Final 4, but that too was to be a fiasco…

The Note, the Interest, and the “Box and One”

“Look, my friend, this trophy has not come yet, but one day it may come. But if she never comes, I’ll still be happy and have no regrets,” he had told me. “It’s like a promissory note you’re waiting for along with the interest that’s been piling up and I don’t know where it’s gone.”

At the time, I described him as… the Sisyphus of basketball, who lifts the rock to the top of the mountain and suddenly sees it slip and fall again. “You can say that,” he commented condescendingly…

In November 2019, in the Panathinaikos-Alba game (decided in the second overtime and fatal to Argyris Pedoulakis), Aito pulled the (allegedly) old-fashioned box-and-one defense off the shelf, which he used to force Nick Kalathis to an eight-fault.

From there it seems that Sergio Scariolo copied that defense and turned it into a battle tank in this year’s triumphant EuroBasket!

Heck, Reneses can’t be ‘clueless’ as Ronny Seikely put it in January 2001 when he said (after leaving Barcelona): “There are no words to describe how bad a coach he is“!

The… benefactor of Olympiacos!

The same thing was said, and meant even worse, by Sasha Djordjevic and Arturas Karnisovas on April 26, 1997 at Rome Ciampino Airport, a few hours after the final against Olympiakos.

While Renese was taking souvenir photos (the selfie mode didn’t exist yet) with Olympiacos fans, who were already calling him a “benefactor” (!), the Serbian guard and the Lithuanian striker dragged him out of the car!

That’s what they say, the world is on fire here and Aito is being photographed!

“What the hell are you messing with now?” Djordjevic answered when I asked him about it. “Everyone knows who the bane of the team is. Why don’t you just get rid of him so we can all be quiet?”

A little later (later Olympiacos player) Karnisovas commented that “Olympiacos had a coach with a plan and the right reactions and we didn’t have one”.

O… Just like Odysseus told the Cyclops Polyphemus!

The war with Malkovich

A year earlier in Paris, the dramatic final between Panathinaikos and Barcelona had pitted two relentless and deadly enemies against one another. Aito Reneses and Bozidar Malkovich not only hated each other, they would kill each other if they could!

Their rivalry had as a starting point and point of reference their coexistence at Barcelona in the 1990/91 season, when Josep Luis Nunez was Barcelona’s president for 22 years, hiring Bosa as coach and transferring Aito to the role of general manager.

It was then that knives came out and the scolding between them had become the daily favorite topic of journalists…

So here’s a selection of the statements made by … insolence among themselves, with a focus on the ’96 finale:

This is Malkovich

  • Reneses is a sick case of jealousy. In my life I had no enemy other than him. He does not admit anyone’s success, he envies everyone, especially foreigners
  • For a year he accused me of putting myself first to win and last to lose. He’s a fanatic and if you don’t believe me ask Solothambal who has endured it all. In any case, we don’t belong in the same category, neither as coaches nor as people.
  • I challenge anyone who wants to sit down and watch the final in Paris and especially the last two minutes to understand who was wronged. So when Salvador Alemany (SS: then head of basketball department) claims that Barcelona are the moral winners of the final, then we give the players the bounty for the title!
  • In my time, Barcelona played the best basketball in their history.
  • I had signed Kukocs for $800,000 and Reneses canceled the transfer because, as he says, it was expensive!
  • My relations with the gentleman in question are bad and I have no desire to improve them

This is Renese

  • Malkovich is a terribly selfish character. When things go wrong, it’s always someone else’s fault and he sees ghosts all around him.
  • If he doesn’t want a relationship with me, I don’t want a ten. The guy is incorrigible…
  • Malkovich is an outspoken saboteur. What he claims for the final in Paris sounds absurd and ridiculous. Nobody deserves to be bothered with these shenanigans.
  • I always look out for my own team, but to be honest I haven’t seen any of Panathinaikos’ new players promoted in the last year…
  • Please don’t ask me about Malkovich again, because I’ll be forced to tell the truth!

Source: sport 24

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