As part of the fifth round of the UEFA Conference League group stage, Quartet B will face a battle between Belgian side Ghent and Lugansk Zorya, which will take place at the Misko Stadium in Lublin.



Luhanska Zorya will probably be happy with the “privileged” status, if official matches and the European Cup matches are on the calendar after the extension of the club matches. What’s wrong with Yuri Koval’s team? And let everyone take into account what they have burned. Every time it didn’t hurt, because it was impossible to be surprised by what happened to the Luhansk team in the formal first match against the Israeli Maccabi Tel Aviv.

There was nothing good in this game, regardless of the explanation of 2:3, any rich man could be deceived by speaking and fighting there. It didn’t happen. Since there are intrigues, since the rivals for the 3:0 advantage allow themselves to move the pawn field, it is more important to talk about the cost of them, and Zori, about who they wanted to win and perhaps for for a short time in the form of a sensational comeback.

But it didn’t happen like that, and the Maccabi fragments are now as much as five points ahead of our team, being in a different position at the tournament table, then I don’t want to say anything about the chances of reaching the play -offs. There’s no such thing, and that’s all you have to think about, including maintaining a powerful reputation, since what’s left of it has already been lost. It is clear that the Israelis in Iceland will still have to play against Breidablik on the road, otherwise the stench of the selected ‘military’ camp looks significantly stronger for the local team.

And in Zorya we lost only one opponent with a high level of complexity, the Belgian Ghent, who leaves our group alone. Since Gein van Hasenbrouck’s team spent points throughout the European campaign, it is amazing how they are progressing now after falling 1:1 in the first round. Then there was nothing, because we were already exhausted and we believed that the absolute discord in the center of Zorya could be blocked by distant ridges.

But the bag showed that no, that is not possible. “Buffaloes” just won their playing condition in this hour and won three matches in our group, so now we want to sit back and quietly admire the draw. But it will happen, because, judging by everything, the victory over Zorya will not bring them closer to the desired success.

In Ghent they have had a run of seven games without defeats – so the Luhansk team can no longer remember their recent performances this season. Yet not everything is as rosy for the Belgians as you might think. DVI Great Great for the Tsyogo at the Intrafx Arena, Ta Junion Saint-Zhilu, the stench of vigati did not survive (1: 1), and the reservations of the reservoirs at the Tsomo are stuck in the bazhachi – in the warehouse of the lavas of the reserves of the nursing of the Odrazi engraving.

This is possible for Yuri Koval’s footballers, for whom everything is simple: if you lose points in your game, you are guaranteed to lose your position in the spring part of the game. And if not, Maccabi is with us, singing, helping.




The teams had not previously participated after the fall of the first match.

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